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Personal Attunement To Illumination

October 26, 2009

It seems that the term ‘illumination’ has started to become a new-age meme rivaling that of ‘enlightenment.

But what is illumination, and what can we do as individuals to bring ourselves closer to living it?

In this article, I’d like to explore some basic principles of illumination with you as I have experienced them,

and introduce you to a simple meditation technique that will help align your total being to the lights of lights!

The Light That Dims All Other Lights

In many mystic circles, all that exists is the light. The light is the very essence of Divinity which pervades and supports all that is. Light in this context should not be understood  as actual light as we know it- but rather a spiritual illumination which can only be described partially by the term ‘light’. For many of us who have had profound experiences in momentary or extended elevated spiritual awareness, we often have a common theme among us of being wrapped in light that is like ten million suns. This light, as I have received it, is the very effulgence of the Divine- It’s presence in all things and It’s power of pervasiveness in all ways.

Mystics of old also referred to this light, especially in Qabala, as the ‘dazzling darkness’. This is a wonderful expression of the light because it forces us not to get hung up on the idea of actual light, but rather an infinite and all-powerful light which is both dark and illuminated simultaneously.

Light is surely the first step of energy actualization- and for this reason, mystics from across time and the globe have used it as a metaphor for Divine presence and power.

The Way Of Illumination

Illumination, much like the popular conception of enlightenment, is simply that. It is the process of tapping the Divine presence within and without and expressing it in fullness. Illumination doesn’t fundamentally change who we are- because it is always within us- rather it changes how we are. As we link ourselves to the Divine presence in such a powerful way as to call it illumination, we begin to see, hear, feel, touch, taste and live only that which is on the Divine platform. We still get hungry, cold and even afraid at times- but the way in which those things effect us is based on the spiritual paradigm instead of solely on the material.

Illumination is not a process of becoming the Divine- it is rather a process of walking in complete harmony with It and raising ourselves up to a higher state of spiritual consciousness. With illumination- we are completely plugged in to the limitless Divine and thus have a seemingly magical access to the full spectrum of Divine blessings and given powers without obstruction.

I also believe that like our personality-selves, illumination will have unique expressions within each of us. While we will still be inhabiting this mortal body with all of it’s strengths and weaknesses, and while we’ll still be under the laws of the universe- we begin to realize and enflesh deeper levels of ourselves, bigger gifts and a lot more connection to Source. This process slowly and gently raises us up to a vibration of pure limitless potential tailor-made for the unique and special person we are and gifts we have.

Contemplating The Light

As we walk our paths, one of the most powerful things we can believe and contemplate is that there is always the possibility and potential for more. More blessings, more abundance, more love, more wisdom, etc.  If we get trapped into the belief that what we have is the very best of what can be had- we will really just be putting glue on the switch so that the light can’t be turned on. We truly exist in a world of infinite possibility- and to train our body, emotions and mind to step out of the limitation box and into the infinite creates magic in and of itself. This process of contemplating the light is really about catching ourselves thinking and being from a state of lack and limit. When we catch ourselves- we have to pause and replace that thought with a deep and powerful contemplation on the limitless and the truth of available blessings- and cultivate deep conviction in it!

Attuning Yourself To Illumination

You can perform this simple visualization meditation whenever you like to help remind, empower and attune you to the higher path of being. It is important with this meditation, as will all visualization meditations, that you have a solid association between the imagery of light and the many spiritual ideals and powers is represents so that the practice takes root firmly in your total being.

Work this meditation anywhere and anytime you feel comfortable. Try to remove any chances of being disturbed- this is your sacred personal time and the more you honor it as such- the more you’ll get out of it!

Because of the deeply spiritual nature of this practice, you may want to consider performing it at the same time of day in the same place. This will build up a spiritual charge and also create connections to ascended spiritual teachers who will eventually be present to help your work.

Like most profound spiritual practices- the more simple something is the more power it can hold. Practices replete with confusing liturgies and ritual movement tend to disperse energy in remembering and acting out all of those details. A simple, humble practice is like an empty vase waiting to be filled up with the true power. Don’t let the simplicity of powerful spiritual practices trick you into thinking they are not on the cosmic plane!

  • Comfort yourself in the space and time you choose. You may wish to add music, incense, candles, opening/closing prayers, etc. Try your best to truly own this practice and let it unfold for you as an individual to become your own personal rite. What I present is always just a simple template- that is so there is room for you to make it your own, and make it something sacred for who and how you are right now.
  • Close your eyes and work through relaxing the entire physical body one section at a time. Use the out breath to release tension and the in breath to draw in clean, empowered life energy.
  • Instruct your mind and emotions to be still, and to relax into the moment. Visualization is a phenomenal technique because it allows us to engage our minds and emotions in the practice so that they don’t wander off too much.
  • Once you feel stable, centered and calm…
  • Connect to the eternal light. Contemplate it’s meanings and mysteries. Think of what it symbolizes and how it relates to Source and to you as an individual. Begin to feel the hidden light all around you coming forth. Slowly begin to perceive and feel it exposing itself- not from one place, but from all places!
  • Really focus on the light until you can perceive that you, the room you are in, the neighborhood, city, state, country, world, universe, etc. is surrounded and saturated in light. Allow everything to keep it’s familiar shape and feel- but wash it in the perception of seeing the hidden presence of Source as light.
  • Once you feel you are swimming in the abyss of light consciousness…
  • Be. This is the part that becomes tricky as the mind and emotions will want to wander. Gently bring them back over and over as long as you can maintain the awareness of the light. Simply be in it- feel it, experience it, allow it to speak, heal, bless. Simply enjoy existing for a time in this higher state of being.
  • You’ll know when it’s time to be done. At that point, slowly and gently see the light fading back into it’s hiding space. This way, when you come out of meditation and enter your waking life- you’ll know a secret- the light is always there and always available to you now that you are connected to it!

You may want to run this meditation daily for nine days, then break for one to allow your lower sense the opportunity to perceive it in regular waking life.

This attunement will not likely bring you the fullness of illumination- and that’s a good thing! It will, rather, gently initiate and train you into the ways of higher being and soon your entire life will start increasing in spiritual power and awareness. This meditation is one step of the process that I find very valuable, and think you will as well!

With blessings of the dazzling dark light…

Joshua Williams


You're Never Alone! Secrets Of Cultivating A Magical Relationship With The Divine

September 30, 2009

Take a deep breath and look around you- no matter how seemingly simple or complex your environment might be, it is teeming with the Spirit of the Most High!

Learning to recognize, realize and commune with the Divine presence in all is perhaps the most powerful and most ancient technique for combating loneliness and plugging in to as life of pure magic!

In this article. I’d like to explore with you some ways to create that special, all-encompassing relationship for yourself so that the lie of being alone never hits you again!

Immanence Means Attentiveness!

Without getting into the timeless philosophical debate of Divine immanence, I’d like to initiate you into what may be a new way of seeing and being.

Think of the last time you saw a beautiful painting… did you think of the person who painted it, or did you simply enjoy it for what it was in it’s manifest form? Many of us take to the latter in our journey through this life and forget that the Divine (as either Creator, Sustainer or Omnipresent Impersonal Force) signature is all around us. When an artist sign a painting, it is a symbol for them having created it. But, when the Divine ‘signs’ the creation, it is not different than the Divine being saturated throughout all of creation because the nature of the Divine is absolute- meaning that It’s part is equal to it’s whole, and that it truly cannot be fragmented.

Because of this, the very cosmic we exist in vibrates with the presence of Divinity. Softly and subtly the Divine exists as the frame and matrix for all the is created and all that we as individuals create. It is the empowering force which allows physical laws, co-creation and life itself to progress in what appears to be an effortless way.

The Divine, being absolute, is everywhere. This does not necessarily imply that the Divine IS everything, simply that all things are within it.  The Divine has such power that by being attentive to something (our lives), it is present in them. If we look at an object several hundred yards away- we are still only where we stand. But if the Divine were to do the same thing, as a crude example, It would be both where it stood and where it was looking, and everywhere in between.

Because of this powerful mystery, our world and our lives are showered with Divine attention and presence at every moment. Truly, there is no way to unplug from it, and that means that we are never really alone!

A More Divine Paradigm

Try spending the rest of the day pretending that the entirely of the Divine is hovering just behind you. All the support of the universal supported is right there with YOU. How might this paradigm change your behavior? Your willingness to try new things and accept bigger challenges? How might it change your thoughts, feelings, way of seeing things and way of seeing yourself?

As simple as this exercise seems, it is actually very potent! One of the first things we must do to accept the immanent presence of the Cosmic into our lives is try to feel and experience it as our own truth. There’s nothing wrong with ‘faking it until you make it’, which is why this exercise can and quickly will attune and initiate you into a higher state of consciousness!

The Power Of The Psychic Is Yours!

Most psychic seers and spiritual healers will acknowledge that they are not the do-er. This is why we favor the terms ‘channel’ and ‘catalyst’ so much, because they honor the fact that it is indeed the Cosmic Divine who is doing the work through us, rather than us doing the work ourselves. I can do a holistic reading and energy/light work session anywhere- because the source of my power IS everywhere. This same power that I, and many other spiritual guides, tap to do our work is available to everyone- all you have to do to call it forth is change your paradigm, see it, feel it, perceive it and accept it into your consciousness! This is a fundamental step in developing your intuitive gifts, and one that many people in the modern world struggle with. We try so hard to do a good job, be in control, be on top and be the leader that it can be very challenging to ‘let go and let God’. But this way of being is not only the way of truth- it is the way of peace… letting go means opening up to a limitless fountain of resources and blessings that will work to help you live in a more clear, spiritual, intentional, healthy and stress-free life!

To perceive and interact with the Divine all around you is to initiate yourself into your whole life becoming one big chain of omens. Portents of change and transformation manifest in simple ways- what was a random thing yesterday is the voice of the Divine today with your new way of seeing!

Take What’s Yours!

Although brief, I hope that this article inspires you to think and receive in a higher way about the presence of Divinity in your life and in your world. You are never alone, and never at the bottom of the hole. There is always a limitless field of resources, love, guidance and empowerment waiting for you to open up and receive it. The Divine is not forceful or manipulative… It gives what we ask for, and so we must simply ask and be grateful!

With Peace & Blessings In The Light Of Divine Presence…


Joshua Williams


A Meditation To Release & Receive

August 25, 2009

Sometimes life just gets too wound up, too confusing and too intense!

As issues arise, we get more and more bound up in the intensity and it becomes more and more difficult to find our way out. We know in our heart of hearts that a solution must exist- but we can’t escape the pain, confusion, fear, etc. we are in long enough to get the big picture!

I’d like to share an extremely simple yet powerful visualization meditation with you that facilitates recognizing the issue, releasing it to the Divine, opening up to have the problem solved, and gaining total relaxation and freedom from the issue so that you can get clear and get moving again!

The key to this practice is knowing that above all things- there is a Divine intelligence (however you define that is fine) that is capable of solving all problems, loving in infinite ways and blessing without limit. In this process, much like in illness, we will be handing our problem over to the ‘Divine Physician’ and allowing the issue to be handled by a professional 🙂 Just like when we get hurt or sick, we must surrender to the doctor and do what they say to get better because they have the knowledge to heal that we might not. We don’t lose sleep at night over the fact that we may not be able to perform surgery- because we know that there is someone very qualified and expert who can. In the same manner, we must work with that same level of trust for the Divine and hand our issues over so that they can be remedied perfectly.

So, Here is the simple meditation to really make this process effective…

  • Enter meditative space. Set time, quiet and intention to give yourself room to have a sacred experience. Music, candles, incense, special clothing, etc. can all be incorporated to help facilitate a deeper experience- do what works for you!
  • Relax, breathe, tap your inner stillness and calm

  • Begin the practice by simply feeling your body as a whole. Acknowledge the feelings and states of mind you are in and just let them exist
  • Now, try your best to state those issues in your own language. Talk about your fears, loneliness, lack, etc. as though you are trying to clearly state to another person how you feel.
  • Next, state the glories of the Divine- allow yourself to deeply connect to the power of the Divine to heal and guide. This helps dis-empower the negativity, get your faith grounded and get you ready to let go in fullness.

  • Now, simply create a ball of light in your minds eye. Physically cup your hands to hold it. This way, your body, mind, emotions and energy are all involved in the process making it truly holistic and effective.
  • Imagine sending (via images, words, feelings, etc.) all of your problems into the ball. See it glowing brighter and brighter as the waves of your issue literally leave your body and your being and enter the ball.
  • Continue doing this until you feel a sense of release, lightness, joy or warmth. Ensure that as much of your issue as you can work with has been moved into the ball.
  • Now, call forth the Divine and allow the ball to float, sink, disappear, etc. to the Divine realm. It is important to view this as an offering of love- your trust and surrender is what is actually being o0ffered- and that is what actually allows this process to work. Don’t think you are giving the Divine toxicity- know that you are offering the Divine your very self.
  • After release, spend a few moments opening up and bathing yourself in love- in any way that you choose to visualize, feel, sense, etc.
  • Before ending the session, ensure you tap your heart center and speak words and feeling of deep gratitude for the healing!

Just like when you send a letter in the mail- once you send it, you let it go and believe it will be received. Similarly, after this exercise, you must force yourself not to dwell on the issue. Know you have sent it to the professionals and they will now handle it for you. If fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. arises- simply dis-empower it by saying out  loud or silently inside “This issue has been handed over to an expert- it is no longer a source of worry”.

Letting go is hard to do- especially when most of us have been trained to control, micro-manage and force everything in our lives to get what we desire. The truth is, as you will realize in working with this practice and others like it, is that there is nothing wrong with asking for help… especially from the Cosmic who can do all things without breaking a sweat. The ability for us to tap the power and potency of our Divine source is natural and a birth-right. To deny the available guidance, healing and empowerment from the Source is to walk a very difficult path.

Why not embrace the love and blessings that are constantly and infinitely available you- and allow them openly to come forth in fullness?

Asking for help in this mindset is not an act of weakness- it is an offering of love.

With blessings of peace, release & open receiving all the love…

Joshua Williams


The Secrets Of Being Blessed ~ The Power Of Prayer Revealed

June 4, 2009

One of my great passions in my work is tapping into the Divine blessings that are available to all- and helping channel them into the lives of those I serve.

Blessings, like sunlight, is available to all, no matter what… it’s just that sometimes we stand in the shade.

I believe that every prayer which is in accord with our unique life journey and cosmic laws is fully answered- all the time. Being such a huge advocate of right prayer, I have often been asked “Why aren’t my prayers answered?”. That’s what I’d like to explore with you in today’s article.

Prayer is commonly defined as the act of supplicating the Divine for help, guidance, intercession or empowerment in some way applicable to the current life journey. Prayer can be formal, informal, ritualized or spontaneous as long as it’s from the heart. Some people have a close connection to the Divine manifestation they pray to, while others pray to a Divinity they don’t yet have a personal relationship with. Either way works as long as it’s heart-centered and true for you.

Teaching prayer tactics can be a little tricky. I believe that the Divine already knows what we need, what we desire and what we seek… so why bother with prayer?

The fundamental reason we do pray isn’t for the benefit or need of the Divine- but for our own need. Effective prayer is less about stating a need and more about opening up consciously to receive the solution to that need. In prayer, we connect consciously and actively to the Divine principle, and explore our heart center to the Divine force while letting go of the ego that normally prayer-blocks us.

What is prayer-blocking?

It’s more common than I’d like to admit! Prayer-blocking is the natural tendency of most humans to micro-manage and control their lives to the point that, on a subconscious level, they actually block Divine empowerment. Since the Divine allows for free agency/free will, if we say ‘no’, the Divine allows  for ‘no. Prayer-blocking is the #1 reason that prayers don’t get answered. If we pray from the heart, but still over-manage and stress about the situation to the point that our ego pins it down with our own fears and expectations- there is no room for the Divine to answer the prayer and elicit change.

How To Receive

There are several key steps to ensuring that prayer work will be received when it manifests:

  • Surrender. When you send a letter that has the proper postage, you don’t spend every waking minute stressing about whether it will arrive. Do we really have more faith in the postal system (as amazing as it is!) than we do the Divine? Once you’ve sent your prayer off- let it go. Release from it so that as blessings come forth you are not so wrapped up in the issue that you don’t receive guidance about the solution.
  • Expect Divine attention. When we have a proper perception about the omnipresence, omnipotence and absolute compassion of the Divine, there is no question about our prayers being received or not. Indeed, they are received long before we even verbalize them or realize the need ourselves. Remember, prayer obstacles don’t manifest from petitions not being heard by the Divine- but from answers not being heard by us! Tap into your innate faith in Divine compassion and attentiveness whenever any negativity or doubt arises. In just one intense prayer working you could re-train your thoughts, mind and vibrational patterns to reflect only Divinity!
  • Manifest in words. To help ensure you are keeping open and not pining down the outcome, try journaling every day to have an internal dialogue about the issue. Remind yourself in journal that the prayer has been sent, and try to identify any changes you see or feel that might be the sprouting seed of blessings manifesting on your path. Every few days read past entries.
  • Let go of ego-based expectations. When a problem arises, we naturally create an ideal way they can be solved. The problem is, that when we create this ‘outcome addiction’, we’re pretty much telling the Divine ‘it’s my way or the highway!’. With positive thinking, affirmations, declarations, law of attraction AND prayer- it’s important to use the right key- to expect and visualize perfection in your needs but NOT to define with a linear human mind how that perfection will manifest! If you ask for a healing, don’t limit the Divine to healing you only by the means you understand. Attach your expectation to the final perfected outcome and NOT to the process itself.
  • Get Divine, let Divine! Each day, remind yourself who you’re working with. Express both gratitude and adoration to the Divine for everything you know about It and the countless things you don’t. You (hopefully!) don’t wake up every morning freaking out that you aren’t a surgeon just in case you need some surgery. You rest well knowing that if you need a surgeon, mechanic, dentist, lawyer, psychic guide, etc. that there are people in the world who can handle that task with great precision. Similarly- don’t try to play the cosmic role, because the Divine is far better at it! Let the Divine do what It does best, and you focus on doing the best you can!

What If Nothing Happens?

Relax. If nothing happens- you’re as good as gold! When we pray properly and open to receive properly and still nothing happens, it’s simply because what we’re asking for is not in accord with personal/soul or cosmic/universal laws. When I perceive this is the reason for an unanswered prayer in coaching clients- it’s often a hard one to explain. Usually when a prayer is not answered it seems, at the time, to be the one and only thing we really want! We need that lover, that job, this cash, that healing. We trust the Divine to know what’s best but this just doe not make sense! We might be in serious pain or confusion and nothing happens- how is that mercy?

Here is one of those extremely tricky and super mysterious workings of the Divine that we have to try to wrap our linear brains around. What seems paramount now, will not a few steps down the road. What we feel we cannot live without might be killing us in a way we cannot perceive. What we truly desire might just be a quick fix to a deeper addiction or spiritual imbalance. Although we cannot always understand, like or see the reasons for unanswered prayers- there’s just one thing we have to do… never believe in unanswered prayers!

As I mentioned above, ALL PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED when offered and received properly. This means, that if you ask for something and it doesn’t come- you just can’t see how it comes. Countless times I have coached a client through the process of powerful prayer only to see nothing happen. One client asked only for a true, loving relationship… got nothing, three months later entered a meditation retreat and stayed as a facilitator… now she has a relationship par excellence with the Divine in ways neither one of us could have seen coming! This is a hard aspect of prayer to deal with- because we are all addicted to seeing and perceiving results in a tangible way. As much as I wish I had better foundation for this- the truth is when nothing happens it’s probably the biggest something that’s ever happened to us before..just coming in very quietly 😉

Plugging In

So, in all of this there is a simple step you can take to ensure spiritual integrity, proper prayer and excellent methods of receiving are in place. That is surrender.

Surrender in this case means letting the Divine do what it does best and having complete trust. Surrender does not mean doing nothing. It means letting go of finite concepts about how and when to act and giving control of guidance over to the Divine. We still have to do the footwork. If we just had to pray and the rest would get done for us- what would be the point of living at all?

Prayer is magic, healing, transformation, love, connection, ascension, enlightenment, wisdom and empowerment in ways we can never perceive fully. It is personal communion between the eternal and unique soul we are and the face of Divinity that shines just for us. Prayer is the realization that the Divine is big enough to have a unique and special relationship with each of us- and that no two people will have the same Divine experience. Prayer is stepping up and plugging in to the power grid of all power grids for life, love, progress and perfection!

Peace & Great Blessings on the path of prayer…

Joshua Williams