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What Are You Worth? Another Abundance Secret Revealed!

July 27, 2009

In the next few articles I post, I’d like to share with you some profound secrets relating to your abundance and right to prosperity. My goal, as those of you who are served by me professionally know, is to help you achieve realization of 100% of your personal power and ability- this is just another simple way to truly tap into that power and step into the progressive abundance that is your destiny!

Personal Value

It’s hard for many of us to ascribe value and worth to ourselves. The way we’ve been raised teaches us that we’re worth whatever ‘the people on top’ choose to pay us. We are trained employees with no ability to be our own boss- in finances, health, emotions, spiritual power, and many other aspects of life! One of the hardest things I coach my clients through is the process of truly realizing personal value and getting in touch with it on every level.

Knowing personal value is not the same as putting a literal dollar-sign price tag on your soul! Value, like energy, is infinite- and is a symbol for something beyond dollar figures. But teaching infinity doesn’t really work with our linear logical minds 🙂 The way that we can approach infinite personal value is to work with acknowledging our talents and being grateful for our abilities to help us unfold into the holistic realization of our total infinite value. Those of us who are actively participating in  the abundance path will find this aspect of training both always in our face and the hardest thing we have to reconcile.

Keep in mind as we progress- that the universe, and even more importantly, your own ego, will only ALLOW you to make as much money, friends, health, etc. as you believe you deserve. This is not something that you can ‘fake til you make’. It has to be real, sincere and honest.

Personal value has to be defined so that the cosmos around us has an entry point. Do you think that any celebrity out there would settle for even 20% less than what they make now? No way! Why? Because they know their value- and know what they’re worth… they won’t settle for less. In fact, the big movers in the financial world set their personal value as the bare minimum with expectations to raise the bar all the time!

Knowing your personal value is the first step to true financial and life abundance. If you can’t define your value or don’t have a good connection to what you and the things you do are worth- there’s likely a deep imbalance. The trick to KNOWING your value and constantly increasing it is this…

You must always, always, always be striving 100% to become more valuable- all the time… to the entire universe!

This means accepting joyfully that you are never the master of your craft and there is no time for sabbatical (goodbye, boredom!). The biggest people in the financial world will tell you that they are always reading, studying, learning and experimenting countless new techniques and ideas to make themselves more valuable. They know the real secret- work done to truly help others blows open the doors to abundance and seriously cuts out all the annoying obstacles. We must keep learning and keep increasing our value by adding to your toolbox so that we have more resources, more talent, more ability and more unique combination of energy to offer more people. The more we know- the more we’re able to serve.

The more we’re able to serve, the more we’ll attract people who value our service. The more people we attract- the more connections to abundance, joy, energy, healing and bliss we experience! Sweet!

Hitting this secret home and turning it into self value is pretty simple…

As we put energy into becoming more- we realize we ARE more. As our resume of intentional journeys into getting bigger and brighter expands, we have a deep sense of realistic and heart-centered pride in what we have accomplished and start to project that to the world. We know that we work hard, have great talents, understand the tools we work with and are more concerned with being an asset to the world than to filling our bank accounts. These things mix together to create a dynamic state of power that attracts positive, abundant experiences into our lives like a magnet!


Let’s look at this in bullet-point style so we really let it sink in…

  • Your innate beliefs of personal value defines your ability to experience abundance in money, love, health, energy, etc.
  • If you are not constantly growing and becoming brighter, your innate sense of self worth will drop like the stocks on a bad day
  • The more resources you have in your toolbox to serve more people in more effective ways- the more magnetic and valuable you become on all levels
  • Serving the world instead of serving yourself disarms fear and connects you to the true limitless stream of abundance
  • When you concern yourself with getting bigger so that others can get bigger by your example- the universe backs you up 100%
  • You can’t fake a sense of self worth. It has to be real, realized and internal on all levels. Once it is, you’ve working with limitless magic!

You are worth receiving limitless love and abundance. Realize that you are an integral, irreplaceable and essential part of the cosmos who was put here because you have the potential to fulfill a duty that NO OTHER BEING CAN. The Divine is not with imperfections… Each of us has a special self that makes our presence needed, valued and supported every second of every day- even when we’re at our worst. This simply means that you count, you matter and you deserve! Step up, no, JUMP UP into the cycle of abundance- give, receive, become and pass it forward and you’ll experience joy unlimited!

With all the power, beauty, potential and love that WE ARE!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Entering The Cycle Of Blessings Power : Plug In To Unlimited Potential!

July 1, 2009


I’d like to give you access through this article a secret. A BIG secret. The secret of how you can jump in to that never-ending cycle of being blessed with health, abundance, progress, love, joy and spiritual connection!

I’m going to lay this out very simply so you can get out there and get connected as soon as possible!

What Are Blessings, Seriously?
Blessings are, by my definition, the process of bathing another being in the light of wanting more for them than you want even for yourself. Blessing is the act of channeling a stream of pure unconditional love to another being for the empowerment of their life and their journey.
But blessings, like all things on the advanced spiritual plane, operate within a structure of reaction and spiritual laws.

The Modus Operandi Of Blessings
Blessings, like karma, operate on a cycle based upon action and reaction. In a nutshell- you can only receive what you’ve given away!

In order to tap into the power of blessings, you first need to start being the source of them!

When you want  a cherry red corvette with all the toppings- your #1 job is to bless the people who already have them. How hard is that! If I were encouraging you to be jealous, and maybe even a little angry- THAT would be easy, right? Well yeah- if you don’t want to get bigger- keep spinning your wheels. But if you do- it’s time to upgrade your spiritual ride from stock to custom!

Think of this in terms of the sacred cookie jar (at least in my house it is haha!). The cookies that are in there now need to be eaten before there’s room to put the fresh baked ones in. You have to give to create space for receiving. That’s the big secret!

Blessing those who have what you desire connects you to the abundance flow that turns you into a MAGNET to get the same thing!

Flipside warning: Attaching yourself to stuff you don’t want (anger, loss, poverty, loneliness, etc.) pretty much sign you up for that trip!

How To Bless With Power

Blessings are natural to us all. We have hope and wish innate within the depths of our beings. There are countless ways to express this- silently within, ritually external, etc. You’ve got to find what works best for your own unique spiritual language. Here are some ideas:

  • Pray, focusing on giving thanks on behalf of the person who has what you want
  • Imagine a beacon of light extending from your heart to them- expressing pride, joy and fulfillment that their work has paid off or at the blessings they have received from the Divine
  • Verbalize your blessing by truly saying “I am so proud of you”, “I hope you have a wonderful time”, “You deserve this!”, “How can I help you celebrate this success more?”, etc.

Let go of the whole luck and free-ride thing. It’s not in accord with cosmic laws. If someone has something- they earned it, and that’s all there is to it. The person who wants for nothing and has everything delivered to them on a silver plate paid for that somehow- and just because you can’t see or perceive how, doesn’t m,ean it’s not so. Let go of ANY AND ALL negativity that surrounds your ability to celebrate your neighbors success as your own- because it’s a lie!

When others have and you have not- give yourself permission to increase your connection to being a ‘have’ by participating in having! Help wash the new car, help the new bride get ready for her wedding since you aren’t busy with a love life of your own right now, offer to help the girlfriend with the sweet new job pick out some great business outfits, etc. Not only are you swimming in the love of pure cosmic consciousness when you do this- on the subtle level you are initiating yourself into the flow of blessings! Soon, you’ll have your own sweet ride to wash, your own weeding to plan and your own success to enjoy. Seriously!

In the meantime, by the way, you are humbling your heart, connecting to the Divine in a pure way and learning to see for yourself how we are all connected. That’s training luck can never bring you!

Gratitude Is The Stamp On The Envelope

Meister Eckhart said “If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is “thank you,” that would suffice.”. How simple yet powerful is that ideal?

Saying thank you for what you have, what you don’t have and especially for all the blessings you get that you don’t even know about is the summum bonum of magic in action.

Saying thank you, as can be demonstrated in all parts of life- leaves you open to receive more of what you’re thankful for, that’s for sure. But when it comes to what you don’t have- gratitude on the spiritual plane simply makes way for what you want to manifest. Don’t thank the Divine for NOT giving you the fat diamond you want- thank the Divine for the opportunity to walk the path towards it and learn.

When you seal the deal with gratitude- it’s like putting a first-class stamp on your prayer and blessing work- and it gets where its going with delivery confirmation every time!

Now What?

Finish reading this article. Then head out for a walk. Take the dog if you have one in your care- or even the kids!

Think as you walk (building and moving energy) about everyone you hold jealousy for. Release the negative emotions with each step and replace them with blessings and love. Jealousy is a lie and only trains you to believe that because they have it- you can’t. There’s more than enough for all of us IF we believe and support that happening by DECIDING that we want all of us to have it all. A nice walk in the open air is proof that we’re all taken care of equally- everyone gets to inhale and exhale without regard of who they are. This is the way of the Divine and the way of cosmic unconditional love! Go have some!

With Blessings Of Peace, Joy, Abundance & Progress…

Joshua Williams


Dream Prophecy: Receiving Guidance & Empowerment While You Sleep!

June 22, 2009

Since time immemorial, dreams have baffled, amazed, guided and even terrified those they visit. Countless prophets and sages have used dreams as an interface to receive cosmic and Divine guidance- and you can too!

There are seriously hundreds if not thousands of theories about what dreams are, where they come from and why they happen. Some speculate they are simply leftover chemicals firing and creating memory or fantasy based hallucinations during sleep. Others believe the soul itself journeys during the rest of the body (since the soul needs no sleep) to ethereal realms where what is dreams is really happening. No matter how you view dream time, there is no avoiding how powerful they are.

How many times has the emotions, experiences and adventures of an intense dream been on your mind all day?

How many times have your dreams uncannily reflected what was happening in your waking life at that time?

Dreams always seem sort of ‘hit or miss’, in that some of them seem more real and relevant to waking life while others seem  just completely wild and fantastic. What if there was a way you could control and define what you dreamed about, ensure you remembered the information when you woke up and even got powerful guidance, warnings, empowerment and spiritual blessings while you slept? You can! And I’d like to show you how.

The Philosophy Of Dreams
In order to teach the technique I am about to- I need to give you a little information about where I feel dreams come from. I will keep this short and in layman’s terms- but if you’d like to know more about this powerful subject- please email me!
Dreams, in my experience and belief, are not unlike the waking world. We, as participants, experience sights, scents, feelings, emotions, events, people, etc. and react to them or flow with them. Dreaming is different because the physical sense are not engaged. When the body shuts down for sleep, the soul is able to see clearly on the spiritual realm as the body is not active and sending sensory information. Think of this in terms of anesthesia- is all senses are completely turned off- what’s left? Soul.
Dreaming allows the soul to explore it’s own reality and paradigm outside the confines of the physical realm. Everything the soul sees is still completely relevant to its own journey- just without so much skin in the way 🙂

The Power Of Dreams
Because the soul is the main receptor instead of the limited physical senses in the dream- anything is possible. The real power in dreams is the ability for the soul to get a bird’s eye view of the life journey and return like a messenger to the body. Dreams are meant to give those who pay attention information they could not otherwise see or perceive in waking consciousness. Answers, guidance, healing, spiritual attunemenet, warnings and pre-cognitive visions are all the language of dreams. When you tap the power of what’s happening in your dream time, you’ll have access to cosmic wisdom from the view of the soul!

The Language Of Dreams
Many of us tend to be overwhelmed, scared or confused by our dreams because of the language. Often imagery is fantastic and nonsensical. Familiar events happen in the wrong place, houses are parked on the wrong yard, people irrelevant to our lives appear with frequency. What does it all mean?

The secret to knowing what’s being said in your dreams is one every psychic visionary has had to undergo to accomplish their work- learning the unique symbolism of your soul.

You will dream in symbolism, language, images, feelings, etc. that are completely unique to who you are as a soul on a unique journey. What a snake in my dream means to me (secrets being revealed about others motives) may mean something entirely different to you (transformation, death, decay). The easier and simultaneously simplest trick to harnessing the power of dreams is this:

Trust yourself!

YOU alone must interpret your dreams based on how they make YOU feel. The things you experience and see must be analyzed in a waking state and how those experiences effect you relates to what they are telling you!

If someone you have had zero concern for or contact with pops into your dreams for a few weeks- it may have nothing to do with them as a person, you need to define how that person allowed you to feel or experience something (love, trust, anger, pure hatred, etc.) that has burned them into a symbol for that energy in your consciousness.

Dreams are a spiritual force that should be accepted by everyone who wants to hear directly from the core of their being. Interpretation should only be handled by the one person who knows the true meanings of the symbols presented- YOU. Dreams should be respected as a sacred journey, a blessed event and a cosmic guiding light.

The Direction Of Dreams
So, all of that being said- you are welcome to allow your dreams to free-flow and simply work with whatever seems to come through on the nights you dream. On the other hand- you have the option of directing what types of information and experiences you work out in dreams in a very simple way. The secret to controlling what you dream is this:

What you dedicate you dream!

This means, the thoughts that run the strongest in your subconscious mind are likely to be the ones the soul tries to heal, guide and empower while you sleep. If a problem or issue is big enough to bounce around in your subconscious all day- it’s pretty likely the soul will take that as a sign that something needs to be dealt with.

Getting thoughts, fears, confusions, hurt, etc. that strongly bounces around in your conscious mind to set in your subconscious is not an easy feat- but there is a back door that has proven to be extremely effective for me personally and those I serve.

The Five-Fold Rooting
To root something in your subconscious- it needs to have an effect on every level of your being. Most of the time we get issues stuck on the mental/logical (thinking about them a lot) or emotional (feeling about them a lot) plane, and never let them hit other levels of our being. If this happens- the subconscious will of course be aware of them, but won’t take them seriously because we are keeping them confined to one or two levels of being.

In order to get dreams to go where you want them to- you need to ground the issue out in every level of your being.This exercise should be performed once during the day and once before sleep.

Body: The body itself needs to be included in the issue. If you are seeking guidance on a break-up or lost love, try thinking of the person as you firmly pat down your body. Imagine waking up the memory, emotions, thoughts, etc. that rest in your body to respond to what you’re thinking about.

Emotions: Sit for a moment and concentrate on the issue at hand (new job? loneliness? healing crisis?) and really allow the emotions associated with that to well up. Really get emotionally fired up about it until you feel the emotions plateau and begin to subside. If you need to cry, laugh, or emote in any other way- do it! Expressive emotions are a key to tapping the subconscious!

Mind: Replay or visualize the issue in your mind as real as possible. See the events that led up to where you are now. Replay how your path has led you here. See yourself as you are now experiencing them. Use your inner-eye to visualize and ‘see’ it all happening from within.

Energy: Once the mind has been engaged, take account of how those thoughts made you feel. Try to perceive the energy coursing through your being becoming thicker, slower, faster, lighter, darker, etc. If you can’t perceive it- fake it. Imagine how the subtle life force within your field might be affected by this issue and try to coax yourself into perceiving it- even with creative visualization.

Soul: Acknowledge the silent witness of the soul seeing all of this. Try to imagine seeing it from the view of eternalness. How do you think the eternal, individual soul perceives this situation? How do you think this situation might be actually helping you in ways you can’t see yet? This is your time to connect to the positive and optimistic side of a negative issue, or the more spiritual side of a positive issue.

Again, this exercise should be performed at least once during the day (2 or 3 times is even better!) and once before you get into bed. If you don’t get results on the first night, try the next day. It may take some time and some acclimation for you to get in control- but once you do it one time, its yours forever!

You also may be one of those people who dream in very layers symbolism. This means that although the dream may seem to have zero resonance with the issue you put out there- it may be speaking directly to it. Honor ALL dreams you have while you are working with this process and give anything you dream, the chance to give you clarity!

Using The Tools You Receive
The morning that you wake up having dreamed about the issue, follow these steps to ensure the healing, empowerment, guidance and blessings you received on the ethereal plane get rooted out in your waking life:

  • Express gratitude to the divine, and be humbly proud of yourself for learning this spiritual technique that can be used to bring light and power to your journey!
  • Journal! Write as simply or as descriptively what you encountered in dream time. Make sure and note what exactly you were looking for and how it relates to what you dreamed about.
  • Put the dream and the journal out of the way until tomorrow. Give yourself one day to ‘come down and unwind’.
  • The following day, when you are relaxed and open- re-read your journal and begin interpreting it. This is your time to be your own best psychic, tap the unique symbolism that your soul speaks and really connect with the power and beneficence of the Cosmic!

Thank you for exploring the power and potency of dreams with me… May your dreams be blessed with healing, guidance, empowerment and the discovery of your great truth!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Contacting The Inner Guide

June 16, 2009

Do you ever wish you could have your own opinion about life… A fresh, personal perspective without the fears, ego, past hurts and future worries as part of the equation?

You can!

Contacting the spiritual guide within is a simple yet powerful meditation practice that I have created based on ancient Shamanic journeys, Vedic & Tantric rites and modern creative visualization techniques. This meditation has proven to be so powerful for my clients- I’d like to share it with all of you so that it might serve you the same way!

As in all meditation techniques:

  • find a quiet space and a quiet time to practice. Turn your cell phone off, let people around you know you’re taking some personal time, put on some comfy clothes and create space however you like- incense, candles, music, etc. can all help set the mood and charge the space.

The Guide Within

In this practice, we will be connecting to that part of ourselves that is beyond the attachgments of the physical plane. Although we may not connect directly to the center of our true soul being, we can connect to the part of ourselves that is the translator for our current and eternal selves.

The guide within is not an entity or being outside of who we are- indeed, it is more us than we think we are now. The guide within is our consciousness on the soul level rather than on the level of name and form (everyday life in this cycle). COnnecting to this power not only gives us amazing insight- it also trains us up to live more from our true identity as eternal spiritual souls and less from ego and fear.

The Goal

The goal in this practice is simply to connect to the inner guide, and create a space where dialogue can happen. We will not be entering a full-blown trance, because we need our linear/rational brain to stay somewhat present so that we can ask questions and receive/remember answers that have to do with our eg-based lives. If you find you are going too deep in this practice and start losing consciousness ( in a good way haha!), falling asleep or start having a hard time making thoughts- simply shake or dance a bit where you sit/stand to bring yourself ‘back’ a bit.

Ideally, we will connect, ask questions, receive guidance, return to normal waking consciousness and journal about the information we received- then promptly put it into action in our life!

The Practice

You may wish to begin with a prayer or affirmation. This is a great way to start a spiritual practice and not only gets you plugged in to the right headspace, but also brings sanctity, protection and blessings to you and your space.

  • Spend the first few minutes of the practice simply breathing. Shake out any nerves or ticks. Make sure you feel solid where you sit. Survey your body, make sure you’re comfortable and return to just breathing. A sitting ‘lotus style’ posture is both relaxing, lung-opening and stabilizing.
  • Once you feel that a deep relaxation has come, visualize a nine-step staircase flooded in light. Ascend slowly- one step at a time. Feel yourself walking up the nine steps one after the other. With each step you feel lighter, warmer, more open and more blissful.
  • As you reach the ninth step and step up to the landing- ensure you allow how the scene looks to be your own. Don;t judge or criticize… let the environment of everything you encounter be what it will and accept it as perfect.
  • Now, wherever the stairs took you, connect to being in the same sitting posture in your meditation you are in with your physical body. Sit, breathe, see, be.
  • Call forth in any way you choose that part of your being which knows all of your being. Call forth your inner guide- your soul. Allow a light to begin manifesting either at or above the crown of your head or in your heart center. Whichever happens is great as this is simply where you are most comfortable working. Don’t work with this practice in any other center of the body.
  • See the light come out of you and manifest before you… let it be what it is… a person? an animal? a symbol? Allow and believe.
  • Spend a few moments simply being in the presence of your perfected self- as though you are looking in the mirror. If you feel the urge to merge- do not do that until the third or fourth practice after information received has been implemented in your life with success.
  • Once you feel connected- speak. Don’t lie, hide, or sugarcoat… take this opportunity to be brutally honest with yourself and allow your heart center to purge with the chance to open and vent.
  • Ask a question, receive an answer. Again, do not second guess! What you hear is what you need to hear and it is perfect.
  • If you feel you are receiving answers that are not in line with Divine law or proper spiritual conduct- end the session immediately and try again another day.
  • Take as much time as you like asking, answering, discussing, seeing, receiving, experiencing and being. There is no hurry as there is no time on this plane.

Once you are ready to return…

  • Thank your perfected self and embrace or touch hands in some way to connect deeply.
  • Watch your perfected self re-enter where it manifested from (head or heart areas of your own body as seen in meditation).
  • Stand up and descend the stairs. Walk down slowly just as you came up. See yourself entering your life with a huge charge of light around you and a sense of peace and power in your heart. Once you get back…
  • Slowly start moving and flexing the physical body, gently open your eyes and spend a few minutes just sitting and being.
  • Journal about your experience as soon as is comfortable so you don’t forget anything. All symbols, feelings, etc. should be noted so that as you work this practice more often- you can find patterns and meaningful symbolism.
  • If you have any questions about this practice- don’t hesitate to email me!

Wishing you the best in spiritual advancement!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


The Secrets Of Being Blessed ~ The Power Of Prayer Revealed

June 4, 2009

One of my great passions in my work is tapping into the Divine blessings that are available to all- and helping channel them into the lives of those I serve.

Blessings, like sunlight, is available to all, no matter what… it’s just that sometimes we stand in the shade.

I believe that every prayer which is in accord with our unique life journey and cosmic laws is fully answered- all the time. Being such a huge advocate of right prayer, I have often been asked “Why aren’t my prayers answered?”. That’s what I’d like to explore with you in today’s article.

Prayer is commonly defined as the act of supplicating the Divine for help, guidance, intercession or empowerment in some way applicable to the current life journey. Prayer can be formal, informal, ritualized or spontaneous as long as it’s from the heart. Some people have a close connection to the Divine manifestation they pray to, while others pray to a Divinity they don’t yet have a personal relationship with. Either way works as long as it’s heart-centered and true for you.

Teaching prayer tactics can be a little tricky. I believe that the Divine already knows what we need, what we desire and what we seek… so why bother with prayer?

The fundamental reason we do pray isn’t for the benefit or need of the Divine- but for our own need. Effective prayer is less about stating a need and more about opening up consciously to receive the solution to that need. In prayer, we connect consciously and actively to the Divine principle, and explore our heart center to the Divine force while letting go of the ego that normally prayer-blocks us.

What is prayer-blocking?

It’s more common than I’d like to admit! Prayer-blocking is the natural tendency of most humans to micro-manage and control their lives to the point that, on a subconscious level, they actually block Divine empowerment. Since the Divine allows for free agency/free will, if we say ‘no’, the Divine allows  for ‘no. Prayer-blocking is the #1 reason that prayers don’t get answered. If we pray from the heart, but still over-manage and stress about the situation to the point that our ego pins it down with our own fears and expectations- there is no room for the Divine to answer the prayer and elicit change.

How To Receive

There are several key steps to ensuring that prayer work will be received when it manifests:

  • Surrender. When you send a letter that has the proper postage, you don’t spend every waking minute stressing about whether it will arrive. Do we really have more faith in the postal system (as amazing as it is!) than we do the Divine? Once you’ve sent your prayer off- let it go. Release from it so that as blessings come forth you are not so wrapped up in the issue that you don’t receive guidance about the solution.
  • Expect Divine attention. When we have a proper perception about the omnipresence, omnipotence and absolute compassion of the Divine, there is no question about our prayers being received or not. Indeed, they are received long before we even verbalize them or realize the need ourselves. Remember, prayer obstacles don’t manifest from petitions not being heard by the Divine- but from answers not being heard by us! Tap into your innate faith in Divine compassion and attentiveness whenever any negativity or doubt arises. In just one intense prayer working you could re-train your thoughts, mind and vibrational patterns to reflect only Divinity!
  • Manifest in words. To help ensure you are keeping open and not pining down the outcome, try journaling every day to have an internal dialogue about the issue. Remind yourself in journal that the prayer has been sent, and try to identify any changes you see or feel that might be the sprouting seed of blessings manifesting on your path. Every few days read past entries.
  • Let go of ego-based expectations. When a problem arises, we naturally create an ideal way they can be solved. The problem is, that when we create this ‘outcome addiction’, we’re pretty much telling the Divine ‘it’s my way or the highway!’. With positive thinking, affirmations, declarations, law of attraction AND prayer- it’s important to use the right key- to expect and visualize perfection in your needs but NOT to define with a linear human mind how that perfection will manifest! If you ask for a healing, don’t limit the Divine to healing you only by the means you understand. Attach your expectation to the final perfected outcome and NOT to the process itself.
  • Get Divine, let Divine! Each day, remind yourself who you’re working with. Express both gratitude and adoration to the Divine for everything you know about It and the countless things you don’t. You (hopefully!) don’t wake up every morning freaking out that you aren’t a surgeon just in case you need some surgery. You rest well knowing that if you need a surgeon, mechanic, dentist, lawyer, psychic guide, etc. that there are people in the world who can handle that task with great precision. Similarly- don’t try to play the cosmic role, because the Divine is far better at it! Let the Divine do what It does best, and you focus on doing the best you can!

What If Nothing Happens?

Relax. If nothing happens- you’re as good as gold! When we pray properly and open to receive properly and still nothing happens, it’s simply because what we’re asking for is not in accord with personal/soul or cosmic/universal laws. When I perceive this is the reason for an unanswered prayer in coaching clients- it’s often a hard one to explain. Usually when a prayer is not answered it seems, at the time, to be the one and only thing we really want! We need that lover, that job, this cash, that healing. We trust the Divine to know what’s best but this just doe not make sense! We might be in serious pain or confusion and nothing happens- how is that mercy?

Here is one of those extremely tricky and super mysterious workings of the Divine that we have to try to wrap our linear brains around. What seems paramount now, will not a few steps down the road. What we feel we cannot live without might be killing us in a way we cannot perceive. What we truly desire might just be a quick fix to a deeper addiction or spiritual imbalance. Although we cannot always understand, like or see the reasons for unanswered prayers- there’s just one thing we have to do… never believe in unanswered prayers!

As I mentioned above, ALL PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED when offered and received properly. This means, that if you ask for something and it doesn’t come- you just can’t see how it comes. Countless times I have coached a client through the process of powerful prayer only to see nothing happen. One client asked only for a true, loving relationship… got nothing, three months later entered a meditation retreat and stayed as a facilitator… now she has a relationship par excellence with the Divine in ways neither one of us could have seen coming! This is a hard aspect of prayer to deal with- because we are all addicted to seeing and perceiving results in a tangible way. As much as I wish I had better foundation for this- the truth is when nothing happens it’s probably the biggest something that’s ever happened to us before..just coming in very quietly 😉

Plugging In

So, in all of this there is a simple step you can take to ensure spiritual integrity, proper prayer and excellent methods of receiving are in place. That is surrender.

Surrender in this case means letting the Divine do what it does best and having complete trust. Surrender does not mean doing nothing. It means letting go of finite concepts about how and when to act and giving control of guidance over to the Divine. We still have to do the footwork. If we just had to pray and the rest would get done for us- what would be the point of living at all?

Prayer is magic, healing, transformation, love, connection, ascension, enlightenment, wisdom and empowerment in ways we can never perceive fully. It is personal communion between the eternal and unique soul we are and the face of Divinity that shines just for us. Prayer is the realization that the Divine is big enough to have a unique and special relationship with each of us- and that no two people will have the same Divine experience. Prayer is stepping up and plugging in to the power grid of all power grids for life, love, progress and perfection!

Peace & Great Blessings on the path of prayer…

Joshua Williams


Energetic Cleansing & Empowering On The Go! *Josh's Quick & Easy Spiritual Cleansing Cloth Technique*

June 3, 2009

Sometimes in the middle of a hectic workday, while stuck in traffic or just…whenever… a sense of some seriously heavy energy becomes present.

We can tell that our energy systems are a little out of balance when we feel a downpour of unexplained negativity, fatigue that seems deeper than just ‘tired, lack of concentration or creative flow or any other symptoms that just seem to come from deeper within that usual.

Our interactions with the word around us present us with countless opportunities to have our energy systems affected in positive or negative ways. One of the most common issues on the energetic levels I see within the clients I serve have to do with personal shielding- knowing what’s ours and what’s not. It can be confusing out there- but keeping our spiritual flow and energy systems ‘well-groomed’ can be just the medicine!

Consistent attention to the state of our energy systems trains us up to be more aware, sensitive and in control of how we feel. Use this simple technique to create a powerful talisman of cleansing and protection that doubles as cleansing agent whenever you need it!

What Is A Cleaning Cloth?

Cleansing cloths are exactly that- a special cloth dedicated to cleansing and purifying our energy systems from internal to external (auric field). This practice has resonances in many mystery traditions and mystical paths across history and the globe, and is being presented here with new techniques suitable for the modern day!

Think of your cleaning as something similar to your bath washcloth… But where a washcloth is designed specifically to scrub away physical dirt, a cleaning cloth is designed to scrub away toxic vibrations and smooth our the flow of energy in the body!

A few flicks of the cloth and toxic energy is pulled from the system while a new rush of empowered energy flows in!

Working With Your Cleansing Cloth

Follow these simple steps to receive your own cleaning cloth and step up to a new level of spiritual-energetic health!

Choosing A Cloth

You’ll want to choose a cloth that is about the size of a handkerchief, towel or hanky.

Your cloth should be made from 100% cotton, hemp or other natural fibers and should contain no wool, silk, leather, polyester, rayon or any other synthetic materials.

Based on the day you were born, you have a certain proclivity to flow energy in a specific way. Although this is not a definitive list- it’s a safe one. If you feel drawn to a color that is not represented in your chart below as a symbol for purity and cleansing, use that instead of the color listed below. The color chart presented is based on soul-entrance colors that fundamentally dictate the state of energetic flow for your life. Choose your color based on the day of the month you were born…. If your date has more than one color, you can use just one of them or a cloth showing as many of the colors as you like!

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th…

use orange or red

If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th…

use silver or orange

If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th…

use yellow or red

If you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st…

use brown or forest green

If you were born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd…

use royal blue or pink

If you were born on the 6th, 15th or 24th…

use indigo or orange

If you were born on the 7th, 16th or 25th…

use violet or magenta

If you were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th…

use pink or white

If you were born on the 9th, 18th or 27th…

use gold or white

My persona cloth has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, black, white, silver and gold. It’s a cotton Peruvian prayer shawl cut down to a more pocket-friendly size. I highly recommend using the full color spectrum in your cleansing cloth, although it seems to be a bit tricky to find cloth with all those colors represented.


Creating Your Cloth

Now that you have your cleansing cloth- you’ll need to spiritually attune it to it’s purpose. This can be done as elaborately or a simply as you like- follow your intuition!

  1. Cleanse the cloth itself to remove any previous vibrations from it. Do this by soaking it for a few minutes in lightly salted water (add a bit of baking soda for extra power!), then drying outside over one night and one day.
  2. Hold the dry cloth and connect to it. Realize the similarity between the threads of energy that surround and permeate your body and the way the threads of the cloth harmoniously work together in a strong pattern to make the cloth itself. Know that the fabric is of a material that energy will attach to when intention is behind it.
  3. Holding the cloth open across your palms, charge it with intention, visualization and prayer that all negative, toxic or harmful vibrations within your system will ‘cling’ to it and will be pulled from your system. Also that, like a comb, it will groom and strengthen the energy flow within and around you.
  4. Once you feel the cloth has been ‘charged’ in this way, gently fold it up. Sleep with it under your pillow that night to ‘own’ it.
  5. The next day, wake up and prepare to live life with a secret ally in your pocket!

If you have any personal symbols or designs that are meaningful to you- feel free to add them with a permanent marker or stitch them in with thread if you’re crafty!

Cloths may be anointed with aromatherapy oils, given carrying bags to keep them clean or made for friends for a birthday… What a powerful gift!!!

Using Your Cloth

Anytime you feel like you need a boost, clarity, cleansing, clearing, charging or blessing- reach for the cloth!

Open it up and drag, gently wipe or brush from the top of your head down the front of your body to your feet. See and feel those bad vibes getting caught in the cloth!

Then do a sweep from the top of the head to the feet along the back of your body.

Once done, open up the cloth and flick it a few times towards the earth- seeing the toxic vibrations hitting the ground (no matter if you’re on the tenth floor!) and being absorbed by the Mother Earth to be enlightened.

If you need extra focus in prayer, creativity, personal power, etc. try opening the cloth and simply looking at it- allowing its color and charge to enter in through the eyes affecting the whole system!


Cleansing & Recharging Your Cloth

Your cloth should be given a full cleanse monthly at the time of the full moon. Here’s how to do it…

  1. Wash the cloth physically with salt & baking soda water. Allow to air dry, preferably outdoors.
  2. Expose the cloth to the night of the full moon and the sun of the following day. Sleep with it that night.
  3. re-state your charge over the cloth and you’re back in cleansing power!
  4. Starting a new lunar cycle with a personal energetic cleansing bath is another great way to start the flow moving on the right track!

Feel free to physically wash the cloth with salt, baking soda, rose water, etc. anytime you need- just be sure to let it air dry- outside if possible. You can also add essential oils or other meaningful scents to your cloth as needed.

During sleep, keep your cloth somewhere special like on an altar, shrine, or hanging next to the bed. Respect it as a spiritual tool and don’t toss it around with dirty laundry or leave it where you cant find it. The more you respect it- the greater a spiritual charge it will begin to accumulate!

I hope you enjoy working more closely with your own energetic health and using this ancient tool applied to the modern busy world!

May great blessings of the Divine Mother & Father be yours in your journey to health, happiness and bliss…

Joshua Williams


The Magic Energy Of Words ~ The Sound and Symbol Of Healing, Abundance, Love & Joy!

June 1, 2009

Words are power.

We can affect another persons entire state of being simply by the words we use, and that is only one level of the power they posses.

In this article we will explore why words are so powerful- and I will give you simple techniques to use in your own life to help you harness that power and use it for healing, empowerment, abundance, prayer and joy!

Words, as we commonly work with them, have two expressions- spoken and written. Let’s explore these in turn.

    The Spoken Word

When we speak a word, a complex range of vibrations is created within our bodies that is projected into the world around us.

Sound vibrations have form, substance and a predictable flow.

Our minds conjure up what we want to say, our heart backs it up with the appropriate emotional charge (love, desire, anger, etc.) and our body responds by flexing and expanding in many places to create a sound vibration. This wave leaves us and hits the atmosphere around us, touching and affecting everyone and everything it passes. On the spiritual level- the mental and emotional charge behind a vibrational wave impacts what the wave hits, creating a subtle affect.

Maybe our parents were onto something when they told us to never gossip or say bad things about people!

On the energetic level, sound waves do not ‘die’ when we can no longer perceive them with out senses. They continue to move forth, expanding into the greatness of the cosmos- our words affect everything!

In most spiritual, magical and mystical paths on the planet- speaking words of power is paramount to creating an energetic change. Spells, incantations, liturgies, empowered prayers, etc. are recited time and time again, adding to the stockpile of collective consciousness that backs the sound each time it is resonated. When done with true understanding of the words power- a fine-tunes force can be placed behind it that ensures it will create the desired ‘magical’ change as it expands into the universe.

    The Written Word

Much like the spoken word, the written word also carries great influential power. No matter what language we speak or write, letters are merely symbols for a sound. As a collective, we all see the letter ‘A’ and are aware of the vibrational wave it creates when sounded- and thus the symbol becomes married with the power.

When we write words, just like when we speak them, they will affect a change in those who read them. Think about how you react when you see the words ‘stop’, ‘free’, ‘sale’, ‘love’ and ‘no’.

Although the words I am typing now have a neutral meaning- there is also a deeper level of resonance that carries through them like a pipe based on my intentions in writing.

If you are experiencing a tone of seriousness, concern that this information will be used in proper ways and a sense of spiritual channeling; you’re tapped into the psychic level of these words!

Since time immemorial, symbols have been used both to harness and call forth a specific power. Letters that represent sound vibrations are one of the most powerful on the planet (think about the Sanskrit letter for ‘AUM/OM’ and the meaning behind intoning that sound!). In the modern day- most of how we interact with other people is based on the written word with text and email- and so our awareness of the hidden power of the written word is more crucial than ever!

    Why Words Make Magic

You are an individual being with unique likes, dislikes, soul, history, desires, fears, etc. From you comes a vibratory field (often the same field perceived by psychics allowing them to read you!) that represents or symbolizes the totality of who you are. Similarly, spoken words as vibrations and written words as symbols also give off this ‘energy signature’ that is unique to each combination of sounds or letter symbols.

When two people come together, their energy fields merge creating a third ‘vibration between’. When many letters are written into a word or toned into a word they merge and become a unique vibrational field. When vibrations interact with other vibrations change and new force arises.

Think of this in terms of throwing a stone into a pond- ripples!

Speaking a word carries its unique vibrational signature out to the world where it will affect all other fields it encounters. The same applies to writing words.

    The Karma Of Words

As we learned above, the sound vibration from speaking a word or the symbolic vibration from writing a word symbol carries afr further than we can imagine with linear minds. Eventually, it is no longer empowered for one reason or another and hits the parabola of its cosmic tour… what then?

Return to sender!

What you speak, you will hear. What you write, you will read.

Whatever we create in this world we must, at some point, recon with. The vibrations we send out in any form will eventually go ‘full cosmic circle’ and come back to us. If we have used our vibrational powers to bless and love- we will receive this Divine force back tenfold as it receives power with each field it positively affects. If we have used vibrational powers of hate, we will receive it back even greater as it gets empowered by the chaos and imbalance it creates.

Thinking before we speak or write is one of the best forms of spiritual medicine we can take! Imagine that short pause and deep breath that happens before we let our mouths create vibrations without control and how much cleaning up we could do with it!


    Working With The Power Of Words

Although this article is FAR from exhaustive and holistic on the topic, I would like to offer you some simple yet highly powerful techniques you can start using right away to initiate yourself into the ways of word magic.

Please ensure that your integrity, intention and compassion are in good repair before working with any forms of energy harnessing.

Ϫ Say the magic word! Ϫ

Send out waves of gratitude by ensuring you say ‘please’, thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ whenever possible. These simple phrases really are the ‘magic words’ because in pure simplicity they express gratitude, compassion, love, kindness and respect!

Ϫ Pray With The Pen Ϫ

The next time you sit for a good prayer session, bring a pen and paper along!

Once you have spoken your prayers aloud, write down positive and present forms of those prayers (love, healthy, wealthy, harmony, etc.) in black ink. Please the paper in a special spot and allow it to be your ambassador to the universe- sending a constant stream of vibration to the cosmos!

Ϫ Say It AND Spray It! Ϫ

Grab a clean, clear glass bottle and write words of power all over the outside of it with a black ‘magic’ marker. Words like love, healthy, peace, joy, harmony, wealth, abundance, compassion, light, etc. are all great choices! Fill up every space you can with words that symbolize what you’d like to attract into your life.

You may want to pray over or consecrate this jar once done to empower it with a spiritual charge.

Once completed, you can either store written prayers or more powerfully, fill it with clean spring water. Allow a full day of partial sun to filter your words into the water- creating an extremely powerful spiritual elixir! You can sprinkle this water on yourself or around the house to empower and bless it. You may also want to consider placing a quartz crystal or other healing stone in the water to further amplify it’s vibrations.

Water is the universal solvent- and is also a perfect energetic computer. What you put into it become part of it- making it ‘liquid power’!

Every time I grab a new bottle of water I always grab a permanent marker too- writing on the outside a word of power that I’d like to open up to that day.

Today’s ‘water bottle word’ was “Receptive”.

Ϫ Practice Makes Perfect! Ϫ

Try intoning words of power like a repetitive mantra when you need them.

In stressful situations, prayerfully and powerfully intone ‘calm, balanced, courageous’.

In times of illness or imbalance try ‘healthy, strong, whole and happy’.

Create a personal and catchy strong of power words that are important to you and include a 5 minute toning session every day!

Ϫ Bless It Forward! Ϫ

Make it a point every day to bless others with your words.

Tell people you appreciate them, tip those who serve you with words in addition to cash, let people know you notice the small stuff and appreciate their being part of your path.

Write a few lines each day expressing what you are grateful for, what brought you joy and what the highlight of your day was.

What you speak about, you empower!

As much as this was quite the quick tour of word magic basics- I hope you will find a place in your daily spiritual working for this blessed art!


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions and I will do my best to answer!

Peace, Blessings, Love, Joy, Health, Compassion, Abundance, Progress, Strength, Wisdom…

Joshua Williams