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Calling Forth The Perfect Job!

January 27, 2010

If you’re on the hunt for a new job that fits the bill- this article will help you get your ‘job magnet’ turned on high and get the power of spiritual energy behind you in your journey!

To work is to be an active part of the whole cycle of abundance. You deserve to have a job that receives your unique style of creativity, energy, problem-solving and strength, and a job that compensates you equally for the work you do! Finding a job that suits you is as important as finding a life partner who you’re compatible with… many of us spend 8-12 hours per day at work- and if this isn’t a joyful, progressive, and ‘right feeling’ place to be, the consequences of depression, lethargy, illness, lack, and frustration are not far from manifesting.

In this article, I’d like to present some spiritual and metaphysical pieces of wisdom and practice that will help you call forth the job that will serve you as you serve it. Set your expectation meter on HIGH- and get ready to connect with a position of abundance!


Clarify The Goal

Pretend your new job is going to be like a new relationship. What exactly are you looking for? Start making a list of specifics… how far is the commute? what does your average day look like? What tasks will you be performing? How closely will you work with others? What new skills will you learn? Be as specific and realistic as possible given the type of work you choose to do. Once you’ve completed your list, come back to it every day and re-read it. If anything needs to be adjusted, removed, or added- do it! Allow the list to be dynamic.

Energy Is The Best Employee!

Take Intentional Action!

In spiritual practices, energy always flows where the attention goes. This means that in order to get the energy of your new job, you need to make sure you’re being attentive and putting energy into finding it. Spend time every single day looking at classified ads, sending out resumes, talking to people about your search, and thinking good thoughts about the future. Even if you’ve hired a headhunter to find a position for you, still be active in the process by requesting daily updates from them and investigating companies online that your representative has selected for you. Be intentional about finding work- don’t treat it as a process that should find you- we call it ‘job hunting‘ for a reason! If you choose to use prayer as a method for calling forth work, I am right behind you on that one.. but consider praying for guidance, empowerment, and wisdom in actively finding the right job- not for having it delivered to your doorstep.

Every Action Has An Equal Reaction… What’s Your Reaction Going To Be?

Check Your Paradigm

The truth about why many people have a hard time finding work is that in their core they don’t believe they deserve anything great. It’s imperative that you spend time each day checking your thoughts and beliefs. If you aren’t confident that you deserve the very best job for YOU as an individual- replete with great pay, awesome benefits, amazing co-workers, and sky-high potential for promotion… then we need to talk! Remind yourself consistently that for every person on the planet, a new need is created- and due to that new need, a new job is out there somewhere with your name on it. There is more than enough for all of us, and ‘lack mentality’ is only going to help you attract a seriously lack-luster job!

In a reality filled with infinite possibility- you truly can have whatever you desire!

Interview On The Astral Plane

In meditation, call forth the perfect situation in to your mind once you have what that is clear. Place yourself in the fullness of work and notice all the small details. Have conversations with you boss and ask questions- allowing responses to come through without judgment as truth. If anything funky happens in your visualization that doesn’t feel right for you… take note and take accountability. Go back to your list of qualities and start re-writing. Anything that manifests in this meditative state is either something you’ve consciously asked for- or a fear that’s manifesting. The sections above should help rid yourself of fear and get positive, while clarifying the things you do want to attract!

Spiritual meditation is the wise person’s true magic!

Someone’s Cooking…Beacon?

Select a stone or other object to serve as a sort of  ‘still point energy beacon’ for your goal. Let this item remind you whenever you interact with it about your goals- and give it the power to be a lucky talisman… drawing the right guidance and connections to you like a magnet. Once you land your amazing job- hand it over to someone you love who needs some help finding theirs!

Your order’s up!

Watch Out… It’s Contagious!

Have a friend who’s got a sweet job? Take them out to dinner or invite them over for tea. The old axiom ‘you are who you associate with’ is very true- and by spending time with people who have the money, connections, lifestyle, attitude, health, spiritual connection, etc. that YOU want you’ll start emulating them and learning subtle secrets to big success!

Can I rub your lucky attitude?

Live The Dream

If you find yourself sleeping in and lazing about because you aren’t working right now, you’re slowly and silently digging your paradigm into a dark hole. Keep waking up on time for work, making a good breakfast, catching up with the news, and getting yourself ready for a productive and abundant day. If you live in the energy of a positive job- you’ll manifest that job… there’s no way to avoid it!

I hit the snooze button too many times this morning and slept through living a higher state of abundant being!

Hand Me That Box Cutter, Will Ya?

If you’re living in a box about your career- now is the time to break free! Source very well may be telling you that your old belief about the work ‘you must do’ is a lie! Are you sure you’re doing what you want? Is fear and low self-esteem preventing you from approaching the job/career you truly want? Right now, give yourself permission to dream as wildly as possible about what you’d spend your days doing to earn money and participate in society in any way you’d truly love to. Got it? Now go get it!

If humans were meant to live in boxes, we would probably be more square!

Keep On Keepin’ On…

The process leading to your perfect job may have some history… and there may be some more time ahead before it manifests. In the meantime, you are in control of the health of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit in the matter. Continue to do the things you love (even if you have to scale them back due to financial concern). Be creative, try new things, love yourself- and most of all, love healing yourself! Try to enjoy the process of finding work- because it just means a change is needed and you’ve entered a higher state of being! If you find yourself in a depressive or anxiety-ridden state, talk to friends for support or connect with a top-notch mental health provider. Sometimes just venting and getting some feedback makes all the difference in the world. Remember that in you deserving to be abundant in the limitless- you also deserve joy!

Putting a brick on the gas pedal does NOT count as having cruise control!


With blessings of abundance, progress, and joyful participation in the cycle of prosperity…

Joshua Williams





The Magic Potency Of Giving

December 8, 2009

At this time each year, we tend to become a bit more aware of the power in charity. The holiday season coupled with the challenging weather reminds us to both be grateful for what we have, and to share with those who don’t have. In this article, I’d like to offer some insights into the spiritual and energetic realms of charity, as well as share some collected quotes on the power of giving.

“He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.” ~Confucius

Through Giving, We Receive

One of the main reasons for ‘abundance lack’ in our age is the diseased way in which prosperity energy is viewed. Most people tend to view their abundance like a bank account- the more you spend- the less you have. This may be applicable to hard dollar figures, but not to the bigger energy of prosperity. The truth is, that energy flow is more like a pool fed by a stream. The more we take out of it- the more comes in. As we gather and share energy from our abundance pool with others, the limitless stream is only given more space to refill that pool. By giving, we are actually jumping in to a ceaseless stream of abundance energy, giving and receiving in perfect balance. This, of course, can only be accomplished when the giving is with pure intent and not with manipulative motivation! For most, it is a leap of faith to jump into that pool and disperse so much of its contents- but after we take that plunge we are quickly made aware of the stream which refills.

This process is neither limited to or focused on actual money. Rather it is about the energy of life and cosmic compassion. Our giving can take the form of actual money to lovingly prepared food… a genuine smile to a warm blanket gifted to someone in need. Allowing this energy to manifest in spontaneous and unrestricted ways attunes us to the truly limitless way of the Cosmic, and to many hidden powers within ourselves as well.

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.” ~St. Francis of Assisi

A Simple Act Of Intentional Magic

Many of us who are in the habit of being charitable often wish we could do more. The following simple intentional magic can help free up the energy we might be hording to share with all those who might benefit from it.

In order to do this working:

  • Define and act upon your chosen gift- money to someone on the street, food to a shelter, etc.
  • Before you give the offering, simply place your blessing of abundance, health, joy and progress upon it
  • Then, as you give, imagine that every single person in the world who could benefit from this gift will receive it. Allow your one act of giving to be a symbolic act of giving to all

As simple as this sounds- it is highly powerful. By meditating on giving your gift to every single being who may be in need of it- you are releasing huge waves of very powerful blessing energy into the world which will quite literally seek out those who are in resonance with your gift and bless them!

“All things are perceived in the light of charity, and hence under the aspect of beauty; for beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love.” ~E. Underhill

The Heart Is A Vault Of Gold

Within each of us is the ability to act as a clear channel for cosmic blessing. We can each become a beacon of light which shines upon every single being we encounter to remind them of the storehouse of limitless blessings available to them. This all seems very intangible and spiritually heightened- but in reality all it takes is turning that energy into action. Giving through ‘being present’  is perhaps the most valuable way to bless others, and it allows us to engage all of our senses alongside soul to accomplish true charity. Using our actions, words and thoughts in serving food, building houses, helping the elderly and getting involved with community action programs unlocks the vault of our heart and turns that intangible compassion energy into something the whole world can feel.

Connecting, even just one a year, to a charitable project which allows you to work for the good of all is one of the quickest spiritual paybacks for you as well! Actively engaging the mind, body, emotions and personal energy in service of the greater family purges toxic energy patterns, destroys false belief about lack and limitation, brings cosmic love energy into every cell of the body and often connects the giver to a web of like-energy for their own blessings.

I strongly encourage everyone who reads this to give in any way they can, but for this year specifically- take it beyond a donation online or a dollar in a bucket and show up in person to participate in the path of global healing!

“May your charity increase as much as your wealth” ~Proverb Quote

Joshua Williams



Getting Primitive: Drawing Down Your Wishes!

November 23, 2009

Greetings! In this article, I’d like to offer you a super-powerful technique focusing on anything you want to draw into your life and making it happen with the full power of the Divine! This technique has been used since the dawn of time, and even pre-historic hunter/gatherers knew about it! Let’s get primitive in this article and make some magic happen!

Writing On The Wall

One of the most fascinating relics left behind from the ‘lithic’ (megalithic, neolithic etc. prehistorical peoples) folks are the cave paintings they created. Steeped in obvious symbolism and innate power, these designs were scribed onto the walls of pitch-black caves by tallow-light using the flint blades or red ocher finger paint. Scenes depicting the animals they needed to kill in order to survive, abundant crops, healthy women with child, and other ideals of fertility are the main topic of most all cave paintings. In most of these paintings, the animals are shown strong and healthy, with either arrows, traps or spears drawn onto them. Occasionally, the mystic-artist would dip their own hand into red ocher paint and apply a hand stamp over the animal- showing the he has caught it and it is within his grasp.

Cave Magic

Most experts agree that the spellbinding art found on cave walls is not a testament to history, a record of hunts or even tributes to rich tribe members- but rather a stunning display of sympathetic magic. Ancient mystics believed that an image of a thing was intimately linked to the reality of that thing- so that by creating a clear and vivid image of a mammoth, and then applying successful spear or axe wounds to that image, success on the actual hunt was guaranteed. In addition to paintings, the hunters would also carry around small bone, stone or ivory animal carvings representing the animal they wished to catch. This, they believed, would allow them to resonate with that animal and draw it towards them.

Through the process of sympathetic magic, the goal we want to achieve is manifest through creativity (painting, drawing, sculpting, etc., or in advanced levels purely within the mind-scape) and made as ‘real’ as possible within our paradigm. Then, the relationship we want to have with that goal is applied to the image to create a strong bond of magnetic resonance.

Timeless Attraction

I’ve always loved the process of studying and exploring the spiritual ways of our shared ancestors. I think that working, as best we can, with the methods our earliest fore-bearers realized links us to a stream of power which is literally tens of thousands of years old. It’s also interesting to see how what experts in this field have discovered about the spirituality and religion of the ancients has been carried in to even modern spiritual paths. Working with any form of mystic spiritual working that has history can lend us the power of its history if we simply acknowledge and honor that stream of ancestral power and wisdom.

Echoes From The Cave Into Your Life

Applying the power of sympathetic magic, as performed simply by the ancients, is both fun and effective. It allows us the opportunity to get closer to our goal by actualizing it from the depths of our creative, emotional, logical and spiritual centers. It also allows us to interact with it as though it already exists in our paradigm- which in and of itself attunes us to the law of attraction.

To make your own ‘cave paintings’ calling on the universal law of sympathy, try the following:

  • Draw a picture of your patron deity/deities. Then, place in their hands or at their feet a representation of the goal you wish to manifest. Allow Them to become the face of the Divine which specializes in that goal. Hang the picture up somewhere special and use it for meditation, prayer, offerings or rituals. In ancient cave sanctuaries, the Mother Goddess or Sky God were often painted on walls that had a large stone altar directly in front of them. In this way, mystics could approach the facet of Divinity which was directly connected to their desire.
  • Draw yourself in possession of your goal. Add things to yourself in drawing that make it personal- date of birth, favorite jewelry, favorite colors, etc. Draw yourself into the reality of having what you want- and use that drawing as a type of magnet to call forth your wish. Spend time with it daily in positive expectation and gratitude.
  • For a really fun experience which is slightly more ritualistic in nature, draw or sculpt a representation of your goal. Make it as vivid and clear as you can. Spend time having fun putting energy and attention into it. Once you’re done, smear the palm of your left hand with your favorite color of water-based paint (poster paint, finger paint, etc.) and stamp your palm print onto the icon. In this way, you are ‘marking your goal’ and stating to yourself and to the universe that it belongs to you- and that you are rerady and willing to receive it. The left hand is energetically receptive, which acts upon subtle body energy to draw forth the goal.
  • You can get really creative and make cave paintings on 7-day candles, allowing them to release the power of the sympathetic magic as they burn…
  • You could also make small clay talismans or icons to wear, connecting you to your goal just as the ancients did…
  • You could create cards you keep on a shrine or in your pocket showing you in possession of the goal…
  • You could really reflect the ways of thew ancients by drawing in the snow or sand and allowing nature to ‘absorb and direct’ the power of your goal, again just as the ancients did.

This work not only helps attune you to the limitless potentials of your journey- it also helps connect you with the blessed ancients and to the fundamental spiritual powers which flow throughout time and place. Working in this way activates the creativity and inspires the heart to believe anything and expect miracles!

If you create something you’d like to share or have empowered, please send me a photo- I’d love to see your cave art!

Peace & Blessings on the timeless path of infinite possibility…

Joshua Williams


Josh's 'Energy Magic' Style Explored

October 19, 2009

Most of us are familiar with the idea of Magic. Using spiritual and/or ritual techniques to increase the potential of manifesting our will in reality. Magic, by common understanding and practice, uses ritual implements like candles, herbs, symbols, actions and words of power to effect change in consensus reality. These actions can be used to create transformation, change, bring healing, remove negativity, attract desired goals and repel undesired manifestations. Most every culture in the world has some form of folk, mystic or ritual magic they use, and in many circles, ancient styles are being brought back via re-constructionist spiritual movements (Wicca, East Anglian, Enochian, Ceremonial, Neo-Shamanism, etc.). As an answer to receiving many questions from clients and blog readers about how my style of Energy Magic differs and resonates with the traditional notion of magic and the how’s and why’s of its effectiveness, I’d like to share this article with you.

Energy Magic

As mentioned above, magic is the process of increasing the power of manifestation of ones personal will using ritual or active principles. Magic, like prayer, works with subtle energies; calling them forth and directing them to help effect a person or situation. With common magic, ritual items like candles, herbs, string, mirrors, etc. are used as physical symbols for the underlying energy they represent. The art of ‘contagion magic’ posits that changes or direction of empowered items on one level will affect who or what they represent on the same level. This is why the use of poppits, dolls and personal effects are so powerful- by doing to one thing, a similar change is created in the source or resonance of that thing.

Buzzing behind ritual magic is an infinite spectrum of energy patterns and vibrations. In its essence, energy, the stuff of life, is neutral. It emanates from Source as the all-pervading presence of power. Like water, energy takes on the attributes of that which holds it. If you place water in a green glass, the water takes on the qualities of green. Similarly, if you call forth energy into an empowered and intentional form, it will begin resonating at that level and ‘become’ a powerhouse of that ideal if done properly.

In my style of Energy Magic, I work backwards from traditional/common magic. I go directly to Source and follow this basic guideline:

  • Call forth, from Source, the needed resonances, vibratory patterns and energy workings needed by the individual(s) I am serving.
  • Receive the answers in the form of concrete symbolism (i.e. cleansing, rose energy, grounding, fertility, etc.) These symbols come to me in a language that is all my own- and in turn would come to another person in their own internal language.
  • Once I receive the guidance of how to help, I begin creating vibrational and energetic templates in spiritual space. This process involves entering a deep but controlled trance state.
  • Once the templates, vibratory forces and energetic forms are created, I meet with the person(s) I am serving on an energetic ‘time and space irrelevant’ level. At this point, a very gentle merging of the forms to the individual takes place. Where situations occur that I am working with two individuals (typically in love and romance workings), similar work takes place with a focus on empowering the spirit between them and charging it with the healing and templates.
  • This work is checked, usually daily or several times a day, until I perceive it has set and is now owned by the person.

In summary, and to help clarify some of the more abstract spiritual aspects of this work…

What you desire is created in the form of energy vibration on a superior spiritual level of existence. It is then moved into our plane of existence, linked or bound to you, and allowed to unfold. As this process happens, the energy placed within you wants to call resonant energy to it, and at the same time it works to shake loose any beliefs, emotions, feelings or blockages that are opposed to it. The whole process gently leads you to openly receiving the blessings that are already there, helps to remove obstacles and blockages, helps you resonate with the goals you desire to manifest, and helps create overall balance and cosmic flow.

Where one person may light candles of specific colors at certain times of the day, I will go to the spiritual source of what empowers the color, the flame and the spoken words and channel that directly into the paradigm of the person I am serving. They are both roads leading to the same end, though I believe working strictly with energy tends to create quicker change and requires less time for me to do the working. In many cases, I can do a 10-20 minute working for a client right after speaking with them so that before my energy even leaves their field, the next wave of magic is coming in.

The Secret Of Energy Magic

The secret of energy magic is love. That is to say, anything we want is already given to us. The process of manifesting our will really relies simply on attuning to that will and removing any internal or external blockages that prevent it from manifesting naturally. In most cases of a clearly and heart-centered operating person, the action they wish to manifest is desired by them because it is right for them. The reason for it not showing up is not a case of them not deserving it, or needing to manipulate to get it- it’s a case of them carrying internal blockages in the form of belief, history, karma, fear, toxicity, external influence, spiritual poisoning, etc. that prevents it from manifesting in a spontaneous and natural way.

The goal of the work I do is simply to remove blockages, attune the person I am serving to the highest goal, and open them up to receive the full power of the blessing-cosmos all around them. You can see how my work, although active in practice, is passive in effect. I don’t do any work without Source granting permission and know from a far distance if the request given to me is in accord with Divine law or not.

Creating more intentional magic in your life is simply a matter of clearly identifying what you want, then meditating on that desire to see what comes up within you that ‘ doesn’t believe in the goal or fears it. Then, one by one those issues are worked out until you are a vessel meant to hold your desire.

You truly can have whatever you desire- as long as it is the whole of you that desires it, and not just one part of you!

The Process

For me, energy magic, energy healing and energy workings are not something to be taken lightly. I am often asked why I do not charge my clients for these services, and the answer is simple. I am not the creator of the energy, the bestower of blessings or the maestro of the cosmos. I am simply a channel with intent, and nothing more. Charging for that work would be like me charging for the work another man does. It makes no sense. In the history of people who walk the path I do, we have always been called forth to be a present, available and active participant in the lives of those who receive our services. I wish only to maintain that current and do whatever I can to help create a more joyous, peaceful and balanced life for all so that we can toss off the fetters and focus on growth and spiritual progress.

I should note that I do require a live session for both connection and understanding of the works’ goal before I do the work. There is no expectation of call length or money spent in this regard, although a sufficient length of time to cover all topics and help compensate me for my time, energy and presence is always greatly appreciated.

How Can Energy Magic Work For You?

The best way to know is always to ask! Your session with me provides you with a detailed, quick and accurate connection to psychic and spiritual guidance- and the effectiveness and potential of energy magic for your situation can also be discussed. Some situations require only a blessing and some personal work on your end. Others require only some energy work on my end. Some require a bit of both in varying degrees. If you are willing, ready and excited to play an active and accountable role in the manifestation of your goals and the realization of total health, joy and spiritual balance- then we will work great together as a team!

I look forward to serving you and your unique life journey with the limitless tools of Source and Heart…

Joshua Williams


Giving Away: Cosmic Secrets Of Healing & Abundance

September 18, 2009

when we hear the term ‘give away’, we tend to automatically revert to the idea of getting something for nothing- or giving something and getting nothing in return. In truth, all movement of energy, giving and receiving being an example of that movement, always has reciprocation. For every action, there is a reaction. In this article, I’d like to explore with you the very basics of healing, abundance and faith-strengthening power of Giving Away- hopefully giving you new insight to the process and a new love of letting go!

The Cycle

To give is to release something in your possession with the intention of another openly receiving it. To receive is to openly accept what is sacrified or offered from the possession of another. Strange as it may seem, I find that most people have a harder time receiving fully than giving openly. I think this is because we have been raised to believe that nothing is free, and anything given must have a secret ‘price tag’ of agenda attached to it somewhere.

In order to participate in the fullness of the cycle of energy, we must let down our guards and take a faithful leap into a paradigm of ‘all things good’. Starting with giving in open love will set us on the right foot for learning to receive in open love… because just as the old axiom says ‘we reap what we sow’.

The cycle of giving and receiving is not based on cold debt or hard expectation, which is one reason it can be hard for us modern folk to understand it. Instead of using these terms we are so familiar with, empowered mostly by the symbolism and power of money, we have to pan back and look at it in terms of energy- the source of whatever power exists in money or anything else.

Open giving creates a natural and powerful spiritual link between the giver and the receiver. If the offering is accepted openly, a type of ‘karmic’ link is established that the universe endorses. This will ensure that the heart-centered giver will be repaid for their offering, especially if no repayment is expected! If the offering is blocked because the recipient is not able to openly receive- then a weaker connection is made that will likely turn toxic with feelings of rejection, expectation, payback and loss. These subtleties are the reason why learning to give without agenda and receive without fear are paramount. The few people in this world who plug into this paradigm and express it fully are the same ones who have no doubt that the law of attraction is real, the universe is infinite in power and potential and that we are loved without rancor!

Giving To Heal

Most of us have a few pieces in our emotional collection we wouldn’t mind giving away. Hurt, guilt, fear, etc. line the shelves for most of us. We tend to horde these little collectibles because we know that no one wants to take them from us, even if we give them away for free- and they certainly won’t bid high on eBay! We know that when people pawn their unwanted emotional collectibles off on us- it’s a burden we’d rather not carry. So, we don’t do it to others (hopefully!). But there is a collector out there who is capable, willing and even eager to receive the weights in your pack- and in many cases will pay you back in healing, empowerment and joy!

This collector is the Divine consciousness itself- however you want to address it. Simply acknowledging hurt, past, fears, etc. that dwell within you, recognizing their negative influence on your health and happiness and making a conscious resolve to call them forth and offer them up is all you have to do to start the relief process.

If you are a more physical person- creating a work of art, writing, sculpture, etc. that represents your illness or hurt in it’s fullness can be a great way to get the toxic energy disconnected from your being. Once complete; name it, drain the issue into the object and release it via burying, burning or destroying to the Divine.

If you are a more internal/mental person, creating a meditative visualization of the issue and dissolving it into the eternal blackness may be a good practice.

Either type of person may find that creating a simple to elaborate ritual; whether internal or external or both, will be most helpful. In the past, I have done walking meditation in natural places to find a stone or piece of wood that is willing to be a vessel for my unwanted junk. I then spend an hour to several days draining the toxicity into the object. Once I feel that it has disconnected from me and attached to the object, I return to nature with gratitude and usually a small offering, toss it over my shoulder and walk out a new person!

Giving To Receive

Giving to receive is not something we can actively do- rather it is something we actively participate in. If we give with the expectation of receiving, we add a level of control and fear to our giving that prevents the All from responding in it’s most powerful ways. When we give, it has to be solely for the desire of giving- in faith, and not in expectation, that whatever the law of returns has in store for us will manifest to us in fullness.

Ramana Maharishi, and Indian philosopher and sage said:

“All that one gives to others one gives to one’s self.

If this truth is understood, who will not give to others?

This simple yet profound statement completely defines the law of return, the way of abundance, the power of faith and the nature of love in its fullness. By openly giving to others from a place of desiring for them as much, or even more, than we desire for ourselves- we are actually opening ourselves up to receiving what we desire in ways that cannot be duplicated by any other means. In some cases, our giving may be a hard sacrifice- offering time, prosperity or valued items so that another may take their energies to the next level. Other times, we may feel ready and even eager to part with something- and when in the right paradigm, the person who will be a good steward of that energy will manifest.

Tapping this eternal cycle just once trains us up to have faith in the way of the Divine, love the way of love, and creates a deep eagerness to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves’. As much as it may be cliche to say- this is one ideal I can get behind that may truly be the ‘all problems solved’ medicine.

Get What’s Coming To You!

I’d like to wrap up this article with a few thoughts on receiving. In the modern day, it’s almost becoming an art to gracefully and openly receive the gifts we receive from others and from Spirit. Letting go of our fears and guilt in association with accepting the gifts brought forth to us is not an easy healing task- but it is essential and paramount to your spiritual development. The truth is, that at every moment the Divine, Nature, Cosmos and our multi-formed spiritual siblings are handing us blessings, wisdom, guidance and love from every direction. If we are not experiencing this- it’s because we’re rejecting it. We all have to learn, due to being conditioned to forget, that unconditional Divine love comes with no price tag, manipulation or agenda. As soon as we can realize and get behind this truth- we’ll see how much is being given to us at every moment and openly receive it- creating natural gratitude, super-charged wisdom, consistent personal guidance and sense of never being alone or in lack.

I tend to see things of a cosmic nature in ways that relate to our every-day-life. In this regard, I like to think of receiving in the form of breathing. Most people I have worked with in an energy-therapeutic way do not breathe naturally. We tend to use the power of our shoulder girdle to draw in breath, instead of allowing the diaphragm and abdominal hollow to do it’s job and gently draw breath in filling up the lungs completely. Sure, this is a natural symptom of stress, sitting too much, bad air and countless other influences. But the root as I see it is about receiving. We are so concerned and fearful about opening up and letting the universe do what it does best that we even change out pattern of breathing to maintain some level of control and protection over it. Actively and intentionally receiving the gift of energy-charged air and the beauty of the body that processes it can in and of itself alleviate migraines, change posture, increase energy and cultivate great compassion. This is, of course, a generalization- but one that I have seen often enough to feel comfortable making.

Recognizing the infinite gifts, blessings and opportunities that surround us at every single instant will naturally create awe. Awe leads to respect, which leads to eagerness to participate, which leads to heart-centered real gratitude. A beautiful process that is both our birth-right and our greatest medicine.

I encourage you to step up to the cosmic buffet and EAT!

With Peace & Blessings on the spiral path of big love…

Joshua Williams


Secrets Of Internet Magic & The Power Of The Web Of Life

September 16, 2009

It’s almost impossible to find people who aren’t ‘online’ these days.

Most of us have realized the power of global connection, direct access of information and social connections that can take place with a few clicks on the web. Blogging, status updates, journals and e-mails post to the net every moment in numbers I can’t even begin to imagine… but how does all this movement effect us on the subtle levels?

In this article, I’d like to explore with you how the written word online goes further than the viewing audience and taps into the limitless cosmic vibration itself.

e-Mysticism ahead!

The World Wide Web Of Life

The world wide web is just that- an expansive network of connected computers that grows in an exponential way. From your computer in your home office, you can read data stored on a computer across the globe. Much like the subtle web of life, the world wide web is a structure that relies on all of its parts to be what it is. If one website comes down- there is immediately a lack of that specific information.

On the average day, over 210 billion e-mails are sent and Reuters has estimated the total number of websites available at an astounding 550,000,000,00. Two blogs are created each second of every day and of the world’s population, about 1,668,870,408 people have consistent access to all that the internet has to offer!

When we speak (type, write, etc.) online- we are really screaming!

Literally, the whole world has access to what we say! Doesn’t that make you think?

Computers store the information we save or load to the web in the form of energy. When we write, there are countless ways in which our words can be accessed, shared, saved and received by people from across the globe. What we blog about today may be available to people hundreds of years in the future! The internet truly takes our words and places them at the feet of anyone who wishes to access them- regardless of time, place, or any other personal qualifying factor.

Once we hit the ‘upload’ button, our words become global! But how does that global nature affect the subtle energy of life from soul manifestation to law of attraction?

The Subtle Power Of The Net

Many years ago, a Buddhist graphics designer created an animated prayer wheel. Behind the graphic in the coding, mantras were placed. This prayer wheel could be downloaded and saved to any computer where it would constantly ‘run’ just like a program. Upon asking H.H. Dalai Lama about the efficacy of the program, he was told that indeed even good intentions in a digital format would create positive results!

The Secret Truth Of The Post Button

Our fears, rants, love, gratitude, anger and deflection do the same thing. When we update our Facebook status to reflect negativity or illness- the information we type is empowered by a huge network of buzzing computers across the globe that literally keep that affirmation active, alive and plugged in. People can read it, reflect it, process it and even share it- making what we say online become literally ‘viral’.

When our blogs and updates come in the form of positive thinking, optimism, loving kindness and abundant thinking- the same thing happens. Without a moment of pause our written word holds space on the web and vibrates with power as the machines, programs and people behind the smooth operation of the internet put energy into it. When our friends, fans or random readers encounter our words, again it gets shared. Our positive light can effect and possibly change the day they might be having and in turn take on a whole new level of manifestation and healing potential.

Rant Magic

Sometimes a little healthy rant is just what the body needs to let go of some toxicity, but there’s a better, more magical way to deal with it- and I’d like to show you how!

When you feel the need for some ‘type therapy’, consider using a word processing program (Microsoft Word, Notebook, OpenOffice Write, etc.)

instead of going straight to your Twitter account. Write out your negativity in complete honesty and candor. Once you’re all done, step away from the computer and process the venting.

Once you’re ready to make peace- go back, open the document, honor it and DELETE IT! This act in and of itself uses the power of digital magic to manifest right before your eyes the deletion of negativity. It is a simple yet powerful meditation if you choose to allow it to be so. You may also want to try highlighting all of your ‘negative’ text and changing the font to strike-through. Then, in a color that resonates with you, re-write your paradigm ABOVE the strike-through negativity.

Save this document to your desktop as a reminder of the change you’re making. Once he issue is past, add some words of gratitude to the document and release it to the limitless Divine via the recycle bin!

Looking at the internet and the machines that power is as a literal amplifier of what you have to say will help ensure you say what’s right for you and your journey.

With Peace & Blessings…

Joshua Williams


What Are You Worth? Another Abundance Secret Revealed!

July 27, 2009

In the next few articles I post, I’d like to share with you some profound secrets relating to your abundance and right to prosperity. My goal, as those of you who are served by me professionally know, is to help you achieve realization of 100% of your personal power and ability- this is just another simple way to truly tap into that power and step into the progressive abundance that is your destiny!

Personal Value

It’s hard for many of us to ascribe value and worth to ourselves. The way we’ve been raised teaches us that we’re worth whatever ‘the people on top’ choose to pay us. We are trained employees with no ability to be our own boss- in finances, health, emotions, spiritual power, and many other aspects of life! One of the hardest things I coach my clients through is the process of truly realizing personal value and getting in touch with it on every level.

Knowing personal value is not the same as putting a literal dollar-sign price tag on your soul! Value, like energy, is infinite- and is a symbol for something beyond dollar figures. But teaching infinity doesn’t really work with our linear logical minds 🙂 The way that we can approach infinite personal value is to work with acknowledging our talents and being grateful for our abilities to help us unfold into the holistic realization of our total infinite value. Those of us who are actively participating in  the abundance path will find this aspect of training both always in our face and the hardest thing we have to reconcile.

Keep in mind as we progress- that the universe, and even more importantly, your own ego, will only ALLOW you to make as much money, friends, health, etc. as you believe you deserve. This is not something that you can ‘fake til you make’. It has to be real, sincere and honest.

Personal value has to be defined so that the cosmos around us has an entry point. Do you think that any celebrity out there would settle for even 20% less than what they make now? No way! Why? Because they know their value- and know what they’re worth… they won’t settle for less. In fact, the big movers in the financial world set their personal value as the bare minimum with expectations to raise the bar all the time!

Knowing your personal value is the first step to true financial and life abundance. If you can’t define your value or don’t have a good connection to what you and the things you do are worth- there’s likely a deep imbalance. The trick to KNOWING your value and constantly increasing it is this…

You must always, always, always be striving 100% to become more valuable- all the time… to the entire universe!

This means accepting joyfully that you are never the master of your craft and there is no time for sabbatical (goodbye, boredom!). The biggest people in the financial world will tell you that they are always reading, studying, learning and experimenting countless new techniques and ideas to make themselves more valuable. They know the real secret- work done to truly help others blows open the doors to abundance and seriously cuts out all the annoying obstacles. We must keep learning and keep increasing our value by adding to your toolbox so that we have more resources, more talent, more ability and more unique combination of energy to offer more people. The more we know- the more we’re able to serve.

The more we’re able to serve, the more we’ll attract people who value our service. The more people we attract- the more connections to abundance, joy, energy, healing and bliss we experience! Sweet!

Hitting this secret home and turning it into self value is pretty simple…

As we put energy into becoming more- we realize we ARE more. As our resume of intentional journeys into getting bigger and brighter expands, we have a deep sense of realistic and heart-centered pride in what we have accomplished and start to project that to the world. We know that we work hard, have great talents, understand the tools we work with and are more concerned with being an asset to the world than to filling our bank accounts. These things mix together to create a dynamic state of power that attracts positive, abundant experiences into our lives like a magnet!


Let’s look at this in bullet-point style so we really let it sink in…

  • Your innate beliefs of personal value defines your ability to experience abundance in money, love, health, energy, etc.
  • If you are not constantly growing and becoming brighter, your innate sense of self worth will drop like the stocks on a bad day
  • The more resources you have in your toolbox to serve more people in more effective ways- the more magnetic and valuable you become on all levels
  • Serving the world instead of serving yourself disarms fear and connects you to the true limitless stream of abundance
  • When you concern yourself with getting bigger so that others can get bigger by your example- the universe backs you up 100%
  • You can’t fake a sense of self worth. It has to be real, realized and internal on all levels. Once it is, you’ve working with limitless magic!

You are worth receiving limitless love and abundance. Realize that you are an integral, irreplaceable and essential part of the cosmos who was put here because you have the potential to fulfill a duty that NO OTHER BEING CAN. The Divine is not with imperfections… Each of us has a special self that makes our presence needed, valued and supported every second of every day- even when we’re at our worst. This simply means that you count, you matter and you deserve! Step up, no, JUMP UP into the cycle of abundance- give, receive, become and pass it forward and you’ll experience joy unlimited!

With all the power, beauty, potential and love that WE ARE!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Entering The Cycle Of Blessings Power : Plug In To Unlimited Potential!

July 1, 2009


I’d like to give you access through this article a secret. A BIG secret. The secret of how you can jump in to that never-ending cycle of being blessed with health, abundance, progress, love, joy and spiritual connection!

I’m going to lay this out very simply so you can get out there and get connected as soon as possible!

What Are Blessings, Seriously?
Blessings are, by my definition, the process of bathing another being in the light of wanting more for them than you want even for yourself. Blessing is the act of channeling a stream of pure unconditional love to another being for the empowerment of their life and their journey.
But blessings, like all things on the advanced spiritual plane, operate within a structure of reaction and spiritual laws.

The Modus Operandi Of Blessings
Blessings, like karma, operate on a cycle based upon action and reaction. In a nutshell- you can only receive what you’ve given away!

In order to tap into the power of blessings, you first need to start being the source of them!

When you want  a cherry red corvette with all the toppings- your #1 job is to bless the people who already have them. How hard is that! If I were encouraging you to be jealous, and maybe even a little angry- THAT would be easy, right? Well yeah- if you don’t want to get bigger- keep spinning your wheels. But if you do- it’s time to upgrade your spiritual ride from stock to custom!

Think of this in terms of the sacred cookie jar (at least in my house it is haha!). The cookies that are in there now need to be eaten before there’s room to put the fresh baked ones in. You have to give to create space for receiving. That’s the big secret!

Blessing those who have what you desire connects you to the abundance flow that turns you into a MAGNET to get the same thing!

Flipside warning: Attaching yourself to stuff you don’t want (anger, loss, poverty, loneliness, etc.) pretty much sign you up for that trip!

How To Bless With Power

Blessings are natural to us all. We have hope and wish innate within the depths of our beings. There are countless ways to express this- silently within, ritually external, etc. You’ve got to find what works best for your own unique spiritual language. Here are some ideas:

  • Pray, focusing on giving thanks on behalf of the person who has what you want
  • Imagine a beacon of light extending from your heart to them- expressing pride, joy and fulfillment that their work has paid off or at the blessings they have received from the Divine
  • Verbalize your blessing by truly saying “I am so proud of you”, “I hope you have a wonderful time”, “You deserve this!”, “How can I help you celebrate this success more?”, etc.

Let go of the whole luck and free-ride thing. It’s not in accord with cosmic laws. If someone has something- they earned it, and that’s all there is to it. The person who wants for nothing and has everything delivered to them on a silver plate paid for that somehow- and just because you can’t see or perceive how, doesn’t m,ean it’s not so. Let go of ANY AND ALL negativity that surrounds your ability to celebrate your neighbors success as your own- because it’s a lie!

When others have and you have not- give yourself permission to increase your connection to being a ‘have’ by participating in having! Help wash the new car, help the new bride get ready for her wedding since you aren’t busy with a love life of your own right now, offer to help the girlfriend with the sweet new job pick out some great business outfits, etc. Not only are you swimming in the love of pure cosmic consciousness when you do this- on the subtle level you are initiating yourself into the flow of blessings! Soon, you’ll have your own sweet ride to wash, your own weeding to plan and your own success to enjoy. Seriously!

In the meantime, by the way, you are humbling your heart, connecting to the Divine in a pure way and learning to see for yourself how we are all connected. That’s training luck can never bring you!

Gratitude Is The Stamp On The Envelope

Meister Eckhart said “If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is “thank you,” that would suffice.”. How simple yet powerful is that ideal?

Saying thank you for what you have, what you don’t have and especially for all the blessings you get that you don’t even know about is the summum bonum of magic in action.

Saying thank you, as can be demonstrated in all parts of life- leaves you open to receive more of what you’re thankful for, that’s for sure. But when it comes to what you don’t have- gratitude on the spiritual plane simply makes way for what you want to manifest. Don’t thank the Divine for NOT giving you the fat diamond you want- thank the Divine for the opportunity to walk the path towards it and learn.

When you seal the deal with gratitude- it’s like putting a first-class stamp on your prayer and blessing work- and it gets where its going with delivery confirmation every time!

Now What?

Finish reading this article. Then head out for a walk. Take the dog if you have one in your care- or even the kids!

Think as you walk (building and moving energy) about everyone you hold jealousy for. Release the negative emotions with each step and replace them with blessings and love. Jealousy is a lie and only trains you to believe that because they have it- you can’t. There’s more than enough for all of us IF we believe and support that happening by DECIDING that we want all of us to have it all. A nice walk in the open air is proof that we’re all taken care of equally- everyone gets to inhale and exhale without regard of who they are. This is the way of the Divine and the way of cosmic unconditional love! Go have some!

With Blessings Of Peace, Joy, Abundance & Progress…

Joshua Williams


The Secrets Of Being Blessed ~ The Power Of Prayer Revealed

June 4, 2009

One of my great passions in my work is tapping into the Divine blessings that are available to all- and helping channel them into the lives of those I serve.

Blessings, like sunlight, is available to all, no matter what… it’s just that sometimes we stand in the shade.

I believe that every prayer which is in accord with our unique life journey and cosmic laws is fully answered- all the time. Being such a huge advocate of right prayer, I have often been asked “Why aren’t my prayers answered?”. That’s what I’d like to explore with you in today’s article.

Prayer is commonly defined as the act of supplicating the Divine for help, guidance, intercession or empowerment in some way applicable to the current life journey. Prayer can be formal, informal, ritualized or spontaneous as long as it’s from the heart. Some people have a close connection to the Divine manifestation they pray to, while others pray to a Divinity they don’t yet have a personal relationship with. Either way works as long as it’s heart-centered and true for you.

Teaching prayer tactics can be a little tricky. I believe that the Divine already knows what we need, what we desire and what we seek… so why bother with prayer?

The fundamental reason we do pray isn’t for the benefit or need of the Divine- but for our own need. Effective prayer is less about stating a need and more about opening up consciously to receive the solution to that need. In prayer, we connect consciously and actively to the Divine principle, and explore our heart center to the Divine force while letting go of the ego that normally prayer-blocks us.

What is prayer-blocking?

It’s more common than I’d like to admit! Prayer-blocking is the natural tendency of most humans to micro-manage and control their lives to the point that, on a subconscious level, they actually block Divine empowerment. Since the Divine allows for free agency/free will, if we say ‘no’, the Divine allows  for ‘no. Prayer-blocking is the #1 reason that prayers don’t get answered. If we pray from the heart, but still over-manage and stress about the situation to the point that our ego pins it down with our own fears and expectations- there is no room for the Divine to answer the prayer and elicit change.

How To Receive

There are several key steps to ensuring that prayer work will be received when it manifests:

  • Surrender. When you send a letter that has the proper postage, you don’t spend every waking minute stressing about whether it will arrive. Do we really have more faith in the postal system (as amazing as it is!) than we do the Divine? Once you’ve sent your prayer off- let it go. Release from it so that as blessings come forth you are not so wrapped up in the issue that you don’t receive guidance about the solution.
  • Expect Divine attention. When we have a proper perception about the omnipresence, omnipotence and absolute compassion of the Divine, there is no question about our prayers being received or not. Indeed, they are received long before we even verbalize them or realize the need ourselves. Remember, prayer obstacles don’t manifest from petitions not being heard by the Divine- but from answers not being heard by us! Tap into your innate faith in Divine compassion and attentiveness whenever any negativity or doubt arises. In just one intense prayer working you could re-train your thoughts, mind and vibrational patterns to reflect only Divinity!
  • Manifest in words. To help ensure you are keeping open and not pining down the outcome, try journaling every day to have an internal dialogue about the issue. Remind yourself in journal that the prayer has been sent, and try to identify any changes you see or feel that might be the sprouting seed of blessings manifesting on your path. Every few days read past entries.
  • Let go of ego-based expectations. When a problem arises, we naturally create an ideal way they can be solved. The problem is, that when we create this ‘outcome addiction’, we’re pretty much telling the Divine ‘it’s my way or the highway!’. With positive thinking, affirmations, declarations, law of attraction AND prayer- it’s important to use the right key- to expect and visualize perfection in your needs but NOT to define with a linear human mind how that perfection will manifest! If you ask for a healing, don’t limit the Divine to healing you only by the means you understand. Attach your expectation to the final perfected outcome and NOT to the process itself.
  • Get Divine, let Divine! Each day, remind yourself who you’re working with. Express both gratitude and adoration to the Divine for everything you know about It and the countless things you don’t. You (hopefully!) don’t wake up every morning freaking out that you aren’t a surgeon just in case you need some surgery. You rest well knowing that if you need a surgeon, mechanic, dentist, lawyer, psychic guide, etc. that there are people in the world who can handle that task with great precision. Similarly- don’t try to play the cosmic role, because the Divine is far better at it! Let the Divine do what It does best, and you focus on doing the best you can!

What If Nothing Happens?

Relax. If nothing happens- you’re as good as gold! When we pray properly and open to receive properly and still nothing happens, it’s simply because what we’re asking for is not in accord with personal/soul or cosmic/universal laws. When I perceive this is the reason for an unanswered prayer in coaching clients- it’s often a hard one to explain. Usually when a prayer is not answered it seems, at the time, to be the one and only thing we really want! We need that lover, that job, this cash, that healing. We trust the Divine to know what’s best but this just doe not make sense! We might be in serious pain or confusion and nothing happens- how is that mercy?

Here is one of those extremely tricky and super mysterious workings of the Divine that we have to try to wrap our linear brains around. What seems paramount now, will not a few steps down the road. What we feel we cannot live without might be killing us in a way we cannot perceive. What we truly desire might just be a quick fix to a deeper addiction or spiritual imbalance. Although we cannot always understand, like or see the reasons for unanswered prayers- there’s just one thing we have to do… never believe in unanswered prayers!

As I mentioned above, ALL PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED when offered and received properly. This means, that if you ask for something and it doesn’t come- you just can’t see how it comes. Countless times I have coached a client through the process of powerful prayer only to see nothing happen. One client asked only for a true, loving relationship… got nothing, three months later entered a meditation retreat and stayed as a facilitator… now she has a relationship par excellence with the Divine in ways neither one of us could have seen coming! This is a hard aspect of prayer to deal with- because we are all addicted to seeing and perceiving results in a tangible way. As much as I wish I had better foundation for this- the truth is when nothing happens it’s probably the biggest something that’s ever happened to us before..just coming in very quietly 😉

Plugging In

So, in all of this there is a simple step you can take to ensure spiritual integrity, proper prayer and excellent methods of receiving are in place. That is surrender.

Surrender in this case means letting the Divine do what it does best and having complete trust. Surrender does not mean doing nothing. It means letting go of finite concepts about how and when to act and giving control of guidance over to the Divine. We still have to do the footwork. If we just had to pray and the rest would get done for us- what would be the point of living at all?

Prayer is magic, healing, transformation, love, connection, ascension, enlightenment, wisdom and empowerment in ways we can never perceive fully. It is personal communion between the eternal and unique soul we are and the face of Divinity that shines just for us. Prayer is the realization that the Divine is big enough to have a unique and special relationship with each of us- and that no two people will have the same Divine experience. Prayer is stepping up and plugging in to the power grid of all power grids for life, love, progress and perfection!

Peace & Great Blessings on the path of prayer…

Joshua Williams


The Magic Of Gardening

May 12, 2009


According to this year’s farmers almanac- we should have waited until Yesterday to start plating our more delicate plants. Being in Utah- the weather always defeats the predictions of the weather pro’s- but I took a chance and laid out some wildflower seeds and herbs yesterday.
For me, gardening is a moving meditation that rivals my Tai-Chi practice and walking contemplation work. In today’s blog, I want to share with you some ideas, inspirations and guidance for truly tapping the spirit of gardening and experiencing a healing, calming and magical rite in your own back yard!

Gardening is a pretty new thing for us humans. Around 8,500 B.C. controlled farms started popping up along the Fertile Crescent… but it wasn’t until much later that European cultures abandoned the ‘hunter/gatherer’ way of life and settled down to farming and livestock control.
The step out of the ways of our ancient ancestors who hunted and gathered was huge. In many cultures- new gods and rituals manifested that were more relevant to gardening and farming since the old gods and old rituals of hunting, trapping and foraging really didn’t seem that relevant. In the modern day- most of us don’t ever get the joy of seeing where our food comes from- but we can taste a small piece of that amazing process by growing things in our own backyards, porches or window sills.


The one gift that I hold in esteem above all others that comes from gardening is the meditation. Gardening opens me up to the true abundance of the earth and forces my ego to recon with the fact that full living and prosperity are natural- anything less is unnatural. Working the soil, planting seeds and seeing sprouts come up reminds me that all things have their ‘path’ in this wondrous universe we call home and that ‘letting go and letting God’ is a really good idea- since the Divine can obviously do things I can’t.
Every seed I plant comes with a prayer. Some of you may know the traditional meanings for different herbs or plants, and you can use that in your gardening. I tend to go with my intuition and let each seed call forth a desire within me. As I hold each seed- I meditate on my desire, pray that the seed will be a catalyst for its manifestation in my life and respectfully offer my ‘prayer seed’ to the Divine in the form of the nurturing earth. Taking that time to literally ‘let go’ of your prayer and feel it being handed over to the Divine is very powerful and a sincere ritual in and of itself. After I have planted out a section, I typically pour some wine, milk, meal or honey onto the soil as an offering of gratitude to the Divine Earth.
After a few weeks- those inevitable weeds start popping up. What used to be simple garden obstacles are now symbols for the parts of my being that are holding me back from being at the center of my universe. As I go through the moving meditation of weeding, I think each weed for the lesson it has given me while gently and respectfully removing it from the garden. As I do this, I open myself up to any realizations that may come to me about what these weeds mean on a deeper level- do I have wrong internal dialog? Am I self-sabotaging? Is someone else getting in the way? All those weeds go into my compost pile so that next year, the things that once were the obstacles to my success feed and support my new endeavors. I am sure you can see what a powerful, magical and transformative meditation and ritual this is!

In addition to the personal benefits you can obtain from working with the Earth- there are far-reaching community benefits that can be ‘paid forward’ as well. I try to give some of my harvest to friends and family to share in the powerful blessings and energy from my work over the months. I also want to try this season to donate a portion of my harvest to a local food bank to move the blessing into the lives of those who might be struggling. When you garden- food is not just a commodity… it has your love, attention, prayer and meditation infused within it’s every cell- and that makes it magical food!
Community gardens are also popping up all over the place- and this is an excellent way to work with the land if you don’t have any room where you live, meet great people, get out in the fresh air and connect in a deep and lasting way with the Divine.

Whether you are growing basil in a window sill planter or heirloom tomatoes in a big backyard plot- I hope you get the chance this year to experience the magic, blessings and awe of working with the Earth. If you have never done any gardening before- now is a great time to start! A simple planter garden in your kitchen window will remind you that it needs to be watered and will give you excellent companionship when you have to deal with the dishes 🙂

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Peace & Blessings…

Joshua Williams