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Breath Of Life: Calm Power Through Natural Breathing

December 15, 2009

Breathing is the subtle sign of living power. Through breath, we receive all that is- and give all that we are. When our breathing is in harmony with natural rhythm, we find a deep sense of calm power which removes anxiety & stress, strengthens the body, clears the mind, purifies the energy within and enlivens our spirit. In this article, I’d like to explore with you some ideas about the power of natural breathing, and share with you some simple spiritual breathing techniques which will help you ascend to a higher level of being in calm power. Before beginning any intensive breathing training, it is important to consult with your medical provider.

“The wise seeker must safeguard his breath from heedlessness, coming in and going out, thereby keeping his heart always in the Divine Presence; and he must revive his breath with love and servitude and dispatch this love to the Divine, for every breath which is inhaled and exhaled with Presence is alive and connected with the Divine Presence. Every breath inhaled and exhaled with heedlessness is dead, disconnected from the Divine Presence.”

Adapted from a quote by Naqshbandi Sufi Master Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani

The Breath Of Life

Breathing is more than just the transferring of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is the subtle heartbeat of life itself- a metronome keeping us in cadence with they rhythm of living power all around us.

Inhalation brings in a rush of fresh oxygen which nourishes and empowers the cells, tissues, organs and functions of our physical body. It also brings in fresh life energy which helps rid toxicity and imbalance from our personal energy fields. In addition, proper inhalation creates spiritual connection to the world around us- sharing air with the world we live in.

Exhalation expels carbon dioxide and other unneeded materials from the body’s respiratory system. It also purges toxic energy and vibrational forms from the energy body. In additoin, exhalation places our signature on the wind and connects us in turn to all who share air with us.

In many traditions of meditation and spiritual practice, attaining a state of natural breathing is fundamental. To allow the body to regain it’s normal cycle of breathing in a proper way is to flood the body with living energy and ensure maximum energetic purity through exhalation. Yoga, Tai-Chi, Dhikr, Mantra Meditation, creative visualization and other forms of spiritual work all teach the importance of easy, natural, full breathing. Attaining this state of natural breathing is one of effortless receiving of the full power of life around us, while openly and without restraint ‘letting go’ as well.

Shallow breath, Shallow Being

Take a deep breath and notice which parts of your body move with the inhalation.

If you are like most people, your shoulders lifted or moved back a bit as you inhaled, your chest expanded and the position of your head may have moved slightly. These are symptoms of shallow breathing- meaning that the breath is being forced into the lungs by the muscles bear the lungs (shoulders, chest, neck, upper back, etc.). When we breathe in this manner, air-energy is filling the top portion of our lungs and is being ‘forced in’ to do so. This type of shallow breathing not only disconnects us from the full blessings of true breathing, it also mimics panic breathing and tricks the body into thinking that ‘fight or flight’ response is appropriate- thus causing general stress, anxiety, sensitivity and weakness.

Breathing Power

True, natural breathing is invigorating, empowering, and purifying. It creates a sense of well-being in the body and allows the chemicals of relaxation and strength to move through since the body feels it is at rest instead of in panic. Full breathing ensures fresh air and clean energy are able to move to every part of the system; removing toxins, bringing power, creating peace and strengthening all the while.

In Taoist meditation practices such as Tai-Chi, this state of natural breathing is often called ‘fetal breathing’, because it has the gentle, un-forced nature of a newborn child’s breathing rhythm. Throughout life, we learn to fear connection of others- and this effects our breathing. We get stressed, tired, hurt, and ill in different ways in our lives which trains the body to breathe in a protected defensive state. In no time at all this way of breathing becomes the norm, and a state of relaxed power becomes a distant memory for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Natural breathing takes some practice to learn, and some getting used to. We have often been breathing incorrectly for so long that breathing properly feels strange and even uncomfortable. With some patience, you’ll find the body quickly returns to its state of natural rhythm and you’ll begin seeing the effects very quickly as well.

In the image above, the action of the diaphragm is shown. The diaphragm is located towards the bottom of the rib cage, and its job is to bellow down to draw breath into the lungs. This is much like squeezing a turkey baster. When you release the bulb, the action of it expanding draws air into the tube- this is natural breathing. Notice how in this way breath is draw in, not forced in. This type of breathing also ensures that the full area of the lungs are involved in the process, allowing more oxygen and energy to have access to the bloodstream.

Here is my personal technique of practicing natural breathing. This is a practice- because you will need to consciously work this method whenever you remember, especially in times of stress, to train your body back into running this as its natural program. You can do this practice several times a day for 1-5 minutes, or whatever feels right for you. The more you practice, the more your body will remember and start using it when you aren’t even paying attention!

  • Ensure that you are physically comfortable, as best as possible, for all breathing practices. This helps place the body in a state of relaxation so the practice is easier.
  • Place one hand between the bottom of your rib cage and your navel, and another in the center of your chest- you’ll use these hands to feel if your chest is doing the work or if you are using the full power of your diaphragm. If you have been shallow breathing for a long time, as most of us have, you may experience some discomfort due to the diaphragm being out of shape. This passes very quickly with daily practice.

  • Start by making an intention within yourself to breath as nature intends. State gratitude for the intelligence and power of your body, and for the countless blessings of fresh air.
  • In active practice, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. As you go about your day, this will change as is needed by your body. Sometimes only one nostril will draw in air, sometimes both will. Sometimes the mouth will me more active and sometimes the nostrils. When you come to a state of attunement to natural breathing, you’ll be able to comfortably allow the body to do what’s best for it at any given time without thinking about it.
  • Inhalation: Imagine drawing breath in through the nose and down to your toes. Actively expand the belly like a bellows to draw the breath in. try to keep your chest from moving forcefully at all- the diaphragm can and should do all the work! The chest will expand slightly to accommodate the filled lungs- but not ‘flex’ or strain. The belly should turn into an ‘air gut’ as the inhalation peaks.
  • Hold the inhalation for a few seconds to get used to the movement of the diaphragm and the feeling of ‘being full’ with air. This may seem uncomfortable at first, but eventually will feel very relaxing and natural.
  • Exhalation: Making a small, relaxed oval shape with the lips, allow the breath to be exhaled by the flexing of the diaphragm. Again, the chest has no business doing this work- it will contract as the air leaves the lungs, but should not be actively flexing or pushing. The belly should feel as through it is tightening from within (the diaphragm muscle itself) and is gently pushing the air up and out.
  • Hold the lungs empty for a few moments to give them rest, then repeat.

You may experience some lightheaded sensations, extra heart-beats, discomfort, etc. for the first few cycles of breathing. If this happens, slow down and take breaks- allowing your body to resume its normal breathing habit.

The benefits Of Natural Breathing

Just a few of the benefits of using natural breathing, even when it is just a daily practice, include…

  • As the diaphragm moves with full power, the internal organs will be massaged by it. This helps empower the digestive system, helps remove toxins from the organs, strengthens the energy flow between all chakras and helps regulate fluids and chemicals within the blood! Super powerful!
  • The movement of the diaphragm, as envisioned by both Taoist and Vedic mystics, ‘fans the fire’ of the lower three chakras ensuring that life energy stays active and moving and does not become stagnant or impure. This leads to a greater sense of confidence, personal power, strength, stronger upper chakras and a general sense of calm power within the self.
  • Natural breathing practice creates deep connection to the Divine and to all life, thus opening us up to receive more blessings, guidance, personal empowerment and attunement in our lives.
  • Natural breathing increases the power of blood flow, detoxification, strength of organs and body systems, assimilation of nutrients from food, and much more!

Breathing With Purpose

Many ritual, meditative and spiritual techniques can be enhanced by specific breathing styles. Although this is a very brief introduction, those interested can use this information to begin deeper research into the possibilities.

Raising Power For Ritual Workings

Increase the speed of the breath over several cycles, using the mouth to both inhale and exhale. This moves the energy directly into the chakras of power, and helps create an altered state of consciousness.

Trance Induction For Journey work & Meditation

Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, slowly lower the rate of breathing as you relax more and more to a comfortable cadence. Focus the mind on the flow of air in and out, and allow the logical mind to float. Bringing your awareness back to the body after 5-10 cycles will connect you with a deeply altered state of consciousness and will also create a lubricated state for astral projection and deep journey workings.

Stopping Anxiety, Panic, Stress & Fear

Using the same practice we went over earlier, consciously move the breath in through the nose, into the belly, out through a slightly closed mouth. Allow the exhalation to take twice as long as the inhalation- which should also be slow and tempered. You may also choose to repeat relaxing words in cadence with the breath… In- Whatever Happens…. Out- I Am Okay…

Relieving Pain

Breathe in through the mouth and imagine the breath going to the place where the pain is. The within the mind’s eye that the breath in the form of light encompasses the pain in a bubble. gently and slowly exhale the bubble of pain. Do this several times, then begin simply breathing in healing, strengthening, empowering energy into the place of pain and exhaling any ‘bad energy’ from that spot. Words can be included here as well as you see fit. Make sure the exhalation is longer than the inhalation to place the body in a deep state of relaxation. Where there is peace, there cannot be pain!

Super Energy Charge

Using only the nose for inhalation and exhalation: close one nostril by pressing the outside of it with your finger. Inhale through the open nostril. Hold the breath for two seconds. Move your finger and close the opposite nostril, exhaling through the previously blocked nostril. Inhale through the same nostril. Move the finger to the opposite nostril, and begin the cycle again. In nostril A, out nostril B. In nostril B, Out nostril A. In nostril A, out nostril B, and so on. This creates a strong sense of calm power and high relaxed alertness within the mind and body.

Again, at the first sign of discomfort, allow your body to resume its normal breathing habit and take a break. If you have any questions about your personal ability to do breathing work, consult your medical doctor.

With all the blessings of the breath of life…

Joshua Williams


Hands Of Power : Being A Conduit Of Pure Cosmic Energy

August 3, 2009


This article is part two of my “Becoming a clear life energy channel” series. If you missed the first post which teaches you how to tap in to cosmic healing and magical energy and allow it to flow freely through your body like a wire, please CLICK HERE to read it first.

The Basics

In the last article, we learned how energy channeling works, how to sensitize so that we can feel the force of life within and around us, how to control the flow, use our will to call in energy flow, and how to truly own our ability to become a pure energy channel.

In this article, we’re simply going to focus on the hands.

In all forms of energy healing work the hands are of utmost importance. The chakras (energy centers) located in the palms of the hands are designed and attuned to intentionally flow energy from the body, or into the body. Think of the palms as energy floodgates that can be opened or closed at will!

Hands are natural conveyors and projectors of healing life energy! Consider this…

When you hurt yourself, what’s the first thing you do? Touch the spot that hurts!

When you want to connect with someone deeply? Hold hands!

Hands are the catalyst for spiritual energy entering the physical realm. Think of sages raising their hands in blessings.

Channeling Energy

As we discussed in the last article, we are all natural conduits of healing life energy, and we all the have the latent ability to learn to openly channel this energy and move it into people, places, things and ourselves for total empowerment. Using what you learned in the last article, begin working with these new techniques and you’ll soon be on your way to channeling healing energy with awareness, feeling, intention and effectiveness! The more you practice, the more powerful it becomes! The next two articles on this subject will take us even more deeply into the art.

  • Open yourself up, consciously and with intention, to the flow.
  • once the awareness of energy is with you, focus all of your attention on the palm of your hands- face them out and away from your body so that you can really connect with what they are doing.
  • Begin using visualization and will to pull energy in through the top of your head, pass it through your heart (translates ethereal to tangible), down your arms and out your hands. Really feel the energy blowing out from your palms. See it with your minds eye and feel it with the physical sensations it will manifest.
  • If you don’t feel anything- that’s okay! Keep practicing! I took me several weeks of 3-5 hours a day of energy meditation before I finally understood the language and could perceive it on every level without trying.

Practices To Empower

So, now you’re flowing energy, and even if you don’t feel it- it’s happening! Get behind that with your faith and it will only help train the part of your brain that forgot how to do this work faster.

Here are some simple, safe and very effective practices you can work with every day to train yourself up to being a great energy channel!

  • Focus all of your attention on your right palm. Really feel the energy flowing through you and out your palm. Them gently place it about 3-4 inches away from your left palm. Try to channel out with your right and feel the energy flowing in through the left. Turn yourself into a literal energy circuit! This practice helps free up blockages and helps attune you to the higher energetic frequencies.
  • Try calling out for pure love, pure healing and/or pure healing- feel a new force flow through your body and out your palms. Place your palms facing and about 3-4 inches away from your favorite house plant. Practice running the energy and feeling it absorb into the plant’s field. The key realization here is when to be done- eventually you’ll feel your energy flow start slowing down, or it may feel as though it’s not longer moving towards the plan from your palms. This means the field is charged and it’s time to end the session. Too much can be dangerous- stop when you intuitively feel it’s time to stop.

  • Try the same technique as above, except call in the pure cosmic force of (insert what you want here, abundance, love, healing, etc.). Now, channel the energy into an inanimate object like a favorite piece of jewelery, stone, etc. Charge it, see the energy surrounding the object and turning it into a vibrating powerhouse just for you! Now, you can carry this item with you as an energy talisman! As you advance over years of practice, you’ll be able to create these items for others in a way they will feel- and in a way that will seriously effect their lives and your own! True blessings!

Until next time- keep up the practice and get excited to tap all the spiritual powers that are your birthright!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams



Becoming A Clear Life Energy Channel

July 10, 2009

Many of us hear terms like ‘energy healing’, ‘light work’, ‘energy channel’ and so forth. We know that people who are fortunate enough to hold these blessings are able to direct pure life energy for healing, manifesting goals and personal empowerment. But how do people get this gift and what do they do to keep it?

In this article, we’ll explore some simple ideas to help you become a channel for Divine and cosmic energy in your own life. Some previous knowledge of energy, energy healing and energy channeling will be helpful in reading, understanding and working with the offerings of this article as we will not cover fundamental energy work basics- but get straight to personal channel opening.

If you’d like some fundamental exploration of Energy & Light Work, please check out this article: Exploring Energy Work by Josh Williams!

How Energy Channeling Works

Life energy is everywhere. It is the matrix and substratum of the entirety of the manifest reality. Because we are immersed in it and made of it- we have unrestricted access to it anytime we need it. As we know, the underlying source of many emotional, mental and physical issues is rooted in the energetic field before it manifests as a physical problem. We also understand that obstacles, reactions, progress and general life journey manifestations are empowered by this same life energy. So it goes without saying, that to tap this power for ones self is to live in better balance, harmony and spiritual progress! Step out of the common practice of blocking life energy! We do this by thinking we can run the show best as we micro-manage and obsess. Let go and let the All-Knowing flow through you in the form of life-affirming, conscious energy!

Because energy is all around us, channeling is really very simple. It requires only that we learn to be sensitive to the presence of life energy around us, sensitive to the flow of energy within our own field and then learn how to become a conduit for life energy to flow through us.

As we move forward with these basic techniques- think of yourself as a wire. The wire is not electric itself- it simply taps into the source of energy and channels it to the destination. You are NOT the do-er, magician or healer. You are a catalyst for this sacred work to take place. Keeping this in mind protects you from ego inflation AND taking on stuff from those you serve that you really don’t want to deal with 🙂

In energy channeling- we open our clean and harmonized personal flow up to act as a wire; channeling pure energy into the field or lives of those we serve- or into our own lives!

Feel The Limitless Force!

Step one in becoming a clear channel for life energy is simply to know it is there. What follows, again, are some basic exercises to help you experience the presence and uniquely subtle power of life energy. It matters not where or when you do these exercises as energy is omni-present.

  • Sitting comfortably- place open palms facing one another about 10″ in front of your body and keep them about a foot apart. In rhythm with deep, methodical breathing, begin moving them towards and away from each other by about 1″. Imagine a ball of light beginning to glow between them. Every few minutes, bring them even close and repeat the 1″ wave. As they come closer together, see the ball in your minds eye as becoming denser, brighter and as having a vibrating quality. Once your ball is about the size of a softball- visualize yourself in the ball enjoying something you’d like in your life (abundance, healing, joy, love, etc.) and toss the ball up into the cosmos!
  • Place your left hand on the ground or in the air while sitting. Place your right palm gently (almost no pressure) against the space between your navel and your sternum. Focus 100% of your attention on the palm of your right hand. See it in your minds eye, feel it, connect with it… focus on nothing but the right palm. You may feel a buzz or subtle vibration begin. Increase the intensity by seeing pure light/energy flowing in from the universe through your left palm down your left arm, through your heart center and out your right palm. This is a mild version of channeling energy!
  • Place both palms on your body- anywhere you like. Now, try to focus on both palms at the same time. See an invisible cord of energy running under the skin connecting each palm. Run this ‘jumper cable’ until you feel the energetic flow moving through it

For more great exercises, there are tons of great websites online showing some cool techniques. I also like showing those I teach Qi-Gong videos on for some simple practices to feel the vibe!

Feel The Force Within!

After spending some time practicing the techniques above, you’ll soon learn for yourself the unique and amazing sensation of life energy, and will likely begin to feel it throughout the day as you attune to it’s presence. Practice makes perfect!

Once you are comfortable with the feel of energy both from its physical manifestations and its intuitive manifestations, its time to start exploring the flow of energy within yourself.

There is one technique I find most beneficial in teaching this method because it is safe, non-aggressive and simply works to move energy around in a way that lets you experience it.

  • Working with the two palms on the body technique as described above, imagine pulling energy from your body with your left palm… feel it flow up the left arm, across the heart center, down the right arm and out the right palm. Try this in several places. You will have success when you not only feel the vibration in your hand- but also in your body in the area of each hand. For help in getting the flow started, use the thumb of one hand to massage and ‘pump’ the palm of the other
  • As a slightly more advanced and intuitive-based technique, try this without making physical contact. Keep your palms about 3″ away from the body and try to first ‘sense’ the energy of your field, then connect to it, then channel and move it around
  • Try this same ‘sensing and moving’ technique with pets, houseplants and willing humans!

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Now that you have some basic understanding and experience with energy work, I’d like to encourage you to explore it more in ways that are comfortable for you. At this end of this article I’ll suggest a few books that might be great tools for you- but in the meantime, try some of these exercises:

  • With a willing human partner, preferably someone you are involved in a love-based relationship with, practice creating a ball and handing it back and forth. Then, allow one of the participants to absorb the ball into their navel region. Do it again and let the other person have a turn!
  • If you feel pain, try placing the left palm over the painful area and aiming the right palm at the ground. Draw out the perceived toxic vibrations and see them ground into the earth
  • If you feel tired, spend a few moments consciously bringing in life energy through deep, slow breaths. See it coming in with your mind’s eye, and see fatigue and spent energy leaving with your exhalation
  • To tap deeper into your personal energy flow signature, grab an inanimate object like a rock, piece of cloth or favorite pen. Holding it between both palms, imagine ‘singing’ it with your personal energy by channeling it through the object. Leave it until the next day, come back and try to ‘sense’ the new vibration of the object. This will help you learn how your personal energy work style feels!
  • Practice with infusing items with your personal energy AND with infusing them with general cosmic energy. Try to learn the difference and perceive what your energy signature feels like.

Turning Off The Tap

Sometimes, energy flow started is hard to stop! It’s our nature to process energy- but until we become advanced att his work it’s a good idea to stop the working-based flow once we’ve finished our exploration. Here are a few techniques to calm the flow and get grounded:

  • Hold both palms facing outward while feeling and intuitively sensing the flow slowing, then stopping. Clap your hands three times to seal your field and cut off from any non-grounded energies that may have been created
  • Wash your hands under cool water to slow down the flow of energy- cool is constricting, hot is expanding
  • Create loose and loving fists to hold the energy in and slowly pull it back into your own system and away from the external flow
  • Place your palms on the bare earth (soil, grass, stone, etc.) and feel all excess energy being drained off by the earth while the flow from your hands slowly closes
  • Rub sea salt, baking soda or epsom salts between your palms to stop the flow and get grounded. Toss the salt from your palms onto the bare earth, down a toilet or down a drain

Own It!

Like all things spiritual- your experience and abilities with energy and light work will be unique and personal. I write this article to offer you cosmic permission to begin safely and slowly exploring this work and learning what it is for you. Don’t be afraid to experience the deeper flow of life! Most energy work techniques will not harm or hurt you unless carried out by someone who knows how to do that. Most of what you can do by yourself intuitively will be perfectly safe and at worst will just require one or two of the grounding exercises mentioned above. Feel free and confident to tap into this wonderful blessing and add it to your toolbox of spiritual blessings received!

Wishing you the very best in Life Energy and Life Journey!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams




The Healing Power Of Illness

May 29, 2009

Getting sick is the worst!

Allergies, Flu, Cold, Headaches, Nausea… Can there be any good in it?

You bet!

There are many subtle and not-so-subtle reasons why we get sick. Because nothing happens by chance and there’s a cosmic reason for everything- the hidden power of illness can be tapped when it strikes. This tapping of power not only brings faster healing (because you are resolving the issue that’s made illness necessary for you in the first place), you can also learn a ton about your own body, your own energetic state and the universe at large.

As always, what I present to you regarding health and healing is a spiritual compliment to your seeking professional medical guidance. This information does not replace or override the directions you receive from your medical care provider.

۞ Why the @$*% did I get sick? ۞

Illness strikes for a myriad reasons- and your specific situation requires guidance from a spiritual guide to define it exactly. Some of the most common reasons that illness hits are:
* Warning sign of physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance
* Emotional issue being neglected that has torn down defenses and allowed illness to manifest (Check out “Feeling Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol K. Truman)
* Psychic attack… “evil eye”, more common than you think!
* Cleansing and purification of the soul
* Spiritual debt

Again, that list is by far not exhaustive- but those are the most common reasons I see, especially the second. Emotional issues that do not get handled and thoroughly dealt with get put away to fester and rot- eventually manifesting on the physical level as immune breakdown and psychic-magnetic attraction of like toxicity.

۞ How Can I Get Past This On Every Level? ۞

Good, no, GREAT question!
Healing a physical manifestation of illness is only a band-aid cover up. If you seem to get recurring illness, this is even more true.

Dis-ease is only a physical manifestation of a more subtle imbalance. Long before you experienced symptoms on the physical plane- a subtle balance in energy, emotions, thoughts, toxic beliefs, etc. existed. After time, these subtle issues get more and more heavy until they finally hit hard in the material form. So, going to the root of the tree and dealing with the subtle issue is the real path of healing. I always suggest working with a qualified and experienced energetic healing channel when dis-ease of any nature strikes (colds to cancer), but there is also a very powerful technique you can work on yourself. I have never taught this technique openly before- so I hope it is received well and works in a typed-out medium 🙂

۞ Illness Wisdom Technique by Josh Williams ۞

As always, let’s begin this practice by establishing quiet, safe and comfortable space free of distractions.

* Begin by really opening up and tuning into your body, Feel the parts of you that don’t feel good, and any that do. Take total inventory from your toes to your crown- check in piece by piece with every section of your body.
* Now, in whatever way feels right for you- call forth the illness to manifest in a tangible way. This will either be a) imagining seeing it sitting across from you b) seeing it inside you or c) feeling without seeing either a or b. Allow it to manifest however it does- black cloud, monster, ex-lover, etc. Don’t judge! Whatever pops in once you consciously call it forth to manifest is what it needs to be- and there is great wisdom in how it manifests!
* Here’s the powerful part. Now that you have it there with you in a manifest way- start talking to it. Ask it why it’s there, what it’s teaching you, where it came from, how to get rid of it, etc. Again, no judgment and no logic- allow whatever response pops in to be.
* Continue this little chat until you feel that all questions have been answered and you have established a connection to the deepest part of the illness.
* Now, and this is very important, before you back out of the meditation… THANK THE DIVINE FOR THE ILLNESS! Express your gratitude not directly to the illness (as that would empower it), but to the Divine for providing you this healing opportunity. Pray with the illness next to you- not to it. Once gratitude has been expressed, say directly to the illness that you are now aware of what needs to be done to heal yourself, and so you gratefully and respectfully release it to the Divine and CHOOSE not to need it any longer to learn whatever lessons it’s showing you.
* You may want to end this meditation with either a cord cutting, energy protection rite, a cleansing bath, or all three- whatever feels right for you.

* Again, use common sense and a medial professional’s guidance before you execute any healing techniques received in your meditation!

Our job as souls having a human experience is to tap all the lessons and experiences that we need to become whole. Each of us is on a unique and individual path that leads us to the places we need to be in order to realize wholeness and Divine prowess. I always teach that spirituality is not a give-in, it is something we must take full personal accountability for! This meditation connects you to your own power of being co-pilot of your life- and it can be applied to many other areas of your journey than just illness.


Subtle healing, energy healing, light work and so forth are the truth of absolving us of imbalance on every level- and not just covering the true issues up. Taking accountability for your spiritual path and your total health will mean confronting some things that you’d rather just leave buried, but it also means offering all that baggage to the Divine who will enlighten it into a blessing and remove the curse that it is. Try not to get caught up in seeing yourself as a segregated being- with emotions, body, thoughts, beliefs, fears, likes, etc., but rather connect to these things all being different masks your soul is wearing. They are all singular expressions of something bright and beautiful- YOU!!

May these words carry the vibration of soul-deep healing, Divine blessing and attunement to the light way of being for you and for all you encounter.

۞ Peace & Great Blessings…

Joshua Williams