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Fall Mind Magic For Letting Go & Getting Grateful

October 8, 2009

The leaves on the trees are finally changing! This is, for me, one of the most beautiful and magical times of year. A great energy seems to permeate the world in the fall which around us into something new. This is a time when we are reminded that death has aspects of beauty within it- as with the falling of colored leaves, and we are intuitively aware that all things that pass lead to ‘new growth’ in the future. In this article, I’d like to share with you some realizations and simple meditations to tap this wonderful Autumnal energy for change, healing and cleansing in your own life!

It’s Six O’clock, Do You Know Where Your Issues Are?

If we look at the year like a clock, fall would be six p.m. Winter, the midnight of the year brings darkness and cold- leading to the dawn of spring and the noon zenith of summer. At six o’clock fall, the sun is just beginning to set and we are getting ready to start our evening wind-down. This is a great time to think about what we’ve done today (this year, really!) and take stock of all that we’ve learned.

For me, Autumn has always been about the beginning of personal shadow work. Things start to get cold, die off, fall off and frost over- and in the stillness of this magical time, the deeper parts of the self seem to shine forth more clearly than usual. Fall offers us a time to start calming down and spending more time at home. The weather isn’t as friendly as it was, and there seems to be more time for just relaxing and ‘being’. It is at this time that we are called by the natural cycles of the world around us to look within and identify what leaves on our own self-tree need to be released.

Autumn is a time to simply be- allowing the chatter in the heart and the mind to be heard in fullness and truth. Recognize the fears, issues, connections, faults and limitations that you hold on your branches which no longer serve you. Acknowledge how they may have served you, even if you can’t see how right now. Then, simply resolve to cut them off and let them fall to the earth. As leaves fall to the ground in fall, they decompose and become nutrition for next years growth. Similarly, the energy of the issues you let go of now will eventually return to you after a natural state of purification, and become great blessings and boons for your personal growth to come!

A Meditation On Falling Leaves

Because all life is connected, the natural world around us carries a specific blessing and resonance that mirrors smaller cycles happening deep within us. Knowing that we can harmonize with this flow of natural energy and use it for our own personal healing connects us with magic on a truly cosmic platform!

In the following meditation, we will be working with a list (mental or actually written out) of ideas, imbalances, limitations, fears, etc. that we are ready to release. This meditation must be performed outside, and should be done in the warmest part of the day if possible. You may want to dress in Autumn colors to help attune yourself to the energy in the world, or simply sit amongst fallen leaves enjoying the color, scent, and feeling of the Fall energy.

Choose a place to sit that will position you in front of a large, autumn-leaf filled tree. Make sure there are already leaves on the ground around the base of the tree so that you know it is in the process of shedding them. Say a prayer if you choose to help empower the meditation, and thank the tree for acting as a helped to you in this working in whatever way feels right for you.

Close your eyes for a time and simply connect to the meaning of this time of year. See if you have any memories that resonate to this season. Connect as deeply as you can to the available power moving all around you- and know that it is here to help you if you choose to accept it.

Go over your list of ‘leaves’ in your mind or on your paper. Spend a few moments honoring and connecting to each one. Once you feel that everything you want to release is presented….

  • Call up one issue at a time in your mind and in your heart. Allow yourself to fully embrace it and be present with all that it is for you
  • Now, using the tree as your helper, as the Universe to help you release this issue in a tangible way- the falling of a leaf
  • Move your attention to the whole of the tree while still holding your withering issue in mind. Soon, you’ll see a leaf fall that catches your attention
  • Before the leaf hits the ground, call it by the name of the issue you wish to let go of
  • See the leaf hit the ground and be grounded, neutralized and embraced by the loving protection of the Earth Mother
  • If you need this issue to fall through a few more leaves- follow your intuition and do it until it feels complete!
  • Spend a few moments after each issue sensing its release and feeling lightness and gratitude for it’s removal

This meditation is best performed up to the last day of October.

You may wish to end this meditation by going back in the house for a cleansing bath and some warm herbal tea!

I hope that this exploration of Autumnal energy and Fall blessings helps you let go of the leaves of your past and begin creating energy for the blossoms of your future!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


A Meditation To Release & Receive

August 25, 2009

Sometimes life just gets too wound up, too confusing and too intense!

As issues arise, we get more and more bound up in the intensity and it becomes more and more difficult to find our way out. We know in our heart of hearts that a solution must exist- but we can’t escape the pain, confusion, fear, etc. we are in long enough to get the big picture!

I’d like to share an extremely simple yet powerful visualization meditation with you that facilitates recognizing the issue, releasing it to the Divine, opening up to have the problem solved, and gaining total relaxation and freedom from the issue so that you can get clear and get moving again!

The key to this practice is knowing that above all things- there is a Divine intelligence (however you define that is fine) that is capable of solving all problems, loving in infinite ways and blessing without limit. In this process, much like in illness, we will be handing our problem over to the ‘Divine Physician’ and allowing the issue to be handled by a professional 🙂 Just like when we get hurt or sick, we must surrender to the doctor and do what they say to get better because they have the knowledge to heal that we might not. We don’t lose sleep at night over the fact that we may not be able to perform surgery- because we know that there is someone very qualified and expert who can. In the same manner, we must work with that same level of trust for the Divine and hand our issues over so that they can be remedied perfectly.

So, Here is the simple meditation to really make this process effective…

  • Enter meditative space. Set time, quiet and intention to give yourself room to have a sacred experience. Music, candles, incense, special clothing, etc. can all be incorporated to help facilitate a deeper experience- do what works for you!
  • Relax, breathe, tap your inner stillness and calm

  • Begin the practice by simply feeling your body as a whole. Acknowledge the feelings and states of mind you are in and just let them exist
  • Now, try your best to state those issues in your own language. Talk about your fears, loneliness, lack, etc. as though you are trying to clearly state to another person how you feel.
  • Next, state the glories of the Divine- allow yourself to deeply connect to the power of the Divine to heal and guide. This helps dis-empower the negativity, get your faith grounded and get you ready to let go in fullness.

  • Now, simply create a ball of light in your minds eye. Physically cup your hands to hold it. This way, your body, mind, emotions and energy are all involved in the process making it truly holistic and effective.
  • Imagine sending (via images, words, feelings, etc.) all of your problems into the ball. See it glowing brighter and brighter as the waves of your issue literally leave your body and your being and enter the ball.
  • Continue doing this until you feel a sense of release, lightness, joy or warmth. Ensure that as much of your issue as you can work with has been moved into the ball.
  • Now, call forth the Divine and allow the ball to float, sink, disappear, etc. to the Divine realm. It is important to view this as an offering of love- your trust and surrender is what is actually being o0ffered- and that is what actually allows this process to work. Don’t think you are giving the Divine toxicity- know that you are offering the Divine your very self.
  • After release, spend a few moments opening up and bathing yourself in love- in any way that you choose to visualize, feel, sense, etc.
  • Before ending the session, ensure you tap your heart center and speak words and feeling of deep gratitude for the healing!

Just like when you send a letter in the mail- once you send it, you let it go and believe it will be received. Similarly, after this exercise, you must force yourself not to dwell on the issue. Know you have sent it to the professionals and they will now handle it for you. If fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. arises- simply dis-empower it by saying out  loud or silently inside “This issue has been handed over to an expert- it is no longer a source of worry”.

Letting go is hard to do- especially when most of us have been trained to control, micro-manage and force everything in our lives to get what we desire. The truth is, as you will realize in working with this practice and others like it, is that there is nothing wrong with asking for help… especially from the Cosmic who can do all things without breaking a sweat. The ability for us to tap the power and potency of our Divine source is natural and a birth-right. To deny the available guidance, healing and empowerment from the Source is to walk a very difficult path.

Why not embrace the love and blessings that are constantly and infinitely available you- and allow them openly to come forth in fullness?

Asking for help in this mindset is not an act of weakness- it is an offering of love.

With blessings of peace, release & open receiving all the love…

Joshua Williams


Let Go, Let God

August 19, 2009

I’d like to share an analogy with you that came to me in meditation recently…

We don’t spend our days stressing out over the fact that we can’t practice dentistry, fix a broken fan belt, fly a plane, etc. because we know and trust that there are qualified, educated and proficient people out there who can- and that we can tap into their ability whenever we need it. Interestingly enough, however, we sure spend a lot of time stressing the ways of living. Whether we have personal conviction and belief in Divinity or not is irrelevant… no one can deny the fact that nature itself performs it’s tasks flawlessly- and seemingly effortlessly. The issue is that we try to micro-manage our lives in a way that cuts us off from allowing the Divine/Cosmic/Universe to do for us what it is the very best at.

Imaging letting Spirit run your life…

Setting goals and intentions, getting clear about your path, walking a beautiful journey- all while completely surrendered, let-go and present. No stress, no strife, no worry- just walking, experiencing, growing, healing and loving!

Lately in my life, I have been challenged with doing just that. Letting go. I have lived with severe panic attack, GAD and DP/DR for over 11 years- and now I am being called to offer up my life to the Divine and allow Spirit as it is manifest in my own experience to be my guide, light, protection and vehicle for total healing. I realize that doing all of this is much easier said than done!

Although, because I am still working with this process, I cannot give you the secret key to letting go and letting God- I can share a few things with you that may help you release your life into the hands of the Most High…

  • Faith and conviction that the Divine knows best, cares and is PRESENT in your life is the foundational step. You must believe, perceive and receive openly the presence of Spirit in your unique journey.
  • Catching yourself when you are trying to change the weather is of utmost importance. If you find yourself micro-managing, stressing or controlling aspects of your life that are just too petty, too complex or even just too frustrating to deal with- you’re doing it wrong. When this happens, remind yourself (mostly your ego) that there is a professional expert who can handle this for you and that expert is the Divine. Visually imagine handing the issue in some form up to Spirit to have it ‘enlightened’.
  • Once you mail off that problem to the Divine- trust it will be received and will be replied to ASAP.
  • Try using words of power to keep yourself open and relaxed… I like ‘Let Go’, ‘Release and be Free’, and ‘I Let Spirit Run My Life’.

This is not an excuse for apathy! It is simply a process of allowing the Divine to dictate your next opportunity and showing you the proper place to put your efforts. This experience allows you to let go of stress, create a communion with the Divine in a way that seriously influences your life, and also ensures you put your energy only where it should be going! No more tail-chasing, bad leads, shallow relationships or dead-end roads for you!

The purpose of this brief article is simply to open a door. I really just want you to think about this- how would completely surrendering all the little things to the Most High change your life? Are you addicted to control? Do you believe you can run your life better than the Divine? Think about it, pray about it, meditate about it, be about it!

I’d also like to share a very powerful music video with you. This song, “I Feel Like Letting Go” was written by Rickie Byars-Beckwith, wife of Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith. Many of you may know him from the movie “The Secret”. Please click the link below to hear her offer this song- it’s amazing!

“I Feel Like Letting Go” – Rickie Byars-Beckwith

Rickie Byars-Beckwith Online

Let Go On Letting Go…

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Letting Go Of Heavy Negative Emotions and Bad Vibes

August 12, 2009

Emotions, situations, people… all of these facets of our lives have great influence over us. As we walk the path of being an emotional human being- we process trillions of emotional vibrations every day- holding on to some and absorbing them, letting go of others and moving forward. The events and circumstances of our lives- work, social events, the place we live and the places we go also influence the vibrations that move through us. Other people, of course, being energy fields just like us, have the ability to ‘rub off’ on our field and influence our state of being.

Ideally, if we were all masters of our lives, we would live in the present, not allowing any negative emotion to solidify and move-in to our energy bodies. The truth is, very few of us are at that level and we do get stuck in negative spaces sometimes. Negative emotions are stronger, more noticeable and way more intense than positive ones because they are not in line with our soul nature. It’s like jumping into a freezing cold pool instead of one that’s exactly at body temperature. One throws you into shock while the other feels natural, calming and in harmony with your being.

The Purpose Of Negative Emotions

The big goal is to learn to use emotions as little warning signs that something is up. Acknowledge them, explore the message they are giving, then let them go. If a smoke alarm goes off in your house- you don’t just sit back and accept it as part of your new reality! You check out the house, see what the problem i and turn the annoying thing off as soon as possible!

in the meantime, while we work on learning to see our emotions that way and use them as they are intended to be used, I’d like to teach you a technique to disperse and ground out the power behind negative emotions so that they can be worked with more clearly. As with most things of a spiritual/energetic nature- the more simple it is, the more effective it is- don’t let that fool you!

What’s Happening In My Field When I Experience A Negative Emotion?

When a negative emotion hits, your entire body gets involved. Fear is engaged in almost every negative emotion (anger, envy, guilt, jealousy, etc.) and thus the fight or flight system of your body gets activated. Heart pumps, mind gets fuzzy, things become less clear- you start to feel smothered and trapped by these invisible vibrations moving through your body. The emotion itself can sometimes completely hijack your brain- making it nearly impossible to think rationally or get above it.

Like all things, emotions have the aspect we can ‘feel’, and a more subtle aspect (that which is normally viewed on the psychic level). The feelings always go away. Eventually our bodies regain balance, our adrenal glands chill out and the natural state of balance in our physical systems regains as it realizes there is no threat. The real issue is on the energetic/subtle level. The emotion is still in there, making us still ‘feel’ odd on some level- even though it isn’t exactly physical. When this specific emotional vibration is left, buried, ignored or even supported- we run into problems. It absorbs into our personal field like a leech- setting up camp and constantly feeding off positive emotions and injecting us with a constant drip of toxicity. If you’ve ever heard me talk about physical illness having it’s first root in an energetic issue- this is that issue! A few days, weeks, months or years down the road this stuck vibration is going to start getting more and more dense- eventually getting to the stage where it can effect the physical body! This is why it’s so important to stop these things as they come up! Not an hour later, not the next day- as they are happening!

Your health and joy are so important! Imagine a life where you were in control of all negative aspects of your emotions and saw them as they are meant to be seen… total calm, awareness, guidance and joy all the time! If you can’t even visualize or imagine that- re-read ‘The Purpose Of Negative Emotions’ section above and really let that truth sink in.

Medicine Just Below Your Feet

The earth we walk upon has a very special set-up. It is like a giant energy magnet; always pulling, processing and cleansing energies that flow into it. We can see the magnetic force of the earth in action with the expression of gravitational pull.

Deep within the core of the earth is a center of molten lava. I like to think of this as the crucible of the earth, where all energies are purified, cleansed, transformed and re-formed into what the Divine wishes them to be for us.

The earth gives without expectation, takes our abuse without rancor and is always there- day after day supporting, feeding, sheltering and loving us unconditionally. These aspects of the earths unconditional love are indications of it’s true medicine- pure love.

Tapping In And Getting Healed

So, now we understand the nature of negative emtions and the innate healing potency of the earth as it relates to those fine, subtle vibrations. Put them together and you get asimple exercise of letting go, moving forward and healing in just a few minutes time!

Here’s my technique for processing and letting go of negative emotions while getting the messages they are delivering at the same time!

  • Recognize the negative emotion coming up and resolve not to let it take control of you
  • Take a few deep breaths and move- pace, walk, jump- anything to keep the energy from getting comfortable! This is as serious as it is silly! Remember, your health is super important- if you need to walk away from work for a few minutes, excuse yourself from an event, etc. DO IT!
  • Take that movement to the outdoors. Get to a place where you can directly interact with the earth as best as possible. A picnic area at work, some trees in the backyard, a dog park- anything! As you are walking and moving to the space- think of the emotion. You must do this in a dominant and controlled manner. You are the boss! Explore when it came up, how it’s making you feel, what triggered it, etc. Feel free to explain the feeling and what made it manifest out loud as if you are trying to explain it to another person. This process makes the emotion seem conquerable and places you as the one doing the calling
  • Once you find a good spot- sit, stand, lean up against a tree, put a blanket down… anything to get you close to the earth. Kick your shoes off if possible and let the soles of your feet connect with the ground
  • Now, tap in, using imagination, visualization, meditation, psychic sensing, etc. to the very gentle pull of the earth. Feel it tugging on you ever so slightly. Feel the ground ippening up to support you
  • Let your emotion take on a form in your mind’s eye- whatever comes up works. Now, connect it to the pull of the earth below and feel it being sucked out of you. See the process of it being pulled into the earth and sent down to that core of molten lava
  • You may wish to add in light energy coming in through your head, washing and cleansing you as the negative stuff flows down
  • Run this exercise until you feel lighter, tingly, joy, gratitude or until you feel it’s time to be done
  • ENSURE you express verbally or in some other tangible way your gratitude to the earth and to the Divine for your healing!

Pretty simple, right!

Just doing this exercise, giving yourself the respect and healing time you deserve, replacing fear with love and being aware of the subtle workings of emotions gives you a whole new level of healing personal power in your life!

Peace & Blessings On Your Path To Healing & Divine Awareness!

Joshua Williams


Hey, That's Not Yours! Exploring The Emotions Of Relationships- And Letting Go!

August 10, 2009

In my work, I often perceive in my clients a sensitivity that seems to come naturally to those involved in the more spiritual way of living. Most of the people I serve, even if they are unaware of it, have some level of empathic, intuitive or channeling abilities that work in their lives. I find that those who seek spiritual/psychic guidance tend to have a latent spiritual/psychic side to themselves that is craving to come out… like attracts like!

In serving these sensitive, spiritually evolving people, I come across one very common negative trait that I’d like to discuss today. Mis-identification of issues.

I know that sounds nearly like medical terminology- but don’t worry- it’s not that bad!

Mis-identification of issues is the process of taking ownership of issues, addictions, behaviors, etc. that are NOT yours. The most common example of this happens in romantic relationships. Let’s create an example (completely made-up, any similarity to actual events is a ‘coincidence’) to use throughout this article to help make it more clear…

Jane has been dating Joe for a few months now. Joe tends to take ten steps forward in the relationship- then either completely clam up for a while or take 15 steps back. Now, Jane is starting to feel like she’s doing something terribly wrong. She has a hard time injecting positive energy into the relationship because she never quite knows whether Joe is coming or going and what she might be doing to make him run. This is a classic example of ‘Not Yours’ in action!

In the beginning, Jane was completely present with the relationship. The behavior Joe expresses sort of came out of nowhere- and has now turned into a cyclical, nearly addictive pattern. Joe obviously has some deep-seated issue here with commitment and self-worth, but it’s Jane I am worried about. She is taking responsibility for actions, behaviors, beliefs and attitudes which do not belong to her. She basically just took a few pounds off Joe and stuffed them in her backpack.

As humans, we want to care for others and lessen their burden. Empathic folks have this really hard until they learn how to shield and identify properly. We have also been trained in many regards that if something in our life goes wrong- it’s time for the blame game. Neither of these beliefs is good or progressive on our spiritual journey. It’s important for us to be able to identify- anytime a negative emotion comes up- where it comes from. Is this our internal feeling of guilt, lack, etc.- or are we simply kicking ourselves in the butt over something we have no ownership of?

Jane is suffering, piling on the guilt and really starting to destroy her self-value because she thinks Joe’s behavior is her problem. The truth is- her breaking-down process due to this toxic energy is probably making things worse. If we could just clean her emotions up, get her clear and focus on the positive, she would 99% likely see Joe change his ways. See how one person doing some deep healing will effect those they are close to an illicit their healing as well… big secret revealed!

Taking accountability for what IS ours and what is NOT ours not only helps clear the energy flow between people- it also helps us get closer to what’s going on in our heart and what we have to work with. True compassion does not come from taking on others issues- that’s called robbery. Compassion comes forth when we walk alongside those in need- giving them love, energy, support and guidance. If we walk the path for them, they might as well not be living at all. Most of us can agree that some of our biggest hurts and losses led to our biggest personal growth- do you really want to take that away from someone? These are lessons we cannot learn from books- we have to experience the reality of them, hopefully while being surrounded with love and guidance from others, in order to really ‘get it’.

Taking the initiative to explore emotions, define what’s yours, take accountability for it and work through it is a medicine unparalleled in this world. It allows us to stop blaming others for our issues, to stop taking on other peoples life journey, and to live clear and open to the next step.

Here’s a break-down of exploring, identifying and letting go…

  • Negative emotion arises (fear, guilt, decline in self-value, anger, etc.) that involves another person
  • Stop. Breathe. Feel the entirely of the emotion for a few moments
  • Talk to the emotion, dialogue with it from inside. See where it comes from, what triggered it, when it came up, etc. Be an emotion detective and try to resolve the root of the toxicity
  • Identify with COMPLETE HONESTY to yourself whether this is or is not your issue
  • If is IS your issue- now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Begin working on it through honest internal dialogue, meditation, prayer, energy work, self-help books, counseling, etc. Do what you need to do to work through it and overcome while still embracing the lessons it has to offer you
  • If it is NOT you emotion- replace it with love for the person who owns it, this changes the vibration immediately. Communicate with the person that you are feeling ____ and would like to be with them in any way you can to help them clear it up. You have to release consciously WITH LOVE, or the cords that attach you to that weight just stick around
  • Continue to have open, honest and compassionate dialogue with yourself (first and foremost) and with any others involved. Remember- as they heal, you heal. As yo heal, they heal. Invest as much energy as needed into the situation because in the end it is your medicine.

We are all connected, and ideally want for others what we want for ourselves. Tapping into the flow of unconditional love and true compassion allows us to help others for real, instead of just taking their burdens for a while and not helping either of us get bigger. The healing journey is about loving kindness, compassion and manifesting perfection- with the right paradigm we can all tap that, together, one relationship at a time!

If you have any questions about toady’s article- please feel free to contact me via email.

I look forward to serving you and your unique life journey through the spiritual arts and unconditional Divine love!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Cutting The Cords

April 28, 2009

Human beings are designed and meant to be social animals. Because of this, our complex energetic bodies have a very wondrous method of reaching out and connecting to others- even before we consciously do so. Thread-like tentacles move from our energy matrix into the world around us connecting us to others, reading energetic/soul compatibility, sharing energetic feedback and transferring intuitive information. If you’ve ever walked by someone and gotten a ‘bad vibe’, it’s likely that you projected a cord and the chemistry was all wrong.

Cords always make the first impression. Before you ever approach the woman at the bar and introduce yourself, a cord has connected the two of you and the energy is flowing. When long-lost friends randomly enter our consciousness- often times it’s because the cord that has connected us all these years has been triggered, empowered or removed causing a conscious manifestation of its purpose.

There are countless ways in which cords serve us- but what I’d like to focus on here is how we can take control of them and remove negativity from our lives when needed.

Our example:

A husband and wife, married 11 years.

These two have countless cords connecting them all based on the main cord of their relationship. Each interaction, event, etc. creates a new cord. Some are temporary- others that reinforce latent issues within us stay longer because we feed them.

Let’s assume these two have a pretty heated argument. A cord is created that resonates at the vibration of the fight and feeds through the core cord of their actual relationship.

Best course of action: cut the cord! This will help drain negativity and power from the situation, let each person cool down, prevent the situation from going heart deep and open each person to issue-free healing.

Cutting a cord is a way to psychically, ritually and consciously remove the power from a situation that doesn’t serve you. Any time something happens you don’t like- you should follow-up shortly after and cut the cord that connects you to that situation.

Cutting cords does NOT prevent you from learning lessons, and it does not cut another person from your life. It simply removes energetic expressions from your matrix that are not serving you.

To cut cords, simply close your eyes, get calm and ask that the cord(s) from any situation be shown to you… allow yourself to see one or many cords coming from your core reaching out to the situation/person/time. Then, by whatever means you life- cut them. Use a kitchen knife, a chainsaw, TNT or even your teeth! When you cut the cord, imagine the cord shrivel and disintegrate due to being cut off… now you have your power back and are not subtly and subconsciously feeding and energizing a situation that doesn’t serve you. Doing this tells your mind to let go, your heart to get bigger and your energetic body to heal and recharge. It also alleviates the possibility of attracting more similar situations since the like-attracts-like law can’t effect you since that vibration is no longer within you.

Try cutting cords to migraines, traffic jams, arguments, past hurts, etc.

You can also perform a big cutting anytime by asking that all cords which don’t serve you in a positive and loving way be shown- then cut ‘em up!

You can also perform cord strengthening meditations when there’s a cord you DO want..Like the cord that connects you to your husband who’s on work travel for a while, a long friend you’d like to see again, a time in your life you were really happy, etc. Call up those cords and imagine filling them with loving energy. See the energy surging between you and the goal via the cord in strong waves. Allow the cord to become more prominent in your matrix and feel free to tell it how you’d like things to change- your words will affect the way it processes energy!

I encourage you to begin working with subtle energy. It is the driving force for every aspect of our life experience- and by being in tune with it- we can truly walk a magical path!


Joshua Williams