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Dream Prophecy: Receiving Guidance & Empowerment While You Sleep!

June 22, 2009

Since time immemorial, dreams have baffled, amazed, guided and even terrified those they visit. Countless prophets and sages have used dreams as an interface to receive cosmic and Divine guidance- and you can too!

There are seriously hundreds if not thousands of theories about what dreams are, where they come from and why they happen. Some speculate they are simply leftover chemicals firing and creating memory or fantasy based hallucinations during sleep. Others believe the soul itself journeys during the rest of the body (since the soul needs no sleep) to ethereal realms where what is dreams is really happening. No matter how you view dream time, there is no avoiding how powerful they are.

How many times has the emotions, experiences and adventures of an intense dream been on your mind all day?

How many times have your dreams uncannily reflected what was happening in your waking life at that time?

Dreams always seem sort of ‘hit or miss’, in that some of them seem more real and relevant to waking life while others seem  just completely wild and fantastic. What if there was a way you could control and define what you dreamed about, ensure you remembered the information when you woke up and even got powerful guidance, warnings, empowerment and spiritual blessings while you slept? You can! And I’d like to show you how.

The Philosophy Of Dreams
In order to teach the technique I am about to- I need to give you a little information about where I feel dreams come from. I will keep this short and in layman’s terms- but if you’d like to know more about this powerful subject- please email me!
Dreams, in my experience and belief, are not unlike the waking world. We, as participants, experience sights, scents, feelings, emotions, events, people, etc. and react to them or flow with them. Dreaming is different because the physical sense are not engaged. When the body shuts down for sleep, the soul is able to see clearly on the spiritual realm as the body is not active and sending sensory information. Think of this in terms of anesthesia- is all senses are completely turned off- what’s left? Soul.
Dreaming allows the soul to explore it’s own reality and paradigm outside the confines of the physical realm. Everything the soul sees is still completely relevant to its own journey- just without so much skin in the way 🙂

The Power Of Dreams
Because the soul is the main receptor instead of the limited physical senses in the dream- anything is possible. The real power in dreams is the ability for the soul to get a bird’s eye view of the life journey and return like a messenger to the body. Dreams are meant to give those who pay attention information they could not otherwise see or perceive in waking consciousness. Answers, guidance, healing, spiritual attunemenet, warnings and pre-cognitive visions are all the language of dreams. When you tap the power of what’s happening in your dream time, you’ll have access to cosmic wisdom from the view of the soul!

The Language Of Dreams
Many of us tend to be overwhelmed, scared or confused by our dreams because of the language. Often imagery is fantastic and nonsensical. Familiar events happen in the wrong place, houses are parked on the wrong yard, people irrelevant to our lives appear with frequency. What does it all mean?

The secret to knowing what’s being said in your dreams is one every psychic visionary has had to undergo to accomplish their work- learning the unique symbolism of your soul.

You will dream in symbolism, language, images, feelings, etc. that are completely unique to who you are as a soul on a unique journey. What a snake in my dream means to me (secrets being revealed about others motives) may mean something entirely different to you (transformation, death, decay). The easier and simultaneously simplest trick to harnessing the power of dreams is this:

Trust yourself!

YOU alone must interpret your dreams based on how they make YOU feel. The things you experience and see must be analyzed in a waking state and how those experiences effect you relates to what they are telling you!

If someone you have had zero concern for or contact with pops into your dreams for a few weeks- it may have nothing to do with them as a person, you need to define how that person allowed you to feel or experience something (love, trust, anger, pure hatred, etc.) that has burned them into a symbol for that energy in your consciousness.

Dreams are a spiritual force that should be accepted by everyone who wants to hear directly from the core of their being. Interpretation should only be handled by the one person who knows the true meanings of the symbols presented- YOU. Dreams should be respected as a sacred journey, a blessed event and a cosmic guiding light.

The Direction Of Dreams
So, all of that being said- you are welcome to allow your dreams to free-flow and simply work with whatever seems to come through on the nights you dream. On the other hand- you have the option of directing what types of information and experiences you work out in dreams in a very simple way. The secret to controlling what you dream is this:

What you dedicate you dream!

This means, the thoughts that run the strongest in your subconscious mind are likely to be the ones the soul tries to heal, guide and empower while you sleep. If a problem or issue is big enough to bounce around in your subconscious all day- it’s pretty likely the soul will take that as a sign that something needs to be dealt with.

Getting thoughts, fears, confusions, hurt, etc. that strongly bounces around in your conscious mind to set in your subconscious is not an easy feat- but there is a back door that has proven to be extremely effective for me personally and those I serve.

The Five-Fold Rooting
To root something in your subconscious- it needs to have an effect on every level of your being. Most of the time we get issues stuck on the mental/logical (thinking about them a lot) or emotional (feeling about them a lot) plane, and never let them hit other levels of our being. If this happens- the subconscious will of course be aware of them, but won’t take them seriously because we are keeping them confined to one or two levels of being.

In order to get dreams to go where you want them to- you need to ground the issue out in every level of your being.This exercise should be performed once during the day and once before sleep.

Body: The body itself needs to be included in the issue. If you are seeking guidance on a break-up or lost love, try thinking of the person as you firmly pat down your body. Imagine waking up the memory, emotions, thoughts, etc. that rest in your body to respond to what you’re thinking about.

Emotions: Sit for a moment and concentrate on the issue at hand (new job? loneliness? healing crisis?) and really allow the emotions associated with that to well up. Really get emotionally fired up about it until you feel the emotions plateau and begin to subside. If you need to cry, laugh, or emote in any other way- do it! Expressive emotions are a key to tapping the subconscious!

Mind: Replay or visualize the issue in your mind as real as possible. See the events that led up to where you are now. Replay how your path has led you here. See yourself as you are now experiencing them. Use your inner-eye to visualize and ‘see’ it all happening from within.

Energy: Once the mind has been engaged, take account of how those thoughts made you feel. Try to perceive the energy coursing through your being becoming thicker, slower, faster, lighter, darker, etc. If you can’t perceive it- fake it. Imagine how the subtle life force within your field might be affected by this issue and try to coax yourself into perceiving it- even with creative visualization.

Soul: Acknowledge the silent witness of the soul seeing all of this. Try to imagine seeing it from the view of eternalness. How do you think the eternal, individual soul perceives this situation? How do you think this situation might be actually helping you in ways you can’t see yet? This is your time to connect to the positive and optimistic side of a negative issue, or the more spiritual side of a positive issue.

Again, this exercise should be performed at least once during the day (2 or 3 times is even better!) and once before you get into bed. If you don’t get results on the first night, try the next day. It may take some time and some acclimation for you to get in control- but once you do it one time, its yours forever!

You also may be one of those people who dream in very layers symbolism. This means that although the dream may seem to have zero resonance with the issue you put out there- it may be speaking directly to it. Honor ALL dreams you have while you are working with this process and give anything you dream, the chance to give you clarity!

Using The Tools You Receive
The morning that you wake up having dreamed about the issue, follow these steps to ensure the healing, empowerment, guidance and blessings you received on the ethereal plane get rooted out in your waking life:

  • Express gratitude to the divine, and be humbly proud of yourself for learning this spiritual technique that can be used to bring light and power to your journey!
  • Journal! Write as simply or as descriptively what you encountered in dream time. Make sure and note what exactly you were looking for and how it relates to what you dreamed about.
  • Put the dream and the journal out of the way until tomorrow. Give yourself one day to ‘come down and unwind’.
  • The following day, when you are relaxed and open- re-read your journal and begin interpreting it. This is your time to be your own best psychic, tap the unique symbolism that your soul speaks and really connect with the power and beneficence of the Cosmic!

Thank you for exploring the power and potency of dreams with me… May your dreams be blessed with healing, guidance, empowerment and the discovery of your great truth!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Contacting The Inner Guide

June 16, 2009

Do you ever wish you could have your own opinion about life… A fresh, personal perspective without the fears, ego, past hurts and future worries as part of the equation?

You can!

Contacting the spiritual guide within is a simple yet powerful meditation practice that I have created based on ancient Shamanic journeys, Vedic & Tantric rites and modern creative visualization techniques. This meditation has proven to be so powerful for my clients- I’d like to share it with all of you so that it might serve you the same way!

As in all meditation techniques:

  • find a quiet space and a quiet time to practice. Turn your cell phone off, let people around you know you’re taking some personal time, put on some comfy clothes and create space however you like- incense, candles, music, etc. can all help set the mood and charge the space.

The Guide Within

In this practice, we will be connecting to that part of ourselves that is beyond the attachgments of the physical plane. Although we may not connect directly to the center of our true soul being, we can connect to the part of ourselves that is the translator for our current and eternal selves.

The guide within is not an entity or being outside of who we are- indeed, it is more us than we think we are now. The guide within is our consciousness on the soul level rather than on the level of name and form (everyday life in this cycle). COnnecting to this power not only gives us amazing insight- it also trains us up to live more from our true identity as eternal spiritual souls and less from ego and fear.

The Goal

The goal in this practice is simply to connect to the inner guide, and create a space where dialogue can happen. We will not be entering a full-blown trance, because we need our linear/rational brain to stay somewhat present so that we can ask questions and receive/remember answers that have to do with our eg-based lives. If you find you are going too deep in this practice and start losing consciousness ( in a good way haha!), falling asleep or start having a hard time making thoughts- simply shake or dance a bit where you sit/stand to bring yourself ‘back’ a bit.

Ideally, we will connect, ask questions, receive guidance, return to normal waking consciousness and journal about the information we received- then promptly put it into action in our life!

The Practice

You may wish to begin with a prayer or affirmation. This is a great way to start a spiritual practice and not only gets you plugged in to the right headspace, but also brings sanctity, protection and blessings to you and your space.

  • Spend the first few minutes of the practice simply breathing. Shake out any nerves or ticks. Make sure you feel solid where you sit. Survey your body, make sure you’re comfortable and return to just breathing. A sitting ‘lotus style’ posture is both relaxing, lung-opening and stabilizing.
  • Once you feel that a deep relaxation has come, visualize a nine-step staircase flooded in light. Ascend slowly- one step at a time. Feel yourself walking up the nine steps one after the other. With each step you feel lighter, warmer, more open and more blissful.
  • As you reach the ninth step and step up to the landing- ensure you allow how the scene looks to be your own. Don;t judge or criticize… let the environment of everything you encounter be what it will and accept it as perfect.
  • Now, wherever the stairs took you, connect to being in the same sitting posture in your meditation you are in with your physical body. Sit, breathe, see, be.
  • Call forth in any way you choose that part of your being which knows all of your being. Call forth your inner guide- your soul. Allow a light to begin manifesting either at or above the crown of your head or in your heart center. Whichever happens is great as this is simply where you are most comfortable working. Don’t work with this practice in any other center of the body.
  • See the light come out of you and manifest before you… let it be what it is… a person? an animal? a symbol? Allow and believe.
  • Spend a few moments simply being in the presence of your perfected self- as though you are looking in the mirror. If you feel the urge to merge- do not do that until the third or fourth practice after information received has been implemented in your life with success.
  • Once you feel connected- speak. Don’t lie, hide, or sugarcoat… take this opportunity to be brutally honest with yourself and allow your heart center to purge with the chance to open and vent.
  • Ask a question, receive an answer. Again, do not second guess! What you hear is what you need to hear and it is perfect.
  • If you feel you are receiving answers that are not in line with Divine law or proper spiritual conduct- end the session immediately and try again another day.
  • Take as much time as you like asking, answering, discussing, seeing, receiving, experiencing and being. There is no hurry as there is no time on this plane.

Once you are ready to return…

  • Thank your perfected self and embrace or touch hands in some way to connect deeply.
  • Watch your perfected self re-enter where it manifested from (head or heart areas of your own body as seen in meditation).
  • Stand up and descend the stairs. Walk down slowly just as you came up. See yourself entering your life with a huge charge of light around you and a sense of peace and power in your heart. Once you get back…
  • Slowly start moving and flexing the physical body, gently open your eyes and spend a few minutes just sitting and being.
  • Journal about your experience as soon as is comfortable so you don’t forget anything. All symbols, feelings, etc. should be noted so that as you work this practice more often- you can find patterns and meaningful symbolism.
  • If you have any questions about this practice- don’t hesitate to email me!

Wishing you the best in spiritual advancement!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Û© The Power Of Prayer Û©

May 22, 2009

Prayer is an intense act.

It is saturated with feelings of religious pride, bearing one’s soul, connecting the the Divine and cosmic power. I am a big believer in the power of prayer- and I would like to share some ideas with you of a non-sectarian nature to help empower, inspire and elevate your personal prayer practices. I realize that my personal beliefs may not be the same as yours- so I ask you to read this article openly, and extract what works for you while leaving the rest. I will be presenting this article by approaching key points of prayer and then presenting empowering wisdom about those points for your consideration. What follows is a somewhat watered down version of what I teach my clients in a professional setting- watered down because some things are better said than typed 🙂

۞ Know Your Audience

I think that a majority of people pray in some way. There are certainly conscious and unconscious prayers that happen with us at any given time. Part of making prayer more effective and empowering is knowing who we are praying to. I often work with people who simply ‘pray to God’, but have no intimate, loving relationship with that God. The lack of this intense emotional prowess tends make prayers ego-based instead of soul-based. The first step to getting on track to seriously magical prayer work is to create a solid, emotional, present and tangible relationship with the Divine. Whether you work with sacred writings, sacred iconography, meditations, etc. the goal is the same- we must love and yearn for Divine interaction more than we do anything else on your lives. This is a mystical truth taught by Rumi, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Inayat Vilayat Khan and many other saints of the heart.
It can be common for us to project our own ego onto the Divine. We ascribe functionality to the Source solely because we have issue with that functionality. We may feel weak and thus God is a warrior. We may feel impoverished and thus God is the all-wealthy. These things are true- but there is a fine line between letting God be God and us being completely lazy. Armchair prayer is not effective. Prayer is a precursor to action! So, if we are broke- we don’t pray to the God of riches, because that’s just our ego trying to tap into something we believe we don’t have. Instead, we pray to the God of mercy who lifts up those who are not living their full potential and helps them find their abundance, strength, and tap the limiteless blessings flowing forth. Feel the difference?

۞ Time & Space

There are two types of personal prayer. Formal and informal. Formal prayer consists of a more ritualized setting where some type of purification rite may take place, a special garment may be worn, a special space/altar/shrine may be used, etc. Informal prayer is that spontaneous surrender and dependence on the Divine that comes forth at anytime- in traffic, before a quick meal, under the breath in a meeting, etc.
Informal prayer is a wonderful thing- and I think it’s importance cannot be stressed enough. Allowing the Divine into your paradigm consciously as much as possible is a cosmic medicine par excellence. I think informal prayer is the most commonly celebrated among modern day seekers, so I want to present a little something about formal prayer to help even the work.
Formal prayer should involve three steps: 1) Setting the intention to pray with words, actions, rituals, etc. 2) Entering a specified sprayer space at a specified time and 3) opening up as much as possible- both to receive fully and offer fully.
Let’s explore each of these points in turn:
1) Taking a purifying bath, wearing a prayer cloth, smudging, grounding, etc. are all great ways to enter a ritual prayer space.

2) Ritual prayer is best when performed in the same space at the same time daily. This allows the etheric field to be charged thus deepening your prayer power each time. Praying at the same hour each day also attracts positive spiritual vibrations and ascended souls to support you in your work.

3) We block blessings. I know this sounds crazy- but its true. We try so hard to micro-manage our lives and be the ‘do-er’, that often times I see clients with loads of Divine guidance sitting on their heads waiting to be welcomed in.

Coming to your prayer work from a place of total acceptance, surrender and openness is the key to true magic in prayer. This takes time to work on- but having the intention that you want to experience total release helps create it.

۞ A Flame Cannot Burn Itself

When we pray, the Most High who we approach is simultaneously the listener and the empowered of speech. The thoughts, words, vibrations, etc. we use to communicate in prayer are supported and powered by the same Divine we speak to. Because of this, our prayer can be simple- it’s not the words that matter but the connection we make. The Divine already knows what we need- and it is in our opening up to receive that the blessings come… not in making demands or petitions.
۞ What You Want And What You Get

When engaging in prayer work- surrender is the key as we have discussed. This means that although you may want a certain situation to happen a certain way- it might not. You see your life from one finite, liner and often ego-based perspective. The Divine sees it all- the source, the transformation, the reactions, the effect. Keep your heart and mind open and let the Divine be the Divine. We don’t spend our lives worrying about the fact that we are not mechanics- because we know that if our vehicle breaks down, there is someone who can handle that expertly. Similarly, we cannot worry about some of the nuances in our lives because there is the Divine who is expert at handling them. If we can take action- we must. If we are lost, we must surrender and allow eagerly the Divine to give and do what it is best at giving and doing.
۞ Allow The Light

Many of us struggle with presenting certain things to the Divine. Personally, I struggled for a long time with praying about money or health- because I felt I should only be praying for Divine things and nothing mundane. Then I woke up. Life is life- the Divine knows how things roll here in the material manifestation. Hide nothing. Allow the light of the Divine to shine onto every corner of your heart and being and expose it all. After all, what can you hide that the Supreme cannot seek and find?
۞ Hang

After prayer work- spend some time basking in the love. When you re-renter your life, write what you prayed about off for a time. You sent the letter- don’t stress out about it now- it’s on it’s way and the action will come. Avoid getting caught in the feeling of ‘free falling’ after prayer- where you know something is going to happen but fear what it might be. Fear attracts fear- misery loves company! Instead, have faith that you outsourced your issue to the One who can truly solve ALL issues in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE… better even than you can imagine. I know that’s the scary part- we have problems and want them solved our way.. but that’s like eating chocolate flavored candy over eating real chocolate. Incomparable!
Believe in your prayer work. Be dedicated. Be totally accountable for your path and seek guidance that allows YOU to do the footwork. Asking the Divine to do everything for you is pointless- since not doing and experiencing negates the point of being alive. That may be the only true offense to the Divine.
۞ Bless It Forward

Now that you have connected to your own blessings, move it forward. You have experienced what poverty, illness, sadness, abandonment, addiction, etc. etc. feel like so now you know how bad it is to be trapped in that space. Empower yourself to receive more and exponentially increase your love reserves by paying attention to those who experience the same issues you are praying for and bless them! Include the whole universe in part of your prayer work and thus receive a universal magnitude of blessings!

I hope this exploration of prayer will help give you the confidence, trust and guidance to really connect deeply to prayer work. I encourage you to give it a try and experience a dive into the ocean of love for yourself!
Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


۞ Exploring Energy Work Ûž

May 20, 2009


The term ‘Energy Healing’ is gaining increasing popularity. What is it? And how can it serve you? Today we’ll look at the fundamentals of Energy Healing and answer those questions plus many more along the way.


Energy healing, in a nutshell, is the process of working with illness or dis-ease of the body, mind or spirit using life energy as the means. There are literally hundreds of ‘schools of thought’ regarding energy healing- and you should always go with the method that feels right for you. 

In most energy healing sessions, a diagnosis is made wherein the practitioner gets a ‘read’ on your current life energy status. Diagnosis will include (in most, but not all cases) checking for energy leaks, imbalances, toxic energy patterns, stagnation, etc. and a course of action will be determined on how to fix the issues.

Ideally, life energy flows through the body effortlessly- providing support and power to organs, body functions, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. Life energy, unlike blood or other ‘material’ aspects of the body, effects every part of the being from the soul to the soles!

After a diagnosis is made, a practitioner will work to resolve the issue. Some practitioners gently place hands on the physical body while others prefer no physical connection at all. The practitioner then channels ‘pure’ healing energy into the parts of the system which are imbalanced, and works to clear up any energetic issues using energy itself.

Most energy healing practitioners believe, as do I, that any and all health issues on any level of the being begin on an energetic level and slowly ‘solidify’ until they manifest in a physical way. Thus, maintaining energetic health and receiving energy healing goes to the root of an imbalance and creates a healing platform par excellence for balance to be regained.

In my energy healing workshops, I teach that life energy is a manifestation of the Divine- and thus is has a latent intelligence and consciousness. Many practitioners agree and will allow the energy being channeled into the system to ‘do it’s own thing’, as opposed to forcing it where the practitioner believes it needs to go. A happy medium that I practice involves conscious extraction of toxic vibrational patterns and issue identification followed by passive/channeled empowerment and healing via energy.

When it comes to energy healing- many people are most familiar with ReiKi (Master Mikao Usui) and Pranic Healing (Choa Ko Sui). Both of these methods are profoundly effective when done properly- although I will take this opportunity to caution you against receiving or attuning to incorrect ReiKi methods (practitioners who received long-distance attunements via books, DVD or websites or those who display the sacred symbols in books, websites, t-shirts, etc.).

There are also countless ‘freeform’ schools of thought like that of Barbara Brennen- teaching that each practitioner of energy healing will create their own form of channeling the energy. You should feel confident in interviewing and exploring the offerings of your energy healing practitioner.

There is a mystic axiom that states “Energy flows where attention goes”. This being true, you have the power to begin exploring and working with life energy and its presence on your being simply by thinking of it. The next time you are petting the cat- imagine that pure life light is flowing down into your head, through your heart and out through your hand. See if you can begin to perceive a tingling, pulsing or warmth as the energy flows. Cats are amazing energy healing trainers- and never seem to mind the energy and attention!

Because life energy transcends time and space- long distance sessions are completely effective from a trusted practitioner. Although training in energy healing should be done in person- the work itself can reach anywhere, anytime. There are even techniques for healing ancestral wounds…IN THE PAST! Feel free to connect with a distance energy session from myself or anyone you trust. Make sure you work with a reputable healing channel so that you can ensure the work gets done. And as a rule of thumb, NEVER TRUST A HEALER! This means, that anyone claiming to be a healer or do the healing themselves should not be chosen. All advanced energy workers know that they are only tools/channels for the life energy which has its own conscious and intelligent agenda.

Energy healing can help on many levels as we have seen. Emotional/mental issues are very close to the pure energy spectrum and can be approached very powerfully through energy healing*. The body, as well, responds wonderfully to energy healing*- and a session often induces an intensely deep state of trance-relaxation that can often last for hours! Simply receiving a great energy healing session attunes you to that subtle flow of life within your own being- and can change the way you see life in a powerful way! I highly suggest everyone experience both an in-person and a distance energy healing session for those reasons and many more beyond the scope of this article.

With great blessings of health and empowerment on your unique life journey…

Joshua Williams


The Real Secret Of Removing Obstacles

May 9, 2009


I hope this article finds you all enjoying the song of spring!

I wanted to talk today a little about obstacles. We hear this term a lot in our readings and in our unique life journeys- but what are they? How can we avoid them? Why do they happen?

We all know that if anyone ever said life in this world would be easy- they lied 🙂
But that doesn’t mean that we have to live in strife and anxiety at every step. There is, in mystical terms, a right and wring way to suffer- and knowing this is of paramount importance since some level of suffering in this world is pretty much inevitable.

What are obstacles?
Obstacles, in this context, are loosely defined as anything preventing us from attaining our ideal, success or joy. They are the things, people and situations that get into our way when we are trying to follow our bliss. In order to dis-empower an obstacle- we have to know what it is… and in order to know what an obstacle is we have to first purify with a reality check 🙂
We often see obstacles as something outside of us- something being done to us or against us (i.e. SHE is doing this to me, THAT is in my way, THIS situation is preventing me from doing what I want, etc.) but the truth is that obstacles are simply reflections of internal dis-beliefs and/or psychic/cosmic calling cards giving you heads up that something is not quite right. Later on in this article we will explore how to deal with this 🙂

How do we avoid obstacles?
The simple answer to this question is that we cannot. Obstacles are the strongest way the universe can communicate to us a flashing red ‘warning’ sign. Negative emotions are the ones we respond to fastest and our subconscious knows that- so naturally if we are manifesting something from within or if the cosmos are trying to tell us something- negative situations are the way to go. Think about this: If the universe or our subconscious let us know we were straying from the path by sending us amazing sunsets and true love- we would probably not listen. Pain and suffering are sure-fire triggers to get us to take action to make change as soon as possible.

Why do obstacles happen?
As I mentioned above- obstacles manifest (almost all the time) because we are manifesting them by projecting inner fear, guilt, toxic belief patterns, etc. out to the world around us and/or because the guiding force in the cosmos is giving us a swift kick in the read as a wake-up call we cannot ignore. It’s not rare to find both of these issues happening at the same time because when our psyche is in line with cosmic will we will manifest things at the same rate the universe will.
Obstacles NEVER happen for no reason. In a universe where everything is left up to chance- it would statistically be impossible that the sun would rise at the right predicted time every day since we started recording history. This is not so- there is a latent order and intelligence in the cosmos that make things go the way they’re supposed to… and the kicker is that when things seem the most chaotic and painful they are usually the most imbued with cosmic attention!
Obstacles are actually one of the most merciful blessings we receive each day- and handling them the right way changes them from being obstacles to being life-savers…just like that!

Changing the paradigm changes the game
Obstacles are only obstacles because that’s how we perceive them. When we take the time to step back from a trying situation and see that although we might not understand right here, right now how this benefits us- that it actually does- and have the faith to follow through, the ego supporting the perception of the obstacle immediately drops it’s guns and we can breathe again. Simply reminding ones self in the face of a challenge to follow these steps will disarm the negativity and empower clear seeing that will not just cover the problem but solve it! 

1) State your gratitude for the wake-up call you have just been given
2) Calmly contemplate the obstacle- what, who, where, when, etc. does it involve? What problems do you perceive it’s creating?
3) Release any fear, anger, sadness, etc, regarding that situation and choose to come from a neutral place about it.
4) Spend the rest of your time in contemplation really thinking about how what you think you want might not actually be best for you, how needing to slow down, take a different path, etc. might be best. In this part- you MUST be brutally honest with yourself otherwise the obstacle just gets bigger. Is he not calling you because your heart of hearts really doesn’t want to be with him? Is the job not coming because you are completely out of tune with your higher career path? Be honest, loving and present with what you ask yourself and what answers you discover.

Taking right action when warning signs turn on

So…you have an obstacle, you’re aware and grateful that your higher self and the cosmos are trying to tell (or, yell in some cases!) you something… what now? Go with it!
With an obstacle you just hit a dead-end, accept that and move to another path of action. Keep doing the same thing over and over and you may just burn yourself out in a deep way. Many people experience an obstacle and just try harder- thus feeding more energy into the negativity underlying the situation… trouble!
Evaluate what you want, open yourself up in meditation/prayer to receive clear guidance about a better way to get it- and let go of any addiction you have to only doing things one way. The universe it unlimited in its facets and we must be to when we try to walk the abundance path! Countless will’s on this planet- and countless ways!
Taking that initial moment as mentioned in the numbered section above where you just get serious, calm and really investigate can change everything. Sometimes, the universe is trying to help us do the right thing but we are so addicted to doing things our way or no way that it can’t help us. If we are obsessing or worrying so much about one thing- we are literally pinning it down so that it cannot be moved. Our ego and fear is the pin in the butterfly’s back. When we surrender, let go, open up to clear cosmic guidance and come in grateful and willing to do what it takes- the cosmic intelligence often just arranges things for us in the few moments we stop trying to play God. Think about it 🙂

Sometimes, seeing an obstacle for what it is can be nearly impossible because we are so in the middle of it. This is a good time to connect with a psychic or intuitive adviser you trust and value. Just having another human being bounce a compassionate reality check off your heart and help you see things from the mountain outside the valley can be just the right medicine. It’s always easier for an attuned and empowered psychic adviser to see what we can’t because they aren’t wrapped up in it and they can pan back to see a bigger picture that’s hard for us to see when we feel tied down to where we are.

It has not been my norm to write articles that don’t have some action on the spiritual plane in them- so I hope that this ‘self help’ teaching serves you well and fits in with other things I have presented. If you feel a little lost without the action of the article- go write down everything that you have guilt about… then release it in love and move on. Guilt is the ties that bind a growing flower- and all you really need to do is send it off from gratitude and love to get it out. It might not be gone overnight but it will be gone with some perseverance.


Psychic Self Attunement… Pow!

April 28, 2009

Greetings All!

I hope this article finds you enjoying the coming spring and potential for great transformation on your unique life journey!

I am often asked in my private practice and in seminars and meditation retreat session “How can I become more psychic/intuitive?”…
This is a great question because it empowers YOU to become your own best guide- what could be better?


Before I get into one simple way to help super-charge your psychic abilities… let’s talk a little bit about anatomy; both physical and energetic. There are three main anatomical functions that are engaged in a psychic/intuitive connection: The visual cortex, the third eye center and the heart core.

This is the section of the brain allows visual information to be processed and translated into a language we can interpret internally. All information from the optic nerves of the eyes goes to the visual cortex, which processes the basic visual information – i.e. identifies lines, edges, color and shade. The part of the VC that acts on psychic work relates to visualization. The light of inner-seeing, or having images hit the VC without them entering through the physical eyes is what we’re interested here. Think of the psychic influence of the VC as receiving images from the eyes- but also receiving and translating images from ‘beyond the eyes’. The sweet spot or subtle point of this center of the brain is tucked right under the bone protrusion (occiput) where the back of your skull meets your spine.

This is a potent spiritual spot located in the center of your forehead. Most people can locate this center exactly by closing their eyes, and running their finger from the top of the nose to the base of the hairline very slowly, a fraction of an inch away from the skin. Don’t actually touch the skin, but get really close- the spot that seems to sink or become pressurized as you pass it is the high point of your third eye center.
The 3E processes logical, linear information- both because of the brain thats behind it and because of the energy center (chakra) that it is. This center gives us the ability to clearly define ‘this’ and ‘that’ in relation to each other and to logically come to conclusions about things, contemplate potential, break down complex ideas, etc.

The HC is located in the center of your sternum (breast plate), at about the same level as the nipples. You can perform the same finger exercise from above to connect with your HC.
The HC is the center of intuition, psychic plane working, is a spirit-to-matter crucible, and is the seat of the soul in many mystic traditions. The HC allows us to see beyond seeing, hear beyond hearing, etc. and receives cosmic information from the web of life. This is the crux of powerful spiritual/psychic work although most people tend to work these days with the 3E exclusively.


Now that we have a good foundation of the anatomy (physical and energetic) involved in psychic work- let’s move on to the practice of attunement.

The common issues present when we cannot perceive psychic planes or receive intuitive insight, is that the three anatomical structures we discussed earlier are not working together. This happens because we believe that spirit and matter need to be separate, ignore the subtle and thus turn it off, disbelieve that the cosmic web can connect us to anything we wish to explore, etc. Any type of negating belief about this work acts as cancer on the subtle faculties that support the work happening. Think positive and believe big!
I am not proposing here that simply getting the three anatomical structures on the same boat makes you blown open to psychic bliss- I am saying that this is a crucial step of the process and that in my experience, simply by having people work with this fundamental process they have started to shift naturally to that place where the psychic realm bursts forth for them! Patience and dedication, padowan! 😉

Because we are working with energy-based highways that connect the most powerful actions of  the three anatomical structures together- we need to work with that same subtle energy to create a resonance and friendship between them.

What follows is my psychic self-attunement practice. Please read through the flow until you memorize it, then try to work the practice 1-3 times daily until you feel it’s set. Use the same space and situation you would for meditation or prayer- quiet, calm, no distractions, etc.

1) review the following diagram to get acquainted with the location of each of the three structures.

2- Begin by getting comfortable, feeling relaxed, and entering a deep state of relaxation.
3- Take some deep breaths and feel the life energy surge into your body with each exhale, and feel yourself shine brighter and brighter with each exhale. Do this until you feel sufficiently charged or until a subtle vibration/buzz sets in across your physical body.
4-Take a few moments to connect with each of the three structures- focus your attention to them, touch them if you wish- really wake them up and let them know they are about to become more!

5- Place your Left hand on your HC, and your Right hand on your 3E (reverse hand positions for natural lefty’s). To start the energy flowing- simply try to focus on the palms of BOTH hands at the same time. Imagine that your hands are jumper cables and are creating a brilliant cord of light to connect the HC to the 3E about 1″ under the skin to the surface of the skin. Continue until you feel you have created an energetic highway that feels stable, secure and strong.
6- Now place your Left hand on your HC and your Right hand on your VC. Again, run energy, visualizing and feeling that new energetic circuit being created.
7-Next place your Left hand over 3E and Right hand over VC. Begin to run energy and create the connection. This connection will split to go around the shoulders (see diagram above) to create a psychic ‘necklace’ that acts to empower and protect the psychic faculties. Please do not run this current directly through the core of the body- go around the neck 1″ under the surface of the skin to the surface of the skin.
8- Now that all circuits have been made (remade, actually), spend a few moments and breathe with them. Try to see all of the circuits in your mind’s eye at the same time. As you breathe, feel energy pulsing through the channels you just opened. Connect as deeply to them as you can and affirm within yourself how these new connections will create a more profound psychic potency within you.

9-Once you feel it is time to be done, gently begin coming back to common reality by slowly beginning to move the body, taking deep breaths, gently rocking, and eventually opening the eyes.
10-Spend a few moments in gratitude to yourself and to the Divine 😉


I hope you experienced a wonderful journey and ‘psychic upgrade’ with this potent practice. If you have any questions or comments- please feel free to contact me at

More self and distant (from me directly) attunement practices will be coming soon, as will more advanced practices on BECOMING!

I look forward to serving you and your unique life journey through the power and blessings of the sacred intuitive arts.

Peace & Blessings,