How Your Home Influences Your Living: Secrets Of Your Home's Personality!

April 14, 2010

Everything in the world around us vibrates. All of life and the world in which we live is a complex network of unique vibrations and energetic forces which support, challenge, uplift,  and empower our lives. Even the place you call home has it’s own signature energy vibration- it’s own personality which interacts with yours to create a dynamic relationship. How does the place you call home affect your life?

More Than Just Four Walls and A Roof!

They say that ‘home is where the heart is’, and I couldn’t agree more. The place we live tends to act as a mirror for what’s happening inside the deepest part of our being. Just like the people we attract into our lives, our home also acts to mirror our truth, inspires us, challenge us, and confront us with new energy to use for personal growth. The home is truly a symbol of the heart- and to ‘know thyself’ is to look directly into the heart of the matter and explore without fear.

The place you live right now, your home, has its own personality just like you do. But this goes beyond the way it feels based on how you have decorated it and lived in it. The actual space where your home exists holds a very specific and unique energy pattern which, when divined, can give you important insight into the power of your home and how to best live with it.

By choosing to become aware of the energy of your home you are empowering yourself to live in harmony with the available energies and recognize those little vibrational quirks that may occasionally give you trouble. This exploration is a basic presentation on this aspect of numerology.

Defining The Personality Of Your House

We’ll be working with the sacred and ancient art of numerology here. Numerology uses numbers- no matter how they got there- as meta-conscious symbols for what your house is all about. You’ll need a piece of scratch paper and a pencil for this exercise.. but I promise, no hard math homework will be required!

We’ll be using the number associated with your actual house. For most of us this will be part of our street address or our apartment number. Write your house number on the piece of paper.

Examples:  3487 Downing Avenue,  Apartment 348, 4398 Wall Street.

If your house number is only one digit, you get to skip this next part. If you have two or more digits…

Now, place a ‘plus sign’ (+) in between every number of your house. We’ll use 2348 A Street for our example.


Now go ahead and do the math- simple addition….

2+3+4+8 = 17

If you were left with one digit, you can skip the next step. If you were left with two digits….

Place a plus sign between those two digits and add them up…

2+3+4+8 = 17     1+7=8

If you still have two digits, do this again with those two digits until you are left with a single digit.

The Reduction Function

The reason we ‘reduce’ our house number to a single digit is because this single digit speaks of the ‘essence’ vibration of our home. If your house were a person- this number would represent the deepest part of it’s personal vibration. It is from this hidden digit that your house expresses who it is.

We will use this reduced essence digit to interpret the energy, personality, and general power of your home. Please keep in mind that in a professional consultation, I would be working with ALL aspects of your address- city, state, street, neighborhood name, full house number, reduced house number, etc. and working those numbers with the personal number vibrations of the people who live there.


Interpretations Of Your House Energy

Find your single-digit number in the list below to learn more about the energy your house has- and how you can live more in harmony with it.


The ONE house has a strong personality and sets itself apart from the other houses in the area- even if in a subtle way. This house requires that every person who live in it have a strong personality and a strong sense of self power otherwise they may feel trapped or smothered by the big energy of the house. When in balance with the inhabitants energies, this house will inspire creativity, action, and innovation. If the inhabitants lack harmonized energy with this house they will experience restlessness and lethargy.

The ONE house must be kept up and kept clean, especially curbside, or the inhabitants may attract extra illness. If there is a home office the door should have a lock to ensure privacy when working. The paint job inside and out should be kept up regularly and should be changed every few years. When doing home repairs on a ONE house, things should be done in a methodical, focused, one-at-a-time fashion in order to avoid accidents.

The ONE house is perfect for those who want to be on top of their game, like being the first at what they do, who have a strong personalities, are self-employed, are in positions of management and are in positions of authority in their life. People with more gentle energy may find this house to be over-the-top, loud, uncomfortable, or just too intense for comfort.


The TWO house is perfect for a new marriage or room mates who are best friends. This house inspires a sense of balance, partnership, cooperation and harmony when the inhabitants are in harmony with its number. The two house is generally nice looking, less loud than other homes, well kept, smells nice, and has some unique beauty treatments that set it apart from the crowd.

The TWO house needs to stand apart from the neighbors or its energy will stagnate. Anything from interesting potted plants to changing window treatments will add the right vibrations to keep the TWO house happy. If a relationship is on the rocks, it is best not to have serious discussions about it within the home. Only positive relationships should be in this house. If you live in a TWO house it is important to involve yourself in helping out the neighborhood by picking up trash from the street, attending neighborhood events, sharing cookies with the neighbors, and helping out whenever you can.

The TWO house is great for artists, healers, counselors, students, and those just entering or just ending a relationship. It is a great house for romance and for women finding their strength.


The THREE house has a charming personality which inspires people who enter it to talk, celebrate, network, and create. This house may not be ‘the party house’, but it will lend itself to some great celebrations and meetings. The THREE house can have a scattered and restless energy at times which can create clutter and disorganization. It is importantin a THREE house that there are never lies spoken or physical fights. The THREE house is a great place to raise children!

It is important that the inhabitants of the THREE house all have consistent jobs- even if part-time or work-from-home. The THREE house will not favor anyone who does not have a daily goal, who is lazy, or who keeps an untidy personal appearance. The THREE house should not entertain parties or casual discussions in the bedroom. There is restless energy in this home which may affect sleep- and so the sleeping quarters must be kept calm and quiet as much as possible to settle the energy. If any problem is noticed in this house (cracks, slow drains, etc.) they must be taken care of ASAP as problems will mature faster in this house than in others.

The THREE house is perfect for artists, students, speakers, teachers, writers, inventors, and those who have a close relationship with their inner child. It is a great place to live for people who find that they can’t find enough time to balance social and work lives as it will help balance these things out. Those looking to conceive child will find luck in a THREE house if their energy is in harmony with this vibration.


The FOUR house has a lot of sweat and hard work in it. Many hands helped in the construction of this house and more effort was put in to this home than others in the area. This house will vibrate to the frequency of strength, stability, structure, and safety. The FOUR house will make people feel safe and secure and can also bring good luck to those looking for work.

The structural integrity of the FOUR house must be checked yearly in the spring. Ensure all walls and foundations, pillars and beams, are in good repair. If you have financial issues in this house- then the house needs to be maintained more efficiently and likely needs structural work in the walls or floors. This home will favor those who work within it- and it is a great home for those who are self-employed or have a home office. If this house is not symmetrical from the front, it will be hard to make decisions while within it and serious decisions should be made somewhere else. This house needs to be shown appreciation by speaking positively about it to friends and neighbors and by keeping it nice, orderly, organized, and nice looking. This house will bring trouble to those who are loud, intoxicated, violent, big talkers, disorganized, messy, or have bad hygiene. Locks should be maintained well in this home.

The FOUR house is great for hard working people who take accountability for the finances, take pride in their job, like working with DIY projects, and lead a pretty low-key life.


The FIVE house sometimes resents the fact that it’s securely planted in the ground because it has a strong energy of variety, freedom, adventure, and experience. This house makes its inhabitants want to celebrate, have people over often, and gives fresh energy to those in a rut. Students will do great in this house and although its energy is very high- it lends itself well to study. This house will encourage you to get out and travel, and will help you find ways to travel and take holidays more often. Thise who struggle with addictions (eating, drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.) will find those issues strengthened in this house and should avoid it.

When something needs fixing in the FIVE house it should be done immediately. This house is impatient and will cause problems for those who let fix-it issue go too long.

Those with 9-5 jobs may feel restricted and frustrated due to the energy of the FIVE house and should not come home directly after work. They should stop for a relaxing tea, walk in the park, or scenic long-way-home drive before coming home from work each day.

People will be inspired to touch and examine everything in a FIVE home. If you don’t like having your things picked up and touched- this is not a good home for you!

It is important in a FIVE home to avoid mortgage troubles as this is a favorable home for gambling luck- but not for internal financial issues.

The FIVE home is great for college students, travelers, entertainers, socialites, and those looking for a change of pace from what they used to have.


The SIX home is the archetypal ‘home sweet home’. The energy of ‘Mom’ is big in this house and people who live within it will find a sense of peace, nurturing, love, and support within its walls. This home expects you to do your chores, love your family, be kind to your neighbors, and have good manners. It will not tolerate offensive language, yelling, fighting, disorganization, or clutter. This is also a very favorable home for same-sex couples as it helps balance out polarities and brings a sense of wellness and holistic power to those of the same gender.

The SIX home wants you to relax and be happy. This home will naturally inspire you to have a few extra pillows, buy a bit more food that you might need (to share with others when they visit) and will have a sense of luxury eve if it is spartan in decor. This house will also inspire its inhabitants to bring home unique works of art.

Marriages benefit from this home and will find that previous issues in other houses are not as strong in this home. Those who seek excitement and adventure may be a little bored in this house.

Love, marriage, fertility, conception, family reunions, and family celebrations are all perfect for this home and will bring blessings to the inhabitants.


The SEVEN home often wishes it was the only house on the block. It wants to be a wallflower at times and would rather just be kept sparkling clean and organized but without anything to set it apart from the other houses. The SEVEN house will inspire its inhabitants towards quiet and grounded energy. This house will NOT tolerate loud parties or messes and will bring unfavorable energy to the inhabitants if this is allowed. The SEVEN house is reminiscent of a formal, clean, simple home which doesn’t stick out- but gets noticed because of it’s sturdy and silent power.

The SEVEN house must be kept clean. Feelings of depression, anxiety, and intolerance will increase in its inhabitants is anything is dirty. This is a house perfect for a neat-freak! The yard and outdoor areas of this home should be given special attention and there should always be growing things- gardens, pots, containers, etc. when possible. If a rock garden can be brought to this home or some large stones abundance will increase for the inhabitants.

The people who live in a SEVEN house are usually intelligent, influential, well-educated, and private. This house will not tolerate door-to-door salespeople, and will bring bad luck to nosy neighbors.

People in a SEVEN house need to get out of their city once a year and let their hair down for best personal energy health.

Those loving in a SEVEN house may experience an increase in prophetic dreams or flashes of psychic vision. This is a superb house for those involved in mystic, metaphysical, or alternative healing arts.


The EIGHT house has a strong character and stands out. This house seems larger from the outside than it actually is, and prides itself on looking well-built, strong, and ‘better’ than the other houses on the block.

The EIGHT house affords good luck to those in positions of authority and those in high positions of leadership. This house may bring financial challenges and changes as it expects all who live in it to operate at their maximum abundance potential. If you are struggling with money- this house will give you the right energy to find solutions. Those living in this house will be inspired to climb the ladder at work, get in control of their lives, and add zero’s to the end of their savings account balance.

There is a potential in this home for small arguments to escalate in strange ways in to big fights. It is best not to argue or speak about heated topics inside this hime, and should be done in the backyard where possible.

The people who live in an EIGHT house should expect to have to hold their own. This is an unfavorable house number for those who might have to report to a neighborhood board or condo association since this house will not inspire you to conform or follow other peoples rules. There is a streak of rebellion in this home and that should be honored by taking risks and daring to stand apart from the crowd.

Those who are in fields of finances, management, executive roles, philanthropy, charity work, and science will find a great sense of peace in this house.

The EIGHT house will encourage you to spend money on it via inspiring you to give it upgrades, remodels, or through the occasional problem. It is best to budget for yearly repairs and additions to this home since doing so of your own free will creates better luck here.


The NINE house is a good place to be for everyone. Almost no one has personal energy patterns that don’t work with this home. A sense of compassion and peace comes with this house and something about the energy of it just makes people feel like things are going to be okay. This house resonates with the ideals of sympathy, understanding, connection, and love. This is a great house for very spiritual people and will afford great blessings on those who spend time in meditation, worship, or prayer within its walls.

The NINE house requires its inhabitants to be compassionate and charitable. Those who live in this house may find others asking for help or guidance, a place to stay, or for advice. Every good turn done on the property of this house will bring great paybacks!

Electricity and fire energy is off-balance in this home generally. Candles and incense should not be left burning unattended and any electrical work should be done by a professional. It is always important that anyone who comes to the door of this house is treated with kindness, respect, and honor.

This is a great home for large families or older families, and this house affords blessings and protection to those types of inhabitants. This is a great home from which to send children off to college or to help them prepare for marriage and it will give blessings.

Many people will experience increase in spirituality and spiritual power while living in this house. This can be harnessed and strengthened by viewing this house more as a temple than a home.

This house will bless those who are single with love and finding a good mate.

Those who live in this house will increase their luck by giving to neighborhood/local charities and taking good care of their neighbors. This is an unfavorable house in which to sign contracts or discuss legal matters.

I hope this article finds your home in health, joy, and progress!

Peace + Blessings,

Joshua Williams





Know Their Name? Know Their Soul!

March 19, 2010

Since the advent of spoken words, mystics have understood that every sound vibration carries great power. From mantras to prayers- the vibration of sound carries a hard-hitting vibrational pattern that can create change! But how does this affect our own names? What can we tell about a person based on the vibration they have responded to since they were born? This arena of divination is known as ‘nomenology’- divination based upon the given name of a person, and it can provide instant access to a persons personality, attitude, energy, and compatibility just by knowing their first name! Let’s explore…

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Each us is given a special name when we are born. An age old contemplation is whether Spirit inspires our parents to name us something that resonates with our soul, or if we are attracted to the name the parents choose in the beginning. No matter what the answer there is, there’s no denying that being called a certain name your whole life will have subtle spiritual effects on how you behave. The name may speak of the soul, or the soul may speak of the name- but in either case there’s deep meaning to be found!

If someone were to call you ‘beautiful’ your entire life, do you think you’d struggle with the same self-image issues you might have now? Do you think that repeatedly calling a person ‘stupid’ trains them to believe they are, indeed, stupid?

The power of the spoken word- and in this case the name, is far reaching and great in power. Even in religion one of the greatest gifts a person can have is the ability to intone the name of the Divine.

Your name and the name of people around you have a very intense connection- the sound vibration of the name you are called relates to the vibration of the person you are. For this reason, by knowing someone’s name we can know a bit about who they are on the inside!

For more information about the power of sound, check out an earlier article by clicking HERE.

Another interesting aspect of name reading and nomenology has to do with name changes and nick names. In my experience people who go by nicknames, who are constantly called by another name than their own, or who actively change their name do so for one of two reasons: either they are avoiding the power of who they are in truth and reference this via a name change, or they were actually mis-named (which is far more uncommon). It’s always interesting to look at a persons given name and then at the name they have chosen for themselves to see where the differences in energy are.

Nomenology Basics: How To Read A Name

I am currently working on an advanced and intensive e-course for this material, so I can’t give away all the secrets.. but I am going to let you in on enough power that you’ll be able to know how to approach someone, how they like to be spoken to, what their general attitude is, and what they are looking for in life just by knowing their first name!

In basic nomenology, the first consonant references the outer expression or personality of the individual. The first vowel references the inner or personal world of the person. Knowing what’s happening on the inside of a person makes dealing with them on the outside a whole lot easier- so let’s focus there.

If a person has two vowels next to each other after the first consonant, read the translations for each of these vowels. The first vowel will usually be a bit stronger, and the second vowel will tend to express itself through the filter of the first vowel. Also keep in mind that in nomenology, Y is always considered a vowel at the basic level of interpretation.

Also remember that the first vowel is only part of a greater name reading, and so the qualities are only general and not concrete. Looking at the other letters in the name may change the ways power in the first vowel is expressed overall.

Examples of first vowels are: James, Mary, Paul, Stacey, Bryan

A: The A person is typically a hard worker who seeks to do a really great job in everything they accomplish. A’s take pride in the work they do and thus one small mistake or hard judgment tends to make them feel like a total failure. For this reason, treating an A with kindness and positive energy will ensure they stay on top of their game and send that same energy back to you. Most A’s are built in a solid and sturdy way and reflect that in the way their mind is handled. A’s can be a bit critical or skeptical- so hard proof is always the best way to sell them on an idea. Most A’s are inspired thinkers who can come up with good plans and take quick action when needed. They need several outlets of creativity to keep their energy healthy. A’s tend to think about how they feel instead of feel about how they feel.

E: E’s are usually all about freedom, variety, and the spice of life. They tend to follow beauty and the magic of living wherever they can find it. E’s usually love people and like to be around where the action is. They carry a very strong energy pattern which makes them susceptible to attracting negative people. E’s are fine-tuned to their environment and want everything to look and feel good. They have very sharp eyes and usually will notice if anything is out of place. With an E you’ll usually never have a dull moment. They prefer direct communication with flowery words. E’s tend to be a little more worldly than spiritual- but when they are spiritual they have amazing spiritual energy. E’s can be impulsive and fidgety when their needs for freedom aren’t being met. An E should never be trapped or cornered.


I: People usually assume that I’s are in charge- even when they feel they aren’t. It’s easy to look up to an I because they have such powerfully gentle energy. Many I’s come from an imbalanced family where divorce, adoption, or family challenges created a sense of feeling unloved or abandoned. I’s tend to be very good with the written word and would rather read something that be told verbally. I’s have very delicate yet stable energy. They tend to keep to a private inner-world and can become obstinate when dealt with in a dominant way. I’s have an appreciation for style, art, and intelligence and working these ideals into the mix can make communicating with them a very enjoyable experience. Because of their unique energy, I’s can be impulsive and quick-tempered- especially when they feel limited.

O: O’s usually nurture someone or something in a parental way. They have strongly intuitive energy and feel a deep need to protect the ones they love. O’s do very poor when submissive and are at their best when they run the show or are self-employed. Many O’s give a lot but secretly feel unappreciated for the things they do. Going out of your way to acknowledge the little things an O does will get you far with them. O’s are usually extremely magnetic and projective. You can often tell how an O feels when they walk into a room without them having to say a thing. O’s have great memories and are quick-learners. O’s tend to be religious, orderly, and pious in the way they handle law and morality in their lives, but are rarely overly-dogmatic. O’s can be very jealous!

U: U’s are great storytellers who usually talk so fast they get out of breath. They tend to have a close relationship with their inner child and can easily influence the mood of others by their powerful presence. U’s often times are collectors. Music is very important to U’s and they should be surrounded by it always. Most U’s have a great imagination and thus can struggle with separating fantasy from reality. They tend to be clever, talented, lucky, and charming. U’s can easily fall victim to greed- which quickly makes them lose all that they have. U’s carry a complex emotional language which gives them the ability to use many emotional reactions throughout their day with different circumstances… they are not emotionally black and white. The average U struggles with making big decisions and benefits greatly from seeking counsel from friends and loved ones.

Y: Y’s typically have strong opinions when the express them, but tend to hide their emotions and true goings on. Y’s are very good at holding a grudge! Because Y’s have nature-based spiritual powers- they find comfort in being around natural places such as forests and water, and should do this often for personal health. Y’s have a sharp tongue that they can use to attack deeply with words. Y’s tend to be wise beyond their years and either completely embrace spirituality or totally disregard it. They are excellent decision makers and can be trusted and relied upon to give good advice in times of challenge. Y’s require a great deal of freedom in their lives and will seek this subconsciously through making empowered personal choices and by following beauty in their lives.


So, a very brief look at the power of nomenology and how it can help create more approachable, easy, and positive connections with those you meet… from possible romantic clicks to job interviewers- tapping the infinite wisdom of Spirit will always be there to give you the upper hand!


Peace + Abundant Blessings!

Joshua Williams





Calling Forth The Perfect Job!

January 27, 2010

If you’re on the hunt for a new job that fits the bill- this article will help you get your ‘job magnet’ turned on high and get the power of spiritual energy behind you in your journey!

To work is to be an active part of the whole cycle of abundance. You deserve to have a job that receives your unique style of creativity, energy, problem-solving and strength, and a job that compensates you equally for the work you do! Finding a job that suits you is as important as finding a life partner who you’re compatible with… many of us spend 8-12 hours per day at work- and if this isn’t a joyful, progressive, and ‘right feeling’ place to be, the consequences of depression, lethargy, illness, lack, and frustration are not far from manifesting.

In this article, I’d like to present some spiritual and metaphysical pieces of wisdom and practice that will help you call forth the job that will serve you as you serve it. Set your expectation meter on HIGH- and get ready to connect with a position of abundance!


Clarify The Goal

Pretend your new job is going to be like a new relationship. What exactly are you looking for? Start making a list of specifics… how far is the commute? what does your average day look like? What tasks will you be performing? How closely will you work with others? What new skills will you learn? Be as specific and realistic as possible given the type of work you choose to do. Once you’ve completed your list, come back to it every day and re-read it. If anything needs to be adjusted, removed, or added- do it! Allow the list to be dynamic.

Energy Is The Best Employee!

Take Intentional Action!

In spiritual practices, energy always flows where the attention goes. This means that in order to get the energy of your new job, you need to make sure you’re being attentive and putting energy into finding it. Spend time every single day looking at classified ads, sending out resumes, talking to people about your search, and thinking good thoughts about the future. Even if you’ve hired a headhunter to find a position for you, still be active in the process by requesting daily updates from them and investigating companies online that your representative has selected for you. Be intentional about finding work- don’t treat it as a process that should find you- we call it ‘job hunting‘ for a reason! If you choose to use prayer as a method for calling forth work, I am right behind you on that one.. but consider praying for guidance, empowerment, and wisdom in actively finding the right job- not for having it delivered to your doorstep.

Every Action Has An Equal Reaction… What’s Your Reaction Going To Be?

Check Your Paradigm

The truth about why many people have a hard time finding work is that in their core they don’t believe they deserve anything great. It’s imperative that you spend time each day checking your thoughts and beliefs. If you aren’t confident that you deserve the very best job for YOU as an individual- replete with great pay, awesome benefits, amazing co-workers, and sky-high potential for promotion… then we need to talk! Remind yourself consistently that for every person on the planet, a new need is created- and due to that new need, a new job is out there somewhere with your name on it. There is more than enough for all of us, and ‘lack mentality’ is only going to help you attract a seriously lack-luster job!

In a reality filled with infinite possibility- you truly can have whatever you desire!

Interview On The Astral Plane

In meditation, call forth the perfect situation in to your mind once you have what that is clear. Place yourself in the fullness of work and notice all the small details. Have conversations with you boss and ask questions- allowing responses to come through without judgment as truth. If anything funky happens in your visualization that doesn’t feel right for you… take note and take accountability. Go back to your list of qualities and start re-writing. Anything that manifests in this meditative state is either something you’ve consciously asked for- or a fear that’s manifesting. The sections above should help rid yourself of fear and get positive, while clarifying the things you do want to attract!

Spiritual meditation is the wise person’s true magic!

Someone’s Cooking…Beacon?

Select a stone or other object to serve as a sort of  ‘still point energy beacon’ for your goal. Let this item remind you whenever you interact with it about your goals- and give it the power to be a lucky talisman… drawing the right guidance and connections to you like a magnet. Once you land your amazing job- hand it over to someone you love who needs some help finding theirs!

Your order’s up!

Watch Out… It’s Contagious!

Have a friend who’s got a sweet job? Take them out to dinner or invite them over for tea. The old axiom ‘you are who you associate with’ is very true- and by spending time with people who have the money, connections, lifestyle, attitude, health, spiritual connection, etc. that YOU want you’ll start emulating them and learning subtle secrets to big success!

Can I rub your lucky attitude?

Live The Dream

If you find yourself sleeping in and lazing about because you aren’t working right now, you’re slowly and silently digging your paradigm into a dark hole. Keep waking up on time for work, making a good breakfast, catching up with the news, and getting yourself ready for a productive and abundant day. If you live in the energy of a positive job- you’ll manifest that job… there’s no way to avoid it!

I hit the snooze button too many times this morning and slept through living a higher state of abundant being!

Hand Me That Box Cutter, Will Ya?

If you’re living in a box about your career- now is the time to break free! Source very well may be telling you that your old belief about the work ‘you must do’ is a lie! Are you sure you’re doing what you want? Is fear and low self-esteem preventing you from approaching the job/career you truly want? Right now, give yourself permission to dream as wildly as possible about what you’d spend your days doing to earn money and participate in society in any way you’d truly love to. Got it? Now go get it!

If humans were meant to live in boxes, we would probably be more square!

Keep On Keepin’ On…

The process leading to your perfect job may have some history… and there may be some more time ahead before it manifests. In the meantime, you are in control of the health of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit in the matter. Continue to do the things you love (even if you have to scale them back due to financial concern). Be creative, try new things, love yourself- and most of all, love healing yourself! Try to enjoy the process of finding work- because it just means a change is needed and you’ve entered a higher state of being! If you find yourself in a depressive or anxiety-ridden state, talk to friends for support or connect with a top-notch mental health provider. Sometimes just venting and getting some feedback makes all the difference in the world. Remember that in you deserving to be abundant in the limitless- you also deserve joy!

Putting a brick on the gas pedal does NOT count as having cruise control!


With blessings of abundance, progress, and joyful participation in the cycle of prosperity…

Joshua Williams






Words Of Power: Creating Waves Of Magic With Sound Vibration

January 11, 2010

Since forever, spiritual mystics have known the secret to creating true magical change in their lives. The repetition of powerful words has been a special part of most all world religions and most every mystic tradition. This process of selecting words of potency and vibrating them from the body creates waves of energy which both attune you to your goal and call forth the support of the entire universe around you. In this article, I’d like to share some very special wisdom and techniques with you to help bring the power of words into your life right now!


What’s In A Word?

Many of us have heard of mantra meditation- the process of intoning either silently or aloud words of power to elicit change in our spiritual paradigm. Mantras exist in different forms from many paths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Kemeticism, Sufism, and countless others. These words of power truly carry the power to change! In this article, we’ll be looking at how to use the same practice of mantra meditation with words that are less about a tradition and more about your own personal goals.

Words carry power because we give them meaning. On its own, the word HATE has no power- but when you read it and allow it to open up emotions, memories, fears, etc. within you- it takes on the power of that opening. When we speak a word, a subtle yet powerful vibration is created from our bodies which carries out into the universe around us. These vibrations are the manifest form or body of the meaning we ascribe to the word we say. Screaming out the word HATE at the top of your lungs will literally produce a wave of vibration which will ripple across space affecting everyone it comes in contact with. In addition, focusing the mind on that word trains the mind to believe the power of that word is important. The more we intone the word, the more we begin to resonate to the word and attract more of the emotions and energy it carries into our lives.

By saying a word with deep intention and focus, we are:

  • Creating sound vibration which acts as the effective body of the words power
  • Training the mind to view the word as important
  • Allowing the power of that word to become part of us
  • Calling forth the aspects of ourselves which resonate with that word
  • Aligning out heart to that word
  • Asking the universe to support us in that word
  • Becoming that word!

This is why working with the intentional recitation of words is so powerful- and also why being mindful of what we say is of utmost importance!


Using Words Of Power To Bring Magic To Your Life

The process of using words of power is very simple once you have an understanding of the above powers, and once you define what energy you’d like to call forth into your life.

Words should be chosen which call forth a clear and comfortable emotional response within you, and have a mostly positive bank of good memories associated with them. If the word LOVE only reminds you of being hurt and lonely- you’ll want to find another word such as PARTNERSHIP, UNION, SOUL MATE, etc. that has less negative charge behind it.

I suggest working for a nine day period with only one word, and then adding to it as you become more comfortable and attuned. Choose a word which is pleasant to repeat in a voice loud enough that a person 12″ away from you could hear it.

You may want to engage the power of your body in the meditation by using a mala. Mala;s are strings of beads which are rolled between the fingers as the word or phrase is said. With each repetition, you move to a new bead until you’ve gone around once. This would be ‘one round’. With clients, I typically suggest making a commitment of 9 round per day on a mala of 99 beads. If you;d like to build your own custom mala using gemstones, woods, etc. with personal meaning- I highly recommend http://custommalashop.com. My personal malas have all been created by Jason at Custom Mala Shop, and I have never paid more than $40 for a pure gemstone mala, custom made! If you order from them please let them know you found their link here!

Spend a few days writing and casually repeating your word to make sure it feels right before you commit to it. You are also welcome to find phrases or stanzes from sacred texts which reference your word, or choose traditional mantras from your personal spiritual path.


Words Of Power Practices

As with all meditations, your practice will result the same energy as you put into it- so honor this work and set aside quiet time for yourself to become more. Turn off the phone, lock the door, light candles or incense as you desire, play relaxing music, etc. Do whatever feels right to open and work in empowered sacred space. You may also want to begin your recitation practice with an opening prayer or offering. Again, if it feels right to your heart of hearts- it probably is!

Simple Practice

  • Calm and center yourself while focusing on your word written in your minds eye.
  • Remind yourself of the power of the word, why you chose that word, what it means for you and why you are attuning yourself to it.
  • State your goals (attracting love, finding peace, abundance, new job, healing from disease, etc.) aloud and link them to the word in your mind.
  • Begin slowly reciting your word. Quickly you will notice your body finds a natural rhythm it wants to recite at. Follow this cadence as best you can. Simply focus on saying the word clearly and calmly- and focus on it as it exits your mouth.
  • You may feel yourself entering a light trance state. Accept and allow this and do your best to stay in it until you are done and slowly come back to normal waking consciousness. This trance state shows that you are connected to high spiritual power and are working on the place of spiritual energy.

Visualization Practice

  • While reciting your word, visualize yourself immersed in the power of the word and feel it manifesting your desire. See within the minds eye that you are completely saturated with the goal you desire and the word you are repeating is adding a dazzling, pulsating light to the imagery.

Breath Of Life Practice

  • While reciting, you may attune to the breath to take your practice to a truly deep level. This practice tends to induce a deep trance state and should only be performed by those who have become accustomed to this state by using the above practice, or other spiritual practices involving altered states of consciousness. It is also important in using breath work that you are able to keep your mind mostly focused on the goal. If your mind is not yet able to hold still for good lengths of time, it would be best to use this practice only for a few minutes at the beginning of practicing on of the above techniques.
  • On the inhalation, say the word/phrase within the mind while drawing in an audible breath though the nose.
  • Hold the breath, repeat the word again on the suspended breath.
  • Exhale via the mouth audibly, again reciting the word as you exhale.
  • Suspend the breath, repeat the word within, then repeat the above steps.
  • You are trying to make saying the word within you last as long as the breath- not the other way around. There’s no need t make yourself hyperventilate here!
  • If you need breaks to resume normal breathing, take them!
  • If you have any questions about the safety of breath work for you- please speak with your trusted medical professional.


Words Of Power Examples

  • Maranatha (“Come Lord”) / Christian Source
  • LOVE & JOY
  • HEALTHY, HAPPY, HOLY / Sikh Source
  • LET GO, LET GOD / Agape Source
  • AUM / Hindu Source
  • AREEAUM / Edgar Cayce Source

There are also tons of great websites online with examples of mantras from many traditions and sources… have fun researching and learning, it’s all part of the bigger meditation of life!

With Blessings Of The Words Of Power…

Joshua Williams



The Judgment Is Now! How Output Awareness Can Change Your Life!

December 19, 2009

Everything we think, say or do creates a chain reaction which ripples out into all of existence- effecting who we become in the next moment, and indeed the very universe we live in. Each moment presents us with an opportunity to make a choice which sets off an endless series of events creating the next steps of the path ahead. Awareness of the power of our ‘output’ is the true secret of judgment- and understanding it allows us to gain control of our circumstances and judge our own lives with perfect balance. In this article, I’d like to explore with you the process of living in a chain of events, and offer you simple realizations to break ‘hard sentences’ and instead live in total freedom.

The Weightless Heart

In ancient Egyptian myth, the journey of the soul after death is quite different than what most of us are used to. Upon leaving the body, the soul enters the presence of Ma’at who is the Goddess personification of universal order. At this time, the heart of the soul is placed upon one side of a scale, while Ma’at’s own crown feather is placed upon the other side. If the heart is lighter than the feather, it continues to a perfected land. If, however, the heart is heavier than the feather, the jaws of a great cosmic beast hold the fate of the poor soul.

This myth explains a very powerful truth- that having a ‘light heart’ is the key to being fit for spiritual prowess. The heart who is heavy with guilt, resentment, fear, hatred and loss cannot conquer the test of Ma’at. The heart who processes things as they come in this life, keeps company only with the light things of life such as love, joy, forgiveness, compassion and spiritual progress moves on to something greater.

In this myth there is also a point missing which most of us are accustomed to- being judged by the Divine. Notice how Ma’at allows the heart to judge itself by its own weight. She only offers the ‘measure’ by which the heart can test its heaviness. This part of the myth holds a great key to understanding both spiritual enlightenment and the path of creation in this life- we are judge, jury, and executioner for ourselves at every single moment, and the choices we make effect ourselves and all else, in addition to right now and all time.

The Trial Of Living

At every moment throughout or lives, we are presented with a limitless pallet of options to choose from. We make conscious and personal decisions about how to think, what to say, what to do and how to view the world we live in. As we make each decision, we are in effect ruling a sentence for the rest of our path. Our choice to output love, peace and wisdom will foster a path which reflects the same to us. Decisions supporting violence, hatred, fear, and jealousy will only bring us more. Every decision we make is like a stone pebble tossed into the pond of our life- and the ripples it creates can be either a blessing or a curse!

The first step to creating a more empowered and just life is simply to meditate on the above truth and let it sink in. Taking individual accountability for the power of our actions is medicine which heals, breeds compassion, delivers wisdom and removes fear. As we practice awareness of what we output into the universe, we start catching the dark things we create and start replacing them with more positive ways of being. Our silent and almost robotic curses towards the person who cut us off in traffic, the crying baby in the grocery store line, or the delivery of bad news begins to shake us to the core, and we become dedicated to being a more positive creator of vibration and reality.

“Humata, Hukhta, Huveshta!” (think good, speak good, act good) ~Zoroastrian Axiom

Simply becoming aware of what we create from within gives us an often challenging look at who we really are right now, and why we attract the things we do. Knowing what we are creating allows us to start changing it- and replacing it with output more in line with who we really are and what we really want to the world we live in to be like.

“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World” ~Mahatama Ghandi

After we have had some time to contemplate the truth of what we create, we can start the adventure of recognizing how we are entirely responsible for what we are experiencing right now. The truth is that very few things happen ‘to us’, and most things happen ‘with us’. This means that although we may not be able to see the lighthouse in the fog at times, our previous actions had direct impact on creating what we now live. In Vedic wisdom, this process is just one of the four types of karma, and is called Kriyamana karma- The manifestation of karmic reflex which has been created in this life and will be experienced in this life. This type of karma also feeds in to Aagami Karma, which is the karma we are making now and will experience in other being existences. On top of that, we have two other forms of karma (Sanchita & Praarabdha) which we are working out at the same time we are creating more! We really do call the shots!

Posting Bail & Breaking Free

Up until now, many of us have been walking through life creating a mixture of positive and negative vibrational outputs. We start learning the truth of our power, and then become frustrated because we still have to shake off all the dark vibrations we created in the past (even if that was just ten seconds ago!). But don’t get too frustrated, because there is a way to break free of past debt, cleanse impurity and start living a better life right now and from here on out! It’s called love.

We spoke earlier about how love is so light that even the ostrich feather of Ma’at’s crown weighs more than it does. But the secret truth is that the lightness and subtlety of love makes it the most powerful vibration of all. Just like fluid water being able to carve solid stone over time, love can destroy the hardest patterns of toxicity and break the most dense obstacles. Getting love to work for you is not only simple- it’s imperative for a life of healing, empowerment, joy and spiritual progress!

The process is simple: start becoming aware as much as possible of your output. When you find it is in a negative form, replace it with something loving. In no time at all you’ll return to your natural state of being and act only as a beacon of light and blessing- and hold space for nothing less than that!

In example… If you think a hateful thought about someone regarding how they are stupid because they cannot do what you think they should be able to do, then…

Take accountability for your thought by calling yourself out on it. Apologize to yourself for acting in a way so degrading to your truth, and then immediately forgive yourself with love- this process puts the ego in check and brings the heart energy to the surface. Then, as quickly as possible, state something loving about the person with intention and power. In this case we could say, “I appreciate that so-and-so is so curious and detail oriented- I think it’s wonderful that they are always asking questions, wanting to learn more, and dedicated to doing things correctly!”.

This has to be true for you, and it needs to make sense for the situation. If you ever get stuck in the net of ego and can’t think of anything nice to output- simple honor the person as a human being who is dealing with their own history and paradigm. recognize that watching this person life in a 2-hour movie would probably shake you to your knees, and that you haven’t experienced any emotion or pain that they haven’t on some level. They are just human like you- and will be more if you love them instead of poison them. Send them love, ask silently for forgiveness (purifies the ego) and know it is now fair and balanced.

Moving Forward…

Give yourself permission to go through some intense healing and realization as you work with these practices. Let your true humanity show- don’t hide behind talents and strengths anymore just to conceal weaknesses. If we’re all going to figure this life of love thing out, we’re going to have to start sharing love and honoring life a whole lot more. Follow the words of Ghandiji as mentioned above and BE the change you want to see in the world. Love yourself right now, and choose to start on a journey of being a clear channel of pure love, wisdom, healing and empowerment in the lives of all who exist- simply by being a more yourself.

I give you permission to step up to a new way of being and become the savior of the unending moment of judgment for your path- and for all paths. Now just work to give yourself that permission and magic will happen!

Peace & Blessings On The Path Of Cosmic Love…

Joshua Williams



Breath Of Life: Calm Power Through Natural Breathing

December 15, 2009

Breathing is the subtle sign of living power. Through breath, we receive all that is- and give all that we are. When our breathing is in harmony with natural rhythm, we find a deep sense of calm power which removes anxiety & stress, strengthens the body, clears the mind, purifies the energy within and enlivens our spirit. In this article, I’d like to explore with you some ideas about the power of natural breathing, and share with you some simple spiritual breathing techniques which will help you ascend to a higher level of being in calm power. Before beginning any intensive breathing training, it is important to consult with your medical provider.

“The wise seeker must safeguard his breath from heedlessness, coming in and going out, thereby keeping his heart always in the Divine Presence; and he must revive his breath with love and servitude and dispatch this love to the Divine, for every breath which is inhaled and exhaled with Presence is alive and connected with the Divine Presence. Every breath inhaled and exhaled with heedlessness is dead, disconnected from the Divine Presence.”

Adapted from a quote by Naqshbandi Sufi Master Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani

The Breath Of Life

Breathing is more than just the transferring of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is the subtle heartbeat of life itself- a metronome keeping us in cadence with they rhythm of living power all around us.

Inhalation brings in a rush of fresh oxygen which nourishes and empowers the cells, tissues, organs and functions of our physical body. It also brings in fresh life energy which helps rid toxicity and imbalance from our personal energy fields. In addition, proper inhalation creates spiritual connection to the world around us- sharing air with the world we live in.

Exhalation expels carbon dioxide and other unneeded materials from the body’s respiratory system. It also purges toxic energy and vibrational forms from the energy body. In additoin, exhalation places our signature on the wind and connects us in turn to all who share air with us.

In many traditions of meditation and spiritual practice, attaining a state of natural breathing is fundamental. To allow the body to regain it’s normal cycle of breathing in a proper way is to flood the body with living energy and ensure maximum energetic purity through exhalation. Yoga, Tai-Chi, Dhikr, Mantra Meditation, creative visualization and other forms of spiritual work all teach the importance of easy, natural, full breathing. Attaining this state of natural breathing is one of effortless receiving of the full power of life around us, while openly and without restraint ‘letting go’ as well.

Shallow breath, Shallow Being

Take a deep breath and notice which parts of your body move with the inhalation.

If you are like most people, your shoulders lifted or moved back a bit as you inhaled, your chest expanded and the position of your head may have moved slightly. These are symptoms of shallow breathing- meaning that the breath is being forced into the lungs by the muscles bear the lungs (shoulders, chest, neck, upper back, etc.). When we breathe in this manner, air-energy is filling the top portion of our lungs and is being ‘forced in’ to do so. This type of shallow breathing not only disconnects us from the full blessings of true breathing, it also mimics panic breathing and tricks the body into thinking that ‘fight or flight’ response is appropriate- thus causing general stress, anxiety, sensitivity and weakness.

Breathing Power

True, natural breathing is invigorating, empowering, and purifying. It creates a sense of well-being in the body and allows the chemicals of relaxation and strength to move through since the body feels it is at rest instead of in panic. Full breathing ensures fresh air and clean energy are able to move to every part of the system; removing toxins, bringing power, creating peace and strengthening all the while.

In Taoist meditation practices such as Tai-Chi, this state of natural breathing is often called ‘fetal breathing’, because it has the gentle, un-forced nature of a newborn child’s breathing rhythm. Throughout life, we learn to fear connection of others- and this effects our breathing. We get stressed, tired, hurt, and ill in different ways in our lives which trains the body to breathe in a protected defensive state. In no time at all this way of breathing becomes the norm, and a state of relaxed power becomes a distant memory for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Natural breathing takes some practice to learn, and some getting used to. We have often been breathing incorrectly for so long that breathing properly feels strange and even uncomfortable. With some patience, you’ll find the body quickly returns to its state of natural rhythm and you’ll begin seeing the effects very quickly as well.

In the image above, the action of the diaphragm is shown. The diaphragm is located towards the bottom of the rib cage, and its job is to bellow down to draw breath into the lungs. This is much like squeezing a turkey baster. When you release the bulb, the action of it expanding draws air into the tube- this is natural breathing. Notice how in this way breath is draw in, not forced in. This type of breathing also ensures that the full area of the lungs are involved in the process, allowing more oxygen and energy to have access to the bloodstream.

Here is my personal technique of practicing natural breathing. This is a practice- because you will need to consciously work this method whenever you remember, especially in times of stress, to train your body back into running this as its natural program. You can do this practice several times a day for 1-5 minutes, or whatever feels right for you. The more you practice, the more your body will remember and start using it when you aren’t even paying attention!

  • Ensure that you are physically comfortable, as best as possible, for all breathing practices. This helps place the body in a state of relaxation so the practice is easier.
  • Place one hand between the bottom of your rib cage and your navel, and another in the center of your chest- you’ll use these hands to feel if your chest is doing the work or if you are using the full power of your diaphragm. If you have been shallow breathing for a long time, as most of us have, you may experience some discomfort due to the diaphragm being out of shape. This passes very quickly with daily practice.

  • Start by making an intention within yourself to breath as nature intends. State gratitude for the intelligence and power of your body, and for the countless blessings of fresh air.
  • In active practice, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. As you go about your day, this will change as is needed by your body. Sometimes only one nostril will draw in air, sometimes both will. Sometimes the mouth will me more active and sometimes the nostrils. When you come to a state of attunement to natural breathing, you’ll be able to comfortably allow the body to do what’s best for it at any given time without thinking about it.
  • Inhalation: Imagine drawing breath in through the nose and down to your toes. Actively expand the belly like a bellows to draw the breath in. try to keep your chest from moving forcefully at all- the diaphragm can and should do all the work! The chest will expand slightly to accommodate the filled lungs- but not ‘flex’ or strain. The belly should turn into an ‘air gut’ as the inhalation peaks.
  • Hold the inhalation for a few seconds to get used to the movement of the diaphragm and the feeling of ‘being full’ with air. This may seem uncomfortable at first, but eventually will feel very relaxing and natural.
  • Exhalation: Making a small, relaxed oval shape with the lips, allow the breath to be exhaled by the flexing of the diaphragm. Again, the chest has no business doing this work- it will contract as the air leaves the lungs, but should not be actively flexing or pushing. The belly should feel as through it is tightening from within (the diaphragm muscle itself) and is gently pushing the air up and out.
  • Hold the lungs empty for a few moments to give them rest, then repeat.

You may experience some lightheaded sensations, extra heart-beats, discomfort, etc. for the first few cycles of breathing. If this happens, slow down and take breaks- allowing your body to resume its normal breathing habit.

The benefits Of Natural Breathing

Just a few of the benefits of using natural breathing, even when it is just a daily practice, include…

  • As the diaphragm moves with full power, the internal organs will be massaged by it. This helps empower the digestive system, helps remove toxins from the organs, strengthens the energy flow between all chakras and helps regulate fluids and chemicals within the blood! Super powerful!
  • The movement of the diaphragm, as envisioned by both Taoist and Vedic mystics, ‘fans the fire’ of the lower three chakras ensuring that life energy stays active and moving and does not become stagnant or impure. This leads to a greater sense of confidence, personal power, strength, stronger upper chakras and a general sense of calm power within the self.
  • Natural breathing practice creates deep connection to the Divine and to all life, thus opening us up to receive more blessings, guidance, personal empowerment and attunement in our lives.
  • Natural breathing increases the power of blood flow, detoxification, strength of organs and body systems, assimilation of nutrients from food, and much more!

Breathing With Purpose

Many ritual, meditative and spiritual techniques can be enhanced by specific breathing styles. Although this is a very brief introduction, those interested can use this information to begin deeper research into the possibilities.

Raising Power For Ritual Workings

Increase the speed of the breath over several cycles, using the mouth to both inhale and exhale. This moves the energy directly into the chakras of power, and helps create an altered state of consciousness.

Trance Induction For Journey work & Meditation

Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, slowly lower the rate of breathing as you relax more and more to a comfortable cadence. Focus the mind on the flow of air in and out, and allow the logical mind to float. Bringing your awareness back to the body after 5-10 cycles will connect you with a deeply altered state of consciousness and will also create a lubricated state for astral projection and deep journey workings.

Stopping Anxiety, Panic, Stress & Fear

Using the same practice we went over earlier, consciously move the breath in through the nose, into the belly, out through a slightly closed mouth. Allow the exhalation to take twice as long as the inhalation- which should also be slow and tempered. You may also choose to repeat relaxing words in cadence with the breath… In- Whatever Happens…. Out- I Am Okay…

Relieving Pain

Breathe in through the mouth and imagine the breath going to the place where the pain is. The within the mind’s eye that the breath in the form of light encompasses the pain in a bubble. gently and slowly exhale the bubble of pain. Do this several times, then begin simply breathing in healing, strengthening, empowering energy into the place of pain and exhaling any ‘bad energy’ from that spot. Words can be included here as well as you see fit. Make sure the exhalation is longer than the inhalation to place the body in a deep state of relaxation. Where there is peace, there cannot be pain!

Super Energy Charge

Using only the nose for inhalation and exhalation: close one nostril by pressing the outside of it with your finger. Inhale through the open nostril. Hold the breath for two seconds. Move your finger and close the opposite nostril, exhaling through the previously blocked nostril. Inhale through the same nostril. Move the finger to the opposite nostril, and begin the cycle again. In nostril A, out nostril B. In nostril B, Out nostril A. In nostril A, out nostril B, and so on. This creates a strong sense of calm power and high relaxed alertness within the mind and body.

Again, at the first sign of discomfort, allow your body to resume its normal breathing habit and take a break. If you have any questions about your personal ability to do breathing work, consult your medical doctor.

With all the blessings of the breath of life…

Joshua Williams



The Magic Potency Of Giving

December 8, 2009

At this time each year, we tend to become a bit more aware of the power in charity. The holiday season coupled with the challenging weather reminds us to both be grateful for what we have, and to share with those who don’t have. In this article, I’d like to offer some insights into the spiritual and energetic realms of charity, as well as share some collected quotes on the power of giving.

“He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.” ~Confucius

Through Giving, We Receive

One of the main reasons for ‘abundance lack’ in our age is the diseased way in which prosperity energy is viewed. Most people tend to view their abundance like a bank account- the more you spend- the less you have. This may be applicable to hard dollar figures, but not to the bigger energy of prosperity. The truth is, that energy flow is more like a pool fed by a stream. The more we take out of it- the more comes in. As we gather and share energy from our abundance pool with others, the limitless stream is only given more space to refill that pool. By giving, we are actually jumping in to a ceaseless stream of abundance energy, giving and receiving in perfect balance. This, of course, can only be accomplished when the giving is with pure intent and not with manipulative motivation! For most, it is a leap of faith to jump into that pool and disperse so much of its contents- but after we take that plunge we are quickly made aware of the stream which refills.

This process is neither limited to or focused on actual money. Rather it is about the energy of life and cosmic compassion. Our giving can take the form of actual money to lovingly prepared food… a genuine smile to a warm blanket gifted to someone in need. Allowing this energy to manifest in spontaneous and unrestricted ways attunes us to the truly limitless way of the Cosmic, and to many hidden powers within ourselves as well.

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.” ~St. Francis of Assisi

A Simple Act Of Intentional Magic

Many of us who are in the habit of being charitable often wish we could do more. The following simple intentional magic can help free up the energy we might be hording to share with all those who might benefit from it.

In order to do this working:

  • Define and act upon your chosen gift- money to someone on the street, food to a shelter, etc.
  • Before you give the offering, simply place your blessing of abundance, health, joy and progress upon it
  • Then, as you give, imagine that every single person in the world who could benefit from this gift will receive it. Allow your one act of giving to be a symbolic act of giving to all

As simple as this sounds- it is highly powerful. By meditating on giving your gift to every single being who may be in need of it- you are releasing huge waves of very powerful blessing energy into the world which will quite literally seek out those who are in resonance with your gift and bless them!

“All things are perceived in the light of charity, and hence under the aspect of beauty; for beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love.” ~E. Underhill

The Heart Is A Vault Of Gold

Within each of us is the ability to act as a clear channel for cosmic blessing. We can each become a beacon of light which shines upon every single being we encounter to remind them of the storehouse of limitless blessings available to them. This all seems very intangible and spiritually heightened- but in reality all it takes is turning that energy into action. Giving through ‘being present’  is perhaps the most valuable way to bless others, and it allows us to engage all of our senses alongside soul to accomplish true charity. Using our actions, words and thoughts in serving food, building houses, helping the elderly and getting involved with community action programs unlocks the vault of our heart and turns that intangible compassion energy into something the whole world can feel.

Connecting, even just one a year, to a charitable project which allows you to work for the good of all is one of the quickest spiritual paybacks for you as well! Actively engaging the mind, body, emotions and personal energy in service of the greater family purges toxic energy patterns, destroys false belief about lack and limitation, brings cosmic love energy into every cell of the body and often connects the giver to a web of like-energy for their own blessings.

I strongly encourage everyone who reads this to give in any way they can, but for this year specifically- take it beyond a donation online or a dollar in a bucket and show up in person to participate in the path of global healing!

“May your charity increase as much as your wealth” ~Proverb Quote

Joshua Williams




The Five-Fold Offering: Connection To Source Through Manifest Prayer

December 2, 2009

Somewhere deep within the spiritual and genetic vaults of our beings is a desire to bring our prayer into tangible form. Since the dawn of time, this manifestation of prayer has come in the form of ritual offerings to the Most High. By allowing material items of value and connection to become ‘translators’ of prayer matter into prayer energy, we are allowing the prayer process to be not just about thoughts, visualization, and emotion- but about the bodies we inhabit and the world in which we live as well. Ritual offerings are a true rite in ‘holistic prayer’, and in this article I’d like to explore with you some simple ways you can bring these rites into your spiritual journey right now!

The Five-Fold Offering As Mirror Of The Soul

Whenever we give thanks to the Divine, or petition the Divine for help needed, we are involving the full spectrum of powers within the 5 primal elements of our life journey. These are expressed as body/earth, emotions & base desire/water, action & manifestation/fire, thoughts & visualization/air, and energy/life power. Anything we experience in this life in some way includes a portion of each of the above elemental expressions. The personal manifestation of the elements (thought, body, emotions, etc.) is personal, where the primal manifestation (earth, air, energy, etc.) is cosmic. By recognizing these five core building blocks of manifestation, and realizing how we use them in our every day affairs, we can feel a connection and closeness to the big picture that is both comforting and awe-inspiring.

The five-fold offering, which is mirrored in varied ways by traditions across time and location allows us to use these foundational powers to solidify, actualize, release and transform our prayers from this realm to the next.

By selecting offerings which resonate with our desires/purpose of prayer, we are plucking the spiritual ideal from the vagueness of the mind and making it come to life before us. This way, spirituality becomes active in the material world we call home right now. Once the offerings have been set- they then act to carry the prayer in a more direct and magnified way to the realm of All Possibility!

Making offerings can be done for a cosmic Divine ideal, a personal Deity, a Patron or the Universal Intelligence. In addition, the offerings themselves allow the prayerful to take time selecting things which they find meaningful, connected to the desire and valuable in general.

A sacred space such as an altar or shrine can be used, or a simple tabletop area which has been cleaned works just as well. Any additions you choose to make such as flowers, cloth, images, statues, etc. is up to you.

The offerings you choose must be meaningful to you, and should have a resonance of personal value and sacrifice. Don’t offer things which you are personally impartial to- or the connection will not be made properly.

Defining Your Goal And Selecting Your Offerings

Have your desire/prayer goal/thanksgiving clear in mind. Spend as much time making it as clear and direct as you can. Once you’ve accomplished that, it’s time to select offerings which are compatible to your goal. Common offerings in harmony with the elements are food for earth, water for water, candle for fire, incense/fragrance for air, action for energy. We’ll use these common associations in the next step.

So let’s say your prayer goal is a healing for a loved one….

  • Your earth/food can be something that reminds you of the ill person- something they love to eat.
  • Your water/water can be pure water for purity, or an herbal tea with resonant healing qualities.
  • Your fire/candle can be in a healing color, a favorite color of the ill friend or can simply be a flame to bring light of healing and to burn away the illness.
  • Your Air/scent can be herbal incense, a favorite perfume of the ill person, or essential oil resonant to the illness.
  • Your energy/action will be words of supplication and gratitude spoken aloud, as well as the action used to gather and place the offerings.

For abundance, think of offering a few dollars to be then given as a blessing to charity.

As you can see, this can be applied to any type of prayer working you choose. For love prayers, you may choose traditional symbols of love to offer such as chocolate food offerings, rose oil perfume, rose water, etc. Do what feels right- and always ensure the items you choose to offer mean something to you!

The Prayer Working

The process you use to do a ritual prayer offering can be as simple or complex as you choose. I always teach that you should spend more time in the energy section of the offering than you do in the 4 other elements. It should be about meditation, prayer, expectancy and gratitude-in-advance no matter what you decide.

Choose clean vessels (plates, bowls, candle holder, incense holder, etc.) to use during your working. Spend time ensuring that what you offer ON is in good repair and feels clean and looks nice to you. This is a great time to break out the fine china… after all, who could be a better guest than Source?

Assemble your offerings. Take some time with each offering to first wash/wipe/cleanse through visualization/etc. Once cleansed, each item should be spoken to to define why it was chosen (i.e. Walnuts for the wisdom I seek, etc.) and how nice it is. This connects the items to you, and connects you to their power.

It is extremely important to remember that offertory work is NOT a bribe! This work is done as a manifestation of internal prayer- and nothing more. We are not ‘giving this to get that’ from Source in this work- we are simply connecting in a more tangible, powerful way based solely on gratitude and the desire to offer something pleasing to Source. It is also important to remember that Source NEEDS NOTHING! We are not ‘feeding God’ to keep It alive- rather we are asking It to share in what it already owns. Toxicity in these understandings can create so many problems in ritual workings- so please take as much time as needed to meditate on these truths until you are confident they are in your consciousness on all levels.

Assemble the items in a pleasing way on the sacred space of your choice.

Feel free to include background music, preliminary meditation, incense, candles, etc. Whatever gets you in the mood for prayer magic!

  • Calm and center yourself. Get clear about your purpose for doing this working.
  • Connect with your inner true self, then with Divinity.
  • Present your offerings, and one by one in the order of earth, water, fire, air, then energy, present them individually by touching them or pointing to them. Explain to the Divine why you are offering these gifts of gratitude. Be proud of what you have selected to raise energy, but maintain humility and a sense of dependence at the same time to ensure that the ego doesn’t consume the offerings before they reach the Divine platform.
  • Ask clearly and with confidence that the Divine ‘partake and consume’ what you have offered, asking that it be pleasurable, loving and reciprocal.

After the four physical offerings have been made, move on to a detailed and heartfelt prayer. It’s always good to begin with a glorification of Divine mercy to attune to that energy, then to ask, then to meditate on the results being received by you (or whomever you are praying for) in totally surrender and fullness.

Once you feel the offerings have been received- and in many cases there will be a ‘switch’ in the energy feeling of the offerings…

  • Again state gratitude and thanks for the offerings being accepted and the prayer being moved to manifestation.
  • Intend that the now sanctified items which have passed into the high spiritual realm and back again be blessed to carry the power of manifestation into our world.
  • You may now, in a serene and meditative mindset, eat/drink/smell/admire the remnants. If this is for someone else, you may wish to give the food and water to them to take into their bodies, and allow the candle and incense to burn themselves out. I often like to save one of the offerings to be placed outside as a gift for all people on the earth who may need the same type of help I am asking for. This level of compassion wells up huge amounts of energy- and it seems appropriate to me to use the incense usually since I can imagine it moving across the world and touching those who need it.
  • The process of consuming blessed offerings is extremely powerful when done with awareness. If you don’t want to tell a person that the food is special- that’s okay too, and it won’t change a thing!
  • Allow yourself to bathe in the power of having taken in Divine-blessed energy in a tangible way… and I bet that apple tasted a whole lot sweeter than usual, too!

With prayers for all peace, empowerment, health and joy…

Joshua Williams



Getting Primitive: Drawing Down Your Wishes!

November 23, 2009

Greetings! In this article, I’d like to offer you a super-powerful technique focusing on anything you want to draw into your life and making it happen with the full power of the Divine! This technique has been used since the dawn of time, and even pre-historic hunter/gatherers knew about it! Let’s get primitive in this article and make some magic happen!

Writing On The Wall

One of the most fascinating relics left behind from the ‘lithic’ (megalithic, neolithic etc. prehistorical peoples) folks are the cave paintings they created. Steeped in obvious symbolism and innate power, these designs were scribed onto the walls of pitch-black caves by tallow-light using the flint blades or red ocher finger paint. Scenes depicting the animals they needed to kill in order to survive, abundant crops, healthy women with child, and other ideals of fertility are the main topic of most all cave paintings. In most of these paintings, the animals are shown strong and healthy, with either arrows, traps or spears drawn onto them. Occasionally, the mystic-artist would dip their own hand into red ocher paint and apply a hand stamp over the animal- showing the he has caught it and it is within his grasp.

Cave Magic

Most experts agree that the spellbinding art found on cave walls is not a testament to history, a record of hunts or even tributes to rich tribe members- but rather a stunning display of sympathetic magic. Ancient mystics believed that an image of a thing was intimately linked to the reality of that thing- so that by creating a clear and vivid image of a mammoth, and then applying successful spear or axe wounds to that image, success on the actual hunt was guaranteed. In addition to paintings, the hunters would also carry around small bone, stone or ivory animal carvings representing the animal they wished to catch. This, they believed, would allow them to resonate with that animal and draw it towards them.

Through the process of sympathetic magic, the goal we want to achieve is manifest through creativity (painting, drawing, sculpting, etc., or in advanced levels purely within the mind-scape) and made as ‘real’ as possible within our paradigm. Then, the relationship we want to have with that goal is applied to the image to create a strong bond of magnetic resonance.

Timeless Attraction

I’ve always loved the process of studying and exploring the spiritual ways of our shared ancestors. I think that working, as best we can, with the methods our earliest fore-bearers realized links us to a stream of power which is literally tens of thousands of years old. It’s also interesting to see how what experts in this field have discovered about the spirituality and religion of the ancients has been carried in to even modern spiritual paths. Working with any form of mystic spiritual working that has history can lend us the power of its history if we simply acknowledge and honor that stream of ancestral power and wisdom.

Echoes From The Cave Into Your Life

Applying the power of sympathetic magic, as performed simply by the ancients, is both fun and effective. It allows us the opportunity to get closer to our goal by actualizing it from the depths of our creative, emotional, logical and spiritual centers. It also allows us to interact with it as though it already exists in our paradigm- which in and of itself attunes us to the law of attraction.

To make your own ‘cave paintings’ calling on the universal law of sympathy, try the following:

  • Draw a picture of your patron deity/deities. Then, place in their hands or at their feet a representation of the goal you wish to manifest. Allow Them to become the face of the Divine which specializes in that goal. Hang the picture up somewhere special and use it for meditation, prayer, offerings or rituals. In ancient cave sanctuaries, the Mother Goddess or Sky God were often painted on walls that had a large stone altar directly in front of them. In this way, mystics could approach the facet of Divinity which was directly connected to their desire.
  • Draw yourself in possession of your goal. Add things to yourself in drawing that make it personal- date of birth, favorite jewelry, favorite colors, etc. Draw yourself into the reality of having what you want- and use that drawing as a type of magnet to call forth your wish. Spend time with it daily in positive expectation and gratitude.
  • For a really fun experience which is slightly more ritualistic in nature, draw or sculpt a representation of your goal. Make it as vivid and clear as you can. Spend time having fun putting energy and attention into it. Once you’re done, smear the palm of your left hand with your favorite color of water-based paint (poster paint, finger paint, etc.) and stamp your palm print onto the icon. In this way, you are ‘marking your goal’ and stating to yourself and to the universe that it belongs to you- and that you are rerady and willing to receive it. The left hand is energetically receptive, which acts upon subtle body energy to draw forth the goal.
  • You can get really creative and make cave paintings on 7-day candles, allowing them to release the power of the sympathetic magic as they burn…
  • You could also make small clay talismans or icons to wear, connecting you to your goal just as the ancients did…
  • You could create cards you keep on a shrine or in your pocket showing you in possession of the goal…
  • You could really reflect the ways of thew ancients by drawing in the snow or sand and allowing nature to ‘absorb and direct’ the power of your goal, again just as the ancients did.

This work not only helps attune you to the limitless potentials of your journey- it also helps connect you with the blessed ancients and to the fundamental spiritual powers which flow throughout time and place. Working in this way activates the creativity and inspires the heart to believe anything and expect miracles!

If you create something you’d like to share or have empowered, please send me a photo- I’d love to see your cave art!

Peace & Blessings on the timeless path of infinite possibility…

Joshua Williams



Powerful & Simple Candle Magic & Prayer Working

November 19, 2009

Throughout time, candles have served a central position in spiritual symbolism. Adorning altars, sacred places, tombs and sanctuaries, candles serve to illuminate and warm with the power of spiritual intent. In this article, I’d like to explore with you why candles are so powerful- and how you can create super powerful magic and prayer workings on your own to manifest just about anything you want!

The 5 Elements Of Manifestation

All life as expressed in this world is based upon the spiritual and physical powers of the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit. These elements, both in their spiritual and physical states, act as empowerment and matrix for all life to be manifest. Countless ages of magicians and mystics have honored this understanding and used it to help bring forth their intent into reality.

Within the symbolism of the candle- these 5 elements are present, which is part of why candles are so popular in spiritual magic practices.

Solid Wax: Represents the solid earth, matter, form and linear function

Melted Wax: Represents warer, flow, fluidity, and the transmission of spirit into matter

Flame: Represents the fire of creation, the light of the will and the warmth of Divine blessing

Heat/Scent: Represents air, the unseen spiritual force of manifestation.

The fifth element, energy, comes with our intentional ‘charging and empowering’ of the candle. We’ll explore that more later on.

The combination of these 5 elements in one simple candle form makes working with the primal forces of nature as simple as striking a match! In candle magic, we work backwards- taking the spirit of our idea (energy) and making it clear (air), then transforming it (fire) so that it may pass (water) from the realm of spirit into the realm of matter (earth).

Candle magic offers us the chance to interact with the truth of elemental potency while getting closer to our own will and the flow of Divine power in our lives. Excellent!

What Candles Teach Us

Before we get to the practice, we have to first follow the rite of candle magic in spirit.

  • With the solid wax of the candle we must contemplate what our goal looks like when it’s manifest in ‘real life’ How does it feel? How does it change our life? How does it impact others? We must work with solid wax level by truly getting behind and in tune with the reality of our intention.
  • With the liquid wax of the candle we must contemplate the fact that all things in our lives are based in energy. We must recognize that a spiritual process of ‘transmutation’ from energy to action will take place- and honor the time that may take, space it may need, changes it may call us to create, and infinite ways in which it may happen
  • With the flame of the candle we are called to shed full light upon our goal to purify it of any ill intent, ensure it is in accord with Divine law, and check that it is for the good of all who may gather around the fire.
  • With the heat and scent of the candle we must honor that all things begin in the realm of Spirit, and that all things we create are are own- empowered by the Divine. We must use the air space here to pray, supplicate, offer and open up.
  • With the energy of the candle, we are stepping into the cycle of manifestation instead of viewing it from outside. We are participating fully in our own journey and are acting as channel to the limitless Divine.

The Working

After following the above steps, we know what our intent is, how it fits into our lives, that it is pure and positive for all, and that we truly are ready to receive it.

The process now is simply that of attuning or empowering the candle to ‘magnetize’ to that goal. Remember that we are working with a powerful symbol of the five elements and the light of spiritual power!

In choosing your candle- follow your intuition. 7-day candles, soy candles and prayer-intended candles are always best, but do what feels right. You may also want to include a special color choice or fragrance choice in your candle which resonates with your goal.

Here is my personal process for empowering candles. I realize this may seem simple compared to the hundreds of books and articles out there on the topic- but I assure you that in the ways of energy and Spirit, simple is usually more powerful!

  • Spend as much time as you need ensuring your goal is clear. Spend time before the working visualizing the goal and ‘seeing’ yourself, in fullness, with it part of your life. Generate magical energy by getting excited on every level as you experience your manifestation in your mind’s eye.
  • Holding the candle in both hands, begin attuning your consciousness to the power of the elements contained within it. Honor the power you hold, and with your intention call forth all other pure and powerful elements throughout the universe and join them to your candle.
  • This is a great time to insert a prayer or petition, asking that your candle be purified and empowered by the Divine for your purpose. You may wish to make a scratch or mark in the candle once this is done to ‘mark’ it as blessed.
  • Now, using the energy flow through your hands (which are mirrors of the heart chakras), think of your goal while imagining it flowing down your arms in the form of energy, symbols, feelings, colors, etc. The energy which carries your intention then passes your palms and enters the candle.
  • Continue flowing your intention with energy into the candle. With your mind’s eye, see the candle begin to glow and pulsate with the power of your goal. Do this until you feel intuitively that the intention has ‘taken’.
  • Once done, you may wish to pray once again over the candle to ask for further blessing and sealing of the work. You can also make another scratch in the candle to mark it as charged.

Your candle is now a highly-charged piece of spiritual magic. Place it in a special place where it can burn safely and still be seen by you throughout the day. Light your candle with prayerful intent and a sense of great gratitude.

Candles of this nature are best burned until they go out naturally. Lighting and dousing them tends to disperse the energy you implanted within them.

The Hidden Workings

As your candle burns, it is literally transforming the energy of your goal into the earth of its manifestation. Through your visualization and charging, each element in the candle is activated to bring the goal closer and closer to actualization- all for you! As the candle burns further and further down, it releases more and more of your manifest energy into the universe. All elements come into harmony to make your dreams come true!

Feel free to use this method to bring healing, abundance, clarity, empowerment, joy, love, etc… in this universe- the only limit is limitless!

With warm blessings of illumination and light…

Joshua Williams