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The Spiral Dance Of Clearing, Cleansing & Balancing

June 15, 2009

Our subtle spiritual bodies are as simple and simultaneously complex as light itself. At the same moment we can perceive it- it completely defies our understanding and seems to vanish into thin air. As we move through our beautiful unique life journeys, we encounter countless people, places, events, thoughts, beliefs, etc… and each of them make an impact on who we are.

When you are in a room of people- there may only be a handful that you actively engage with by words, body language or simple  gazes, but your subtle body, much like a magnet, reaches out and hones every energetic signature in the room- even if you are completely unaware of it. Subtle and silent spiritual conversations are taking place- the very source of your eventual desire to walk up and talk to that person or avoid them at all costs… all for no logical reason!

Similarly, every internal and external event we encounter makes an energetic statement and imprint- from places, events and situations to beliefs, thoughts, fears and time itself.

This seems pretty intense- and it is- but these energetic statements are needed to commune with the true part of ourselves that is walking a spiritual path in a material world.

This is the way the soul interacts with the journey.

There is usually no problem with all of these imprints and connections being made- because those that don’t serve us or that don’t actualize into our lives on a tangible platform usually dissolve over time. Sometimes, however, we harbor energetic imprints and connections that don’t serve us, or are even bad for us!

Let’s say we are walking down the street and pass someone who just gives us a bad feeling. We have no reason to judge them because we don’t know them- and should not judge. There is simply an energetic incompatibility that makes neither person ‘bad’. Because this event may some with an emotional charge due to the feelings that swell up from the energetic level, we can easily attach and hook-in on a subconscious level for many reasons. From then on, there is a subtle, yet real, connection between us and a person who passed our path but is not supposed to be on it- and the effects of that connection go both ways. We should strive to maintain energy hooks only with the people and events that are real and productive for us here and now. This means total energetic accountability for our addictions to the past, our fears of the present and our reliance on negative attention.

So, the big question is…

How do we cut those connections that no longer serve us or have never served us? How to we let go of what is not in accord with our current journey and make room for the new?

The answer is simple, without grand ritual or magic words- but powerful beyond measure!

This is a new technique not previously presented to the public world- it is based on an ancient Vedic practice of temple circum-ambulation by the devout and the energetic repercussions of that act. I ask you to remember, respect and honor this method- and use it as often as you can!

Josh’s Energy Hook Clearing, Cleansing & Balancing Practice

Almost every mystic path in the world has a certain reverence and awe for trees. They seem so magickal and so powerful- huge skyscrapers coming from the tiniest seed. Reaching towards the skies in adoration of the Divine, rooting in the sacred earth to connect with absolute nurturing. Strong, protective, yielding and giving in every way. Trees truly are a power to be realized and are a blessing in countless ways!

In ancient symbolism, trees represented the axis mundi- or the pole that runs through the center of the cosmos. Through the axis mundi, the upper, middle and lower realms respectively could be accessed via trance journeying. The tree symbolized life, abundance, connection to the earth, reaching toward the Divine and even the Divine itself.

In this practice, trees are fundamental. Having a connection to the earth below and the sky above- trees are fantastic natural antenna that both ground us and channel new energy into us. If you don’t have a favorite tree in your life- the first step to working with this practice is to make that happen. I have a giant old pear tree in my backyard that has been a good friend for many years- and it is what that tree that I do this practice after each day of serving clients and living life.

You can create a special bond with your tree by tying some ribbon, attaching bells or offering scented water to it. Make a spiritual ally with the tree- giving to it in respect for what it gives to you.

۞ The Practice

Come to the tree feeling calm and grounded. Barefoot is ideal. Greet and love your tree for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths of the purified air coming from its leaves. See the tree as a symbol for eternity- that endless axis-mundi pole that runs through the center of all that is. Feel yourself at the center of all that is.

Once you feel calm, grounded and ready…

  • Approach the tree and touch it. Make contact on a physical and energetic level. Allow the tree some time to sense where you are in life and what vibrations you carry right now.
  • Say a prayer to the Divine and something to the tree itself about your intentions to help you get clear and to help the cosmos align with your will.
  • Circle the tree in a counter clockwise direction between 3 and 9 times (whatever feels right). Imagine that all the cords connecting you to the past and to what does not serve you are getting wrapped around the trunk as you circle it. Under the tension, those cords break and are grounded out by the tree into the earth.
  • If there is anything specific you want to draw out of your life, see it now being pulled out by the trunk and sent down into the earth via the roots to be enlightened and purified.
  • Stop. Breathe. Be.

  • Now circle the tree clockwise the same number of times as before. This time, new energy is being drawn into the vibrational ‘gravity’ you are creating by your pace. The leaves of the tree act as filaments drawing pure, clean, potent energy from the cosmos down the trunk. As you circle, it flows into you and wraps you up in pure love and bliss.
  • If there’s anything you want to draw into your life, perceive it being called forth by the up-stretched receptor-leaves of the tree, down the trunk and into your being.
  • Stop. Breathe. Be.
  • To end your practice, sit against the trunk of the tree if you can, or as close to it as you can with your back facing it. Allow the vibration of the tree to resonate with the trunk of your spine. Feel strength, flow, rejuvenation and balance enter your system.
  • Offer some water, grain, stones, healing energy, kisses, hugs, etc. (hehehe) to the tree in thanksgiving for it’s healing work for you. Know that it is a natural expression of Divine power and that, because of the lack of ego, it has a very close connection to its creator and is a living symbol of cosmic power.

Feeling clear, clean, balanced and blessed, it’s time to go out and live!

Before we close- I want to address a common questions my students have about this practice…

“What if this practice breaks cords that I want in my life? Like those to loved ones?”

Cords are not static- they are dynamic. This means that if you remove and ground a cord/hook and still continue to think or hold space for what that cord held to- it will come back.

The prayer/intention also helps define that cords which serve us should remain in tact- but even if every cord we have gets grounded, the ones we need will be back in our field within seconds of ending the practice because they are still held in our being. For cord and hook removal to be truly effective, we must make a resolve to let go of the past or the toxic in our lives, then this practice will help make that happen on every level. If we are not truly prepared and ready to let go- the cord will re-manifest almost immediately.

With great peace & blessings.. and happy tree hugging!

Joshua Williams


۩ The Power Of Prayer ۩

May 22, 2009

Prayer is an intense act.

It is saturated with feelings of religious pride, bearing one’s soul, connecting the the Divine and cosmic power. I am a big believer in the power of prayer- and I would like to share some ideas with you of a non-sectarian nature to help empower, inspire and elevate your personal prayer practices. I realize that my personal beliefs may not be the same as yours- so I ask you to read this article openly, and extract what works for you while leaving the rest. I will be presenting this article by approaching key points of prayer and then presenting empowering wisdom about those points for your consideration. What follows is a somewhat watered down version of what I teach my clients in a professional setting- watered down because some things are better said than typed 🙂

۞ Know Your Audience

I think that a majority of people pray in some way. There are certainly conscious and unconscious prayers that happen with us at any given time. Part of making prayer more effective and empowering is knowing who we are praying to. I often work with people who simply ‘pray to God’, but have no intimate, loving relationship with that God. The lack of this intense emotional prowess tends make prayers ego-based instead of soul-based. The first step to getting on track to seriously magical prayer work is to create a solid, emotional, present and tangible relationship with the Divine. Whether you work with sacred writings, sacred iconography, meditations, etc. the goal is the same- we must love and yearn for Divine interaction more than we do anything else on your lives. This is a mystical truth taught by Rumi, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Inayat Vilayat Khan and many other saints of the heart.
It can be common for us to project our own ego onto the Divine. We ascribe functionality to the Source solely because we have issue with that functionality. We may feel weak and thus God is a warrior. We may feel impoverished and thus God is the all-wealthy. These things are true- but there is a fine line between letting God be God and us being completely lazy. Armchair prayer is not effective. Prayer is a precursor to action! So, if we are broke- we don’t pray to the God of riches, because that’s just our ego trying to tap into something we believe we don’t have. Instead, we pray to the God of mercy who lifts up those who are not living their full potential and helps them find their abundance, strength, and tap the limiteless blessings flowing forth. Feel the difference?

۞ Time & Space

There are two types of personal prayer. Formal and informal. Formal prayer consists of a more ritualized setting where some type of purification rite may take place, a special garment may be worn, a special space/altar/shrine may be used, etc. Informal prayer is that spontaneous surrender and dependence on the Divine that comes forth at anytime- in traffic, before a quick meal, under the breath in a meeting, etc.
Informal prayer is a wonderful thing- and I think it’s importance cannot be stressed enough. Allowing the Divine into your paradigm consciously as much as possible is a cosmic medicine par excellence. I think informal prayer is the most commonly celebrated among modern day seekers, so I want to present a little something about formal prayer to help even the work.
Formal prayer should involve three steps: 1) Setting the intention to pray with words, actions, rituals, etc. 2) Entering a specified sprayer space at a specified time and 3) opening up as much as possible- both to receive fully and offer fully.
Let’s explore each of these points in turn:
1) Taking a purifying bath, wearing a prayer cloth, smudging, grounding, etc. are all great ways to enter a ritual prayer space.

2) Ritual prayer is best when performed in the same space at the same time daily. This allows the etheric field to be charged thus deepening your prayer power each time. Praying at the same hour each day also attracts positive spiritual vibrations and ascended souls to support you in your work.

3) We block blessings. I know this sounds crazy- but its true. We try so hard to micro-manage our lives and be the ‘do-er’, that often times I see clients with loads of Divine guidance sitting on their heads waiting to be welcomed in.

Coming to your prayer work from a place of total acceptance, surrender and openness is the key to true magic in prayer. This takes time to work on- but having the intention that you want to experience total release helps create it.

۞ A Flame Cannot Burn Itself

When we pray, the Most High who we approach is simultaneously the listener and the empowered of speech. The thoughts, words, vibrations, etc. we use to communicate in prayer are supported and powered by the same Divine we speak to. Because of this, our prayer can be simple- it’s not the words that matter but the connection we make. The Divine already knows what we need- and it is in our opening up to receive that the blessings come… not in making demands or petitions.
۞ What You Want And What You Get

When engaging in prayer work- surrender is the key as we have discussed. This means that although you may want a certain situation to happen a certain way- it might not. You see your life from one finite, liner and often ego-based perspective. The Divine sees it all- the source, the transformation, the reactions, the effect. Keep your heart and mind open and let the Divine be the Divine. We don’t spend our lives worrying about the fact that we are not mechanics- because we know that if our vehicle breaks down, there is someone who can handle that expertly. Similarly, we cannot worry about some of the nuances in our lives because there is the Divine who is expert at handling them. If we can take action- we must. If we are lost, we must surrender and allow eagerly the Divine to give and do what it is best at giving and doing.
۞ Allow The Light

Many of us struggle with presenting certain things to the Divine. Personally, I struggled for a long time with praying about money or health- because I felt I should only be praying for Divine things and nothing mundane. Then I woke up. Life is life- the Divine knows how things roll here in the material manifestation. Hide nothing. Allow the light of the Divine to shine onto every corner of your heart and being and expose it all. After all, what can you hide that the Supreme cannot seek and find?
۞ Hang

After prayer work- spend some time basking in the love. When you re-renter your life, write what you prayed about off for a time. You sent the letter- don’t stress out about it now- it’s on it’s way and the action will come. Avoid getting caught in the feeling of ‘free falling’ after prayer- where you know something is going to happen but fear what it might be. Fear attracts fear- misery loves company! Instead, have faith that you outsourced your issue to the One who can truly solve ALL issues in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE… better even than you can imagine. I know that’s the scary part- we have problems and want them solved our way.. but that’s like eating chocolate flavored candy over eating real chocolate. Incomparable!
Believe in your prayer work. Be dedicated. Be totally accountable for your path and seek guidance that allows YOU to do the footwork. Asking the Divine to do everything for you is pointless- since not doing and experiencing negates the point of being alive. That may be the only true offense to the Divine.
۞ Bless It Forward

Now that you have connected to your own blessings, move it forward. You have experienced what poverty, illness, sadness, abandonment, addiction, etc. etc. feel like so now you know how bad it is to be trapped in that space. Empower yourself to receive more and exponentially increase your love reserves by paying attention to those who experience the same issues you are praying for and bless them! Include the whole universe in part of your prayer work and thus receive a universal magnitude of blessings!

I hope this exploration of prayer will help give you the confidence, trust and guidance to really connect deeply to prayer work. I encourage you to give it a try and experience a dive into the ocean of love for yourself!
Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


۞ Exploring Energy Work ۞

May 20, 2009


The term ‘Energy Healing’ is gaining increasing popularity. What is it? And how can it serve you? Today we’ll look at the fundamentals of Energy Healing and answer those questions plus many more along the way.


Energy healing, in a nutshell, is the process of working with illness or dis-ease of the body, mind or spirit using life energy as the means. There are literally hundreds of ‘schools of thought’ regarding energy healing- and you should always go with the method that feels right for you. 

In most energy healing sessions, a diagnosis is made wherein the practitioner gets a ‘read’ on your current life energy status. Diagnosis will include (in most, but not all cases) checking for energy leaks, imbalances, toxic energy patterns, stagnation, etc. and a course of action will be determined on how to fix the issues.

Ideally, life energy flows through the body effortlessly- providing support and power to organs, body functions, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. Life energy, unlike blood or other ‘material’ aspects of the body, effects every part of the being from the soul to the soles!

After a diagnosis is made, a practitioner will work to resolve the issue. Some practitioners gently place hands on the physical body while others prefer no physical connection at all. The practitioner then channels ‘pure’ healing energy into the parts of the system which are imbalanced, and works to clear up any energetic issues using energy itself.

Most energy healing practitioners believe, as do I, that any and all health issues on any level of the being begin on an energetic level and slowly ‘solidify’ until they manifest in a physical way. Thus, maintaining energetic health and receiving energy healing goes to the root of an imbalance and creates a healing platform par excellence for balance to be regained.

In my energy healing workshops, I teach that life energy is a manifestation of the Divine- and thus is has a latent intelligence and consciousness. Many practitioners agree and will allow the energy being channeled into the system to ‘do it’s own thing’, as opposed to forcing it where the practitioner believes it needs to go. A happy medium that I practice involves conscious extraction of toxic vibrational patterns and issue identification followed by passive/channeled empowerment and healing via energy.

When it comes to energy healing- many people are most familiar with ReiKi (Master Mikao Usui) and Pranic Healing (Choa Ko Sui). Both of these methods are profoundly effective when done properly- although I will take this opportunity to caution you against receiving or attuning to incorrect ReiKi methods (practitioners who received long-distance attunements via books, DVD or websites or those who display the sacred symbols in books, websites, t-shirts, etc.).

There are also countless ‘freeform’ schools of thought like that of Barbara Brennen- teaching that each practitioner of energy healing will create their own form of channeling the energy. You should feel confident in interviewing and exploring the offerings of your energy healing practitioner.

There is a mystic axiom that states “Energy flows where attention goes”. This being true, you have the power to begin exploring and working with life energy and its presence on your being simply by thinking of it. The next time you are petting the cat- imagine that pure life light is flowing down into your head, through your heart and out through your hand. See if you can begin to perceive a tingling, pulsing or warmth as the energy flows. Cats are amazing energy healing trainers- and never seem to mind the energy and attention!

Because life energy transcends time and space- long distance sessions are completely effective from a trusted practitioner. Although training in energy healing should be done in person- the work itself can reach anywhere, anytime. There are even techniques for healing ancestral wounds…IN THE PAST! Feel free to connect with a distance energy session from myself or anyone you trust. Make sure you work with a reputable healing channel so that you can ensure the work gets done. And as a rule of thumb, NEVER TRUST A HEALER! This means, that anyone claiming to be a healer or do the healing themselves should not be chosen. All advanced energy workers know that they are only tools/channels for the life energy which has its own conscious and intelligent agenda.

Energy healing can help on many levels as we have seen. Emotional/mental issues are very close to the pure energy spectrum and can be approached very powerfully through energy healing*. The body, as well, responds wonderfully to energy healing*- and a session often induces an intensely deep state of trance-relaxation that can often last for hours! Simply receiving a great energy healing session attunes you to that subtle flow of life within your own being- and can change the way you see life in a powerful way! I highly suggest everyone experience both an in-person and a distance energy healing session for those reasons and many more beyond the scope of this article.

With great blessings of health and empowerment on your unique life journey…

Joshua Williams


The Spectrum Of Power~ Josh's Color Magic & Healing Techniques

May 15, 2009

Greetings all!

In today’s How-To, we’re going to explore the power of color and how to harness it for healing, empowerment and success!

What Is Color?

Color is light energy manifest!

Light (as far as humans can perceive it) is made op of wavelengths in 7 visible colors. Think rainbow-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

When light hits an object (say a car, a flower or a painting), some of the wavelengths get absorbed by that object- while others bounce off of it. The wavelengths that bounce off enter into our eyes, get interpreted by our brains and we perceive CoLoR! There’s a whole amazing process that takes place within our eye-to-brain system that is totally worth learning about if you are interested… try a simple search for “how we see color” for more info.

What makes color so magical?

That’s a great question and one that there are as many answers to as… well, color combination!

I have my own feeling about color healing and I will share it with you here. Color, much like plants, gemstones, planets, stars, locations and sounds carries a specific vibrational pattern- think of this as it’s signature. Everything in the natural world from healing herbs to quartz crystals have a vibrational signature. As humans- we also have a unique vibrational signature, but sometimes ours can get a little out of balance. By applying a solid, cosmic vibrational pattern to our own, our systems are literally ‘trained’ on how to behave properly on an energetic level. Think of this as dropping food dye into water- the water takes on the pattern of color because of it’s influence…in the same way, our energetic/subtle bodies can ‘take on’ or ‘learn’ a vibration by interacting with it.

I believe that colors and other natural resonances are clean and pure primordial vibrations; literally emanations from the Divine as part of the creative flux.

As we progress through our lives, we experience disease, imbalance, lack, illness, etc. – all physical manifestations of something that first took place on an energetic level. Thus, by using vibrations of energy we can give our systems a cosmic tune-up and bring everything back into balance and power!

How do I work with color? around it!

The three best methods I’ve found for working with color vibration are:

  1. Surround yourself with the color carrying the vibrational ‘medicine’ you’re looking for- clothing, flowers, art, etc.
  2. Do meditative deep breathing exercises imagining t a pure stream of your color entering into your heart from the cosmic in the in-breath then filling every fiber of your body and aura on the out breath.
  3. Meditate solely within your mind’s eye on a color. Try to fill you internal creative visualization with nothing but an endless sea of your color.

Which color should I work with?

Like all things on the intuitive level- there are countless opinions about what each color does. My goal in presenting this information is to empower YOU and allow you to be accountable and in-charge of your own healing journey. There are many sources online regarding the meanings, healing/magical properties and vibrations of color. Try a search or check out a local metaphysical bookstore to explore many ideas about color.

My suggestion is, of course, to discover this for yourself. Although ‘red’ might mean one thing to many people- when it interacts with your specific vibrational field it might not fall completely in line with its general meanings. Red might affect you with anger while it might give me courage. The technique I teach my clients on picking and working with color is to define for yourself what is needed.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to connecting to your color truth!

  1. Enter a calm, relaxed and meditative space. Feel free to say a prayer or invocation as desired.
  2. Call up the part of your own being that knows how to heal your imbalance. I like to use “I call forth that blessed part of my being that is my inner healer and knows the medicine which truly brings me balance”. Spend a moment experiencing this connection in any way it comes to you (visual, sensations, feelings, emotions, etc.)
  3. Now, as if this was another person, begin internal dialog. you might say “Inner healer, what color will balance and empower me to overcome/bring in ____(state affliction or desire here)___”.
  4. In a calm and receptive way, allow a color to come into your mind’s eye. Don’t second guess yourself. Allow whatever happens to happen. I once worked with a client who experienced a ‘taste’ that meant green to her rather than seeing green in her mind’s eye. If you get a flash of more than one color- they all need to be worked with one at a time and individually.
  5. Keep in mind that this does not only have to be used for physical/emotional issues. You can work with this for abundance, attracting the right partner, coming closer to Divinity, etc. Any ‘initiation’ you need help with bringing you in to a new or higher phase of your life journey can be worked with.
  6. Using color therapy is a spiritual counterpart to your seeking professional medical or mental care if that is needed. Spiritual workings are meant to support and empower us working with another blessing in our lives- doctors, financial advisers, etc. Please do not rely solely on spiritual healing techniques in case of a medical illness!

Color is just one of many vibrational blessings we have to work with on our life journeys. Accepting these gifts into our lives is direct communion and reception of Divine blessings and really does make a big impact!

I hope you enjoy exploring more about color and it’s healing properties…Get Color & Get Power!

Peace & Blessings…

Joshua Williams


The Magic Of Gardening

May 12, 2009


According to this year’s farmers almanac- we should have waited until Yesterday to start plating our more delicate plants. Being in Utah- the weather always defeats the predictions of the weather pro’s- but I took a chance and laid out some wildflower seeds and herbs yesterday.
For me, gardening is a moving meditation that rivals my Tai-Chi practice and walking contemplation work. In today’s blog, I want to share with you some ideas, inspirations and guidance for truly tapping the spirit of gardening and experiencing a healing, calming and magical rite in your own back yard!

Gardening is a pretty new thing for us humans. Around 8,500 B.C. controlled farms started popping up along the Fertile Crescent… but it wasn’t until much later that European cultures abandoned the ‘hunter/gatherer’ way of life and settled down to farming and livestock control.
The step out of the ways of our ancient ancestors who hunted and gathered was huge. In many cultures- new gods and rituals manifested that were more relevant to gardening and farming since the old gods and old rituals of hunting, trapping and foraging really didn’t seem that relevant. In the modern day- most of us don’t ever get the joy of seeing where our food comes from- but we can taste a small piece of that amazing process by growing things in our own backyards, porches or window sills.


The one gift that I hold in esteem above all others that comes from gardening is the meditation. Gardening opens me up to the true abundance of the earth and forces my ego to recon with the fact that full living and prosperity are natural- anything less is unnatural. Working the soil, planting seeds and seeing sprouts come up reminds me that all things have their ‘path’ in this wondrous universe we call home and that ‘letting go and letting God’ is a really good idea- since the Divine can obviously do things I can’t.
Every seed I plant comes with a prayer. Some of you may know the traditional meanings for different herbs or plants, and you can use that in your gardening. I tend to go with my intuition and let each seed call forth a desire within me. As I hold each seed- I meditate on my desire, pray that the seed will be a catalyst for its manifestation in my life and respectfully offer my ‘prayer seed’ to the Divine in the form of the nurturing earth. Taking that time to literally ‘let go’ of your prayer and feel it being handed over to the Divine is very powerful and a sincere ritual in and of itself. After I have planted out a section, I typically pour some wine, milk, meal or honey onto the soil as an offering of gratitude to the Divine Earth.
After a few weeks- those inevitable weeds start popping up. What used to be simple garden obstacles are now symbols for the parts of my being that are holding me back from being at the center of my universe. As I go through the moving meditation of weeding, I think each weed for the lesson it has given me while gently and respectfully removing it from the garden. As I do this, I open myself up to any realizations that may come to me about what these weeds mean on a deeper level- do I have wrong internal dialog? Am I self-sabotaging? Is someone else getting in the way? All those weeds go into my compost pile so that next year, the things that once were the obstacles to my success feed and support my new endeavors. I am sure you can see what a powerful, magical and transformative meditation and ritual this is!

In addition to the personal benefits you can obtain from working with the Earth- there are far-reaching community benefits that can be ‘paid forward’ as well. I try to give some of my harvest to friends and family to share in the powerful blessings and energy from my work over the months. I also want to try this season to donate a portion of my harvest to a local food bank to move the blessing into the lives of those who might be struggling. When you garden- food is not just a commodity… it has your love, attention, prayer and meditation infused within it’s every cell- and that makes it magical food!
Community gardens are also popping up all over the place- and this is an excellent way to work with the land if you don’t have any room where you live, meet great people, get out in the fresh air and connect in a deep and lasting way with the Divine.

Whether you are growing basil in a window sill planter or heirloom tomatoes in a big backyard plot- I hope you get the chance this year to experience the magic, blessings and awe of working with the Earth. If you have never done any gardening before- now is a great time to start! A simple planter garden in your kitchen window will remind you that it needs to be watered and will give you excellent companionship when you have to deal with the dishes 🙂

Check out the links below more info on urban and container gardening!
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About.Com’s Gardening For Stress Relief

Great tips on making dried flowers, magical gardening, Floral Waters, etc.


Peace & Blessings…

Joshua Williams


Egyptian Cleansing & Blessing White Bath

April 28, 2009

I always say that the Divine cannot move new blessings into the heart when we still have it full of old stuff that no longer serves us. As humans in this modern materialistic world- we love to horde and hold on to things that no longer serve us…what kind of clutter is in your attic? 🙂 We don’t often enough provide ourselves the ritual release of major or even minor things to make room for the new- and in many cases in my work I perceive that this is the sole reason things feel they should be happening but are not. Taking time to breathe out the old, inhale the new and simply ‘be’ with where you are right now is a sacred rite in and of itself that we far too often overlook. In these sacred and silent moments- the things that no longer serve our growth become clear and the strength and wisdom to let them go comes flowing through us.

In addition to identifying what we no longer need, there is a subtle energetic array that can bring us trouble. We horde things, people, ideas… and with most potency vibration. Everything we think, do , say, fear, love, obsess about, become addicted to, etc. sets an energetic form within our subtle body that we have to process. Wouldn’t it be great if we could ‘clear’ all of the gunk in our subtle bodies while at the same time creating sacred space to clear our hearts and minds as well? If this sounds good to you- read on to be right on!

What I am about to teach here is a very simple- but VERY powerful rite based loosely on ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) ritual of purification. Although the ingredients used and the ritual itself is not identical to the orthodox practice- I have found that it serves my clients and myself very well!

What you’ll need:

  • The bathroom and bathtub all to yourself for about 45 minutes. This means no cell phone! 😉
  • A container with 1/2 cup kosher or sea salt mixed well with 1/2 cup baking soda
  • A metal or glass bowl- big enough to hold about a gallon of water
  • candles, incense, chill music as desired
  • a big warm towel to wrap up in after you’re done as well as freshly washed clothes to wear after your bath


  1. Calm and center yourself before you begin
  2. Light any candles or incense you might have chosen, and begin your music
  3. Fill the bowl up with warm water, and have the salt/baking soda mix, called ‘natron’ nearby
  4. Once the bowl is full, take a good amount of natron in each hand. As you hold it, imagine charging it with a dazzling white light. Remember that natron is made of minerals- not unlike quartz crystals or other gemstones. What you project through your hands into the natron at this time will resonate off of it in a powerful way.
  5. Drop the natron into the water, then…
  6. place your palms over the water and meditate/pray/charge over the water that it will bring you soul-deep cleansing- removing any unwanted or toxic thoughts, emotions, addictions, obsessions, items, people, etc. from your path- say what feels right and what you feel you need most. You are welcome to invoke a specific Deity or power during this process into the water as well
  7. You now have a very potent spiritual/mental/emotional/physical cleanser. You may choose to add those to a full bath of water, pour cups of it over your body covering every area, etc. Do what feels right, and meditate as it goes down the drain taking all negativity back to the Earth Mother to be enlightened
  8. Bathing seems to be the best because it allows us uninterrupted meditation and reflection time. Sitting in a full bath with the charged water added creates a highly spiritualized space for you to work on yourself, pray for guidance/healing/wisdom, simply think on your life, or just ‘be’ for a time
  9. Once you’re done, pull the plug and spend a minute or two watching the water spiral down the drain. Get out, dry off while harnessing a deep sense of love and respect for YOU! Love and care for yourself during the drying off phase! Put on some clean clothing and go out ready to receive perfection!

You can also create this water mixture to clean items, places, etc.!

The spiritual power of the charged water is very high- and your dedication to be present with the cleansing and really look at your own journey in reflection; being completely prepared to see and feel what you do and take action on it makes this a rite of cosmic potency!

Joshua Williams