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Words Of Power: Creating Waves Of Magic With Sound Vibration

January 11, 2010

Since forever, spiritual mystics have known the secret to creating true magical change in their lives. The repetition of powerful words has been a special part of most all world religions and most every mystic tradition. This process of selecting words of potency and vibrating them from the body creates waves of energy which both attune you to your goal and call forth the support of the entire universe around you. In this article, I’d like to share some very special wisdom and techniques with you to help bring the power of words into your life right now!


What’s In A Word?

Many of us have heard of mantra meditation- the process of intoning either silently or aloud words of power to elicit change in our spiritual paradigm. Mantras exist in different forms from many paths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Kemeticism, Sufism, and countless others. These words of power truly carry the power to change! In this article, we’ll be looking at how to use the same practice of mantra meditation with words that are less about a tradition and more about your own personal goals.

Words carry power because we give them meaning. On its own, the word HATE has no power- but when you read it and allow it to open up emotions, memories, fears, etc. within you- it takes on the power of that opening. When we speak a word, a subtle yet powerful vibration is created from our bodies which carries out into the universe around us. These vibrations are the manifest form or body of the meaning we ascribe to the word we say. Screaming out the word HATE at the top of your lungs will literally produce a wave of vibration which will ripple across space affecting everyone it comes in contact with. In addition, focusing the mind on that word trains the mind to believe the power of that word is important. The more we intone the word, the more we begin to resonate to the word and attract more of the emotions and energy it carries into our lives.

By saying a word with deep intention and focus, we are:

  • Creating sound vibration which acts as the effective body of the words power
  • Training the mind to view the word as important
  • Allowing the power of that word to become part of us
  • Calling forth the aspects of ourselves which resonate with that word
  • Aligning out heart to that word
  • Asking the universe to support us in that word
  • Becoming that word!

This is why working with the intentional recitation of words is so powerful- and also why being mindful of what we say is of utmost importance!


Using Words Of Power To Bring Magic To Your Life

The process of using words of power is very simple once you have an understanding of the above powers, and once you define what energy you’d like to call forth into your life.

Words should be chosen which call forth a clear and comfortable emotional response within you, and have a mostly positive bank of good memories associated with them. If the word LOVE only reminds you of being hurt and lonely- you’ll want to find another word such as PARTNERSHIP, UNION, SOUL MATE, etc. that has less negative charge behind it.

I suggest working for a nine day period with only one word, and then adding to it as you become more comfortable and attuned. Choose a word which is pleasant to repeat in a voice loud enough that a person 12″ away from you could hear it.

You may want to engage the power of your body in the meditation by using a mala. Mala;s are strings of beads which are rolled between the fingers as the word or phrase is said. With each repetition, you move to a new bead until you’ve gone around once. This would be ‘one round’. With clients, I typically suggest making a commitment of 9 round per day on a mala of 99 beads. If you;d like to build your own custom mala using gemstones, woods, etc. with personal meaning- I highly recommend My personal malas have all been created by Jason at Custom Mala Shop, and I have never paid more than $40 for a pure gemstone mala, custom made! If you order from them please let them know you found their link here!

Spend a few days writing and casually repeating your word to make sure it feels right before you commit to it. You are also welcome to find phrases or stanzes from sacred texts which reference your word, or choose traditional mantras from your personal spiritual path.


Words Of Power Practices

As with all meditations, your practice will result the same energy as you put into it- so honor this work and set aside quiet time for yourself to become more. Turn off the phone, lock the door, light candles or incense as you desire, play relaxing music, etc. Do whatever feels right to open and work in empowered sacred space. You may also want to begin your recitation practice with an opening prayer or offering. Again, if it feels right to your heart of hearts- it probably is!

Simple Practice

  • Calm and center yourself while focusing on your word written in your minds eye.
  • Remind yourself of the power of the word, why you chose that word, what it means for you and why you are attuning yourself to it.
  • State your goals (attracting love, finding peace, abundance, new job, healing from disease, etc.) aloud and link them to the word in your mind.
  • Begin slowly reciting your word. Quickly you will notice your body finds a natural rhythm it wants to recite at. Follow this cadence as best you can. Simply focus on saying the word clearly and calmly- and focus on it as it exits your mouth.
  • You may feel yourself entering a light trance state. Accept and allow this and do your best to stay in it until you are done and slowly come back to normal waking consciousness. This trance state shows that you are connected to high spiritual power and are working on the place of spiritual energy.

Visualization Practice

  • While reciting your word, visualize yourself immersed in the power of the word and feel it manifesting your desire. See within the minds eye that you are completely saturated with the goal you desire and the word you are repeating is adding a dazzling, pulsating light to the imagery.

Breath Of Life Practice

  • While reciting, you may attune to the breath to take your practice to a truly deep level. This practice tends to induce a deep trance state and should only be performed by those who have become accustomed to this state by using the above practice, or other spiritual practices involving altered states of consciousness. It is also important in using breath work that you are able to keep your mind mostly focused on the goal. If your mind is not yet able to hold still for good lengths of time, it would be best to use this practice only for a few minutes at the beginning of practicing on of the above techniques.
  • On the inhalation, say the word/phrase within the mind while drawing in an audible breath though the nose.
  • Hold the breath, repeat the word again on the suspended breath.
  • Exhale via the mouth audibly, again reciting the word as you exhale.
  • Suspend the breath, repeat the word within, then repeat the above steps.
  • You are trying to make saying the word within you last as long as the breath- not the other way around. There’s no need t make yourself hyperventilate here!
  • If you need breaks to resume normal breathing, take them!
  • If you have any questions about the safety of breath work for you- please speak with your trusted medical professional.


Words Of Power Examples

  • Maranatha (“Come Lord”) / Christian Source
  • LOVE & JOY
  • HEALTHY, HAPPY, HOLY / Sikh Source
  • LET GO, LET GOD / Agape Source
  • AUM / Hindu Source
  • AREEAUM / Edgar Cayce Source

There are also tons of great websites online with examples of mantras from many traditions and sources… have fun researching and learning, it’s all part of the bigger meditation of life!

With Blessings Of The Words Of Power…

Joshua Williams


The Judgment Is Now! How Output Awareness Can Change Your Life!

December 19, 2009

Everything we think, say or do creates a chain reaction which ripples out into all of existence- effecting who we become in the next moment, and indeed the very universe we live in. Each moment presents us with an opportunity to make a choice which sets off an endless series of events creating the next steps of the path ahead. Awareness of the power of our ‘output’ is the true secret of judgment- and understanding it allows us to gain control of our circumstances and judge our own lives with perfect balance. In this article, I’d like to explore with you the process of living in a chain of events, and offer you simple realizations to break ‘hard sentences’ and instead live in total freedom.

The Weightless Heart

In ancient Egyptian myth, the journey of the soul after death is quite different than what most of us are used to. Upon leaving the body, the soul enters the presence of Ma’at who is the Goddess personification of universal order. At this time, the heart of the soul is placed upon one side of a scale, while Ma’at’s own crown feather is placed upon the other side. If the heart is lighter than the feather, it continues to a perfected land. If, however, the heart is heavier than the feather, the jaws of a great cosmic beast hold the fate of the poor soul.

This myth explains a very powerful truth- that having a ‘light heart’ is the key to being fit for spiritual prowess. The heart who is heavy with guilt, resentment, fear, hatred and loss cannot conquer the test of Ma’at. The heart who processes things as they come in this life, keeps company only with the light things of life such as love, joy, forgiveness, compassion and spiritual progress moves on to something greater.

In this myth there is also a point missing which most of us are accustomed to- being judged by the Divine. Notice how Ma’at allows the heart to judge itself by its own weight. She only offers the ‘measure’ by which the heart can test its heaviness. This part of the myth holds a great key to understanding both spiritual enlightenment and the path of creation in this life- we are judge, jury, and executioner for ourselves at every single moment, and the choices we make effect ourselves and all else, in addition to right now and all time.

The Trial Of Living

At every moment throughout or lives, we are presented with a limitless pallet of options to choose from. We make conscious and personal decisions about how to think, what to say, what to do and how to view the world we live in. As we make each decision, we are in effect ruling a sentence for the rest of our path. Our choice to output love, peace and wisdom will foster a path which reflects the same to us. Decisions supporting violence, hatred, fear, and jealousy will only bring us more. Every decision we make is like a stone pebble tossed into the pond of our life- and the ripples it creates can be either a blessing or a curse!

The first step to creating a more empowered and just life is simply to meditate on the above truth and let it sink in. Taking individual accountability for the power of our actions is medicine which heals, breeds compassion, delivers wisdom and removes fear. As we practice awareness of what we output into the universe, we start catching the dark things we create and start replacing them with more positive ways of being. Our silent and almost robotic curses towards the person who cut us off in traffic, the crying baby in the grocery store line, or the delivery of bad news begins to shake us to the core, and we become dedicated to being a more positive creator of vibration and reality.

“Humata, Hukhta, Huveshta!” (think good, speak good, act good) ~Zoroastrian Axiom

Simply becoming aware of what we create from within gives us an often challenging look at who we really are right now, and why we attract the things we do. Knowing what we are creating allows us to start changing it- and replacing it with output more in line with who we really are and what we really want to the world we live in to be like.

“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World” ~Mahatama Ghandi

After we have had some time to contemplate the truth of what we create, we can start the adventure of recognizing how we are entirely responsible for what we are experiencing right now. The truth is that very few things happen ‘to us’, and most things happen ‘with us’. This means that although we may not be able to see the lighthouse in the fog at times, our previous actions had direct impact on creating what we now live. In Vedic wisdom, this process is just one of the four types of karma, and is called Kriyamana karma- The manifestation of karmic reflex which has been created in this life and will be experienced in this life. This type of karma also feeds in to Aagami Karma, which is the karma we are making now and will experience in other being existences. On top of that, we have two other forms of karma (Sanchita & Praarabdha) which we are working out at the same time we are creating more! We really do call the shots!

Posting Bail & Breaking Free

Up until now, many of us have been walking through life creating a mixture of positive and negative vibrational outputs. We start learning the truth of our power, and then become frustrated because we still have to shake off all the dark vibrations we created in the past (even if that was just ten seconds ago!). But don’t get too frustrated, because there is a way to break free of past debt, cleanse impurity and start living a better life right now and from here on out! It’s called love.

We spoke earlier about how love is so light that even the ostrich feather of Ma’at’s crown weighs more than it does. But the secret truth is that the lightness and subtlety of love makes it the most powerful vibration of all. Just like fluid water being able to carve solid stone over time, love can destroy the hardest patterns of toxicity and break the most dense obstacles. Getting love to work for you is not only simple- it’s imperative for a life of healing, empowerment, joy and spiritual progress!

The process is simple: start becoming aware as much as possible of your output. When you find it is in a negative form, replace it with something loving. In no time at all you’ll return to your natural state of being and act only as a beacon of light and blessing- and hold space for nothing less than that!

In example… If you think a hateful thought about someone regarding how they are stupid because they cannot do what you think they should be able to do, then…

Take accountability for your thought by calling yourself out on it. Apologize to yourself for acting in a way so degrading to your truth, and then immediately forgive yourself with love- this process puts the ego in check and brings the heart energy to the surface. Then, as quickly as possible, state something loving about the person with intention and power. In this case we could say, “I appreciate that so-and-so is so curious and detail oriented- I think it’s wonderful that they are always asking questions, wanting to learn more, and dedicated to doing things correctly!”.

This has to be true for you, and it needs to make sense for the situation. If you ever get stuck in the net of ego and can’t think of anything nice to output- simple honor the person as a human being who is dealing with their own history and paradigm. recognize that watching this person life in a 2-hour movie would probably shake you to your knees, and that you haven’t experienced any emotion or pain that they haven’t on some level. They are just human like you- and will be more if you love them instead of poison them. Send them love, ask silently for forgiveness (purifies the ego) and know it is now fair and balanced.

Moving Forward…

Give yourself permission to go through some intense healing and realization as you work with these practices. Let your true humanity show- don’t hide behind talents and strengths anymore just to conceal weaknesses. If we’re all going to figure this life of love thing out, we’re going to have to start sharing love and honoring life a whole lot more. Follow the words of Ghandiji as mentioned above and BE the change you want to see in the world. Love yourself right now, and choose to start on a journey of being a clear channel of pure love, wisdom, healing and empowerment in the lives of all who exist- simply by being a more yourself.

I give you permission to step up to a new way of being and become the savior of the unending moment of judgment for your path- and for all paths. Now just work to give yourself that permission and magic will happen!

Peace & Blessings On The Path Of Cosmic Love…

Joshua Williams


Breath Of Life: Calm Power Through Natural Breathing

December 15, 2009

Breathing is the subtle sign of living power. Through breath, we receive all that is- and give all that we are. When our breathing is in harmony with natural rhythm, we find a deep sense of calm power which removes anxiety & stress, strengthens the body, clears the mind, purifies the energy within and enlivens our spirit. In this article, I’d like to explore with you some ideas about the power of natural breathing, and share with you some simple spiritual breathing techniques which will help you ascend to a higher level of being in calm power. Before beginning any intensive breathing training, it is important to consult with your medical provider.

“The wise seeker must safeguard his breath from heedlessness, coming in and going out, thereby keeping his heart always in the Divine Presence; and he must revive his breath with love and servitude and dispatch this love to the Divine, for every breath which is inhaled and exhaled with Presence is alive and connected with the Divine Presence. Every breath inhaled and exhaled with heedlessness is dead, disconnected from the Divine Presence.”

Adapted from a quote by Naqshbandi Sufi Master Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani

The Breath Of Life

Breathing is more than just the transferring of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is the subtle heartbeat of life itself- a metronome keeping us in cadence with they rhythm of living power all around us.

Inhalation brings in a rush of fresh oxygen which nourishes and empowers the cells, tissues, organs and functions of our physical body. It also brings in fresh life energy which helps rid toxicity and imbalance from our personal energy fields. In addition, proper inhalation creates spiritual connection to the world around us- sharing air with the world we live in.

Exhalation expels carbon dioxide and other unneeded materials from the body’s respiratory system. It also purges toxic energy and vibrational forms from the energy body. In additoin, exhalation places our signature on the wind and connects us in turn to all who share air with us.

In many traditions of meditation and spiritual practice, attaining a state of natural breathing is fundamental. To allow the body to regain it’s normal cycle of breathing in a proper way is to flood the body with living energy and ensure maximum energetic purity through exhalation. Yoga, Tai-Chi, Dhikr, Mantra Meditation, creative visualization and other forms of spiritual work all teach the importance of easy, natural, full breathing. Attaining this state of natural breathing is one of effortless receiving of the full power of life around us, while openly and without restraint ‘letting go’ as well.

Shallow breath, Shallow Being

Take a deep breath and notice which parts of your body move with the inhalation.

If you are like most people, your shoulders lifted or moved back a bit as you inhaled, your chest expanded and the position of your head may have moved slightly. These are symptoms of shallow breathing- meaning that the breath is being forced into the lungs by the muscles bear the lungs (shoulders, chest, neck, upper back, etc.). When we breathe in this manner, air-energy is filling the top portion of our lungs and is being ‘forced in’ to do so. This type of shallow breathing not only disconnects us from the full blessings of true breathing, it also mimics panic breathing and tricks the body into thinking that ‘fight or flight’ response is appropriate- thus causing general stress, anxiety, sensitivity and weakness.

Breathing Power

True, natural breathing is invigorating, empowering, and purifying. It creates a sense of well-being in the body and allows the chemicals of relaxation and strength to move through since the body feels it is at rest instead of in panic. Full breathing ensures fresh air and clean energy are able to move to every part of the system; removing toxins, bringing power, creating peace and strengthening all the while.

In Taoist meditation practices such as Tai-Chi, this state of natural breathing is often called ‘fetal breathing’, because it has the gentle, un-forced nature of a newborn child’s breathing rhythm. Throughout life, we learn to fear connection of others- and this effects our breathing. We get stressed, tired, hurt, and ill in different ways in our lives which trains the body to breathe in a protected defensive state. In no time at all this way of breathing becomes the norm, and a state of relaxed power becomes a distant memory for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Natural breathing takes some practice to learn, and some getting used to. We have often been breathing incorrectly for so long that breathing properly feels strange and even uncomfortable. With some patience, you’ll find the body quickly returns to its state of natural rhythm and you’ll begin seeing the effects very quickly as well.

In the image above, the action of the diaphragm is shown. The diaphragm is located towards the bottom of the rib cage, and its job is to bellow down to draw breath into the lungs. This is much like squeezing a turkey baster. When you release the bulb, the action of it expanding draws air into the tube- this is natural breathing. Notice how in this way breath is draw in, not forced in. This type of breathing also ensures that the full area of the lungs are involved in the process, allowing more oxygen and energy to have access to the bloodstream.

Here is my personal technique of practicing natural breathing. This is a practice- because you will need to consciously work this method whenever you remember, especially in times of stress, to train your body back into running this as its natural program. You can do this practice several times a day for 1-5 minutes, or whatever feels right for you. The more you practice, the more your body will remember and start using it when you aren’t even paying attention!

  • Ensure that you are physically comfortable, as best as possible, for all breathing practices. This helps place the body in a state of relaxation so the practice is easier.
  • Place one hand between the bottom of your rib cage and your navel, and another in the center of your chest- you’ll use these hands to feel if your chest is doing the work or if you are using the full power of your diaphragm. If you have been shallow breathing for a long time, as most of us have, you may experience some discomfort due to the diaphragm being out of shape. This passes very quickly with daily practice.

  • Start by making an intention within yourself to breath as nature intends. State gratitude for the intelligence and power of your body, and for the countless blessings of fresh air.
  • In active practice, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. As you go about your day, this will change as is needed by your body. Sometimes only one nostril will draw in air, sometimes both will. Sometimes the mouth will me more active and sometimes the nostrils. When you come to a state of attunement to natural breathing, you’ll be able to comfortably allow the body to do what’s best for it at any given time without thinking about it.
  • Inhalation: Imagine drawing breath in through the nose and down to your toes. Actively expand the belly like a bellows to draw the breath in. try to keep your chest from moving forcefully at all- the diaphragm can and should do all the work! The chest will expand slightly to accommodate the filled lungs- but not ‘flex’ or strain. The belly should turn into an ‘air gut’ as the inhalation peaks.
  • Hold the inhalation for a few seconds to get used to the movement of the diaphragm and the feeling of ‘being full’ with air. This may seem uncomfortable at first, but eventually will feel very relaxing and natural.
  • Exhalation: Making a small, relaxed oval shape with the lips, allow the breath to be exhaled by the flexing of the diaphragm. Again, the chest has no business doing this work- it will contract as the air leaves the lungs, but should not be actively flexing or pushing. The belly should feel as through it is tightening from within (the diaphragm muscle itself) and is gently pushing the air up and out.
  • Hold the lungs empty for a few moments to give them rest, then repeat.

You may experience some lightheaded sensations, extra heart-beats, discomfort, etc. for the first few cycles of breathing. If this happens, slow down and take breaks- allowing your body to resume its normal breathing habit.

The benefits Of Natural Breathing

Just a few of the benefits of using natural breathing, even when it is just a daily practice, include…

  • As the diaphragm moves with full power, the internal organs will be massaged by it. This helps empower the digestive system, helps remove toxins from the organs, strengthens the energy flow between all chakras and helps regulate fluids and chemicals within the blood! Super powerful!
  • The movement of the diaphragm, as envisioned by both Taoist and Vedic mystics, ‘fans the fire’ of the lower three chakras ensuring that life energy stays active and moving and does not become stagnant or impure. This leads to a greater sense of confidence, personal power, strength, stronger upper chakras and a general sense of calm power within the self.
  • Natural breathing practice creates deep connection to the Divine and to all life, thus opening us up to receive more blessings, guidance, personal empowerment and attunement in our lives.
  • Natural breathing increases the power of blood flow, detoxification, strength of organs and body systems, assimilation of nutrients from food, and much more!

Breathing With Purpose

Many ritual, meditative and spiritual techniques can be enhanced by specific breathing styles. Although this is a very brief introduction, those interested can use this information to begin deeper research into the possibilities.

Raising Power For Ritual Workings

Increase the speed of the breath over several cycles, using the mouth to both inhale and exhale. This moves the energy directly into the chakras of power, and helps create an altered state of consciousness.

Trance Induction For Journey work & Meditation

Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, slowly lower the rate of breathing as you relax more and more to a comfortable cadence. Focus the mind on the flow of air in and out, and allow the logical mind to float. Bringing your awareness back to the body after 5-10 cycles will connect you with a deeply altered state of consciousness and will also create a lubricated state for astral projection and deep journey workings.

Stopping Anxiety, Panic, Stress & Fear

Using the same practice we went over earlier, consciously move the breath in through the nose, into the belly, out through a slightly closed mouth. Allow the exhalation to take twice as long as the inhalation- which should also be slow and tempered. You may also choose to repeat relaxing words in cadence with the breath… In- Whatever Happens…. Out- I Am Okay…

Relieving Pain

Breathe in through the mouth and imagine the breath going to the place where the pain is. The within the mind’s eye that the breath in the form of light encompasses the pain in a bubble. gently and slowly exhale the bubble of pain. Do this several times, then begin simply breathing in healing, strengthening, empowering energy into the place of pain and exhaling any ‘bad energy’ from that spot. Words can be included here as well as you see fit. Make sure the exhalation is longer than the inhalation to place the body in a deep state of relaxation. Where there is peace, there cannot be pain!

Super Energy Charge

Using only the nose for inhalation and exhalation: close one nostril by pressing the outside of it with your finger. Inhale through the open nostril. Hold the breath for two seconds. Move your finger and close the opposite nostril, exhaling through the previously blocked nostril. Inhale through the same nostril. Move the finger to the opposite nostril, and begin the cycle again. In nostril A, out nostril B. In nostril B, Out nostril A. In nostril A, out nostril B, and so on. This creates a strong sense of calm power and high relaxed alertness within the mind and body.

Again, at the first sign of discomfort, allow your body to resume its normal breathing habit and take a break. If you have any questions about your personal ability to do breathing work, consult your medical doctor.

With all the blessings of the breath of life…

Joshua Williams


Josh's 'Energy Magic' Style Explored

October 19, 2009

Most of us are familiar with the idea of Magic. Using spiritual and/or ritual techniques to increase the potential of manifesting our will in reality. Magic, by common understanding and practice, uses ritual implements like candles, herbs, symbols, actions and words of power to effect change in consensus reality. These actions can be used to create transformation, change, bring healing, remove negativity, attract desired goals and repel undesired manifestations. Most every culture in the world has some form of folk, mystic or ritual magic they use, and in many circles, ancient styles are being brought back via re-constructionist spiritual movements (Wicca, East Anglian, Enochian, Ceremonial, Neo-Shamanism, etc.). As an answer to receiving many questions from clients and blog readers about how my style of Energy Magic differs and resonates with the traditional notion of magic and the how’s and why’s of its effectiveness, I’d like to share this article with you.

Energy Magic

As mentioned above, magic is the process of increasing the power of manifestation of ones personal will using ritual or active principles. Magic, like prayer, works with subtle energies; calling them forth and directing them to help effect a person or situation. With common magic, ritual items like candles, herbs, string, mirrors, etc. are used as physical symbols for the underlying energy they represent. The art of ‘contagion magic’ posits that changes or direction of empowered items on one level will affect who or what they represent on the same level. This is why the use of poppits, dolls and personal effects are so powerful- by doing to one thing, a similar change is created in the source or resonance of that thing.

Buzzing behind ritual magic is an infinite spectrum of energy patterns and vibrations. In its essence, energy, the stuff of life, is neutral. It emanates from Source as the all-pervading presence of power. Like water, energy takes on the attributes of that which holds it. If you place water in a green glass, the water takes on the qualities of green. Similarly, if you call forth energy into an empowered and intentional form, it will begin resonating at that level and ‘become’ a powerhouse of that ideal if done properly.

In my style of Energy Magic, I work backwards from traditional/common magic. I go directly to Source and follow this basic guideline:

  • Call forth, from Source, the needed resonances, vibratory patterns and energy workings needed by the individual(s) I am serving.
  • Receive the answers in the form of concrete symbolism (i.e. cleansing, rose energy, grounding, fertility, etc.) These symbols come to me in a language that is all my own- and in turn would come to another person in their own internal language.
  • Once I receive the guidance of how to help, I begin creating vibrational and energetic templates in spiritual space. This process involves entering a deep but controlled trance state.
  • Once the templates, vibratory forces and energetic forms are created, I meet with the person(s) I am serving on an energetic ‘time and space irrelevant’ level. At this point, a very gentle merging of the forms to the individual takes place. Where situations occur that I am working with two individuals (typically in love and romance workings), similar work takes place with a focus on empowering the spirit between them and charging it with the healing and templates.
  • This work is checked, usually daily or several times a day, until I perceive it has set and is now owned by the person.

In summary, and to help clarify some of the more abstract spiritual aspects of this work…

What you desire is created in the form of energy vibration on a superior spiritual level of existence. It is then moved into our plane of existence, linked or bound to you, and allowed to unfold. As this process happens, the energy placed within you wants to call resonant energy to it, and at the same time it works to shake loose any beliefs, emotions, feelings or blockages that are opposed to it. The whole process gently leads you to openly receiving the blessings that are already there, helps to remove obstacles and blockages, helps you resonate with the goals you desire to manifest, and helps create overall balance and cosmic flow.

Where one person may light candles of specific colors at certain times of the day, I will go to the spiritual source of what empowers the color, the flame and the spoken words and channel that directly into the paradigm of the person I am serving. They are both roads leading to the same end, though I believe working strictly with energy tends to create quicker change and requires less time for me to do the working. In many cases, I can do a 10-20 minute working for a client right after speaking with them so that before my energy even leaves their field, the next wave of magic is coming in.

The Secret Of Energy Magic

The secret of energy magic is love. That is to say, anything we want is already given to us. The process of manifesting our will really relies simply on attuning to that will and removing any internal or external blockages that prevent it from manifesting naturally. In most cases of a clearly and heart-centered operating person, the action they wish to manifest is desired by them because it is right for them. The reason for it not showing up is not a case of them not deserving it, or needing to manipulate to get it- it’s a case of them carrying internal blockages in the form of belief, history, karma, fear, toxicity, external influence, spiritual poisoning, etc. that prevents it from manifesting in a spontaneous and natural way.

The goal of the work I do is simply to remove blockages, attune the person I am serving to the highest goal, and open them up to receive the full power of the blessing-cosmos all around them. You can see how my work, although active in practice, is passive in effect. I don’t do any work without Source granting permission and know from a far distance if the request given to me is in accord with Divine law or not.

Creating more intentional magic in your life is simply a matter of clearly identifying what you want, then meditating on that desire to see what comes up within you that ‘ doesn’t believe in the goal or fears it. Then, one by one those issues are worked out until you are a vessel meant to hold your desire.

You truly can have whatever you desire- as long as it is the whole of you that desires it, and not just one part of you!

The Process

For me, energy magic, energy healing and energy workings are not something to be taken lightly. I am often asked why I do not charge my clients for these services, and the answer is simple. I am not the creator of the energy, the bestower of blessings or the maestro of the cosmos. I am simply a channel with intent, and nothing more. Charging for that work would be like me charging for the work another man does. It makes no sense. In the history of people who walk the path I do, we have always been called forth to be a present, available and active participant in the lives of those who receive our services. I wish only to maintain that current and do whatever I can to help create a more joyous, peaceful and balanced life for all so that we can toss off the fetters and focus on growth and spiritual progress.

I should note that I do require a live session for both connection and understanding of the works’ goal before I do the work. There is no expectation of call length or money spent in this regard, although a sufficient length of time to cover all topics and help compensate me for my time, energy and presence is always greatly appreciated.

How Can Energy Magic Work For You?

The best way to know is always to ask! Your session with me provides you with a detailed, quick and accurate connection to psychic and spiritual guidance- and the effectiveness and potential of energy magic for your situation can also be discussed. Some situations require only a blessing and some personal work on your end. Others require only some energy work on my end. Some require a bit of both in varying degrees. If you are willing, ready and excited to play an active and accountable role in the manifestation of your goals and the realization of total health, joy and spiritual balance- then we will work great together as a team!

I look forward to serving you and your unique life journey with the limitless tools of Source and Heart…

Joshua Williams


Feng-Shui The Fun Way! Personal Intuitive Design For Health, Abundance & Joy

October 12, 2009

Most of us are aware of how our environment effects our moods. The rise in popularity of spirit-based design arts like Feng-Shui and Vaashtu have really got people thinking more about the power of space and the magic of placement. In this article, I’d like to explore some ideas and suggestions with you that will help you call forth the natural sense of balance and flow within you and use it to empower the space around you!

Feng-Shui & Vaashtu

Feng-Shui is a sacred Taoist (Chinese) method of working with the natural elements of a space to create balance and harmony. Feng-Shui translates to ‘wind-water’ and calls forth the idea of bringing nature into our space and doing so in a way that creates wind-and-water-like balance. Through Feng-Shui, the desired elements of a space (bed, desk, chair, table, etc.) are viewed from an elemental perspective and placed in direction-based parts of the space and in specific groupings that create a natural resonance between those elements. In addition, especially in the Black Cat School Style of Feng-Shui, charms like mirrors, chimes, animal figures and words are use to tie a space together spiritually for optimal harmony. Feng-Shui focuses on diagnosing a space to define how it is out of balance and then taking the steps needed to correct or ‘fix’ that imbalance.

Like Feng-Shui, Vaashtu is also a spiritually-based art and science of space. Hailing from ancient Vedic sacred texts (India), Vaashtu uses a map of the ‘world man’ (Visvakarma) to define how a space should be used. The same principles are used in the construction of many Hindu temples. In this system, one of the many Vaashtu Yantras (sacred pattern) are super-imposed over a map of the space. These Yantras include spaces for planets, Deities, the Earth, the primordial man, colors, etc. and the space is then arranged so that the right elements in the space correspond to the right areas of the Yantra. Also in Vaashtu is the practice of installing heavenly/planetary Personalities in the form of the Navagraha Deities into the space to ensure it’s harmony and protection.

These are both fascinating areas of study that helped me personally delve into the power of external energy flow and geomancy. If you are interested in the subject, I highly recommend you check out some books and websites to learn more! In this article, we’ll be focusing less on established schools of spiritual design and more on tapping our own innate ability to sense and work with energy flow in our space. Home or office- intuitive design can truly bring magic all around you!

Intuitive Design

I’ve always believed that the space we keep is a reflection of our hearts. The home or office we work in is, in its own way, an intuitive manifestation of where we are and how we are at the time we design and ‘own’ that space. Where we choose to put furniture, what colors we pick and what other design elements seem right reflect what’s relevant in our minds and hearts. Several months or years down the road- we may decide that this isn’t right anymore and switch everything around. Space, like life, should be dynamic and set up in a way that allows us to make changes to it as we make changes within ourselves.

With intuitive design, we are simply doing what feels right for our space while being more mindful of the choices we make- and adding elements that may not seem natural right now to call forth their natural vibrations which may fulfill needs we have in general. In this process, we are choosing to design a space just like we normally would- but instead of just labeling design elements as ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’, we are taking time to meditate on WHY we may be so attracted to one thing and less to another. Intuitive design requires us to explore the meanings of colors, symbols, animals, materials, directions, etc. from many cultures and belief systems to try and understand holistically why we like what we do so that we can fully own that liking. In addition, it requires us to identify lack and desire in our life so that we can in turn identify symbolism to bring into the space that will resonate with filling that lack or manifesting that desire.

The internet may be your very best resource in this work- tons of information is out there for free about color meaning, symbolism, directions, placement, plant meanings, animal totem symbolism, stones, etc. Use whatever resources you have to both honor your intuitive creativity and identify what you can bring into your space to create perfection.

What Feels Right Probably Is Right

As human beings, we are acutely aware of energy flow in and around us- although it can e easy to clock out the small voice that tells us what all of that means. In designing and owning space, it’s important to follow your intuition- especially in how furniture of mass is placed and what color schemes you choose. Let go of what’s popular and instead choose to work with what’s potent- for you as an individual. Let your space be a reflection of you so that when you are in it- you are getting closer to your own power without doing anything!

Energy and vibration needs to be able to flow through a space freely, and this is why working with big furniture should be done with intention and mindfulness. Make sure the space feels open, flowing and easy to be in. Try to avoid letting furniture or other design elements ‘block’ energy from flowing through a room. Once you’ve come up with a design plan- think of it in terms of how easily it would be for a breeze or energy form to move through and around the room. Look at windows and doors as portals for fresh energy and make sure they stay open and inviting. Follow your own intuition in creating a space that houses your own energy field and that of the space you are in with harmony and relaxation.

Making Magic With Design

If there’s a specific energy you’d like to foster in your space- like abundance for your office, love in the bedroom, relaxation in the living room, etc.- then you’re in luck! The natural world around is buzzes with symbols, colors, stones, etc. that all act to call forth an energy flow and help you get in tune with it for your own life.

Bring this magic into your space by first defining what it is you want. Then, research symbolism, color, gemstones, materials, directions, etc. from cultures or systems you feel comfortable with (Feng-Shui, Vaashtu, Wicca, New Age Healing, etc.) and bring them into your space in a creative way. You may wish to use certain healing colors in tapestries, upholstery or paintings. You could place your cash register or desk in the direction of wealth. You might also consider growing house plants that have symbolism of healing, prosperity, love, etc. (for more on the healing power of house plants, check out my article HERE).

Feel free to use whatever symbolism means something to you- and recognize the magic it will create! If you add a design element with intention, you’ll create a conscious and subconscious link that will be activated and empowered every time you perceive the object! In no time at all you’ll start walking in line with the symbol and manifesting it’s meaning for real in your life!

Healing Sick Space

Just as we can call forth things we want into our space, we can also remove things from our lives we don’t want that may hold root in our space. If you struggle with recurring health problems, fighting, bad communication with lovers, infertility, etc. you may want to try and identify how these things are reflected in your sacred space.

Remember that the space is a reflection of the heart- and it’s a two-way street!

Is the space dirty and cluttered, creating mis-communication and a sense of chaos in the heart? Are the houseplants wilted and sunlight being blocked created a sense of ill health? Are the colors lacking in diversity or is the furniture creating boredom or depression?

You can also use your sacred space (home or office) for moving meditations in your life. If you feel stuck- clean and meditate! If you feel trapped- re-arrange some furniture and open up the space while you meditate. If you feel bored or depressed- add some color and fun to your space while you meditate! These items can be inexpensive and easy to find in the form of fabric pieces, home made art works, second-hand shops, etc. Get creative and get the energy moving toward a more magical life through sacred space!

Look at the space you live or work in and see how it might be reinforcing negative things going on within you… then get inspired, creative and excited to fix it! As you to do your space you do to yourself- that can be your mantra as you work through cleaning, cleansing, arranging and designing!

More on spiritual cleansing and protection of your space can be found in my article posted HERE, and a clean slate is always a great way to start!

With blessings of abundance, health and joy in your sacred space…

Joshua Williams


You're Never Alone! Secrets Of Cultivating A Magical Relationship With The Divine

September 30, 2009

Take a deep breath and look around you- no matter how seemingly simple or complex your environment might be, it is teeming with the Spirit of the Most High!

Learning to recognize, realize and commune with the Divine presence in all is perhaps the most powerful and most ancient technique for combating loneliness and plugging in to as life of pure magic!

In this article. I’d like to explore with you some ways to create that special, all-encompassing relationship for yourself so that the lie of being alone never hits you again!

Immanence Means Attentiveness!

Without getting into the timeless philosophical debate of Divine immanence, I’d like to initiate you into what may be a new way of seeing and being.

Think of the last time you saw a beautiful painting… did you think of the person who painted it, or did you simply enjoy it for what it was in it’s manifest form? Many of us take to the latter in our journey through this life and forget that the Divine (as either Creator, Sustainer or Omnipresent Impersonal Force) signature is all around us. When an artist sign a painting, it is a symbol for them having created it. But, when the Divine ‘signs’ the creation, it is not different than the Divine being saturated throughout all of creation because the nature of the Divine is absolute- meaning that It’s part is equal to it’s whole, and that it truly cannot be fragmented.

Because of this, the very cosmic we exist in vibrates with the presence of Divinity. Softly and subtly the Divine exists as the frame and matrix for all the is created and all that we as individuals create. It is the empowering force which allows physical laws, co-creation and life itself to progress in what appears to be an effortless way.

The Divine, being absolute, is everywhere. This does not necessarily imply that the Divine IS everything, simply that all things are within it.  The Divine has such power that by being attentive to something (our lives), it is present in them. If we look at an object several hundred yards away- we are still only where we stand. But if the Divine were to do the same thing, as a crude example, It would be both where it stood and where it was looking, and everywhere in between.

Because of this powerful mystery, our world and our lives are showered with Divine attention and presence at every moment. Truly, there is no way to unplug from it, and that means that we are never really alone!

A More Divine Paradigm

Try spending the rest of the day pretending that the entirely of the Divine is hovering just behind you. All the support of the universal supported is right there with YOU. How might this paradigm change your behavior? Your willingness to try new things and accept bigger challenges? How might it change your thoughts, feelings, way of seeing things and way of seeing yourself?

As simple as this exercise seems, it is actually very potent! One of the first things we must do to accept the immanent presence of the Cosmic into our lives is try to feel and experience it as our own truth. There’s nothing wrong with ‘faking it until you make it’, which is why this exercise can and quickly will attune and initiate you into a higher state of consciousness!

The Power Of The Psychic Is Yours!

Most psychic seers and spiritual healers will acknowledge that they are not the do-er. This is why we favor the terms ‘channel’ and ‘catalyst’ so much, because they honor the fact that it is indeed the Cosmic Divine who is doing the work through us, rather than us doing the work ourselves. I can do a holistic reading and energy/light work session anywhere- because the source of my power IS everywhere. This same power that I, and many other spiritual guides, tap to do our work is available to everyone- all you have to do to call it forth is change your paradigm, see it, feel it, perceive it and accept it into your consciousness! This is a fundamental step in developing your intuitive gifts, and one that many people in the modern world struggle with. We try so hard to do a good job, be in control, be on top and be the leader that it can be very challenging to ‘let go and let God’. But this way of being is not only the way of truth- it is the way of peace… letting go means opening up to a limitless fountain of resources and blessings that will work to help you live in a more clear, spiritual, intentional, healthy and stress-free life!

To perceive and interact with the Divine all around you is to initiate yourself into your whole life becoming one big chain of omens. Portents of change and transformation manifest in simple ways- what was a random thing yesterday is the voice of the Divine today with your new way of seeing!

Take What’s Yours!

Although brief, I hope that this article inspires you to think and receive in a higher way about the presence of Divinity in your life and in your world. You are never alone, and never at the bottom of the hole. There is always a limitless field of resources, love, guidance and empowerment waiting for you to open up and receive it. The Divine is not forceful or manipulative… It gives what we ask for, and so we must simply ask and be grateful!

With Peace & Blessings In The Light Of Divine Presence…


Joshua Williams


Giving Away: Cosmic Secrets Of Healing & Abundance

September 18, 2009

when we hear the term ‘give away’, we tend to automatically revert to the idea of getting something for nothing- or giving something and getting nothing in return. In truth, all movement of energy, giving and receiving being an example of that movement, always has reciprocation. For every action, there is a reaction. In this article, I’d like to explore with you the very basics of healing, abundance and faith-strengthening power of Giving Away- hopefully giving you new insight to the process and a new love of letting go!

The Cycle

To give is to release something in your possession with the intention of another openly receiving it. To receive is to openly accept what is sacrified or offered from the possession of another. Strange as it may seem, I find that most people have a harder time receiving fully than giving openly. I think this is because we have been raised to believe that nothing is free, and anything given must have a secret ‘price tag’ of agenda attached to it somewhere.

In order to participate in the fullness of the cycle of energy, we must let down our guards and take a faithful leap into a paradigm of ‘all things good’. Starting with giving in open love will set us on the right foot for learning to receive in open love… because just as the old axiom says ‘we reap what we sow’.

The cycle of giving and receiving is not based on cold debt or hard expectation, which is one reason it can be hard for us modern folk to understand it. Instead of using these terms we are so familiar with, empowered mostly by the symbolism and power of money, we have to pan back and look at it in terms of energy- the source of whatever power exists in money or anything else.

Open giving creates a natural and powerful spiritual link between the giver and the receiver. If the offering is accepted openly, a type of ‘karmic’ link is established that the universe endorses. This will ensure that the heart-centered giver will be repaid for their offering, especially if no repayment is expected! If the offering is blocked because the recipient is not able to openly receive- then a weaker connection is made that will likely turn toxic with feelings of rejection, expectation, payback and loss. These subtleties are the reason why learning to give without agenda and receive without fear are paramount. The few people in this world who plug into this paradigm and express it fully are the same ones who have no doubt that the law of attraction is real, the universe is infinite in power and potential and that we are loved without rancor!

Giving To Heal

Most of us have a few pieces in our emotional collection we wouldn’t mind giving away. Hurt, guilt, fear, etc. line the shelves for most of us. We tend to horde these little collectibles because we know that no one wants to take them from us, even if we give them away for free- and they certainly won’t bid high on eBay! We know that when people pawn their unwanted emotional collectibles off on us- it’s a burden we’d rather not carry. So, we don’t do it to others (hopefully!). But there is a collector out there who is capable, willing and even eager to receive the weights in your pack- and in many cases will pay you back in healing, empowerment and joy!

This collector is the Divine consciousness itself- however you want to address it. Simply acknowledging hurt, past, fears, etc. that dwell within you, recognizing their negative influence on your health and happiness and making a conscious resolve to call them forth and offer them up is all you have to do to start the relief process.

If you are a more physical person- creating a work of art, writing, sculpture, etc. that represents your illness or hurt in it’s fullness can be a great way to get the toxic energy disconnected from your being. Once complete; name it, drain the issue into the object and release it via burying, burning or destroying to the Divine.

If you are a more internal/mental person, creating a meditative visualization of the issue and dissolving it into the eternal blackness may be a good practice.

Either type of person may find that creating a simple to elaborate ritual; whether internal or external or both, will be most helpful. In the past, I have done walking meditation in natural places to find a stone or piece of wood that is willing to be a vessel for my unwanted junk. I then spend an hour to several days draining the toxicity into the object. Once I feel that it has disconnected from me and attached to the object, I return to nature with gratitude and usually a small offering, toss it over my shoulder and walk out a new person!

Giving To Receive

Giving to receive is not something we can actively do- rather it is something we actively participate in. If we give with the expectation of receiving, we add a level of control and fear to our giving that prevents the All from responding in it’s most powerful ways. When we give, it has to be solely for the desire of giving- in faith, and not in expectation, that whatever the law of returns has in store for us will manifest to us in fullness.

Ramana Maharishi, and Indian philosopher and sage said:

“All that one gives to others one gives to one’s self.

If this truth is understood, who will not give to others?

This simple yet profound statement completely defines the law of return, the way of abundance, the power of faith and the nature of love in its fullness. By openly giving to others from a place of desiring for them as much, or even more, than we desire for ourselves- we are actually opening ourselves up to receiving what we desire in ways that cannot be duplicated by any other means. In some cases, our giving may be a hard sacrifice- offering time, prosperity or valued items so that another may take their energies to the next level. Other times, we may feel ready and even eager to part with something- and when in the right paradigm, the person who will be a good steward of that energy will manifest.

Tapping this eternal cycle just once trains us up to have faith in the way of the Divine, love the way of love, and creates a deep eagerness to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves’. As much as it may be cliche to say- this is one ideal I can get behind that may truly be the ‘all problems solved’ medicine.

Get What’s Coming To You!

I’d like to wrap up this article with a few thoughts on receiving. In the modern day, it’s almost becoming an art to gracefully and openly receive the gifts we receive from others and from Spirit. Letting go of our fears and guilt in association with accepting the gifts brought forth to us is not an easy healing task- but it is essential and paramount to your spiritual development. The truth is, that at every moment the Divine, Nature, Cosmos and our multi-formed spiritual siblings are handing us blessings, wisdom, guidance and love from every direction. If we are not experiencing this- it’s because we’re rejecting it. We all have to learn, due to being conditioned to forget, that unconditional Divine love comes with no price tag, manipulation or agenda. As soon as we can realize and get behind this truth- we’ll see how much is being given to us at every moment and openly receive it- creating natural gratitude, super-charged wisdom, consistent personal guidance and sense of never being alone or in lack.

I tend to see things of a cosmic nature in ways that relate to our every-day-life. In this regard, I like to think of receiving in the form of breathing. Most people I have worked with in an energy-therapeutic way do not breathe naturally. We tend to use the power of our shoulder girdle to draw in breath, instead of allowing the diaphragm and abdominal hollow to do it’s job and gently draw breath in filling up the lungs completely. Sure, this is a natural symptom of stress, sitting too much, bad air and countless other influences. But the root as I see it is about receiving. We are so concerned and fearful about opening up and letting the universe do what it does best that we even change out pattern of breathing to maintain some level of control and protection over it. Actively and intentionally receiving the gift of energy-charged air and the beauty of the body that processes it can in and of itself alleviate migraines, change posture, increase energy and cultivate great compassion. This is, of course, a generalization- but one that I have seen often enough to feel comfortable making.

Recognizing the infinite gifts, blessings and opportunities that surround us at every single instant will naturally create awe. Awe leads to respect, which leads to eagerness to participate, which leads to heart-centered real gratitude. A beautiful process that is both our birth-right and our greatest medicine.

I encourage you to step up to the cosmic buffet and EAT!

With Peace & Blessings on the spiral path of big love…

Joshua Williams


Lucky Objects Of Living Power

September 11, 2009

As we walk this life journey, we collect physical items that have value to us- and in most cases, that value cannot be understood by any other person. As we hold space for these items of sentimental value, memory-joggers, symbols of events, places or times we create deep bonds with them that seem to give them a life of their own. In this article, I’d like to explore with you the symbolism, power and potential of these objects of living and being power, and hopefully introduce you to some new ways of seeing and receiving from them!

What Makes An Object Powerful?

Many of us are familiar with the use of objects as power in many spiritual traditions. Amulets, fetishes, talismans, stones and lucky charms saturate the lore of mystic practice and living. But what makes these ordinary objects have so much power?

The answer is YOU. The unique way in which you view a sacred object creates the very energy that makes it sacred! This is why taking on an object that may breing great power to one person will do nothing for you- you don’t have the same attachment to it as the other person may have had.

Although inanimate, objects and keepsakes we carry through our lives are able to absorb and eventually resonate at our unique vibrational frequency. Filtered by the specific memory or meaning the object has, the energy we put into them by out attachment shines from the object and turns it into a little storehouse of energy form. The more significance, impact, meaning or memory an object holds for us- the more powerful it will become.

Sacred Objects… All Around You!

That special piece of jewelry given to you by someone you love, the funky rock you found on that hike, the t-shirt you’ve had since high school… each of these are examples of an object taking on more meaning and power than is logical- yet since time immemorial objects just like these have effected the lives of those who held space for them. Objects are simply a tangible manifestation of those often elusive internal thoughts, emotions, memories or goals. They give form to the world of the mind and allow us to interact in a physical way with a symbol for something much deeper. The more we interact, the deeper the connection becomes and the more the object gains power.

Each object in your possession that has special power and meaning for you also has the ability to bring more of the same into your life.

Think of it this way…

That lucky baseball cap you wear- the one that makes you win every time… Well, the day you first wore it, you had a big win and that’s where the initial filter was implanted to the object. Now, over time, it has been fed more and more energy- all passing through that filter of winning and resonating only with who you are. Pure luck or energy medicine? You be the judge!

Getting Intentional For Big Magic

Just like in the above story, items of power evoke a specific paradigm within us- both on the energetic level and on the emotional/mental levels. When we associate with the item- we call forth within ourselves the energy it represents. Spending time with an old photo album can literally change your mood and bring a complex sense of joy and love to your heart- but it’s just a book!

The power lies in the associations we make. Once we associate a particular energy or potency with an object, that object will forever bring out that potential within us!

Here are some suggestions to help you draw the full spectrum of potency and magic from your personal objects of power…

  • When you feel down, interact with an object of power that reminds you of happiness. The same can be applied to illness & healing, Loneliness & love, lack and abundance, etc. Use the object as a tool to call forth the power to change and be more within yourself- let it boil up and spill out into your life!
  • Be more intentional with your objects of power. Much like Shamanic practice, you can gives relevant names and ‘personalities’ to your objects of power to help remember what they are about and increase the connection between you. In many cases, naming an object and keeping it somewhere respectful will create such a strong connection that it’s influence and energy will shower you all the time!
  • Allow the meaning and energy of an object to change with you. As you grow, the meaning of abundance may change- allow this. Sometimes, because objects are so concrete, they can act more as weights dragging us down than power items pulling us up. If you get bigger and your object can’t keep up- let it go.
  • Take time to clean, interact with and respect your objects of power. No matter where they came from- they came from the Universe and Source itself. Honoring this increases the objects power to channel cosmic energy and strengthens the bond between you and the higher state of being it recalls for you.
  • Carry your object of power with you whenever you need it. Making it useful always makes it more powerful!
  • Don’t forget: the power is completely within YOU- any object or person can only bring you what you are capable of bringing yourself… avoid deifying your objects of power and instead seek to know the energy they bring forth in you so well that you transcend the need for them altogether!
  • If you see an object that recalls someone else in your mind- this may be a sign that you’ve found an object of power for that person. If you can, get it- and give a gift that seriously keeps on giving!

Techniques Of Contagion, Resonance & Influence

If you’d really like to hone in on the power that charged objects can bring you, and get them working for you 24/7, try these ideas out…

  • Place a group of objects together on a bookshelf, altar or tabletop. Make sure that the energy of each of the objects used agrees and harmonizes with one another. Assemble objects with the intention of creating a little universe of power, then, put something that represents you as a person along with them. A photo, favorite shirt, hairbrush, etc. surrounded by objects of power will act as a gateway to channel their energy directly to you all the time!
  • Intentionally place objects of power in areas of your home where their influence is desired. Try keeping abundance objects in the kitchen to call forth the resonance of harvest and wealth. What about healing items in the shower to help cleanse you of toxic energy? Or Items of love and connection in the bedroom to facilitate a deeper relationship? Use your creativity- using objects of power with other places or objects that have the same power only makes them, well, more powerful! The more holistic you make this practice in your life the more you’ll tap into the limitless ability of energy and start actively directing it onto your path!
  • Open your eyes when in need and see what the universe drops right in front of you! If objects of power work well with your personality- keep yourself open to receiving them as you walk through life. I believe the universe always speaks and blesses us- as long as pay attention and properly receive we can have everything we seek!

I hope this brief look at objects of power will help connect you to your highest potential and the magic of the universe we call home!

Peace & Blessings…

Joshua Williams



The Healing Potential Of Breaking Up

September 9, 2009

Greetings All!

I have been working on the following information for some time, and I hope that many of you find it useful. In times of ending a relationship, we often create suffering in a situation that has the potential to offer us huge healing and empowerment. In this article, ‘break up’ refers to any relationship that ends for any reason. This information can be applied to any relationship (committed, lovers, friends, etc.) and should be pretty easy to modify as needed to fit your specific situation.

The Spirit Of Breaking Up

As humans, we are naturally hard-wired to be social creatures. We rely heavily on the association of other like-minded people to inspire, heal, support, enjoy and experience. Our relationships with one another can manifest in literally millions of ways- and the truth is that no two are alike. You are unique in all the world, as is the person you connect with. Therefore, you create a unique relationship that cannot be duplicated by any others. When we surrender completely to a relationship, we are in a state of total ‘open-ness’ to the other person. We eagerly show them our weakness, strength, fear, power and potential because we know that they can help us ‘heal and reveal’ with their love.

Breaking up is the act of ending or severing a connection like the ones mentioned above- and like the initial relationship itself, no two break-up’s are alike, and they are always intense!

Spiritually, a relationship of any caliber creates subtle cords of vibrating energy between us. As we relax into trusting one another, these cords root and deeper and deeper levels of our being (energetic/spiritual) and grow stronger and brighter. The cords created in a relationship act to deepen the spiritual potency of our relationship while opening each of us up to the ‘metaphysical’ or ‘soul’ aspects of one another. They effect the state of our emotions, physical action, thoughts, fears, desires and overall relationship health.

In a break up, often times the physical presence of the other person is removed, while the cords still stay in tact. This creates a huge amount of additional suffering that can easily be handled. Think of it this way- the source of the rooting is gone while the roots stay in tact. This is quite like pulling a tree, removing it from all soil and expecting it to thrive.

Advanced Cord Cutting Theory

One of the first steps in a break up I use when coaching clients is to actively remove the cords. This is NOT a destruction of memory or potential for a reconnection in the future. Cords are dynamic and energy-based, which means they are not limited to the same laws we are used to. Removing a cord effects only your paradigm and not the actual existence of the energetic connection. Cords vibrate on a high frequency (soul plane) and exist in the paradigm of the soul as part of it’s current life experience- even after the energetic forms of the cords have been removed.

When it comes to curd cutting work- you have to WANT to release, and more importantly, you have to be prepared to do so. Look through the hurt and the pain, know you deserve more and bless the other person to find what it is they are looking for in fullness- even if it’s not with you. Easier said than done, I know, but the process of working yourself into this head space will be a huge impact on your healing in general.

You can explore the actual technique of cord cutting by CLICKING HERE.

Healing Through Breaking

Here are a few spiritual ideas to contemplate during this difficult time. Some of them may seem candid or even callous, but if you want to get bigger and make the best out of this situation- there’s no sense in coating it with sugar!

  • If your relationship is over, it is supposed to be. Take time to surrender to the universal intelligence and try to relax into the idea that there may be a reason for what just happened far beyond the reach of your brain. Remember, we’re limited linear brains in a universe of infinite, dynamic possibility..l. don’t block yourself from what could be!
  • You are a valuable, worthy and beautiful person. Nature does not support pointless pursuits. If you were not supposed to be here, you would not be. The fact that you are here right now means that there is more in store for you.
  • Although the relationship you just came out of may have been heavenly- it may not be the ONE. You may have just experienced an initiation into a higher state of expectation and your ‘bar’ may have just risen a few notches. Now that you know what CAN happen, the universe is aligning for you what WILL! The relationship may have ended, but you did not- and now your heart is ready for the next level, so expect it and openly receive it!
  • Take time to consider what you may have learned about yourself in this relationship. Are you more than you thought you were? Now that you’ve just had this experience, what would the next one look like if you could plan it out?
  • Guilt is poison. If you messed up- acknowledge your mistakes, make a plan to heal and ACT ON IT… then let go. If you feel the need to apologize for behaviors in the relationship you are not happy with, do it in a way that is both passive and receptive. YOU forgiving yourself is what’s important here. As long as you apologize to the other person- it’s no longer your business if they accept it or not. GIVING an apology is just that. You give it to them, and what they choose to do with it is theirs alone.
  • Contemplate and/or list the aspects of the relationship that were most pleasing to you. This helps you get clear about what does work for you and helps the universe back up your desires with results. If you aren’t clear about what you want- no one else will be.
  • Spend time with people who can remind you of how awesome you are! Right now, you need to tap back into your personal value, power and abilities so that your own being does not disintegrate like the relationship did. You must go on- and chances are the next round is going to make this one look like training and nothing more.
  • Realize that you are not your relationships. You are part and parcel to them- but they are not your identity. A little healthy separation can be a good thing as long as it doesn’t turn to burying feelings and deflecting needed accountability.
  • Try to spend time blessing the other person daily. Wish the best for them, however that may come forth. Don’t call the shots- simply send them love and congratulations so that whatever it is they are looking for they will have. The more you give, the more you receive 😉

In closing, There is no simple way to experience loss. The point of loss IS that you experience it in it’s fullness, otherwise it would not happen. It’s your choice to suffer wrong or suffer right! Using this opportunity to learn more about you, your desires, your needs and your value will deliver you to realizations of great depth. Remembering to look into the mirror and self-heal in times of distress turns you into a powerful person who is at the center of your own universe!

On the path of centered love, open sharing, soul-deep growing and being in fullness…

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Looking For The One? Turn On Your Love Lights!

August 28, 2009

In this article, I’d like to offer you a few simple techniques that are sure to get your love lights cranked up to full brightness so that you shine forth- attracting the right love into your life!

In searching for- and more importantly, being open to finding true love- there are many layers of the self that must be healed. From fear of a bad situation preventing you from manifesting a great one to low self-value… way more deep psych than anyone really wants to go through! But to really connect with loving partners who facilitate (not make!) our happiness, we have to be open and empowered on every level of our being. If our heart (pure love) wants something different than our brains (fear, logic, the past) then we might as well call it quits!

In these simple yet powerful techniques, we will be going straight to the source of emotions, body and mind… living life energy! Working in this manner waters the root of the tree instead of all the leaves on at a time and by gently changing the energy- the rest just falls right into place!

Turn On Your Love Lights!

In past articles I have explained the huge power of color in energy work. Color, like sound, is one of the most pure and reflexive symbols for life energy that we have to work with, Subtle, vibrating and sometime elusive- color links us to specific forces of energy for healing, empowerment and joy!

In this practice, we’re going to work with color to harmonize your energetic bodies, help loosen and remove blockages preventing true loving relationships and help you glow in the dark so the right one can’t miss you!

As in all meditation practices I teach- please value your time and space as sacred by making sure you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable, use music, candles, oils and incense as desired and make sure to turn off your phone! This is your sacred, well deserved space- the more energy you put into making it a special time, the more attention you’ll get from your inner-self and from spiritual allies as well! A special pink candle lit only during this practice would be most powerful! Roses or rose fragrance as well as symbols of love are also nice to have around if you can get them easily and they mean something to you personally.

  • Take a few moments to get comfortable- either sitting or lying down. Make sure the back is well supported and the heart-center and throat areas are not restricted by jewelry or tight clothing
  • Begin your session by simply feeling love for yourself. Tap into your power, your value, your accomplishments, talents, beauty and personality. Love on yourself for a few moments to get the right energy moving!
  • You may wish to say a prayer, affirmation, intention or petition at this point to clarify why you are doing this practice. Let every level of your being as well as the limitless universe around you know why you’re here and what you expect to accomplish so they can give you full support!
  • Begin the meditation visualization by simply feeling the energy of love in your heart center. Allow it to grow deeper and stronger with each inhalation. As you start to really feel it- let it take on the color pink (No matter your gender, pink is a highly attractive vibrational frequency for unconditional love!).
  • Let the pink light within slowly grow larger with each breath. Draw pink in from the limitless love of the universe on your inhalation, and push it into your center to expand your own love light on the exhalation.
  • Continue making your light bigger and bigger- first it encompasses all of your body, then several feet around you, then the room you’re in, then city, state, country, continent… keep going until you feel as though your light occupies all of infinity!

  • Hold this light for as long as you can. Simply being in this vibration will start aligning things on many levels. You are welcome to state or meditate on affirmations or prayers for attracting love while in this space as long as you can also continue to hold the light in your minds eye.
  • Know that as your light expands, it is reaching those souls who are most ideal for you in this lifetime and calling them. Feel several connections being made- and if you feel nothing, fake it! Imagine a few mystery figures being surprised by this loving energy, encapsulated in it, then deeply connected and attentive to you. This is a time when powerful psychic revelations about your love might come to you!
  • Once you feel some connections have been made- begin slowly pulling your light back in. Go with a pace that feels natural and that your own minds eye can keep up with. Don’t rush the call back!
  • As the light finally returns fully to your heart center, know that it has created deep healing, openness to pure love, removed blockages within that prevent love from coming to you and also created connections to help ‘draw forth’ your mate!

After your session is finished, say several words of gratitude for what has happened. Again, if you felt nothing- be grateful for what you’d like to feel and know for sure next time!

This meditation should be practiced weekly, especially on Fridays, until your lover manifests. Each time you practice, you’ll go deeper into a state of deep meditative trance and will experience deeper levels of healing. You’ll also notice yourself changing very easily in small ways as minor adjustments to your energy are made that quickly reflect in your conscious life… this is you getting back on track with who you are and what you deserve- true love!

The Best Of The Worst

One of the most common reasons I see in clients for not attracting new love is that they have not healed from past love. We all get burned- and sometimes it’s really intense. From hard breakups to cheating, loss to drama, relationships can end for countless reasons- but if we hold onto that loss, we’re blocking the change!

This exercise can be extremely difficult for some- but I promise you that it will not only help you feel a whole lot better, it will also heal, release, clear, cleanse and open your loving nature to the real love you deserve!

Work this exercise when you have alone time and are feeling calm and joyful. This is not an exercise that should be performed when you feel lonely, negative or sad!

  • Grab a pen and a piece of paper (yay! It’s homework time!).
  • Begin your session with prayer, affirmation, intention or petition- whatever feels right for you.
  • Now, write down the names of every significant lover, partner, etc. you can recall.
  • For each name you wrote down (and this is the heavy part), I want you to write down as many positive qualities about that relationship as you can. List everything you loved about that person. What was perfect? What attracted you to them in the first place? What was that special thing they did that kept your attention? Write it all down- only the great stuff! If negativity comes up, dismiss it gently and go back to the positive.

  • It might help to imagine that you are taking all of your past karmic relationships and extracting all the good stuff to create a new, perfect mate who lacks all the bad qualities and expresses all the great ones!
  • DO NOT judge your emotions during this process. Give yourself loving permission to cry, laugh, smile, etc. These emotions are releases and need to be allowed freedom to come out so they don’t just go hide again!

So, what did you just do?

You made it clear to yourself and to the universe what you’re into. You opened up some old wounds and acknowledged the love that was there so healing and release could take place. You cleared some cobwebs, released old cords to make room for new ones. You got deeply in touch with what works for you in a relationship. You let go of guilt or judgment that you had about yourself regarding past decisions and behaviors. Awesome!

Become What You Desire!

Ok, so this one is completely silly and most of you probably won’t do it- but I swear it’s a powerhouse for tapping into your self-value, injecting some light and love into your consciousness and really helping you and the universe get on the same page about what works for you in relationships. It’s also a ton of fun if you can let go and just play with it!

To put it simply- when you’re hanging out around the house, in the car, etc. I want you to talk to yourself as though you are your lover. Speak out loud (probably not wise to do this in public haha!) and say the things to yourself you’d like to hear from someone else. Comment on how great dinner was, ow amazing you look after losing just 3 pounds, how nice the house looks, etc. Invite yourself to dinner, make plans, tap in!

This exercise is completely off the wall- but it’s also completely powerful! It allows you to:

  • Acknowledge the wonderful things about yourself so that others can do the same (you know that whole ‘people can only love you as much as you love yourself’ thing? It’s true!).
  • Move energy into your life that is right on target with honing in, manifesting and progressing a seriously wonderful loving relationship.
  • Puts a smile on your face, warmth in your heart, clear orders on the cosmic wish list
  • And most of all- let’s you have some crazy fun with love energy which is something many of us don’t have much experience with!

In addition to all that, serious deep healing is taking place without you having to re-live any of the old wounds… sounds like good medicine to me!

Get What’s Coming To You!

I want you to believe like I believe how much each of us deserves bliss, joy, health, spiritual connection, abundance and progress in this life. None of us is special in this regard- it’s simply a literal birth-right for every single one of us! If you aren’t experiencing those things now- then something is not on track and it’s time to help you remember what’s out there for you!


With prayers & Blessings to all who’s eyes fall upon these words that pure love and Divine blessings with flow into you freely and abundantly…

Joshua Williams