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Intention, Action & Dedication For Big Spiritual Growth

November 16, 2009

The following text has been transcribed from my personal book of truth and was originally written on December 28, 2008

Intention is the internal/subtle process of manifesting potential. Action is the external/actualized process of manifesting potential. One without the other is both useless as it will not create change, and spiritually regressive as it is not using the fullness of personal power.

To enact spiritual practices such as ritual, prayer, personal healing, reflection, study, etc. by following prescribed actions alone is shallow and spiritually offensive. To contemplate spiritual practices, obsess, over-plan, etc. without actually manifesting them in the realm of action is energetically draining and leads to spiritual dead-ends.

Action and intention, Spirit and matter, thoughts and deeds, Soul and field; all must express fully in a balanced way for true spiritual magic to happen- whether for personal growth, Divine connection, manifesting abundance or any other reason.

Realizations and personal prophecy are received internally on the same level where intentions are made within the individual. Intention to embody and enflesh a revelation is the natural and proper step to follow a realization.

Dedication is the process of enlivening a spiritual practice and holding to it- taking  shelter of it fully until the desired or needed goals manifest in fullness. Dedication to the goal not only trains, strengthens, and empowers the self- it also creates beacons of power that can quickly attract needed help in many forms.

Dedication is faith, love, and respect for what is being expressed- and doing it internally with intention and externally with clear action to the very best of your abilities will always produce great results!

Following times, places, formats, etc. in your spiritual work as they serve your journey- and sticking to them even when doing so is most difficult offers a limitless spiritual blessing in and of itself.

Prayer, meditation, making offerings, study, rituals, celebration, etc. that follow a dedicated personal format are a sacrifice to the Divine par excellence and will quickly lead to great spiritual advancement!

Peace & Blessings on the path of clear intent, clear action, and heart-centered dedication…

Joshua Williams