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Feng-Shui The Fun Way! Personal Intuitive Design For Health, Abundance & Joy

October 12, 2009

Most of us are aware of how our environment effects our moods. The rise in popularity of spirit-based design arts like Feng-Shui and Vaashtu have really got people thinking more about the power of space and the magic of placement. In this article, I’d like to explore some ideas and suggestions with you that will help you call forth the natural sense of balance and flow within you and use it to empower the space around you!

Feng-Shui & Vaashtu

Feng-Shui is a sacred Taoist (Chinese) method of working with the natural elements of a space to create balance and harmony. Feng-Shui translates to ‘wind-water’ and calls forth the idea of bringing nature into our space and doing so in a way that creates wind-and-water-like balance. Through Feng-Shui, the desired elements of a space (bed, desk, chair, table, etc.) are viewed from an elemental perspective and placed in direction-based parts of the space and in specific groupings that create a natural resonance between those elements. In addition, especially in the Black Cat School Style of Feng-Shui, charms like mirrors, chimes, animal figures and words are use to tie a space together spiritually for optimal harmony. Feng-Shui focuses on diagnosing a space to define how it is out of balance and then taking the steps needed to correct or ‘fix’ that imbalance.

Like Feng-Shui, Vaashtu is also a spiritually-based art and science of space. Hailing from ancient Vedic sacred texts (India), Vaashtu uses a map of the ‘world man’ (Visvakarma) to define how a space should be used. The same principles are used in the construction of many Hindu temples. In this system, one of the many Vaashtu Yantras (sacred pattern) are super-imposed over a map of the space. These Yantras include spaces for planets, Deities, the Earth, the primordial man, colors, etc. and the space is then arranged so that the right elements in the space correspond to the right areas of the Yantra. Also in Vaashtu is the practice of installing heavenly/planetary Personalities in the form of the Navagraha Deities into the space to ensure it’s harmony and protection.

These are both fascinating areas of study that helped me personally delve into the power of external energy flow and geomancy. If you are interested in the subject, I highly recommend you check out some books and websites to learn more! In this article, we’ll be focusing less on established schools of spiritual design and more on tapping our own innate ability to sense and work with energy flow in our space. Home or office- intuitive design can truly bring magic all around you!

Intuitive Design

I’ve always believed that the space we keep is a reflection of our hearts. The home or office we work in is, in its own way, an intuitive manifestation of where we are and how we are at the time we design and ‘own’ that space. Where we choose to put furniture, what colors we pick and what other design elements seem right reflect what’s relevant in our minds and hearts. Several months or years down the road- we may decide that this isn’t right anymore and switch everything around. Space, like life, should be dynamic and set up in a way that allows us to make changes to it as we make changes within ourselves.

With intuitive design, we are simply doing what feels right for our space while being more mindful of the choices we make- and adding elements that may not seem natural right now to call forth their natural vibrations which may fulfill needs we have in general. In this process, we are choosing to design a space just like we normally would- but instead of just labeling design elements as ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’, we are taking time to meditate on WHY we may be so attracted to one thing and less to another. Intuitive design requires us to explore the meanings of colors, symbols, animals, materials, directions, etc. from many cultures and belief systems to try and understand holistically why we like what we do so that we can fully own that liking. In addition, it requires us to identify lack and desire in our life so that we can in turn identify symbolism to bring into the space that will resonate with filling that lack or manifesting that desire.

The internet may be your very best resource in this work- tons of information is out there for free about color meaning, symbolism, directions, placement, plant meanings, animal totem symbolism, stones, etc. Use whatever resources you have to both honor your intuitive creativity and identify what you can bring into your space to create perfection.

What Feels Right Probably Is Right

As human beings, we are acutely aware of energy flow in and around us- although it can e easy to clock out the small voice that tells us what all of that means. In designing and owning space, it’s important to follow your intuition- especially in how furniture of mass is placed and what color schemes you choose. Let go of what’s popular and instead choose to work with what’s potent- for you as an individual. Let your space be a reflection of you so that when you are in it- you are getting closer to your own power without doing anything!

Energy and vibration needs to be able to flow through a space freely, and this is why working with big furniture should be done with intention and mindfulness. Make sure the space feels open, flowing and easy to be in. Try to avoid letting furniture or other design elements ‘block’ energy from flowing through a room. Once you’ve come up with a design plan- think of it in terms of how easily it would be for a breeze or energy form to move through and around the room. Look at windows and doors as portals for fresh energy and make sure they stay open and inviting. Follow your own intuition in creating a space that houses your own energy field and that of the space you are in with harmony and relaxation.

Making Magic With Design

If there’s a specific energy you’d like to foster in your space- like abundance for your office, love in the bedroom, relaxation in the living room, etc.- then you’re in luck! The natural world around is buzzes with symbols, colors, stones, etc. that all act to call forth an energy flow and help you get in tune with it for your own life.

Bring this magic into your space by first defining what it is you want. Then, research symbolism, color, gemstones, materials, directions, etc. from cultures or systems you feel comfortable with (Feng-Shui, Vaashtu, Wicca, New Age Healing, etc.) and bring them into your space in a creative way. You may wish to use certain healing colors in tapestries, upholstery or paintings. You could place your cash register or desk in the direction of wealth. You might also consider growing house plants that have symbolism of healing, prosperity, love, etc. (for more on the healing power of house plants, check out my article HERE).

Feel free to use whatever symbolism means something to you- and recognize the magic it will create! If you add a design element with intention, you’ll create a conscious and subconscious link that will be activated and empowered every time you perceive the object! In no time at all you’ll start walking in line with the symbol and manifesting it’s meaning for real in your life!

Healing Sick Space

Just as we can call forth things we want into our space, we can also remove things from our lives we don’t want that may hold root in our space. If you struggle with recurring health problems, fighting, bad communication with lovers, infertility, etc. you may want to try and identify how these things are reflected in your sacred space.

Remember that the space is a reflection of the heart- and it’s a two-way street!

Is the space dirty and cluttered, creating mis-communication and a sense of chaos in the heart? Are the houseplants wilted and sunlight being blocked created a sense of ill health? Are the colors lacking in diversity or is the furniture creating boredom or depression?

You can also use your sacred space (home or office) for moving meditations in your life. If you feel stuck- clean and meditate! If you feel trapped- re-arrange some furniture and open up the space while you meditate. If you feel bored or depressed- add some color and fun to your space while you meditate! These items can be inexpensive and easy to find in the form of fabric pieces, home made art works, second-hand shops, etc. Get creative and get the energy moving toward a more magical life through sacred space!

Look at the space you live or work in and see how it might be reinforcing negative things going on within you… then get inspired, creative and excited to fix it! As you to do your space you do to yourself- that can be your mantra as you work through cleaning, cleansing, arranging and designing!

More on spiritual cleansing and protection of your space can be found in my article posted HERE, and a clean slate is always a great way to start!

With blessings of abundance, health and joy in your sacred space…

Joshua Williams


Self-Healing With The Breath Of Color

August 17, 2009

We don’t live in a black & white world. Surrounding us at all times is a vast array of colors, each carrying a special vibration of cosmic energy. Just like sound, each color we perceive vibrates at a unique frequency- allowing us to perceive on the physical and spiritual levels what it’s about.

If you didn’t get a chance to read my article entitled “The Spectrum Of Power“, please do so now, it will introduce you to the fundamental and spiritual aspects of color healing and will give you a cletr understanding of how and why color heals so that in this article we can get right to the powerful self-healing techniques! You can check out that article by clicking here!

What Is The Breath Of Color?

Color is a healing force, just like sound, herbal remedies, visualization, etc. It reflects light and life- as each color vibration is a specific and unique manifestation of the Divine primal vibrations respectively. Breath and breathing connect us to air, which is the vehicle of life energy. It just seems appropriate to put the two together! Inhaling color, allowing it’s light to absorb into the body via the energy-packed air we draw in.

In Breath of Color practice, we simply use our breathing as a way to consciously open up to and fully absorb the specific color vibration we need to work with.

So, I’m supposed to inhale color? How’s that work?

You got it! We’re going to be inhaling pure color vibration! Sound a little odd? Good! The I’ve got your attention 🙂

Deep inside your brain is a mysterious, powerful and super-tiny little miracle called the pineal gland. Believe it or not- this gland, nowhere near the surface of your body, has rods & cones just like your eyes! It’s essentially capable of detecting and perceiving LIGHT! In addition, for thousands of years mystics have understood that the pineal gland is the physical link to the ethereal ‘third eye chakra’- that is, the chakra of spiritual sight!

The secret of the pineal gland is that it is not necessarily meant to perceive light from outside the body- but rather from inside! The light we create through visualization and meditation is perceived (whether it is actually created by the firing of neurons and the photons in cerebral spinal fluid is debatable, but not very important in this practice as a while anyway) by the spiritual and physical abilities of both the pineal gland and the third eye  center (ajna chakra) and thus we are able to process this event at all.

So, in color breathing…

  • We visualize calling the color in from the outside
  • See and perceive this process from the inside (intuitively, creative visualization, third eye center, etc.), and
  • Work with the breath to engage the body in the process

By this method, we are engaging the spiritual, energetic and physical aspects of the body- plus the logical mind and the emotions to some degree- thus making it a truly holistic practice that can effect many levels of our being!

The practice

Getting started is pretty easy! Here are the steps involved… we’ll cover each in turn in the next few sections…

  • Define your goal for doing the practice and define the color you’re going to work with
  • Get your meditation & healing space set up
  • run the visualization technique

It’s just that simple… and colorful!

Defining your goal and selecting a color

Most situations of color work revolve around physical or emotional healing. I also use it on personal goals like abundance, communication, relationships, etc. for my clients. You’ll want to spend some time creating a clear, present, positive and direct statement about what you want to get from the healing session- and state it as though it’s already happened. Some examples of this may include: ‘I am completely connected to the flow of limitless abundance & prosperity’, ‘I am happy and healthy’, ‘My lungs are healthy and receiving limitless blessings in the form of pure air (asthma)’, etc. You phrase should be pithy, clear, and easy to say- it should roll off the tongue with and be enjoyable to repeat.

Once you have your goal- you’ll want to connect it to an appropriate color. Listing every color is far beyond the scope of this article- but you have a ton of great resources at your fingertips right here online! Try typing ‘color healing’, ‘healing colors’, ‘healing _____ with color’, etc. into and explore! You may want to check a few sites for different suggestions. As always- make sure the color you choose feels right for you! You can also go into prayer or channeling space and ask the dis-ease or imbalance itself, or your higher self, spiritual guide, etc. what color would be best for this situation.

Set up your meditation & healing space

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your session:

  • unplug the phone, turn off your cell phone
  • post a note on the door asking for privacy
  • turn off anything noisy or distracting (computer, a/c, etc.)
  • Have a cup of relaxing herbal tea 30 minutes prior to your session

  • Collect some items from around the house or garden in the color you are going to work with. Assemble them near you. Candles in the color you choose are a great way to add literal color-charged light to your space! (flowers, cloth, candles, pottery, photos, etc.)
  • Dress in your chosen color if you can- or wrap a cloth in your color around the part of your body where the issue resides. For goals, choose a part of the body that symbolized your goal to you (love- heart center, success- hands/feet, abundance- solar plexus, etc.- trust and use your intuition!)
  • Feel free to play meditative music, light incense or burn candles safely during your session
  • Consider taking a cleansing bath before your session to honor the sanctity of the healing space and to rid your field of any energetic debris
  • Consider beginning your session with prayer, invocation, offerings, etc. to help open up the Divine channel

The Self-Healing Breath Of Color Technique

Read through this flow a few times to set it in memory- then step away from the light and vibration of the computer to work it. As always, feel free to change, add, subtract, etc. as you feel to make it your own!

  • Define your goal into a pithy phrase as described earlier. Choose your color.
  • Softly repeat your goal phrase as you prepare your meditation space, take a cleansing bath, etc.
  • Get comfy- sit or lie down. If you lie down, try placing a firm pillow under your knee caps to avoid falling asleep.
  • clear, ground, center… get focused anyway you like. Prayer, affirmations, etc. all help to settle and focus the mind.

  • Now, close your eyes and call forth the color. Make sure and use the color and the goal in the same sentence. i.e. ‘I call forth the pure energy of green, healer of the heart, to surround and enlighten me’
  • Imagine your space being literally flooded with vibrant, pulsing color. NO dull, muddy, mixed colors! Go pure and bright!
  • Feel the light on the outside, and also perceive it within. Call it forth as many times as needed in whichever way works. See it pouring into your space through a portal, from an angels hands, from a Divine form, from the stars, from the earth below, etc. Get it in anyway you can!
  • Now, begin methodically and gently breathing. As you breathe in and out- repeat your phrase.
  • On the inhalation, feel the color coming in through the breath into the core of your body. Expand the stomach- don’t breathe shallowly with the shoulders.
  • Hold the breath after the inhalation for a moment to feel the energy pulsing (it will get stronger with each breath- feel free to fake it until you make it!(
  • On the exhalation, see the pure, bright, pulsing light in your core expand to saturate every fiber of your being to about 12″ away from your body. An alternative method is to push out dark, toxic, muddy junk on the exhale and breathe the color in fully on the inhale.
  • Hold, feel a moment of gratitude for the healing/empowerment that is taking place, repeat!

As with all breath-work exercises: be gentle, take breaks to let your breathing become natural if you feel dizzy, etc. If you have medical issues that may be irritated by deep breathing, talk to your doctor before working this technique.

Once you feel the energy color has ‘set’….

  • Run through the full color of the rainbow- taking one breath for each color. This helps balance out the vibrations within and helps avoid getting too heavy in one vibration…
  • Use this pattern: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Indigo, White.
  • Breathe a color in, then breathe it out, then move to the next color until you’ve run them all. You can spend up to three breath cycles on each color if you choose, but one is perfect!

After the full spectrum practice, gentle let your breath regain normal pace, start feeling your healing and spend some time expressing and FEELING gratitude for it. Slowly bring yourself out of meditation by wriggling toe and fingers, then limbs, then gently opening the eyes.

Thank You!

I hope you enjoy your new ownership of this wonderful and effective healing tool! Use it anytime you desire, and apply color healing to your life with intention to tap into cosmic power par excellence!

Wishing you colorful healing, peace & great blessings…

Joshua Williams







The Spectrum Of Power~ Josh's Color Magic & Healing Techniques

May 15, 2009

Greetings all!

In today’s How-To, we’re going to explore the power of color and how to harness it for healing, empowerment and success!

What Is Color?

Color is light energy manifest!

Light (as far as humans can perceive it) is made op of wavelengths in 7 visible colors. Think rainbow-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

When light hits an object (say a car, a flower or a painting), some of the wavelengths get absorbed by that object- while others bounce off of it. The wavelengths that bounce off enter into our eyes, get interpreted by our brains and we perceive CoLoR! There’s a whole amazing process that takes place within our eye-to-brain system that is totally worth learning about if you are interested… try a simple search for “how we see color” for more info.

What makes color so magical?

That’s a great question and one that there are as many answers to as… well, color combination!

I have my own feeling about color healing and I will share it with you here. Color, much like plants, gemstones, planets, stars, locations and sounds carries a specific vibrational pattern- think of this as it’s signature. Everything in the natural world from healing herbs to quartz crystals have a vibrational signature. As humans- we also have a unique vibrational signature, but sometimes ours can get a little out of balance. By applying a solid, cosmic vibrational pattern to our own, our systems are literally ‘trained’ on how to behave properly on an energetic level. Think of this as dropping food dye into water- the water takes on the pattern of color because of it’s influence…in the same way, our energetic/subtle bodies can ‘take on’ or ‘learn’ a vibration by interacting with it.

I believe that colors and other natural resonances are clean and pure primordial vibrations; literally emanations from the Divine as part of the creative flux.

As we progress through our lives, we experience disease, imbalance, lack, illness, etc. – all physical manifestations of something that first took place on an energetic level. Thus, by using vibrations of energy we can give our systems a cosmic tune-up and bring everything back into balance and power!

How do I work with color? around it!

The three best methods I’ve found for working with color vibration are:

  1. Surround yourself with the color carrying the vibrational ‘medicine’ you’re looking for- clothing, flowers, art, etc.
  2. Do meditative deep breathing exercises imagining t a pure stream of your color entering into your heart from the cosmic in the in-breath then filling every fiber of your body and aura on the out breath.
  3. Meditate solely within your mind’s eye on a color. Try to fill you internal creative visualization with nothing but an endless sea of your color.

Which color should I work with?

Like all things on the intuitive level- there are countless opinions about what each color does. My goal in presenting this information is to empower YOU and allow you to be accountable and in-charge of your own healing journey. There are many sources online regarding the meanings, healing/magical properties and vibrations of color. Try a search or check out a local metaphysical bookstore to explore many ideas about color.

My suggestion is, of course, to discover this for yourself. Although ‘red’ might mean one thing to many people- when it interacts with your specific vibrational field it might not fall completely in line with its general meanings. Red might affect you with anger while it might give me courage. The technique I teach my clients on picking and working with color is to define for yourself what is needed.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to connecting to your color truth!

  1. Enter a calm, relaxed and meditative space. Feel free to say a prayer or invocation as desired.
  2. Call up the part of your own being that knows how to heal your imbalance. I like to use “I call forth that blessed part of my being that is my inner healer and knows the medicine which truly brings me balance”. Spend a moment experiencing this connection in any way it comes to you (visual, sensations, feelings, emotions, etc.)
  3. Now, as if this was another person, begin internal dialog. you might say “Inner healer, what color will balance and empower me to overcome/bring in ____(state affliction or desire here)___”.
  4. In a calm and receptive way, allow a color to come into your mind’s eye. Don’t second guess yourself. Allow whatever happens to happen. I once worked with a client who experienced a ‘taste’ that meant green to her rather than seeing green in her mind’s eye. If you get a flash of more than one color- they all need to be worked with one at a time and individually.
  5. Keep in mind that this does not only have to be used for physical/emotional issues. You can work with this for abundance, attracting the right partner, coming closer to Divinity, etc. Any ‘initiation’ you need help with bringing you in to a new or higher phase of your life journey can be worked with.
  6. Using color therapy is a spiritual counterpart to your seeking professional medical or mental care if that is needed. Spiritual workings are meant to support and empower us working with another blessing in our lives- doctors, financial advisers, etc. Please do not rely solely on spiritual healing techniques in case of a medical illness!

Color is just one of many vibrational blessings we have to work with on our life journeys. Accepting these gifts into our lives is direct communion and reception of Divine blessings and really does make a big impact!

I hope you enjoy exploring more about color and it’s healing properties…Get Color & Get Power!

Peace & Blessings…

Joshua Williams