Powerful & Simple Candle Magic & Prayer Working

November 19, 2009

Throughout time, candles have served a central position in spiritual symbolism. Adorning altars, sacred places, tombs and sanctuaries, candles serve to illuminate and warm with the power of spiritual intent. In this article, I’d like to explore with you why candles are so powerful- and how you can create super powerful magic and prayer workings on your own to manifest just about anything you want!

The 5 Elements Of Manifestation

All life as expressed in this world is based upon the spiritual and physical powers of the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit. These elements, both in their spiritual and physical states, act as empowerment and matrix for all life to be manifest. Countless ages of magicians and mystics have honored this understanding and used it to help bring forth their intent into reality.

Within the symbolism of the candle- these 5 elements are present, which is part of why candles are so popular in spiritual magic practices.

Solid Wax: Represents the solid earth, matter, form and linear function

Melted Wax: Represents warer, flow, fluidity, and the transmission of spirit into matter

Flame: Represents the fire of creation, the light of the will and the warmth of Divine blessing

Heat/Scent: Represents air, the unseen spiritual force of manifestation.

The fifth element, energy, comes with our intentional ‘charging and empowering’ of the candle. We’ll explore that more later on.

The combination of these 5 elements in one simple candle form makes working with the primal forces of nature as simple as striking a match! In candle magic, we work backwards- taking the spirit of our idea (energy) and making it clear (air), then transforming it (fire) so that it may pass (water) from the realm of spirit into the realm of matter (earth).

Candle magic offers us the chance to interact with the truth of elemental potency while getting closer to our own will and the flow of Divine power in our lives. Excellent!

What Candles Teach Us

Before we get to the practice, we have to first follow the rite of candle magic in spirit.

  • With the solid wax of the candle we must contemplate what our goal looks like when it’s manifest in ‘real life’ How does it feel? How does it change our life? How does it impact others? We must work with solid wax level by truly getting behind and in tune with the reality of our intention.
  • With the liquid wax of the candle we must contemplate the fact that all things in our lives are based in energy. We must recognize that a spiritual process of ‘transmutation’ from energy to action will take place- and honor the time that may take, space it may need, changes it may call us to create, and infinite ways in which it may happen
  • With the flame of the candle we are called to shed full light upon our goal to purify it of any ill intent, ensure it is in accord with Divine law, and check that it is for the good of all who may gather around the fire.
  • With the heat and scent of the candle we must honor that all things begin in the realm of Spirit, and that all things we create are are own- empowered by the Divine. We must use the air space here to pray, supplicate, offer and open up.
  • With the energy of the candle, we are stepping into the cycle of manifestation instead of viewing it from outside. We are participating fully in our own journey and are acting as channel to the limitless Divine.

The Working

After following the above steps, we know what our intent is, how it fits into our lives, that it is pure and positive for all, and that we truly are ready to receive it.

The process now is simply that of attuning or empowering the candle to ‘magnetize’ to that goal. Remember that we are working with a powerful symbol of the five elements and the light of spiritual power!

In choosing your candle- follow your intuition. 7-day candles, soy candles and prayer-intended candles are always best, but do what feels right. You may also want to include a special color choice or fragrance choice in your candle which resonates with your goal.

Here is my personal process for empowering candles. I realize this may seem simple compared to the hundreds of books and articles out there on the topic- but I assure you that in the ways of energy and Spirit, simple is usually more powerful!

  • Spend as much time as you need ensuring your goal is clear. Spend time before the working visualizing the goal and ‘seeing’ yourself, in fullness, with it part of your life. Generate magical energy by getting excited on every level as you experience your manifestation in your mind’s eye.
  • Holding the candle in both hands, begin attuning your consciousness to the power of the elements contained within it. Honor the power you hold, and with your intention call forth all other pure and powerful elements throughout the universe and join them to your candle.
  • This is a great time to insert a prayer or petition, asking that your candle be purified and empowered by the Divine for your purpose. You may wish to make a scratch or mark in the candle once this is done to ‘mark’ it as blessed.
  • Now, using the energy flow through your hands (which are mirrors of the heart chakras), think of your goal while imagining it flowing down your arms in the form of energy, symbols, feelings, colors, etc. The energy which carries your intention then passes your palms and enters the candle.
  • Continue flowing your intention with energy into the candle. With your mind’s eye, see the candle begin to glow and pulsate with the power of your goal. Do this until you feel intuitively that the intention has ‘taken’.
  • Once done, you may wish to pray once again over the candle to ask for further blessing and sealing of the work. You can also make another scratch in the candle to mark it as charged.

Your candle is now a highly-charged piece of spiritual magic. Place it in a special place where it can burn safely and still be seen by you throughout the day. Light your candle with prayerful intent and a sense of great gratitude.

Candles of this nature are best burned until they go out naturally. Lighting and dousing them tends to disperse the energy you implanted within them.

The Hidden Workings

As your candle burns, it is literally transforming the energy of your goal into the earth of its manifestation. Through your visualization and charging, each element in the candle is activated to bring the goal closer and closer to actualization- all for you! As the candle burns further and further down, it releases more and more of your manifest energy into the universe. All elements come into harmony to make your dreams come true!

Feel free to use this method to bring healing, abundance, clarity, empowerment, joy, love, etc… in this universe- the only limit is limitless!

With warm blessings of illumination and light…

Joshua Williams




  1. Hi Joshua!,
    just found your site ~ the energy is really lovely & I really like the natural ‘Way’ you come across on the site. To be honest I havent loked at everything here, but I will add it to my favourites, and take a look again later. I’m trying to enhance my web page & as I sell ritual candles amongst many other specialized products, I wonder if you’d care to take a quick look at my ‘homemade’ website & if you like the look of it(of which I’m trying to improve), I’d like to know whether we can link sites. I’ve probably got lots of customers who would treasure your words of wisdom & broaden their visions of spirituality. Perhaps this may work for both of us! ?? Please do get back to me if this sounds something you’re interested in.
    Have an enjoyable weekend :~)
    With bright blessings,

    • Hi Deborah!

      Thank you so much for your kinds words 🙂

      Everything I write is open source- so please feel free to share it, post it, forward it, etc. to your hearts content. I always appreciate a link back 🙂

      Many blessings!

    • Hi Deborah!

      Feel free to link back, and I will do the same. You are also welcome to re-post and share my articles on your site as long as my name stays with the writing 🙂

      Wishing you much success!


  2. Hi,

    I admire the simplicity with which you put forth such great thoughts . It is easy to grasp and absolutely uncomplicated.

    Your blog is a pleasure to read.

    Hope to be inspired ever so…

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Josh,
    I always look forward to your posts and haven’t seen anything new in a long time..
    Just wondering if all is well with you.
    Wishing you the best of health and happiness….
    Please come back soon ❤

    • Hi Jill!

      Your comment just made my day… no, my week!

      I have been really busy working on a book about Vedic Numerology/Ank Vidya…in english! So my fingers are being kept very busy these days typing away. I am also about to launch a new site focused on Vedic Numerology and personal empowerment based on the timeless wisdom of the Vedas.

      I will be posting some new stuff really soon, and will also put up links and info to the new site as soon as it launches officially on November 29th 🙂

      Thanks for staying connected and reminding me to keep the energy flowing!


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