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۩ The Power Of Prayer ۩

May 22, 2009

Prayer is an intense act.

It is saturated with feelings of religious pride, bearing one’s soul, connecting the the Divine and cosmic power. I am a big believer in the power of prayer- and I would like to share some ideas with you of a non-sectarian nature to help empower, inspire and elevate your personal prayer practices. I realize that my personal beliefs may not be the same as yours- so I ask you to read this article openly, and extract what works for you while leaving the rest. I will be presenting this article by approaching key points of prayer and then presenting empowering wisdom about those points for your consideration. What follows is a somewhat watered down version of what I teach my clients in a professional setting- watered down because some things are better said than typed 🙂

۞ Know Your Audience

I think that a majority of people pray in some way. There are certainly conscious and unconscious prayers that happen with us at any given time. Part of making prayer more effective and empowering is knowing who we are praying to. I often work with people who simply ‘pray to God’, but have no intimate, loving relationship with that God. The lack of this intense emotional prowess tends make prayers ego-based instead of soul-based. The first step to getting on track to seriously magical prayer work is to create a solid, emotional, present and tangible relationship with the Divine. Whether you work with sacred writings, sacred iconography, meditations, etc. the goal is the same- we must love and yearn for Divine interaction more than we do anything else on your lives. This is a mystical truth taught by Rumi, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Inayat Vilayat Khan and many other saints of the heart.
It can be common for us to project our own ego onto the Divine. We ascribe functionality to the Source solely because we have issue with that functionality. We may feel weak and thus God is a warrior. We may feel impoverished and thus God is the all-wealthy. These things are true- but there is a fine line between letting God be God and us being completely lazy. Armchair prayer is not effective. Prayer is a precursor to action! So, if we are broke- we don’t pray to the God of riches, because that’s just our ego trying to tap into something we believe we don’t have. Instead, we pray to the God of mercy who lifts up those who are not living their full potential and helps them find their abundance, strength, and tap the limiteless blessings flowing forth. Feel the difference?

۞ Time & Space

There are two types of personal prayer. Formal and informal. Formal prayer consists of a more ritualized setting where some type of purification rite may take place, a special garment may be worn, a special space/altar/shrine may be used, etc. Informal prayer is that spontaneous surrender and dependence on the Divine that comes forth at anytime- in traffic, before a quick meal, under the breath in a meeting, etc.
Informal prayer is a wonderful thing- and I think it’s importance cannot be stressed enough. Allowing the Divine into your paradigm consciously as much as possible is a cosmic medicine par excellence. I think informal prayer is the most commonly celebrated among modern day seekers, so I want to present a little something about formal prayer to help even the work.
Formal prayer should involve three steps: 1) Setting the intention to pray with words, actions, rituals, etc. 2) Entering a specified sprayer space at a specified time and 3) opening up as much as possible- both to receive fully and offer fully.
Let’s explore each of these points in turn:
1) Taking a purifying bath, wearing a prayer cloth, smudging, grounding, etc. are all great ways to enter a ritual prayer space.

2) Ritual prayer is best when performed in the same space at the same time daily. This allows the etheric field to be charged thus deepening your prayer power each time. Praying at the same hour each day also attracts positive spiritual vibrations and ascended souls to support you in your work.

3) We block blessings. I know this sounds crazy- but its true. We try so hard to micro-manage our lives and be the ‘do-er’, that often times I see clients with loads of Divine guidance sitting on their heads waiting to be welcomed in.

Coming to your prayer work from a place of total acceptance, surrender and openness is the key to true magic in prayer. This takes time to work on- but having the intention that you want to experience total release helps create it.

۞ A Flame Cannot Burn Itself

When we pray, the Most High who we approach is simultaneously the listener and the empowered of speech. The thoughts, words, vibrations, etc. we use to communicate in prayer are supported and powered by the same Divine we speak to. Because of this, our prayer can be simple- it’s not the words that matter but the connection we make. The Divine already knows what we need- and it is in our opening up to receive that the blessings come… not in making demands or petitions.
۞ What You Want And What You Get

When engaging in prayer work- surrender is the key as we have discussed. This means that although you may want a certain situation to happen a certain way- it might not. You see your life from one finite, liner and often ego-based perspective. The Divine sees it all- the source, the transformation, the reactions, the effect. Keep your heart and mind open and let the Divine be the Divine. We don’t spend our lives worrying about the fact that we are not mechanics- because we know that if our vehicle breaks down, there is someone who can handle that expertly. Similarly, we cannot worry about some of the nuances in our lives because there is the Divine who is expert at handling them. If we can take action- we must. If we are lost, we must surrender and allow eagerly the Divine to give and do what it is best at giving and doing.
۞ Allow The Light

Many of us struggle with presenting certain things to the Divine. Personally, I struggled for a long time with praying about money or health- because I felt I should only be praying for Divine things and nothing mundane. Then I woke up. Life is life- the Divine knows how things roll here in the material manifestation. Hide nothing. Allow the light of the Divine to shine onto every corner of your heart and being and expose it all. After all, what can you hide that the Supreme cannot seek and find?
۞ Hang

After prayer work- spend some time basking in the love. When you re-renter your life, write what you prayed about off for a time. You sent the letter- don’t stress out about it now- it’s on it’s way and the action will come. Avoid getting caught in the feeling of ‘free falling’ after prayer- where you know something is going to happen but fear what it might be. Fear attracts fear- misery loves company! Instead, have faith that you outsourced your issue to the One who can truly solve ALL issues in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE… better even than you can imagine. I know that’s the scary part- we have problems and want them solved our way.. but that’s like eating chocolate flavored candy over eating real chocolate. Incomparable!
Believe in your prayer work. Be dedicated. Be totally accountable for your path and seek guidance that allows YOU to do the footwork. Asking the Divine to do everything for you is pointless- since not doing and experiencing negates the point of being alive. That may be the only true offense to the Divine.
۞ Bless It Forward

Now that you have connected to your own blessings, move it forward. You have experienced what poverty, illness, sadness, abandonment, addiction, etc. etc. feel like so now you know how bad it is to be trapped in that space. Empower yourself to receive more and exponentially increase your love reserves by paying attention to those who experience the same issues you are praying for and bless them! Include the whole universe in part of your prayer work and thus receive a universal magnitude of blessings!

I hope this exploration of prayer will help give you the confidence, trust and guidance to really connect deeply to prayer work. I encourage you to give it a try and experience a dive into the ocean of love for yourself!
Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


The Magic Of Gardening

May 12, 2009


According to this year’s farmers almanac- we should have waited until Yesterday to start plating our more delicate plants. Being in Utah- the weather always defeats the predictions of the weather pro’s- but I took a chance and laid out some wildflower seeds and herbs yesterday.
For me, gardening is a moving meditation that rivals my Tai-Chi practice and walking contemplation work. In today’s blog, I want to share with you some ideas, inspirations and guidance for truly tapping the spirit of gardening and experiencing a healing, calming and magical rite in your own back yard!

Gardening is a pretty new thing for us humans. Around 8,500 B.C. controlled farms started popping up along the Fertile Crescent… but it wasn’t until much later that European cultures abandoned the ‘hunter/gatherer’ way of life and settled down to farming and livestock control.
The step out of the ways of our ancient ancestors who hunted and gathered was huge. In many cultures- new gods and rituals manifested that were more relevant to gardening and farming since the old gods and old rituals of hunting, trapping and foraging really didn’t seem that relevant. In the modern day- most of us don’t ever get the joy of seeing where our food comes from- but we can taste a small piece of that amazing process by growing things in our own backyards, porches or window sills.


The one gift that I hold in esteem above all others that comes from gardening is the meditation. Gardening opens me up to the true abundance of the earth and forces my ego to recon with the fact that full living and prosperity are natural- anything less is unnatural. Working the soil, planting seeds and seeing sprouts come up reminds me that all things have their ‘path’ in this wondrous universe we call home and that ‘letting go and letting God’ is a really good idea- since the Divine can obviously do things I can’t.
Every seed I plant comes with a prayer. Some of you may know the traditional meanings for different herbs or plants, and you can use that in your gardening. I tend to go with my intuition and let each seed call forth a desire within me. As I hold each seed- I meditate on my desire, pray that the seed will be a catalyst for its manifestation in my life and respectfully offer my ‘prayer seed’ to the Divine in the form of the nurturing earth. Taking that time to literally ‘let go’ of your prayer and feel it being handed over to the Divine is very powerful and a sincere ritual in and of itself. After I have planted out a section, I typically pour some wine, milk, meal or honey onto the soil as an offering of gratitude to the Divine Earth.
After a few weeks- those inevitable weeds start popping up. What used to be simple garden obstacles are now symbols for the parts of my being that are holding me back from being at the center of my universe. As I go through the moving meditation of weeding, I think each weed for the lesson it has given me while gently and respectfully removing it from the garden. As I do this, I open myself up to any realizations that may come to me about what these weeds mean on a deeper level- do I have wrong internal dialog? Am I self-sabotaging? Is someone else getting in the way? All those weeds go into my compost pile so that next year, the things that once were the obstacles to my success feed and support my new endeavors. I am sure you can see what a powerful, magical and transformative meditation and ritual this is!

In addition to the personal benefits you can obtain from working with the Earth- there are far-reaching community benefits that can be ‘paid forward’ as well. I try to give some of my harvest to friends and family to share in the powerful blessings and energy from my work over the months. I also want to try this season to donate a portion of my harvest to a local food bank to move the blessing into the lives of those who might be struggling. When you garden- food is not just a commodity… it has your love, attention, prayer and meditation infused within it’s every cell- and that makes it magical food!
Community gardens are also popping up all over the place- and this is an excellent way to work with the land if you don’t have any room where you live, meet great people, get out in the fresh air and connect in a deep and lasting way with the Divine.

Whether you are growing basil in a window sill planter or heirloom tomatoes in a big backyard plot- I hope you get the chance this year to experience the magic, blessings and awe of working with the Earth. If you have never done any gardening before- now is a great time to start! A simple planter garden in your kitchen window will remind you that it needs to be watered and will give you excellent companionship when you have to deal with the dishes 🙂

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Peace & Blessings…

Joshua Williams


The Real Secret Of Removing Obstacles

May 9, 2009


I hope this article finds you all enjoying the song of spring!

I wanted to talk today a little about obstacles. We hear this term a lot in our readings and in our unique life journeys- but what are they? How can we avoid them? Why do they happen?

We all know that if anyone ever said life in this world would be easy- they lied 🙂
But that doesn’t mean that we have to live in strife and anxiety at every step. There is, in mystical terms, a right and wring way to suffer- and knowing this is of paramount importance since some level of suffering in this world is pretty much inevitable.

What are obstacles?
Obstacles, in this context, are loosely defined as anything preventing us from attaining our ideal, success or joy. They are the things, people and situations that get into our way when we are trying to follow our bliss. In order to dis-empower an obstacle- we have to know what it is… and in order to know what an obstacle is we have to first purify with a reality check 🙂
We often see obstacles as something outside of us- something being done to us or against us (i.e. SHE is doing this to me, THAT is in my way, THIS situation is preventing me from doing what I want, etc.) but the truth is that obstacles are simply reflections of internal dis-beliefs and/or psychic/cosmic calling cards giving you heads up that something is not quite right. Later on in this article we will explore how to deal with this 🙂

How do we avoid obstacles?
The simple answer to this question is that we cannot. Obstacles are the strongest way the universe can communicate to us a flashing red ‘warning’ sign. Negative emotions are the ones we respond to fastest and our subconscious knows that- so naturally if we are manifesting something from within or if the cosmos are trying to tell us something- negative situations are the way to go. Think about this: If the universe or our subconscious let us know we were straying from the path by sending us amazing sunsets and true love- we would probably not listen. Pain and suffering are sure-fire triggers to get us to take action to make change as soon as possible.

Why do obstacles happen?
As I mentioned above- obstacles manifest (almost all the time) because we are manifesting them by projecting inner fear, guilt, toxic belief patterns, etc. out to the world around us and/or because the guiding force in the cosmos is giving us a swift kick in the read as a wake-up call we cannot ignore. It’s not rare to find both of these issues happening at the same time because when our psyche is in line with cosmic will we will manifest things at the same rate the universe will.
Obstacles NEVER happen for no reason. In a universe where everything is left up to chance- it would statistically be impossible that the sun would rise at the right predicted time every day since we started recording history. This is not so- there is a latent order and intelligence in the cosmos that make things go the way they’re supposed to… and the kicker is that when things seem the most chaotic and painful they are usually the most imbued with cosmic attention!
Obstacles are actually one of the most merciful blessings we receive each day- and handling them the right way changes them from being obstacles to being life-savers…just like that!

Changing the paradigm changes the game
Obstacles are only obstacles because that’s how we perceive them. When we take the time to step back from a trying situation and see that although we might not understand right here, right now how this benefits us- that it actually does- and have the faith to follow through, the ego supporting the perception of the obstacle immediately drops it’s guns and we can breathe again. Simply reminding ones self in the face of a challenge to follow these steps will disarm the negativity and empower clear seeing that will not just cover the problem but solve it! 

1) State your gratitude for the wake-up call you have just been given
2) Calmly contemplate the obstacle- what, who, where, when, etc. does it involve? What problems do you perceive it’s creating?
3) Release any fear, anger, sadness, etc, regarding that situation and choose to come from a neutral place about it.
4) Spend the rest of your time in contemplation really thinking about how what you think you want might not actually be best for you, how needing to slow down, take a different path, etc. might be best. In this part- you MUST be brutally honest with yourself otherwise the obstacle just gets bigger. Is he not calling you because your heart of hearts really doesn’t want to be with him? Is the job not coming because you are completely out of tune with your higher career path? Be honest, loving and present with what you ask yourself and what answers you discover.

Taking right action when warning signs turn on

So…you have an obstacle, you’re aware and grateful that your higher self and the cosmos are trying to tell (or, yell in some cases!) you something… what now? Go with it!
With an obstacle you just hit a dead-end, accept that and move to another path of action. Keep doing the same thing over and over and you may just burn yourself out in a deep way. Many people experience an obstacle and just try harder- thus feeding more energy into the negativity underlying the situation… trouble!
Evaluate what you want, open yourself up in meditation/prayer to receive clear guidance about a better way to get it- and let go of any addiction you have to only doing things one way. The universe it unlimited in its facets and we must be to when we try to walk the abundance path! Countless will’s on this planet- and countless ways!
Taking that initial moment as mentioned in the numbered section above where you just get serious, calm and really investigate can change everything. Sometimes, the universe is trying to help us do the right thing but we are so addicted to doing things our way or no way that it can’t help us. If we are obsessing or worrying so much about one thing- we are literally pinning it down so that it cannot be moved. Our ego and fear is the pin in the butterfly’s back. When we surrender, let go, open up to clear cosmic guidance and come in grateful and willing to do what it takes- the cosmic intelligence often just arranges things for us in the few moments we stop trying to play God. Think about it 🙂

Sometimes, seeing an obstacle for what it is can be nearly impossible because we are so in the middle of it. This is a good time to connect with a psychic or intuitive adviser you trust and value. Just having another human being bounce a compassionate reality check off your heart and help you see things from the mountain outside the valley can be just the right medicine. It’s always easier for an attuned and empowered psychic adviser to see what we can’t because they aren’t wrapped up in it and they can pan back to see a bigger picture that’s hard for us to see when we feel tied down to where we are.

It has not been my norm to write articles that don’t have some action on the spiritual plane in them- so I hope that this ‘self help’ teaching serves you well and fits in with other things I have presented. If you feel a little lost without the action of the article- go write down everything that you have guilt about… then release it in love and move on. Guilt is the ties that bind a growing flower- and all you really need to do is send it off from gratitude and love to get it out. It might not be gone overnight but it will be gone with some perseverance.