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Josh's 'Energy Magic' Style Explored

October 19, 2009

Most of us are familiar with the idea of Magic. Using spiritual and/or ritual techniques to increase the potential of manifesting our will in reality. Magic, by common understanding and practice, uses ritual implements like candles, herbs, symbols, actions and words of power to effect change in consensus reality. These actions can be used to create transformation, change, bring healing, remove negativity, attract desired goals and repel undesired manifestations. Most every culture in the world has some form of folk, mystic or ritual magic they use, and in many circles, ancient styles are being brought back via re-constructionist spiritual movements (Wicca, East Anglian, Enochian, Ceremonial, Neo-Shamanism, etc.). As an answer to receiving many questions from clients and blog readers about how my style of Energy Magic differs and resonates with the traditional notion of magic and the how’s and why’s of its effectiveness, I’d like to share this article with you.

Energy Magic

As mentioned above, magic is the process of increasing the power of manifestation of ones personal will using ritual or active principles. Magic, like prayer, works with subtle energies; calling them forth and directing them to help effect a person or situation. With common magic, ritual items like candles, herbs, string, mirrors, etc. are used as physical symbols for the underlying energy they represent. The art of ‘contagion magic’ posits that changes or direction of empowered items on one level will affect who or what they represent on the same level. This is why the use of poppits, dolls and personal effects are so powerful- by doing to one thing, a similar change is created in the source or resonance of that thing.

Buzzing behind ritual magic is an infinite spectrum of energy patterns and vibrations. In its essence, energy, the stuff of life, is neutral. It emanates from Source as the all-pervading presence of power. Like water, energy takes on the attributes of that which holds it. If you place water in a green glass, the water takes on the qualities of green. Similarly, if you call forth energy into an empowered and intentional form, it will begin resonating at that level and ‘become’ a powerhouse of that ideal if done properly.

In my style of Energy Magic, I work backwards from traditional/common magic. I go directly to Source and follow this basic guideline:

  • Call forth, from Source, the needed resonances, vibratory patterns and energy workings needed by the individual(s) I am serving.
  • Receive the answers in the form of concrete symbolism (i.e. cleansing, rose energy, grounding, fertility, etc.) These symbols come to me in a language that is all my own- and in turn would come to another person in their own internal language.
  • Once I receive the guidance of how to help, I begin creating vibrational and energetic templates in spiritual space. This process involves entering a deep but controlled trance state.
  • Once the templates, vibratory forces and energetic forms are created, I meet with the person(s) I am serving on an energetic ‘time and space irrelevant’ level. At this point, a very gentle merging of the forms to the individual takes place. Where situations occur that I am working with two individuals (typically in love and romance workings), similar work takes place with a focus on empowering the spirit between them and charging it with the healing and templates.
  • This work is checked, usually daily or several times a day, until I perceive it has set and is now owned by the person.

In summary, and to help clarify some of the more abstract spiritual aspects of this work…

What you desire is created in the form of energy vibration on a superior spiritual level of existence. It is then moved into our plane of existence, linked or bound to you, and allowed to unfold. As this process happens, the energy placed within you wants to call resonant energy to it, and at the same time it works to shake loose any beliefs, emotions, feelings or blockages that are opposed to it. The whole process gently leads you to openly receiving the blessings that are already there, helps to remove obstacles and blockages, helps you resonate with the goals you desire to manifest, and helps create overall balance and cosmic flow.

Where one person may light candles of specific colors at certain times of the day, I will go to the spiritual source of what empowers the color, the flame and the spoken words and channel that directly into the paradigm of the person I am serving. They are both roads leading to the same end, though I believe working strictly with energy tends to create quicker change and requires less time for me to do the working. In many cases, I can do a 10-20 minute working for a client right after speaking with them so that before my energy even leaves their field, the next wave of magic is coming in.

The Secret Of Energy Magic

The secret of energy magic is love. That is to say, anything we want is already given to us. The process of manifesting our will really relies simply on attuning to that will and removing any internal or external blockages that prevent it from manifesting naturally. In most cases of a clearly and heart-centered operating person, the action they wish to manifest is desired by them because it is right for them. The reason for it not showing up is not a case of them not deserving it, or needing to manipulate to get it- it’s a case of them carrying internal blockages in the form of belief, history, karma, fear, toxicity, external influence, spiritual poisoning, etc. that prevents it from manifesting in a spontaneous and natural way.

The goal of the work I do is simply to remove blockages, attune the person I am serving to the highest goal, and open them up to receive the full power of the blessing-cosmos all around them. You can see how my work, although active in practice, is passive in effect. I don’t do any work without Source granting permission and know from a far distance if the request given to me is in accord with Divine law or not.

Creating more intentional magic in your life is simply a matter of clearly identifying what you want, then meditating on that desire to see what comes up within you that ‘ doesn’t believe in the goal or fears it. Then, one by one those issues are worked out until you are a vessel meant to hold your desire.

You truly can have whatever you desire- as long as it is the whole of you that desires it, and not just one part of you!

The Process

For me, energy magic, energy healing and energy workings are not something to be taken lightly. I am often asked why I do not charge my clients for these services, and the answer is simple. I am not the creator of the energy, the bestower of blessings or the maestro of the cosmos. I am simply a channel with intent, and nothing more. Charging for that work would be like me charging for the work another man does. It makes no sense. In the history of people who walk the path I do, we have always been called forth to be a present, available and active participant in the lives of those who receive our services. I wish only to maintain that current and do whatever I can to help create a more joyous, peaceful and balanced life for all so that we can toss off the fetters and focus on growth and spiritual progress.

I should note that I do require a live session for both connection and understanding of the works’ goal before I do the work. There is no expectation of call length or money spent in this regard, although a sufficient length of time to cover all topics and help compensate me for my time, energy and presence is always greatly appreciated.

How Can Energy Magic Work For You?

The best way to know is always to ask! Your session with me provides you with a detailed, quick and accurate connection to psychic and spiritual guidance- and the effectiveness and potential of energy magic for your situation can also be discussed. Some situations require only a blessing and some personal work on your end. Others require only some energy work on my end. Some require a bit of both in varying degrees. If you are willing, ready and excited to play an active and accountable role in the manifestation of your goals and the realization of total health, joy and spiritual balance- then we will work great together as a team!

I look forward to serving you and your unique life journey with the limitless tools of Source and Heart…

Joshua Williams


The Healing Potential Of Breaking Up

September 9, 2009

Greetings All!

I have been working on the following information for some time, and I hope that many of you find it useful. In times of ending a relationship, we often create suffering in a situation that has the potential to offer us huge healing and empowerment. In this article, ‘break up’ refers to any relationship that ends for any reason. This information can be applied to any relationship (committed, lovers, friends, etc.) and should be pretty easy to modify as needed to fit your specific situation.

The Spirit Of Breaking Up

As humans, we are naturally hard-wired to be social creatures. We rely heavily on the association of other like-minded people to inspire, heal, support, enjoy and experience. Our relationships with one another can manifest in literally millions of ways- and the truth is that no two are alike. You are unique in all the world, as is the person you connect with. Therefore, you create a unique relationship that cannot be duplicated by any others. When we surrender completely to a relationship, we are in a state of total ‘open-ness’ to the other person. We eagerly show them our weakness, strength, fear, power and potential because we know that they can help us ‘heal and reveal’ with their love.

Breaking up is the act of ending or severing a connection like the ones mentioned above- and like the initial relationship itself, no two break-up’s are alike, and they are always intense!

Spiritually, a relationship of any caliber creates subtle cords of vibrating energy between us. As we relax into trusting one another, these cords root and deeper and deeper levels of our being (energetic/spiritual) and grow stronger and brighter. The cords created in a relationship act to deepen the spiritual potency of our relationship while opening each of us up to the ‘metaphysical’ or ‘soul’ aspects of one another. They effect the state of our emotions, physical action, thoughts, fears, desires and overall relationship health.

In a break up, often times the physical presence of the other person is removed, while the cords still stay in tact. This creates a huge amount of additional suffering that can easily be handled. Think of it this way- the source of the rooting is gone while the roots stay in tact. This is quite like pulling a tree, removing it from all soil and expecting it to thrive.

Advanced Cord Cutting Theory

One of the first steps in a break up I use when coaching clients is to actively remove the cords. This is NOT a destruction of memory or potential for a reconnection in the future. Cords are dynamic and energy-based, which means they are not limited to the same laws we are used to. Removing a cord effects only your paradigm and not the actual existence of the energetic connection. Cords vibrate on a high frequency (soul plane) and exist in the paradigm of the soul as part of it’s current life experience- even after the energetic forms of the cords have been removed.

When it comes to curd cutting work- you have to WANT to release, and more importantly, you have to be prepared to do so. Look through the hurt and the pain, know you deserve more and bless the other person to find what it is they are looking for in fullness- even if it’s not with you. Easier said than done, I know, but the process of working yourself into this head space will be a huge impact on your healing in general.

You can explore the actual technique of cord cutting by CLICKING HERE.

Healing Through Breaking

Here are a few spiritual ideas to contemplate during this difficult time. Some of them may seem candid or even callous, but if you want to get bigger and make the best out of this situation- there’s no sense in coating it with sugar!

  • If your relationship is over, it is supposed to be. Take time to surrender to the universal intelligence and try to relax into the idea that there may be a reason for what just happened far beyond the reach of your brain. Remember, we’re limited linear brains in a universe of infinite, dynamic possibility..l. don’t block yourself from what could be!
  • You are a valuable, worthy and beautiful person. Nature does not support pointless pursuits. If you were not supposed to be here, you would not be. The fact that you are here right now means that there is more in store for you.
  • Although the relationship you just came out of may have been heavenly- it may not be the ONE. You may have just experienced an initiation into a higher state of expectation and your ‘bar’ may have just risen a few notches. Now that you know what CAN happen, the universe is aligning for you what WILL! The relationship may have ended, but you did not- and now your heart is ready for the next level, so expect it and openly receive it!
  • Take time to consider what you may have learned about yourself in this relationship. Are you more than you thought you were? Now that you’ve just had this experience, what would the next one look like if you could plan it out?
  • Guilt is poison. If you messed up- acknowledge your mistakes, make a plan to heal and ACT ON IT… then let go. If you feel the need to apologize for behaviors in the relationship you are not happy with, do it in a way that is both passive and receptive. YOU forgiving yourself is what’s important here. As long as you apologize to the other person- it’s no longer your business if they accept it or not. GIVING an apology is just that. You give it to them, and what they choose to do with it is theirs alone.
  • Contemplate and/or list the aspects of the relationship that were most pleasing to you. This helps you get clear about what does work for you and helps the universe back up your desires with results. If you aren’t clear about what you want- no one else will be.
  • Spend time with people who can remind you of how awesome you are! Right now, you need to tap back into your personal value, power and abilities so that your own being does not disintegrate like the relationship did. You must go on- and chances are the next round is going to make this one look like training and nothing more.
  • Realize that you are not your relationships. You are part and parcel to them- but they are not your identity. A little healthy separation can be a good thing as long as it doesn’t turn to burying feelings and deflecting needed accountability.
  • Try to spend time blessing the other person daily. Wish the best for them, however that may come forth. Don’t call the shots- simply send them love and congratulations so that whatever it is they are looking for they will have. The more you give, the more you receive 😉

In closing, There is no simple way to experience loss. The point of loss IS that you experience it in it’s fullness, otherwise it would not happen. It’s your choice to suffer wrong or suffer right! Using this opportunity to learn more about you, your desires, your needs and your value will deliver you to realizations of great depth. Remembering to look into the mirror and self-heal in times of distress turns you into a powerful person who is at the center of your own universe!

On the path of centered love, open sharing, soul-deep growing and being in fullness…

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


A Meditation To Release & Receive

August 25, 2009

Sometimes life just gets too wound up, too confusing and too intense!

As issues arise, we get more and more bound up in the intensity and it becomes more and more difficult to find our way out. We know in our heart of hearts that a solution must exist- but we can’t escape the pain, confusion, fear, etc. we are in long enough to get the big picture!

I’d like to share an extremely simple yet powerful visualization meditation with you that facilitates recognizing the issue, releasing it to the Divine, opening up to have the problem solved, and gaining total relaxation and freedom from the issue so that you can get clear and get moving again!

The key to this practice is knowing that above all things- there is a Divine intelligence (however you define that is fine) that is capable of solving all problems, loving in infinite ways and blessing without limit. In this process, much like in illness, we will be handing our problem over to the ‘Divine Physician’ and allowing the issue to be handled by a professional 🙂 Just like when we get hurt or sick, we must surrender to the doctor and do what they say to get better because they have the knowledge to heal that we might not. We don’t lose sleep at night over the fact that we may not be able to perform surgery- because we know that there is someone very qualified and expert who can. In the same manner, we must work with that same level of trust for the Divine and hand our issues over so that they can be remedied perfectly.

So, Here is the simple meditation to really make this process effective…

  • Enter meditative space. Set time, quiet and intention to give yourself room to have a sacred experience. Music, candles, incense, special clothing, etc. can all be incorporated to help facilitate a deeper experience- do what works for you!
  • Relax, breathe, tap your inner stillness and calm

  • Begin the practice by simply feeling your body as a whole. Acknowledge the feelings and states of mind you are in and just let them exist
  • Now, try your best to state those issues in your own language. Talk about your fears, loneliness, lack, etc. as though you are trying to clearly state to another person how you feel.
  • Next, state the glories of the Divine- allow yourself to deeply connect to the power of the Divine to heal and guide. This helps dis-empower the negativity, get your faith grounded and get you ready to let go in fullness.

  • Now, simply create a ball of light in your minds eye. Physically cup your hands to hold it. This way, your body, mind, emotions and energy are all involved in the process making it truly holistic and effective.
  • Imagine sending (via images, words, feelings, etc.) all of your problems into the ball. See it glowing brighter and brighter as the waves of your issue literally leave your body and your being and enter the ball.
  • Continue doing this until you feel a sense of release, lightness, joy or warmth. Ensure that as much of your issue as you can work with has been moved into the ball.
  • Now, call forth the Divine and allow the ball to float, sink, disappear, etc. to the Divine realm. It is important to view this as an offering of love- your trust and surrender is what is actually being o0ffered- and that is what actually allows this process to work. Don’t think you are giving the Divine toxicity- know that you are offering the Divine your very self.
  • After release, spend a few moments opening up and bathing yourself in love- in any way that you choose to visualize, feel, sense, etc.
  • Before ending the session, ensure you tap your heart center and speak words and feeling of deep gratitude for the healing!

Just like when you send a letter in the mail- once you send it, you let it go and believe it will be received. Similarly, after this exercise, you must force yourself not to dwell on the issue. Know you have sent it to the professionals and they will now handle it for you. If fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. arises- simply dis-empower it by saying out  loud or silently inside “This issue has been handed over to an expert- it is no longer a source of worry”.

Letting go is hard to do- especially when most of us have been trained to control, micro-manage and force everything in our lives to get what we desire. The truth is, as you will realize in working with this practice and others like it, is that there is nothing wrong with asking for help… especially from the Cosmic who can do all things without breaking a sweat. The ability for us to tap the power and potency of our Divine source is natural and a birth-right. To deny the available guidance, healing and empowerment from the Source is to walk a very difficult path.

Why not embrace the love and blessings that are constantly and infinitely available you- and allow them openly to come forth in fullness?

Asking for help in this mindset is not an act of weakness- it is an offering of love.

With blessings of peace, release & open receiving all the love…

Joshua Williams


What Are You Worth? Another Abundance Secret Revealed!

July 27, 2009

In the next few articles I post, I’d like to share with you some profound secrets relating to your abundance and right to prosperity. My goal, as those of you who are served by me professionally know, is to help you achieve realization of 100% of your personal power and ability- this is just another simple way to truly tap into that power and step into the progressive abundance that is your destiny!

Personal Value

It’s hard for many of us to ascribe value and worth to ourselves. The way we’ve been raised teaches us that we’re worth whatever ‘the people on top’ choose to pay us. We are trained employees with no ability to be our own boss- in finances, health, emotions, spiritual power, and many other aspects of life! One of the hardest things I coach my clients through is the process of truly realizing personal value and getting in touch with it on every level.

Knowing personal value is not the same as putting a literal dollar-sign price tag on your soul! Value, like energy, is infinite- and is a symbol for something beyond dollar figures. But teaching infinity doesn’t really work with our linear logical minds 🙂 The way that we can approach infinite personal value is to work with acknowledging our talents and being grateful for our abilities to help us unfold into the holistic realization of our total infinite value. Those of us who are actively participating in  the abundance path will find this aspect of training both always in our face and the hardest thing we have to reconcile.

Keep in mind as we progress- that the universe, and even more importantly, your own ego, will only ALLOW you to make as much money, friends, health, etc. as you believe you deserve. This is not something that you can ‘fake til you make’. It has to be real, sincere and honest.

Personal value has to be defined so that the cosmos around us has an entry point. Do you think that any celebrity out there would settle for even 20% less than what they make now? No way! Why? Because they know their value- and know what they’re worth… they won’t settle for less. In fact, the big movers in the financial world set their personal value as the bare minimum with expectations to raise the bar all the time!

Knowing your personal value is the first step to true financial and life abundance. If you can’t define your value or don’t have a good connection to what you and the things you do are worth- there’s likely a deep imbalance. The trick to KNOWING your value and constantly increasing it is this…

You must always, always, always be striving 100% to become more valuable- all the time… to the entire universe!

This means accepting joyfully that you are never the master of your craft and there is no time for sabbatical (goodbye, boredom!). The biggest people in the financial world will tell you that they are always reading, studying, learning and experimenting countless new techniques and ideas to make themselves more valuable. They know the real secret- work done to truly help others blows open the doors to abundance and seriously cuts out all the annoying obstacles. We must keep learning and keep increasing our value by adding to your toolbox so that we have more resources, more talent, more ability and more unique combination of energy to offer more people. The more we know- the more we’re able to serve.

The more we’re able to serve, the more we’ll attract people who value our service. The more people we attract- the more connections to abundance, joy, energy, healing and bliss we experience! Sweet!

Hitting this secret home and turning it into self value is pretty simple…

As we put energy into becoming more- we realize we ARE more. As our resume of intentional journeys into getting bigger and brighter expands, we have a deep sense of realistic and heart-centered pride in what we have accomplished and start to project that to the world. We know that we work hard, have great talents, understand the tools we work with and are more concerned with being an asset to the world than to filling our bank accounts. These things mix together to create a dynamic state of power that attracts positive, abundant experiences into our lives like a magnet!


Let’s look at this in bullet-point style so we really let it sink in…

  • Your innate beliefs of personal value defines your ability to experience abundance in money, love, health, energy, etc.
  • If you are not constantly growing and becoming brighter, your innate sense of self worth will drop like the stocks on a bad day
  • The more resources you have in your toolbox to serve more people in more effective ways- the more magnetic and valuable you become on all levels
  • Serving the world instead of serving yourself disarms fear and connects you to the true limitless stream of abundance
  • When you concern yourself with getting bigger so that others can get bigger by your example- the universe backs you up 100%
  • You can’t fake a sense of self worth. It has to be real, realized and internal on all levels. Once it is, you’ve working with limitless magic!

You are worth receiving limitless love and abundance. Realize that you are an integral, irreplaceable and essential part of the cosmos who was put here because you have the potential to fulfill a duty that NO OTHER BEING CAN. The Divine is not with imperfections… Each of us has a special self that makes our presence needed, valued and supported every second of every day- even when we’re at our worst. This simply means that you count, you matter and you deserve! Step up, no, JUMP UP into the cycle of abundance- give, receive, become and pass it forward and you’ll experience joy unlimited!

With all the power, beauty, potential and love that WE ARE!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Becoming A Clear Life Energy Channel

July 10, 2009

Many of us hear terms like ‘energy healing’, ‘light work’, ‘energy channel’ and so forth. We know that people who are fortunate enough to hold these blessings are able to direct pure life energy for healing, manifesting goals and personal empowerment. But how do people get this gift and what do they do to keep it?

In this article, we’ll explore some simple ideas to help you become a channel for Divine and cosmic energy in your own life. Some previous knowledge of energy, energy healing and energy channeling will be helpful in reading, understanding and working with the offerings of this article as we will not cover fundamental energy work basics- but get straight to personal channel opening.

If you’d like some fundamental exploration of Energy & Light Work, please check out this article: Exploring Energy Work by Josh Williams!

How Energy Channeling Works

Life energy is everywhere. It is the matrix and substratum of the entirety of the manifest reality. Because we are immersed in it and made of it- we have unrestricted access to it anytime we need it. As we know, the underlying source of many emotional, mental and physical issues is rooted in the energetic field before it manifests as a physical problem. We also understand that obstacles, reactions, progress and general life journey manifestations are empowered by this same life energy. So it goes without saying, that to tap this power for ones self is to live in better balance, harmony and spiritual progress! Step out of the common practice of blocking life energy! We do this by thinking we can run the show best as we micro-manage and obsess. Let go and let the All-Knowing flow through you in the form of life-affirming, conscious energy!

Because energy is all around us, channeling is really very simple. It requires only that we learn to be sensitive to the presence of life energy around us, sensitive to the flow of energy within our own field and then learn how to become a conduit for life energy to flow through us.

As we move forward with these basic techniques- think of yourself as a wire. The wire is not electric itself- it simply taps into the source of energy and channels it to the destination. You are NOT the do-er, magician or healer. You are a catalyst for this sacred work to take place. Keeping this in mind protects you from ego inflation AND taking on stuff from those you serve that you really don’t want to deal with 🙂

In energy channeling- we open our clean and harmonized personal flow up to act as a wire; channeling pure energy into the field or lives of those we serve- or into our own lives!

Feel The Limitless Force!

Step one in becoming a clear channel for life energy is simply to know it is there. What follows, again, are some basic exercises to help you experience the presence and uniquely subtle power of life energy. It matters not where or when you do these exercises as energy is omni-present.

  • Sitting comfortably- place open palms facing one another about 10″ in front of your body and keep them about a foot apart. In rhythm with deep, methodical breathing, begin moving them towards and away from each other by about 1″. Imagine a ball of light beginning to glow between them. Every few minutes, bring them even close and repeat the 1″ wave. As they come closer together, see the ball in your minds eye as becoming denser, brighter and as having a vibrating quality. Once your ball is about the size of a softball- visualize yourself in the ball enjoying something you’d like in your life (abundance, healing, joy, love, etc.) and toss the ball up into the cosmos!
  • Place your left hand on the ground or in the air while sitting. Place your right palm gently (almost no pressure) against the space between your navel and your sternum. Focus 100% of your attention on the palm of your right hand. See it in your minds eye, feel it, connect with it… focus on nothing but the right palm. You may feel a buzz or subtle vibration begin. Increase the intensity by seeing pure light/energy flowing in from the universe through your left palm down your left arm, through your heart center and out your right palm. This is a mild version of channeling energy!
  • Place both palms on your body- anywhere you like. Now, try to focus on both palms at the same time. See an invisible cord of energy running under the skin connecting each palm. Run this ‘jumper cable’ until you feel the energetic flow moving through it

For more great exercises, there are tons of great websites online showing some cool techniques. I also like showing those I teach Qi-Gong videos on for some simple practices to feel the vibe!

Feel The Force Within!

After spending some time practicing the techniques above, you’ll soon learn for yourself the unique and amazing sensation of life energy, and will likely begin to feel it throughout the day as you attune to it’s presence. Practice makes perfect!

Once you are comfortable with the feel of energy both from its physical manifestations and its intuitive manifestations, its time to start exploring the flow of energy within yourself.

There is one technique I find most beneficial in teaching this method because it is safe, non-aggressive and simply works to move energy around in a way that lets you experience it.

  • Working with the two palms on the body technique as described above, imagine pulling energy from your body with your left palm… feel it flow up the left arm, across the heart center, down the right arm and out the right palm. Try this in several places. You will have success when you not only feel the vibration in your hand- but also in your body in the area of each hand. For help in getting the flow started, use the thumb of one hand to massage and ‘pump’ the palm of the other
  • As a slightly more advanced and intuitive-based technique, try this without making physical contact. Keep your palms about 3″ away from the body and try to first ‘sense’ the energy of your field, then connect to it, then channel and move it around
  • Try this same ‘sensing and moving’ technique with pets, houseplants and willing humans!

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Now that you have some basic understanding and experience with energy work, I’d like to encourage you to explore it more in ways that are comfortable for you. At this end of this article I’ll suggest a few books that might be great tools for you- but in the meantime, try some of these exercises:

  • With a willing human partner, preferably someone you are involved in a love-based relationship with, practice creating a ball and handing it back and forth. Then, allow one of the participants to absorb the ball into their navel region. Do it again and let the other person have a turn!
  • If you feel pain, try placing the left palm over the painful area and aiming the right palm at the ground. Draw out the perceived toxic vibrations and see them ground into the earth
  • If you feel tired, spend a few moments consciously bringing in life energy through deep, slow breaths. See it coming in with your mind’s eye, and see fatigue and spent energy leaving with your exhalation
  • To tap deeper into your personal energy flow signature, grab an inanimate object like a rock, piece of cloth or favorite pen. Holding it between both palms, imagine ‘singing’ it with your personal energy by channeling it through the object. Leave it until the next day, come back and try to ‘sense’ the new vibration of the object. This will help you learn how your personal energy work style feels!
  • Practice with infusing items with your personal energy AND with infusing them with general cosmic energy. Try to learn the difference and perceive what your energy signature feels like.

Turning Off The Tap

Sometimes, energy flow started is hard to stop! It’s our nature to process energy- but until we become advanced att his work it’s a good idea to stop the working-based flow once we’ve finished our exploration. Here are a few techniques to calm the flow and get grounded:

  • Hold both palms facing outward while feeling and intuitively sensing the flow slowing, then stopping. Clap your hands three times to seal your field and cut off from any non-grounded energies that may have been created
  • Wash your hands under cool water to slow down the flow of energy- cool is constricting, hot is expanding
  • Create loose and loving fists to hold the energy in and slowly pull it back into your own system and away from the external flow
  • Place your palms on the bare earth (soil, grass, stone, etc.) and feel all excess energy being drained off by the earth while the flow from your hands slowly closes
  • Rub sea salt, baking soda or epsom salts between your palms to stop the flow and get grounded. Toss the salt from your palms onto the bare earth, down a toilet or down a drain

Own It!

Like all things spiritual- your experience and abilities with energy and light work will be unique and personal. I write this article to offer you cosmic permission to begin safely and slowly exploring this work and learning what it is for you. Don’t be afraid to experience the deeper flow of life! Most energy work techniques will not harm or hurt you unless carried out by someone who knows how to do that. Most of what you can do by yourself intuitively will be perfectly safe and at worst will just require one or two of the grounding exercises mentioned above. Feel free and confident to tap into this wonderful blessing and add it to your toolbox of spiritual blessings received!

Wishing you the very best in Life Energy and Life Journey!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams




Energetic Cleansing & Empowering On The Go! *Josh's Quick & Easy Spiritual Cleansing Cloth Technique*

June 3, 2009

Sometimes in the middle of a hectic workday, while stuck in traffic or just…whenever… a sense of some seriously heavy energy becomes present.

We can tell that our energy systems are a little out of balance when we feel a downpour of unexplained negativity, fatigue that seems deeper than just ‘tired, lack of concentration or creative flow or any other symptoms that just seem to come from deeper within that usual.

Our interactions with the word around us present us with countless opportunities to have our energy systems affected in positive or negative ways. One of the most common issues on the energetic levels I see within the clients I serve have to do with personal shielding- knowing what’s ours and what’s not. It can be confusing out there- but keeping our spiritual flow and energy systems ‘well-groomed’ can be just the medicine!

Consistent attention to the state of our energy systems trains us up to be more aware, sensitive and in control of how we feel. Use this simple technique to create a powerful talisman of cleansing and protection that doubles as cleansing agent whenever you need it!

What Is A Cleaning Cloth?

Cleansing cloths are exactly that- a special cloth dedicated to cleansing and purifying our energy systems from internal to external (auric field). This practice has resonances in many mystery traditions and mystical paths across history and the globe, and is being presented here with new techniques suitable for the modern day!

Think of your cleaning as something similar to your bath washcloth… But where a washcloth is designed specifically to scrub away physical dirt, a cleaning cloth is designed to scrub away toxic vibrations and smooth our the flow of energy in the body!

A few flicks of the cloth and toxic energy is pulled from the system while a new rush of empowered energy flows in!

Working With Your Cleansing Cloth

Follow these simple steps to receive your own cleaning cloth and step up to a new level of spiritual-energetic health!

Choosing A Cloth

You’ll want to choose a cloth that is about the size of a handkerchief, towel or hanky.

Your cloth should be made from 100% cotton, hemp or other natural fibers and should contain no wool, silk, leather, polyester, rayon or any other synthetic materials.

Based on the day you were born, you have a certain proclivity to flow energy in a specific way. Although this is not a definitive list- it’s a safe one. If you feel drawn to a color that is not represented in your chart below as a symbol for purity and cleansing, use that instead of the color listed below. The color chart presented is based on soul-entrance colors that fundamentally dictate the state of energetic flow for your life. Choose your color based on the day of the month you were born…. If your date has more than one color, you can use just one of them or a cloth showing as many of the colors as you like!

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th…

use orange or red

If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th…

use silver or orange

If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th…

use yellow or red

If you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st…

use brown or forest green

If you were born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd…

use royal blue or pink

If you were born on the 6th, 15th or 24th…

use indigo or orange

If you were born on the 7th, 16th or 25th…

use violet or magenta

If you were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th…

use pink or white

If you were born on the 9th, 18th or 27th…

use gold or white

My persona cloth has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, black, white, silver and gold. It’s a cotton Peruvian prayer shawl cut down to a more pocket-friendly size. I highly recommend using the full color spectrum in your cleansing cloth, although it seems to be a bit tricky to find cloth with all those colors represented.


Creating Your Cloth

Now that you have your cleansing cloth- you’ll need to spiritually attune it to it’s purpose. This can be done as elaborately or a simply as you like- follow your intuition!

  1. Cleanse the cloth itself to remove any previous vibrations from it. Do this by soaking it for a few minutes in lightly salted water (add a bit of baking soda for extra power!), then drying outside over one night and one day.
  2. Hold the dry cloth and connect to it. Realize the similarity between the threads of energy that surround and permeate your body and the way the threads of the cloth harmoniously work together in a strong pattern to make the cloth itself. Know that the fabric is of a material that energy will attach to when intention is behind it.
  3. Holding the cloth open across your palms, charge it with intention, visualization and prayer that all negative, toxic or harmful vibrations within your system will ‘cling’ to it and will be pulled from your system. Also that, like a comb, it will groom and strengthen the energy flow within and around you.
  4. Once you feel the cloth has been ‘charged’ in this way, gently fold it up. Sleep with it under your pillow that night to ‘own’ it.
  5. The next day, wake up and prepare to live life with a secret ally in your pocket!

If you have any personal symbols or designs that are meaningful to you- feel free to add them with a permanent marker or stitch them in with thread if you’re crafty!

Cloths may be anointed with aromatherapy oils, given carrying bags to keep them clean or made for friends for a birthday… What a powerful gift!!!

Using Your Cloth

Anytime you feel like you need a boost, clarity, cleansing, clearing, charging or blessing- reach for the cloth!

Open it up and drag, gently wipe or brush from the top of your head down the front of your body to your feet. See and feel those bad vibes getting caught in the cloth!

Then do a sweep from the top of the head to the feet along the back of your body.

Once done, open up the cloth and flick it a few times towards the earth- seeing the toxic vibrations hitting the ground (no matter if you’re on the tenth floor!) and being absorbed by the Mother Earth to be enlightened.

If you need extra focus in prayer, creativity, personal power, etc. try opening the cloth and simply looking at it- allowing its color and charge to enter in through the eyes affecting the whole system!


Cleansing & Recharging Your Cloth

Your cloth should be given a full cleanse monthly at the time of the full moon. Here’s how to do it…

  1. Wash the cloth physically with salt & baking soda water. Allow to air dry, preferably outdoors.
  2. Expose the cloth to the night of the full moon and the sun of the following day. Sleep with it that night.
  3. re-state your charge over the cloth and you’re back in cleansing power!
  4. Starting a new lunar cycle with a personal energetic cleansing bath is another great way to start the flow moving on the right track!

Feel free to physically wash the cloth with salt, baking soda, rose water, etc. anytime you need- just be sure to let it air dry- outside if possible. You can also add essential oils or other meaningful scents to your cloth as needed.

During sleep, keep your cloth somewhere special like on an altar, shrine, or hanging next to the bed. Respect it as a spiritual tool and don’t toss it around with dirty laundry or leave it where you cant find it. The more you respect it- the greater a spiritual charge it will begin to accumulate!

I hope you enjoy working more closely with your own energetic health and using this ancient tool applied to the modern busy world!

May great blessings of the Divine Mother & Father be yours in your journey to health, happiness and bliss…

Joshua Williams


۩ The Power Of Prayer ۩

May 22, 2009

Prayer is an intense act.

It is saturated with feelings of religious pride, bearing one’s soul, connecting the the Divine and cosmic power. I am a big believer in the power of prayer- and I would like to share some ideas with you of a non-sectarian nature to help empower, inspire and elevate your personal prayer practices. I realize that my personal beliefs may not be the same as yours- so I ask you to read this article openly, and extract what works for you while leaving the rest. I will be presenting this article by approaching key points of prayer and then presenting empowering wisdom about those points for your consideration. What follows is a somewhat watered down version of what I teach my clients in a professional setting- watered down because some things are better said than typed 🙂

۞ Know Your Audience

I think that a majority of people pray in some way. There are certainly conscious and unconscious prayers that happen with us at any given time. Part of making prayer more effective and empowering is knowing who we are praying to. I often work with people who simply ‘pray to God’, but have no intimate, loving relationship with that God. The lack of this intense emotional prowess tends make prayers ego-based instead of soul-based. The first step to getting on track to seriously magical prayer work is to create a solid, emotional, present and tangible relationship with the Divine. Whether you work with sacred writings, sacred iconography, meditations, etc. the goal is the same- we must love and yearn for Divine interaction more than we do anything else on your lives. This is a mystical truth taught by Rumi, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Inayat Vilayat Khan and many other saints of the heart.
It can be common for us to project our own ego onto the Divine. We ascribe functionality to the Source solely because we have issue with that functionality. We may feel weak and thus God is a warrior. We may feel impoverished and thus God is the all-wealthy. These things are true- but there is a fine line between letting God be God and us being completely lazy. Armchair prayer is not effective. Prayer is a precursor to action! So, if we are broke- we don’t pray to the God of riches, because that’s just our ego trying to tap into something we believe we don’t have. Instead, we pray to the God of mercy who lifts up those who are not living their full potential and helps them find their abundance, strength, and tap the limiteless blessings flowing forth. Feel the difference?

۞ Time & Space

There are two types of personal prayer. Formal and informal. Formal prayer consists of a more ritualized setting where some type of purification rite may take place, a special garment may be worn, a special space/altar/shrine may be used, etc. Informal prayer is that spontaneous surrender and dependence on the Divine that comes forth at anytime- in traffic, before a quick meal, under the breath in a meeting, etc.
Informal prayer is a wonderful thing- and I think it’s importance cannot be stressed enough. Allowing the Divine into your paradigm consciously as much as possible is a cosmic medicine par excellence. I think informal prayer is the most commonly celebrated among modern day seekers, so I want to present a little something about formal prayer to help even the work.
Formal prayer should involve three steps: 1) Setting the intention to pray with words, actions, rituals, etc. 2) Entering a specified sprayer space at a specified time and 3) opening up as much as possible- both to receive fully and offer fully.
Let’s explore each of these points in turn:
1) Taking a purifying bath, wearing a prayer cloth, smudging, grounding, etc. are all great ways to enter a ritual prayer space.

2) Ritual prayer is best when performed in the same space at the same time daily. This allows the etheric field to be charged thus deepening your prayer power each time. Praying at the same hour each day also attracts positive spiritual vibrations and ascended souls to support you in your work.

3) We block blessings. I know this sounds crazy- but its true. We try so hard to micro-manage our lives and be the ‘do-er’, that often times I see clients with loads of Divine guidance sitting on their heads waiting to be welcomed in.

Coming to your prayer work from a place of total acceptance, surrender and openness is the key to true magic in prayer. This takes time to work on- but having the intention that you want to experience total release helps create it.

۞ A Flame Cannot Burn Itself

When we pray, the Most High who we approach is simultaneously the listener and the empowered of speech. The thoughts, words, vibrations, etc. we use to communicate in prayer are supported and powered by the same Divine we speak to. Because of this, our prayer can be simple- it’s not the words that matter but the connection we make. The Divine already knows what we need- and it is in our opening up to receive that the blessings come… not in making demands or petitions.
۞ What You Want And What You Get

When engaging in prayer work- surrender is the key as we have discussed. This means that although you may want a certain situation to happen a certain way- it might not. You see your life from one finite, liner and often ego-based perspective. The Divine sees it all- the source, the transformation, the reactions, the effect. Keep your heart and mind open and let the Divine be the Divine. We don’t spend our lives worrying about the fact that we are not mechanics- because we know that if our vehicle breaks down, there is someone who can handle that expertly. Similarly, we cannot worry about some of the nuances in our lives because there is the Divine who is expert at handling them. If we can take action- we must. If we are lost, we must surrender and allow eagerly the Divine to give and do what it is best at giving and doing.
۞ Allow The Light

Many of us struggle with presenting certain things to the Divine. Personally, I struggled for a long time with praying about money or health- because I felt I should only be praying for Divine things and nothing mundane. Then I woke up. Life is life- the Divine knows how things roll here in the material manifestation. Hide nothing. Allow the light of the Divine to shine onto every corner of your heart and being and expose it all. After all, what can you hide that the Supreme cannot seek and find?
۞ Hang

After prayer work- spend some time basking in the love. When you re-renter your life, write what you prayed about off for a time. You sent the letter- don’t stress out about it now- it’s on it’s way and the action will come. Avoid getting caught in the feeling of ‘free falling’ after prayer- where you know something is going to happen but fear what it might be. Fear attracts fear- misery loves company! Instead, have faith that you outsourced your issue to the One who can truly solve ALL issues in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE… better even than you can imagine. I know that’s the scary part- we have problems and want them solved our way.. but that’s like eating chocolate flavored candy over eating real chocolate. Incomparable!
Believe in your prayer work. Be dedicated. Be totally accountable for your path and seek guidance that allows YOU to do the footwork. Asking the Divine to do everything for you is pointless- since not doing and experiencing negates the point of being alive. That may be the only true offense to the Divine.
۞ Bless It Forward

Now that you have connected to your own blessings, move it forward. You have experienced what poverty, illness, sadness, abandonment, addiction, etc. etc. feel like so now you know how bad it is to be trapped in that space. Empower yourself to receive more and exponentially increase your love reserves by paying attention to those who experience the same issues you are praying for and bless them! Include the whole universe in part of your prayer work and thus receive a universal magnitude of blessings!

I hope this exploration of prayer will help give you the confidence, trust and guidance to really connect deeply to prayer work. I encourage you to give it a try and experience a dive into the ocean of love for yourself!
Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


۞ Exploring Energy Work ۞

May 20, 2009


The term ‘Energy Healing’ is gaining increasing popularity. What is it? And how can it serve you? Today we’ll look at the fundamentals of Energy Healing and answer those questions plus many more along the way.


Energy healing, in a nutshell, is the process of working with illness or dis-ease of the body, mind or spirit using life energy as the means. There are literally hundreds of ‘schools of thought’ regarding energy healing- and you should always go with the method that feels right for you. 

In most energy healing sessions, a diagnosis is made wherein the practitioner gets a ‘read’ on your current life energy status. Diagnosis will include (in most, but not all cases) checking for energy leaks, imbalances, toxic energy patterns, stagnation, etc. and a course of action will be determined on how to fix the issues.

Ideally, life energy flows through the body effortlessly- providing support and power to organs, body functions, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. Life energy, unlike blood or other ‘material’ aspects of the body, effects every part of the being from the soul to the soles!

After a diagnosis is made, a practitioner will work to resolve the issue. Some practitioners gently place hands on the physical body while others prefer no physical connection at all. The practitioner then channels ‘pure’ healing energy into the parts of the system which are imbalanced, and works to clear up any energetic issues using energy itself.

Most energy healing practitioners believe, as do I, that any and all health issues on any level of the being begin on an energetic level and slowly ‘solidify’ until they manifest in a physical way. Thus, maintaining energetic health and receiving energy healing goes to the root of an imbalance and creates a healing platform par excellence for balance to be regained.

In my energy healing workshops, I teach that life energy is a manifestation of the Divine- and thus is has a latent intelligence and consciousness. Many practitioners agree and will allow the energy being channeled into the system to ‘do it’s own thing’, as opposed to forcing it where the practitioner believes it needs to go. A happy medium that I practice involves conscious extraction of toxic vibrational patterns and issue identification followed by passive/channeled empowerment and healing via energy.

When it comes to energy healing- many people are most familiar with ReiKi (Master Mikao Usui) and Pranic Healing (Choa Ko Sui). Both of these methods are profoundly effective when done properly- although I will take this opportunity to caution you against receiving or attuning to incorrect ReiKi methods (practitioners who received long-distance attunements via books, DVD or websites or those who display the sacred symbols in books, websites, t-shirts, etc.).

There are also countless ‘freeform’ schools of thought like that of Barbara Brennen- teaching that each practitioner of energy healing will create their own form of channeling the energy. You should feel confident in interviewing and exploring the offerings of your energy healing practitioner.

There is a mystic axiom that states “Energy flows where attention goes”. This being true, you have the power to begin exploring and working with life energy and its presence on your being simply by thinking of it. The next time you are petting the cat- imagine that pure life light is flowing down into your head, through your heart and out through your hand. See if you can begin to perceive a tingling, pulsing or warmth as the energy flows. Cats are amazing energy healing trainers- and never seem to mind the energy and attention!

Because life energy transcends time and space- long distance sessions are completely effective from a trusted practitioner. Although training in energy healing should be done in person- the work itself can reach anywhere, anytime. There are even techniques for healing ancestral wounds…IN THE PAST! Feel free to connect with a distance energy session from myself or anyone you trust. Make sure you work with a reputable healing channel so that you can ensure the work gets done. And as a rule of thumb, NEVER TRUST A HEALER! This means, that anyone claiming to be a healer or do the healing themselves should not be chosen. All advanced energy workers know that they are only tools/channels for the life energy which has its own conscious and intelligent agenda.

Energy healing can help on many levels as we have seen. Emotional/mental issues are very close to the pure energy spectrum and can be approached very powerfully through energy healing*. The body, as well, responds wonderfully to energy healing*- and a session often induces an intensely deep state of trance-relaxation that can often last for hours! Simply receiving a great energy healing session attunes you to that subtle flow of life within your own being- and can change the way you see life in a powerful way! I highly suggest everyone experience both an in-person and a distance energy healing session for those reasons and many more beyond the scope of this article.

With great blessings of health and empowerment on your unique life journey…

Joshua Williams


The Spectrum Of Power~ Josh's Color Magic & Healing Techniques

May 15, 2009

Greetings all!

In today’s How-To, we’re going to explore the power of color and how to harness it for healing, empowerment and success!

What Is Color?

Color is light energy manifest!

Light (as far as humans can perceive it) is made op of wavelengths in 7 visible colors. Think rainbow-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

When light hits an object (say a car, a flower or a painting), some of the wavelengths get absorbed by that object- while others bounce off of it. The wavelengths that bounce off enter into our eyes, get interpreted by our brains and we perceive CoLoR! There’s a whole amazing process that takes place within our eye-to-brain system that is totally worth learning about if you are interested… try a simple search for “how we see color” for more info.

What makes color so magical?

That’s a great question and one that there are as many answers to as… well, color combination!

I have my own feeling about color healing and I will share it with you here. Color, much like plants, gemstones, planets, stars, locations and sounds carries a specific vibrational pattern- think of this as it’s signature. Everything in the natural world from healing herbs to quartz crystals have a vibrational signature. As humans- we also have a unique vibrational signature, but sometimes ours can get a little out of balance. By applying a solid, cosmic vibrational pattern to our own, our systems are literally ‘trained’ on how to behave properly on an energetic level. Think of this as dropping food dye into water- the water takes on the pattern of color because of it’s influence…in the same way, our energetic/subtle bodies can ‘take on’ or ‘learn’ a vibration by interacting with it.

I believe that colors and other natural resonances are clean and pure primordial vibrations; literally emanations from the Divine as part of the creative flux.

As we progress through our lives, we experience disease, imbalance, lack, illness, etc. – all physical manifestations of something that first took place on an energetic level. Thus, by using vibrations of energy we can give our systems a cosmic tune-up and bring everything back into balance and power!

How do I work with color? around it!

The three best methods I’ve found for working with color vibration are:

  1. Surround yourself with the color carrying the vibrational ‘medicine’ you’re looking for- clothing, flowers, art, etc.
  2. Do meditative deep breathing exercises imagining t a pure stream of your color entering into your heart from the cosmic in the in-breath then filling every fiber of your body and aura on the out breath.
  3. Meditate solely within your mind’s eye on a color. Try to fill you internal creative visualization with nothing but an endless sea of your color.

Which color should I work with?

Like all things on the intuitive level- there are countless opinions about what each color does. My goal in presenting this information is to empower YOU and allow you to be accountable and in-charge of your own healing journey. There are many sources online regarding the meanings, healing/magical properties and vibrations of color. Try a search or check out a local metaphysical bookstore to explore many ideas about color.

My suggestion is, of course, to discover this for yourself. Although ‘red’ might mean one thing to many people- when it interacts with your specific vibrational field it might not fall completely in line with its general meanings. Red might affect you with anger while it might give me courage. The technique I teach my clients on picking and working with color is to define for yourself what is needed.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to connecting to your color truth!

  1. Enter a calm, relaxed and meditative space. Feel free to say a prayer or invocation as desired.
  2. Call up the part of your own being that knows how to heal your imbalance. I like to use “I call forth that blessed part of my being that is my inner healer and knows the medicine which truly brings me balance”. Spend a moment experiencing this connection in any way it comes to you (visual, sensations, feelings, emotions, etc.)
  3. Now, as if this was another person, begin internal dialog. you might say “Inner healer, what color will balance and empower me to overcome/bring in ____(state affliction or desire here)___”.
  4. In a calm and receptive way, allow a color to come into your mind’s eye. Don’t second guess yourself. Allow whatever happens to happen. I once worked with a client who experienced a ‘taste’ that meant green to her rather than seeing green in her mind’s eye. If you get a flash of more than one color- they all need to be worked with one at a time and individually.
  5. Keep in mind that this does not only have to be used for physical/emotional issues. You can work with this for abundance, attracting the right partner, coming closer to Divinity, etc. Any ‘initiation’ you need help with bringing you in to a new or higher phase of your life journey can be worked with.
  6. Using color therapy is a spiritual counterpart to your seeking professional medical or mental care if that is needed. Spiritual workings are meant to support and empower us working with another blessing in our lives- doctors, financial advisers, etc. Please do not rely solely on spiritual healing techniques in case of a medical illness!

Color is just one of many vibrational blessings we have to work with on our life journeys. Accepting these gifts into our lives is direct communion and reception of Divine blessings and really does make a big impact!

I hope you enjoy exploring more about color and it’s healing properties…Get Color & Get Power!

Peace & Blessings…

Joshua Williams


Psychic Self Attunement… Pow!

April 28, 2009

Greetings All!

I hope this article finds you enjoying the coming spring and potential for great transformation on your unique life journey!

I am often asked in my private practice and in seminars and meditation retreat session “How can I become more psychic/intuitive?”…
This is a great question because it empowers YOU to become your own best guide- what could be better?


Before I get into one simple way to help super-charge your psychic abilities… let’s talk a little bit about anatomy; both physical and energetic. There are three main anatomical functions that are engaged in a psychic/intuitive connection: The visual cortex, the third eye center and the heart core.

This is the section of the brain allows visual information to be processed and translated into a language we can interpret internally. All information from the optic nerves of the eyes goes to the visual cortex, which processes the basic visual information – i.e. identifies lines, edges, color and shade. The part of the VC that acts on psychic work relates to visualization. The light of inner-seeing, or having images hit the VC without them entering through the physical eyes is what we’re interested here. Think of the psychic influence of the VC as receiving images from the eyes- but also receiving and translating images from ‘beyond the eyes’. The sweet spot or subtle point of this center of the brain is tucked right under the bone protrusion (occiput) where the back of your skull meets your spine.

This is a potent spiritual spot located in the center of your forehead. Most people can locate this center exactly by closing their eyes, and running their finger from the top of the nose to the base of the hairline very slowly, a fraction of an inch away from the skin. Don’t actually touch the skin, but get really close- the spot that seems to sink or become pressurized as you pass it is the high point of your third eye center.
The 3E processes logical, linear information- both because of the brain thats behind it and because of the energy center (chakra) that it is. This center gives us the ability to clearly define ‘this’ and ‘that’ in relation to each other and to logically come to conclusions about things, contemplate potential, break down complex ideas, etc.

The HC is located in the center of your sternum (breast plate), at about the same level as the nipples. You can perform the same finger exercise from above to connect with your HC.
The HC is the center of intuition, psychic plane working, is a spirit-to-matter crucible, and is the seat of the soul in many mystic traditions. The HC allows us to see beyond seeing, hear beyond hearing, etc. and receives cosmic information from the web of life. This is the crux of powerful spiritual/psychic work although most people tend to work these days with the 3E exclusively.


Now that we have a good foundation of the anatomy (physical and energetic) involved in psychic work- let’s move on to the practice of attunement.

The common issues present when we cannot perceive psychic planes or receive intuitive insight, is that the three anatomical structures we discussed earlier are not working together. This happens because we believe that spirit and matter need to be separate, ignore the subtle and thus turn it off, disbelieve that the cosmic web can connect us to anything we wish to explore, etc. Any type of negating belief about this work acts as cancer on the subtle faculties that support the work happening. Think positive and believe big!
I am not proposing here that simply getting the three anatomical structures on the same boat makes you blown open to psychic bliss- I am saying that this is a crucial step of the process and that in my experience, simply by having people work with this fundamental process they have started to shift naturally to that place where the psychic realm bursts forth for them! Patience and dedication, padowan! 😉

Because we are working with energy-based highways that connect the most powerful actions of  the three anatomical structures together- we need to work with that same subtle energy to create a resonance and friendship between them.

What follows is my psychic self-attunement practice. Please read through the flow until you memorize it, then try to work the practice 1-3 times daily until you feel it’s set. Use the same space and situation you would for meditation or prayer- quiet, calm, no distractions, etc.

1) review the following diagram to get acquainted with the location of each of the three structures.

2- Begin by getting comfortable, feeling relaxed, and entering a deep state of relaxation.
3- Take some deep breaths and feel the life energy surge into your body with each exhale, and feel yourself shine brighter and brighter with each exhale. Do this until you feel sufficiently charged or until a subtle vibration/buzz sets in across your physical body.
4-Take a few moments to connect with each of the three structures- focus your attention to them, touch them if you wish- really wake them up and let them know they are about to become more!

5- Place your Left hand on your HC, and your Right hand on your 3E (reverse hand positions for natural lefty’s). To start the energy flowing- simply try to focus on the palms of BOTH hands at the same time. Imagine that your hands are jumper cables and are creating a brilliant cord of light to connect the HC to the 3E about 1″ under the skin to the surface of the skin. Continue until you feel you have created an energetic highway that feels stable, secure and strong.
6- Now place your Left hand on your HC and your Right hand on your VC. Again, run energy, visualizing and feeling that new energetic circuit being created.
7-Next place your Left hand over 3E and Right hand over VC. Begin to run energy and create the connection. This connection will split to go around the shoulders (see diagram above) to create a psychic ‘necklace’ that acts to empower and protect the psychic faculties. Please do not run this current directly through the core of the body- go around the neck 1″ under the surface of the skin to the surface of the skin.
8- Now that all circuits have been made (remade, actually), spend a few moments and breathe with them. Try to see all of the circuits in your mind’s eye at the same time. As you breathe, feel energy pulsing through the channels you just opened. Connect as deeply to them as you can and affirm within yourself how these new connections will create a more profound psychic potency within you.

9-Once you feel it is time to be done, gently begin coming back to common reality by slowly beginning to move the body, taking deep breaths, gently rocking, and eventually opening the eyes.
10-Spend a few moments in gratitude to yourself and to the Divine 😉


I hope you experienced a wonderful journey and ‘psychic upgrade’ with this potent practice. If you have any questions or comments- please feel free to contact me at

More self and distant (from me directly) attunement practices will be coming soon, as will more advanced practices on BECOMING!

I look forward to serving you and your unique life journey through the power and blessings of the sacred intuitive arts.

Peace & Blessings,