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How Your Home Influences Your Living: Secrets Of Your Home's Personality!

April 14, 2010

Everything in the world around us vibrates. All of life and the world in which we live is a complex network of unique vibrations and energetic forces which support, challenge, uplift,  and empower our lives. Even the place you call home has it’s own signature energy vibration- it’s own personality which interacts with yours to create a dynamic relationship. How does the place you call home affect your life?

More Than Just Four Walls and A Roof!

They say that ‘home is where the heart is’, and I couldn’t agree more. The place we live tends to act as a mirror for what’s happening inside the deepest part of our being. Just like the people we attract into our lives, our home also acts to mirror our truth, inspires us, challenge us, and confront us with new energy to use for personal growth. The home is truly a symbol of the heart- and to ‘know thyself’ is to look directly into the heart of the matter and explore without fear.

The place you live right now, your home, has its own personality just like you do. But this goes beyond the way it feels based on how you have decorated it and lived in it. The actual space where your home exists holds a very specific and unique energy pattern which, when divined, can give you important insight into the power of your home and how to best live with it.

By choosing to become aware of the energy of your home you are empowering yourself to live in harmony with the available energies and recognize those little vibrational quirks that may occasionally give you trouble. This exploration is a basic presentation on this aspect of numerology.

Defining The Personality Of Your House

We’ll be working with the sacred and ancient art of numerology here. Numerology uses numbers- no matter how they got there- as meta-conscious symbols for what your house is all about. You’ll need a piece of scratch paper and a pencil for this exercise.. but I promise, no hard math homework will be required!

We’ll be using the number associated with your actual house. For most of us this will be part of our street address or our apartment number. Write your house number on the piece of paper.

Examples:  3487 Downing Avenue,  Apartment 348, 4398 Wall Street.

If your house number is only one digit, you get to skip this next part. If you have two or more digits…

Now, place a ‘plus sign’ (+) in between every number of your house. We’ll use 2348 A Street for our example.


Now go ahead and do the math- simple addition….

2+3+4+8 = 17

If you were left with one digit, you can skip the next step. If you were left with two digits….

Place a plus sign between those two digits and add them up…

2+3+4+8 = 17     1+7=8

If you still have two digits, do this again with those two digits until you are left with a single digit.

The Reduction Function

The reason we ‘reduce’ our house number to a single digit is because this single digit speaks of the ‘essence’ vibration of our home. If your house were a person- this number would represent the deepest part of it’s personal vibration. It is from this hidden digit that your house expresses who it is.

We will use this reduced essence digit to interpret the energy, personality, and general power of your home. Please keep in mind that in a professional consultation, I would be working with ALL aspects of your address- city, state, street, neighborhood name, full house number, reduced house number, etc. and working those numbers with the personal number vibrations of the people who live there.


Interpretations Of Your House Energy

Find your single-digit number in the list below to learn more about the energy your house has- and how you can live more in harmony with it.


The ONE house has a strong personality and sets itself apart from the other houses in the area- even if in a subtle way. This house requires that every person who live in it have a strong personality and a strong sense of self power otherwise they may feel trapped or smothered by the big energy of the house. When in balance with the inhabitants energies, this house will inspire creativity, action, and innovation. If the inhabitants lack harmonized energy with this house they will experience restlessness and lethargy.

The ONE house must be kept up and kept clean, especially curbside, or the inhabitants may attract extra illness. If there is a home office the door should have a lock to ensure privacy when working. The paint job inside and out should be kept up regularly and should be changed every few years. When doing home repairs on a ONE house, things should be done in a methodical, focused, one-at-a-time fashion in order to avoid accidents.

The ONE house is perfect for those who want to be on top of their game, like being the first at what they do, who have a strong personalities, are self-employed, are in positions of management and are in positions of authority in their life. People with more gentle energy may find this house to be over-the-top, loud, uncomfortable, or just too intense for comfort.


The TWO house is perfect for a new marriage or room mates who are best friends. This house inspires a sense of balance, partnership, cooperation and harmony when the inhabitants are in harmony with its number. The two house is generally nice looking, less loud than other homes, well kept, smells nice, and has some unique beauty treatments that set it apart from the crowd.

The TWO house needs to stand apart from the neighbors or its energy will stagnate. Anything from interesting potted plants to changing window treatments will add the right vibrations to keep the TWO house happy. If a relationship is on the rocks, it is best not to have serious discussions about it within the home. Only positive relationships should be in this house. If you live in a TWO house it is important to involve yourself in helping out the neighborhood by picking up trash from the street, attending neighborhood events, sharing cookies with the neighbors, and helping out whenever you can.

The TWO house is great for artists, healers, counselors, students, and those just entering or just ending a relationship. It is a great house for romance and for women finding their strength.


The THREE house has a charming personality which inspires people who enter it to talk, celebrate, network, and create. This house may not be ‘the party house’, but it will lend itself to some great celebrations and meetings. The THREE house can have a scattered and restless energy at times which can create clutter and disorganization. It is importantin a THREE house that there are never lies spoken or physical fights. The THREE house is a great place to raise children!

It is important that the inhabitants of the THREE house all have consistent jobs- even if part-time or work-from-home. The THREE house will not favor anyone who does not have a daily goal, who is lazy, or who keeps an untidy personal appearance. The THREE house should not entertain parties or casual discussions in the bedroom. There is restless energy in this home which may affect sleep- and so the sleeping quarters must be kept calm and quiet as much as possible to settle the energy. If any problem is noticed in this house (cracks, slow drains, etc.) they must be taken care of ASAP as problems will mature faster in this house than in others.

The THREE house is perfect for artists, students, speakers, teachers, writers, inventors, and those who have a close relationship with their inner child. It is a great place to live for people who find that they can’t find enough time to balance social and work lives as it will help balance these things out. Those looking to conceive child will find luck in a THREE house if their energy is in harmony with this vibration.


The FOUR house has a lot of sweat and hard work in it. Many hands helped in the construction of this house and more effort was put in to this home than others in the area. This house will vibrate to the frequency of strength, stability, structure, and safety. The FOUR house will make people feel safe and secure and can also bring good luck to those looking for work.

The structural integrity of the FOUR house must be checked yearly in the spring. Ensure all walls and foundations, pillars and beams, are in good repair. If you have financial issues in this house- then the house needs to be maintained more efficiently and likely needs structural work in the walls or floors. This home will favor those who work within it- and it is a great home for those who are self-employed or have a home office. If this house is not symmetrical from the front, it will be hard to make decisions while within it and serious decisions should be made somewhere else. This house needs to be shown appreciation by speaking positively about it to friends and neighbors and by keeping it nice, orderly, organized, and nice looking. This house will bring trouble to those who are loud, intoxicated, violent, big talkers, disorganized, messy, or have bad hygiene. Locks should be maintained well in this home.

The FOUR house is great for hard working people who take accountability for the finances, take pride in their job, like working with DIY projects, and lead a pretty low-key life.


The FIVE house sometimes resents the fact that it’s securely planted in the ground because it has a strong energy of variety, freedom, adventure, and experience. This house makes its inhabitants want to celebrate, have people over often, and gives fresh energy to those in a rut. Students will do great in this house and although its energy is very high- it lends itself well to study. This house will encourage you to get out and travel, and will help you find ways to travel and take holidays more often. Thise who struggle with addictions (eating, drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.) will find those issues strengthened in this house and should avoid it.

When something needs fixing in the FIVE house it should be done immediately. This house is impatient and will cause problems for those who let fix-it issue go too long.

Those with 9-5 jobs may feel restricted and frustrated due to the energy of the FIVE house and should not come home directly after work. They should stop for a relaxing tea, walk in the park, or scenic long-way-home drive before coming home from work each day.

People will be inspired to touch and examine everything in a FIVE home. If you don’t like having your things picked up and touched- this is not a good home for you!

It is important in a FIVE home to avoid mortgage troubles as this is a favorable home for gambling luck- but not for internal financial issues.

The FIVE home is great for college students, travelers, entertainers, socialites, and those looking for a change of pace from what they used to have.


The SIX home is the archetypal ‘home sweet home’. The energy of ‘Mom’ is big in this house and people who live within it will find a sense of peace, nurturing, love, and support within its walls. This home expects you to do your chores, love your family, be kind to your neighbors, and have good manners. It will not tolerate offensive language, yelling, fighting, disorganization, or clutter. This is also a very favorable home for same-sex couples as it helps balance out polarities and brings a sense of wellness and holistic power to those of the same gender.

The SIX home wants you to relax and be happy. This home will naturally inspire you to have a few extra pillows, buy a bit more food that you might need (to share with others when they visit) and will have a sense of luxury eve if it is spartan in decor. This house will also inspire its inhabitants to bring home unique works of art.

Marriages benefit from this home and will find that previous issues in other houses are not as strong in this home. Those who seek excitement and adventure may be a little bored in this house.

Love, marriage, fertility, conception, family reunions, and family celebrations are all perfect for this home and will bring blessings to the inhabitants.


The SEVEN home often wishes it was the only house on the block. It wants to be a wallflower at times and would rather just be kept sparkling clean and organized but without anything to set it apart from the other houses. The SEVEN house will inspire its inhabitants towards quiet and grounded energy. This house will NOT tolerate loud parties or messes and will bring unfavorable energy to the inhabitants if this is allowed. The SEVEN house is reminiscent of a formal, clean, simple home which doesn’t stick out- but gets noticed because of it’s sturdy and silent power.

The SEVEN house must be kept clean. Feelings of depression, anxiety, and intolerance will increase in its inhabitants is anything is dirty. This is a house perfect for a neat-freak! The yard and outdoor areas of this home should be given special attention and there should always be growing things- gardens, pots, containers, etc. when possible. If a rock garden can be brought to this home or some large stones abundance will increase for the inhabitants.

The people who live in a SEVEN house are usually intelligent, influential, well-educated, and private. This house will not tolerate door-to-door salespeople, and will bring bad luck to nosy neighbors.

People in a SEVEN house need to get out of their city once a year and let their hair down for best personal energy health.

Those loving in a SEVEN house may experience an increase in prophetic dreams or flashes of psychic vision. This is a superb house for those involved in mystic, metaphysical, or alternative healing arts.


The EIGHT house has a strong character and stands out. This house seems larger from the outside than it actually is, and prides itself on looking well-built, strong, and ‘better’ than the other houses on the block.

The EIGHT house affords good luck to those in positions of authority and those in high positions of leadership. This house may bring financial challenges and changes as it expects all who live in it to operate at their maximum abundance potential. If you are struggling with money- this house will give you the right energy to find solutions. Those living in this house will be inspired to climb the ladder at work, get in control of their lives, and add zero’s to the end of their savings account balance.

There is a potential in this home for small arguments to escalate in strange ways in to big fights. It is best not to argue or speak about heated topics inside this hime, and should be done in the backyard where possible.

The people who live in an EIGHT house should expect to have to hold their own. This is an unfavorable house number for those who might have to report to a neighborhood board or condo association since this house will not inspire you to conform or follow other peoples rules. There is a streak of rebellion in this home and that should be honored by taking risks and daring to stand apart from the crowd.

Those who are in fields of finances, management, executive roles, philanthropy, charity work, and science will find a great sense of peace in this house.

The EIGHT house will encourage you to spend money on it via inspiring you to give it upgrades, remodels, or through the occasional problem. It is best to budget for yearly repairs and additions to this home since doing so of your own free will creates better luck here.


The NINE house is a good place to be for everyone. Almost no one has personal energy patterns that don’t work with this home. A sense of compassion and peace comes with this house and something about the energy of it just makes people feel like things are going to be okay. This house resonates with the ideals of sympathy, understanding, connection, and love. This is a great house for very spiritual people and will afford great blessings on those who spend time in meditation, worship, or prayer within its walls.

The NINE house requires its inhabitants to be compassionate and charitable. Those who live in this house may find others asking for help or guidance, a place to stay, or for advice. Every good turn done on the property of this house will bring great paybacks!

Electricity and fire energy is off-balance in this home generally. Candles and incense should not be left burning unattended and any electrical work should be done by a professional. It is always important that anyone who comes to the door of this house is treated with kindness, respect, and honor.

This is a great home for large families or older families, and this house affords blessings and protection to those types of inhabitants. This is a great home from which to send children off to college or to help them prepare for marriage and it will give blessings.

Many people will experience increase in spirituality and spiritual power while living in this house. This can be harnessed and strengthened by viewing this house more as a temple than a home.

This house will bless those who are single with love and finding a good mate.

Those who live in this house will increase their luck by giving to neighborhood/local charities and taking good care of their neighbors. This is an unfavorable house in which to sign contracts or discuss legal matters.

I hope this article finds your home in health, joy, and progress!

Peace + Blessings,

Joshua Williams




Feng-Shui The Fun Way! Personal Intuitive Design For Health, Abundance & Joy

October 12, 2009

Most of us are aware of how our environment effects our moods. The rise in popularity of spirit-based design arts like Feng-Shui and Vaashtu have really got people thinking more about the power of space and the magic of placement. In this article, I’d like to explore some ideas and suggestions with you that will help you call forth the natural sense of balance and flow within you and use it to empower the space around you!

Feng-Shui & Vaashtu

Feng-Shui is a sacred Taoist (Chinese) method of working with the natural elements of a space to create balance and harmony. Feng-Shui translates to ‘wind-water’ and calls forth the idea of bringing nature into our space and doing so in a way that creates wind-and-water-like balance. Through Feng-Shui, the desired elements of a space (bed, desk, chair, table, etc.) are viewed from an elemental perspective and placed in direction-based parts of the space and in specific groupings that create a natural resonance between those elements. In addition, especially in the Black Cat School Style of Feng-Shui, charms like mirrors, chimes, animal figures and words are use to tie a space together spiritually for optimal harmony. Feng-Shui focuses on diagnosing a space to define how it is out of balance and then taking the steps needed to correct or ‘fix’ that imbalance.

Like Feng-Shui, Vaashtu is also a spiritually-based art and science of space. Hailing from ancient Vedic sacred texts (India), Vaashtu uses a map of the ‘world man’ (Visvakarma) to define how a space should be used. The same principles are used in the construction of many Hindu temples. In this system, one of the many Vaashtu Yantras (sacred pattern) are super-imposed over a map of the space. These Yantras include spaces for planets, Deities, the Earth, the primordial man, colors, etc. and the space is then arranged so that the right elements in the space correspond to the right areas of the Yantra. Also in Vaashtu is the practice of installing heavenly/planetary Personalities in the form of the Navagraha Deities into the space to ensure it’s harmony and protection.

These are both fascinating areas of study that helped me personally delve into the power of external energy flow and geomancy. If you are interested in the subject, I highly recommend you check out some books and websites to learn more! In this article, we’ll be focusing less on established schools of spiritual design and more on tapping our own innate ability to sense and work with energy flow in our space. Home or office- intuitive design can truly bring magic all around you!

Intuitive Design

I’ve always believed that the space we keep is a reflection of our hearts. The home or office we work in is, in its own way, an intuitive manifestation of where we are and how we are at the time we design and ‘own’ that space. Where we choose to put furniture, what colors we pick and what other design elements seem right reflect what’s relevant in our minds and hearts. Several months or years down the road- we may decide that this isn’t right anymore and switch everything around. Space, like life, should be dynamic and set up in a way that allows us to make changes to it as we make changes within ourselves.

With intuitive design, we are simply doing what feels right for our space while being more mindful of the choices we make- and adding elements that may not seem natural right now to call forth their natural vibrations which may fulfill needs we have in general. In this process, we are choosing to design a space just like we normally would- but instead of just labeling design elements as ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’, we are taking time to meditate on WHY we may be so attracted to one thing and less to another. Intuitive design requires us to explore the meanings of colors, symbols, animals, materials, directions, etc. from many cultures and belief systems to try and understand holistically why we like what we do so that we can fully own that liking. In addition, it requires us to identify lack and desire in our life so that we can in turn identify symbolism to bring into the space that will resonate with filling that lack or manifesting that desire.

The internet may be your very best resource in this work- tons of information is out there for free about color meaning, symbolism, directions, placement, plant meanings, animal totem symbolism, stones, etc. Use whatever resources you have to both honor your intuitive creativity and identify what you can bring into your space to create perfection.

What Feels Right Probably Is Right

As human beings, we are acutely aware of energy flow in and around us- although it can e easy to clock out the small voice that tells us what all of that means. In designing and owning space, it’s important to follow your intuition- especially in how furniture of mass is placed and what color schemes you choose. Let go of what’s popular and instead choose to work with what’s potent- for you as an individual. Let your space be a reflection of you so that when you are in it- you are getting closer to your own power without doing anything!

Energy and vibration needs to be able to flow through a space freely, and this is why working with big furniture should be done with intention and mindfulness. Make sure the space feels open, flowing and easy to be in. Try to avoid letting furniture or other design elements ‘block’ energy from flowing through a room. Once you’ve come up with a design plan- think of it in terms of how easily it would be for a breeze or energy form to move through and around the room. Look at windows and doors as portals for fresh energy and make sure they stay open and inviting. Follow your own intuition in creating a space that houses your own energy field and that of the space you are in with harmony and relaxation.

Making Magic With Design

If there’s a specific energy you’d like to foster in your space- like abundance for your office, love in the bedroom, relaxation in the living room, etc.- then you’re in luck! The natural world around is buzzes with symbols, colors, stones, etc. that all act to call forth an energy flow and help you get in tune with it for your own life.

Bring this magic into your space by first defining what it is you want. Then, research symbolism, color, gemstones, materials, directions, etc. from cultures or systems you feel comfortable with (Feng-Shui, Vaashtu, Wicca, New Age Healing, etc.) and bring them into your space in a creative way. You may wish to use certain healing colors in tapestries, upholstery or paintings. You could place your cash register or desk in the direction of wealth. You might also consider growing house plants that have symbolism of healing, prosperity, love, etc. (for more on the healing power of house plants, check out my article HERE).

Feel free to use whatever symbolism means something to you- and recognize the magic it will create! If you add a design element with intention, you’ll create a conscious and subconscious link that will be activated and empowered every time you perceive the object! In no time at all you’ll start walking in line with the symbol and manifesting it’s meaning for real in your life!

Healing Sick Space

Just as we can call forth things we want into our space, we can also remove things from our lives we don’t want that may hold root in our space. If you struggle with recurring health problems, fighting, bad communication with lovers, infertility, etc. you may want to try and identify how these things are reflected in your sacred space.

Remember that the space is a reflection of the heart- and it’s a two-way street!

Is the space dirty and cluttered, creating mis-communication and a sense of chaos in the heart? Are the houseplants wilted and sunlight being blocked created a sense of ill health? Are the colors lacking in diversity or is the furniture creating boredom or depression?

You can also use your sacred space (home or office) for moving meditations in your life. If you feel stuck- clean and meditate! If you feel trapped- re-arrange some furniture and open up the space while you meditate. If you feel bored or depressed- add some color and fun to your space while you meditate! These items can be inexpensive and easy to find in the form of fabric pieces, home made art works, second-hand shops, etc. Get creative and get the energy moving toward a more magical life through sacred space!

Look at the space you live or work in and see how it might be reinforcing negative things going on within you… then get inspired, creative and excited to fix it! As you to do your space you do to yourself- that can be your mantra as you work through cleaning, cleansing, arranging and designing!

More on spiritual cleansing and protection of your space can be found in my article posted HERE, and a clean slate is always a great way to start!

With blessings of abundance, health and joy in your sacred space…

Joshua Williams