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The Secrets Of Being Blessed ~ The Power Of Prayer Revealed

June 4, 2009

One of my great passions in my work is tapping into the Divine blessings that are available to all- and helping channel them into the lives of those I serve.

Blessings, like sunlight, is available to all, no matter what… it’s just that sometimes we stand in the shade.

I believe that every prayer which is in accord with our unique life journey and cosmic laws is fully answered- all the time. Being such a huge advocate of right prayer, I have often been asked “Why aren’t my prayers answered?”. That’s what I’d like to explore with you in today’s article.

Prayer is commonly defined as the act of supplicating the Divine for help, guidance, intercession or empowerment in some way applicable to the current life journey. Prayer can be formal, informal, ritualized or spontaneous as long as it’s from the heart. Some people have a close connection to the Divine manifestation they pray to, while others pray to a Divinity they don’t yet have a personal relationship with. Either way works as long as it’s heart-centered and true for you.

Teaching prayer tactics can be a little tricky. I believe that the Divine already knows what we need, what we desire and what we seek… so why bother with prayer?

The fundamental reason we do pray isn’t for the benefit or need of the Divine- but for our own need. Effective prayer is less about stating a need and more about opening up consciously to receive the solution to that need. In prayer, we connect consciously and actively to the Divine principle, and explore our heart center to the Divine force while letting go of the ego that normally prayer-blocks us.

What is prayer-blocking?

It’s more common than I’d like to admit! Prayer-blocking is the natural tendency of most humans to micro-manage and control their lives to the point that, on a subconscious level, they actually block Divine empowerment. Since the Divine allows for free agency/free will, if we say ‘no’, the Divine allows  for ‘no. Prayer-blocking is the #1 reason that prayers don’t get answered. If we pray from the heart, but still over-manage and stress about the situation to the point that our ego pins it down with our own fears and expectations- there is no room for the Divine to answer the prayer and elicit change.

How To Receive

There are several key steps to ensuring that prayer work will be received when it manifests:

  • Surrender. When you send a letter that has the proper postage, you don’t spend every waking minute stressing about whether it will arrive. Do we really have more faith in the postal system (as amazing as it is!) than we do the Divine? Once you’ve sent your prayer off- let it go. Release from it so that as blessings come forth you are not so wrapped up in the issue that you don’t receive guidance about the solution.
  • Expect Divine attention. When we have a proper perception about the omnipresence, omnipotence and absolute compassion of the Divine, there is no question about our prayers being received or not. Indeed, they are received long before we even verbalize them or realize the need ourselves. Remember, prayer obstacles don’t manifest from petitions not being heard by the Divine- but from answers not being heard by us! Tap into your innate faith in Divine compassion and attentiveness whenever any negativity or doubt arises. In just one intense prayer working you could re-train your thoughts, mind and vibrational patterns to reflect only Divinity!
  • Manifest in words. To help ensure you are keeping open and not pining down the outcome, try journaling every day to have an internal dialogue about the issue. Remind yourself in journal that the prayer has been sent, and try to identify any changes you see or feel that might be the sprouting seed of blessings manifesting on your path. Every few days read past entries.
  • Let go of ego-based expectations. When a problem arises, we naturally create an ideal way they can be solved. The problem is, that when we create this ‘outcome addiction’, we’re pretty much telling the Divine ‘it’s my way or the highway!’. With positive thinking, affirmations, declarations, law of attraction AND prayer- it’s important to use the right key- to expect and visualize perfection in your needs but NOT to define with a linear human mind how that perfection will manifest! If you ask for a healing, don’t limit the Divine to healing you only by the means you understand. Attach your expectation to the final perfected outcome and NOT to the process itself.
  • Get Divine, let Divine! Each day, remind yourself who you’re working with. Express both gratitude and adoration to the Divine for everything you know about It and the countless things you don’t. You (hopefully!) don’t wake up every morning freaking out that you aren’t a surgeon just in case you need some surgery. You rest well knowing that if you need a surgeon, mechanic, dentist, lawyer, psychic guide, etc. that there are people in the world who can handle that task with great precision. Similarly- don’t try to play the cosmic role, because the Divine is far better at it! Let the Divine do what It does best, and you focus on doing the best you can!

What If Nothing Happens?

Relax. If nothing happens- you’re as good as gold! When we pray properly and open to receive properly and still nothing happens, it’s simply because what we’re asking for is not in accord with personal/soul or cosmic/universal laws. When I perceive this is the reason for an unanswered prayer in coaching clients- it’s often a hard one to explain. Usually when a prayer is not answered it seems, at the time, to be the one and only thing we really want! We need that lover, that job, this cash, that healing. We trust the Divine to know what’s best but this just doe not make sense! We might be in serious pain or confusion and nothing happens- how is that mercy?

Here is one of those extremely tricky and super mysterious workings of the Divine that we have to try to wrap our linear brains around. What seems paramount now, will not a few steps down the road. What we feel we cannot live without might be killing us in a way we cannot perceive. What we truly desire might just be a quick fix to a deeper addiction or spiritual imbalance. Although we cannot always understand, like or see the reasons for unanswered prayers- there’s just one thing we have to do… never believe in unanswered prayers!

As I mentioned above, ALL PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED when offered and received properly. This means, that if you ask for something and it doesn’t come- you just can’t see how it comes. Countless times I have coached a client through the process of powerful prayer only to see nothing happen. One client asked only for a true, loving relationship… got nothing, three months later entered a meditation retreat and stayed as a facilitator… now she has a relationship par excellence with the Divine in ways neither one of us could have seen coming! This is a hard aspect of prayer to deal with- because we are all addicted to seeing and perceiving results in a tangible way. As much as I wish I had better foundation for this- the truth is when nothing happens it’s probably the biggest something that’s ever happened to us before..just coming in very quietly 😉

Plugging In

So, in all of this there is a simple step you can take to ensure spiritual integrity, proper prayer and excellent methods of receiving are in place. That is surrender.

Surrender in this case means letting the Divine do what it does best and having complete trust. Surrender does not mean doing nothing. It means letting go of finite concepts about how and when to act and giving control of guidance over to the Divine. We still have to do the footwork. If we just had to pray and the rest would get done for us- what would be the point of living at all?

Prayer is magic, healing, transformation, love, connection, ascension, enlightenment, wisdom and empowerment in ways we can never perceive fully. It is personal communion between the eternal and unique soul we are and the face of Divinity that shines just for us. Prayer is the realization that the Divine is big enough to have a unique and special relationship with each of us- and that no two people will have the same Divine experience. Prayer is stepping up and plugging in to the power grid of all power grids for life, love, progress and perfection!

Peace & Great Blessings on the path of prayer…

Joshua Williams