Know Their Name? Know Their Soul!

March 19, 2010

Since the advent of spoken words, mystics have understood that every sound vibration carries great power. From mantras to prayers- the vibration of sound carries a hard-hitting vibrational pattern that can create change! But how does this affect our own names? What can we tell about a person based on the vibration they have responded to since they were born? This arena of divination is known as ‘nomenology’- divination based upon the given name of a person, and it can provide instant access to a persons personality, attitude, energy, and compatibility just by knowing their first name! Let’s explore…

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Each us is given a special name when we are born. An age old contemplation is whether Spirit inspires our parents to name us something that resonates with our soul, or if we are attracted to the name the parents choose in the beginning. No matter what the answer there is, there’s no denying that being called a certain name your whole life will have subtle spiritual effects on how you behave. The name may speak of the soul, or the soul may speak of the name- but in either case there’s deep meaning to be found!

If someone were to call you ‘beautiful’ your entire life, do you think you’d struggle with the same self-image issues you might have now? Do you think that repeatedly calling a person ‘stupid’ trains them to believe they are, indeed, stupid?

The power of the spoken word- and in this case the name, is far reaching and great in power. Even in religion one of the greatest gifts a person can have is the ability to intone the name of the Divine.

Your name and the name of people around you have a very intense connection- the sound vibration of the name you are called relates to the vibration of the person you are. For this reason, by knowing someone’s name we can know a bit about who they are on the inside!

For more information about the power of sound, check out an earlier article by clicking HERE.

Another interesting aspect of name reading and nomenology has to do with name changes and nick names. In my experience people who go by nicknames, who are constantly called by another name than their own, or who actively change their name do so for one of two reasons: either they are avoiding the power of who they are in truth and reference this via a name change, or they were actually mis-named (which is far more uncommon). It’s always interesting to look at a persons given name and then at the name they have chosen for themselves to see where the differences in energy are.

Nomenology Basics: How To Read A Name

I am currently working on an advanced and intensive e-course for this material, so I can’t give away all the secrets.. but I am going to let you in on enough power that you’ll be able to know how to approach someone, how they like to be spoken to, what their general attitude is, and what they are looking for in life just by knowing their first name!

In basic nomenology, the first consonant references the outer expression or personality of the individual. The first vowel references the inner or personal world of the person. Knowing what’s happening on the inside of a person makes dealing with them on the outside a whole lot easier- so let’s focus there.

If a person has two vowels next to each other after the first consonant, read the translations for each of these vowels. The first vowel will usually be a bit stronger, and the second vowel will tend to express itself through the filter of the first vowel. Also keep in mind that in nomenology, Y is always considered a vowel at the basic level of interpretation.

Also remember that the first vowel is only part of a greater name reading, and so the qualities are only general and not concrete. Looking at the other letters in the name may change the ways power in the first vowel is expressed overall.

Examples of first vowels are: James, Mary, Paul, Stacey, Bryan

A: The A person is typically a hard worker who seeks to do a really great job in everything they accomplish. A’s take pride in the work they do and thus one small mistake or hard judgment tends to make them feel like a total failure. For this reason, treating an A with kindness and positive energy will ensure they stay on top of their game and send that same energy back to you. Most A’s are built in a solid and sturdy way and reflect that in the way their mind is handled. A’s can be a bit critical or skeptical- so hard proof is always the best way to sell them on an idea. Most A’s are inspired thinkers who can come up with good plans and take quick action when needed. They need several outlets of creativity to keep their energy healthy. A’s tend to think about how they feel instead of feel about how they feel.

E: E’s are usually all about freedom, variety, and the spice of life. They tend to follow beauty and the magic of living wherever they can find it. E’s usually love people and like to be around where the action is. They carry a very strong energy pattern which makes them susceptible to attracting negative people. E’s are fine-tuned to their environment and want everything to look and feel good. They have very sharp eyes and usually will notice if anything is out of place. With an E you’ll usually never have a dull moment. They prefer direct communication with flowery words. E’s tend to be a little more worldly than spiritual- but when they are spiritual they have amazing spiritual energy. E’s can be impulsive and fidgety when their needs for freedom aren’t being met. An E should never be trapped or cornered.


I: People usually assume that I’s are in charge- even when they feel they aren’t. It’s easy to look up to an I because they have such powerfully gentle energy. Many I’s come from an imbalanced family where divorce, adoption, or family challenges created a sense of feeling unloved or abandoned. I’s tend to be very good with the written word and would rather read something that be told verbally. I’s have very delicate yet stable energy. They tend to keep to a private inner-world and can become obstinate when dealt with in a dominant way. I’s have an appreciation for style, art, and intelligence and working these ideals into the mix can make communicating with them a very enjoyable experience. Because of their unique energy, I’s can be impulsive and quick-tempered- especially when they feel limited.

O: O’s usually nurture someone or something in a parental way. They have strongly intuitive energy and feel a deep need to protect the ones they love. O’s do very poor when submissive and are at their best when they run the show or are self-employed. Many O’s give a lot but secretly feel unappreciated for the things they do. Going out of your way to acknowledge the little things an O does will get you far with them. O’s are usually extremely magnetic and projective. You can often tell how an O feels when they walk into a room without them having to say a thing. O’s have great memories and are quick-learners. O’s tend to be religious, orderly, and pious in the way they handle law and morality in their lives, but are rarely overly-dogmatic. O’s can be very jealous!

U: U’s are great storytellers who usually talk so fast they get out of breath. They tend to have a close relationship with their inner child and can easily influence the mood of others by their powerful presence. U’s often times are collectors. Music is very important to U’s and they should be surrounded by it always. Most U’s have a great imagination and thus can struggle with separating fantasy from reality. They tend to be clever, talented, lucky, and charming. U’s can easily fall victim to greed- which quickly makes them lose all that they have. U’s carry a complex emotional language which gives them the ability to use many emotional reactions throughout their day with different circumstances… they are not emotionally black and white. The average U struggles with making big decisions and benefits greatly from seeking counsel from friends and loved ones.

Y: Y’s typically have strong opinions when the express them, but tend to hide their emotions and true goings on. Y’s are very good at holding a grudge! Because Y’s have nature-based spiritual powers- they find comfort in being around natural places such as forests and water, and should do this often for personal health. Y’s have a sharp tongue that they can use to attack deeply with words. Y’s tend to be wise beyond their years and either completely embrace spirituality or totally disregard it. They are excellent decision makers and can be trusted and relied upon to give good advice in times of challenge. Y’s require a great deal of freedom in their lives and will seek this subconsciously through making empowered personal choices and by following beauty in their lives.


So, a very brief look at the power of nomenology and how it can help create more approachable, easy, and positive connections with those you meet… from possible romantic clicks to job interviewers- tapping the infinite wisdom of Spirit will always be there to give you the upper hand!


Peace + Abundant Blessings!

Joshua Williams





  1. I really like this post. 🙂

    • Thanks Ashley… you happen to be one of my personal favorite A-name people!

  2. Wow Josh, This is very insightful, makes me wonder what I may have done when naming my children Viktoriya and Samuel. I’m sure we will see this traits as they age. 🙂

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