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The Underworld : The Great Womb Of Transformation

June 17, 2009

When we hear the term ‘underworld’, it’s not unlikely that images of death, decay, ghosts, ghouls and goblins comes into mind. I’d like to share with you some wisdom about this often misunderstood realm- both from sources of antiquity and my own personal journeys into that space…. Hopefully leaving you with a quite different view of what goes on down below!

The Realm Below

Almost every spiritual culture on earth has some view and belief about the realm below. The underworld, hell, sipapu and the great womb are all terms that have been used to describe this mysterious place. But is it really a place? I would say no. The underworld is often symbolized by it’s literal position below the surface of the earth- but the truth is that it is non-local, and is thus more a plane of existence than a place or location that might be on a map.

The underworld may be a cosmic plane- a level that can only be perceived by elevated consciousness via spiritual training. It might also be a place within us- the shadow self which seems to lurk always behind who we express ourselves to be.

I believe, based on my many experiences with this plane, that is it both. The underworld is a plane of awareness/consciousness outside of us- but what we carry in the recesses of our hearts will become manifest there for us to perceive.

The underworld is thus a place where we must confront the dark parts of our beings, take accountability for wrongs committed and choose how we will rectify them in the next phase of our journey. I believe that the only judgment we receive in this place comes only from us- not from someone else. In the place of pure being we tap our true soul consciousness and thus can evaluate from clarity how me might not have acted in accord with cosmic or Divine law in the last part of our journey.

I also don’t think the underworld is scary. My experiences in Shamanic and trance journeying to that plane were fully comforting, grounding, healing and awe inspiring. Although I witnessed some heavy visions- I never felt they were anything more than I could handle and thus always carried an air of peace and confidence.

The How’s And Why’s of The Underworld

What happens in the underworld? Why is it there? Will I ever go there?… All common question about the subject that I’d like to help you clarify in the next part of our journey.

The underworld is really just that- a world under or outside that of normal waking consciousness we are familiar with . The underworld is that silent force that bears witness to the ebbs and flows of our unique life journey. But then again, all those labels are only relative on our plane of names and forms- so it could easily be above or to the side f a universe with no center or no edges!

When we experience death of the body, the physical form returns to the earth from which it came. This process gave our ancestors the realization that life comes from life, and that the form of the earth in our bodies will one day return to the earth itself. It was perceived that the body literally sank down into the soil as it broke down and returned to the earth- and thus a strong symbolism and understanding of the underworld was held. The underworld is where we come from, and where we go to. It is the point of respite between lives. Sometimes referred to the great womb- it can be the womb of the Divine Mother who gives the body as we near birth and receives it back at death. The soul, passing through the underworld, confronts all the actions of the body (representing the life just lived) and is therefore better equipped to move into a higher state of being in the next life journey.

It waqs believed by the ancients (any by me as well) that as every person experiences physical death- they are gently and lovingly received by the Divine in the underworld to rest, survey, prepare and spring forth into the next life journey.

Not being a physical or literal place- the underworld represents that period between breaths- the time before we take birth into the next phase of our journey and the ending of our last one. It represents a time of healing, letting go, realization beyond the ego and planning for what’s to come.

Never once in my journeys have I encountered the underworld as dark, scary, smelly or full of fire- rather is has always been serene and abundant- reflecting the very power of the Divine in nature itself!

One of the reasons it is so important to work alongside a qualified and expert guide and healer in life- just as our ancestors did with Shamans and tribe leaders- is to ensure that we make healthy progress in life and leave with a light and joyful heart. The underworld as afterlife can be a reflection of the lives we lived so that we can experience them again in a more enlightened spiritual state.

The underworld can be accessed safely via many varieties of Shamanic journey-work that can be investigated online or through books. I highly suggest works by Alberto Villalobos and Michael Harner- both wonderful teachers who convey these topics beautifully through the written word.

I encourage you to explore the path that lies ahead by coming to peace with the symbolism and beauty of the underworld- and believe that any of us who have inherent fear of death or temporality can benefit immensely from these practices, as well as those looking to connect to the ancestral stream or discover hidden spiritual gifts!

Peace & Blessings on the spiral journey!

Joshua Williams



۞ Where are you? : A Meditation On Your Life Journey & purpose

May 19, 2009


I am often asked by clients, friends and even colleagues “What is my life purpose?”, “Where am I going?”, “Where am I now?” and “What’s next?”.

These are all questions that bring a huge smile to my heart because I know I am working with someone who cares about their journey and really wants to make sure they’re doing the best they can.

Where Are You Going?

Where Is Your Path Headed?

When questions like this arise for us, it’s a great time to seek the guidance of a psychic adviser. I am always excited to get people connected to psychic guides that are just right for them, and this is a good time to make that happen- it’s also a great time for us to connect to our own ‘inner psychic’ and receive some profound guidance from our own innate abilities.

The more you work with meditations like these, the more you will become familiar with your own psychic language- and it will begin sounding more clear and loud in your daily life. Consider this psychic training in the real world!

In addition to connecting clients with advisers- I also like to empower people to tap into their own intuitive abilities and receive spiritual revelation for themsevles. What follows is a powerful meditation that will help answer the questions posted above- and help you see, in your own symbolic language, where you’re at and where you’re headed!

In teaching this meditation to my clients- its amazing how many times profound realizations have taken place. People have experienced direct warnings, dangers, blessings, encounters with Divinity and sacred mirrors in which to get a clear look at themselves. This practice seems so simple- and it is- but don’t discredit it. The symbolism presented here is universal in scope and will draw your subconscious, conscious, ego and spirit onto a meditative journey of great wisdom!

This meditation can be used anytime you feel lost, confused, not sure what’s next in life, need guidance or just feel ‘stuck and stagnant’. Practicing this meditation before working with your psychic adviser will open you up to a greater reading and will give you some wonderful symbolism and realization to explore with your guide!

Your Life Compass Is Within You!

Your Life Compass Is Within You!

As with all meditation practices I teach, please ensurer you  have a quiet, dimly lit, undisturbed, clean and relaxed space for one hour. Candles, incense, music, sacred iconography, etc. may also be brought in- whatever gets you in the mood!

Getting ready for the meditation…

  • Have a nice long stretch and some deep breaths to get your body and energy centers opened up and flowing well
  • Sit or lie down comfortably (not so comfy you’ll fall asleep!). I suggest facing North in this meditation as north is the resonance quarter in my tradition for spirituality, guidance and Divine connection.
  • Spend a few moments ‘rocking’ or ‘shaking’ into your position. If there are any parts of your body that feel uncomfortable, fix that now. If you choose to get serious about meditation- I suggest training yourself to sit, and investing in a meditation cushion (often called a Zafu). They are available all over the net and help with posture, breath, alertness, energy flow and comfortableness.
  • Begin by gently calming the mind. Try to get at least 60 seconds of uninterrupted ‘silence’ in there before moving forward.

The meditation…

  • Without judgment or over-analyzing, call forth into your minds eye (creative visualization faculties) your life path to manifest to you. Allow whatever manifests to manifest. A forest path? A sidewalk? Stairs? A jungle with no visible path to walk on? We are working with internal symbolism here- so be open to letting your inner-self manifest whatever ‘scene’ it does…even if it seems strange, it is YOUR soul language!
  • Look around. Survey the scene, check out the landscape. Touch base with how you feel. Check the weather, colors, emotions, etc. Be as present there as you possibly can be.
  • Look behind you, where did you just come from? Look ahead- where are you headed?
  • Now comes the fun part… this image- this space you are in is as alive as you are.. indeed it is a symbolic reflection OF YOU! Because it is alive, you can talk to it! This process is called internal dialogue, because you are having conversations between different levels of your being.
  • Ask what you need to ask. Let’s use, for example, “What is coming up next for me in my life journey… what do I have to look forward to?”
  • Ask, stop, breathe, wait. Allow yourself to simply observe what happens. The scene will likely change, you’ll zoom in, zoom out, a new symbol will enter the picture, a new sensation will come over you, etc. Let this be, honor it and believe it.
  • Ask any questions you have. Continue allowing them to manifest without judgment, fear or over-analyzing them. You are seeing and experiencing this so it IS real!
  • Once you are done, gently thank the space and your path. Bless it. Gently exit your meditation by first moving your body slowly, then opening your eyes.
  • Spend a few moments just being- then get to work….
  • Now it’s time to remember and ideally journal what you just experienced. Your logical mind is back in full awareness and now you can use it to decipher what you saw. A car- what does that mean to you? A horse? Again, what does that symbolism say to YOU! Avoid reading any dream interpretation books or symbolism books here. Own your own powers and get in touch with your own language so that it can strengthen and serve you!
  • If you get stuck or would like the blessings of another opinion, take your open heart and your journal and connect with your favorite psychic adviser!
Crossroads Are A Blessing In Disguise!

Crossroads Are A Blessing In Disguise!

I think its important to not confuse ‘obstacles’ with ‘crossroads’. If we didn’t have crossroads on our path, we’d just walk the same straight line forever and never get any excitement or growth opportunities. When crossroads come up- whether its a new career path, the end of relationship, the healing of an illness or just a sense that its time to make some serious changes- start your process with gratitude. Acknowledging the blessings in a crossroads experience helps strengthen the blessing potential and minimize the obstacle potential. Change is hard- but anything less is, well, boring!

The Path Of Joy Belongs To You!

The Path Of Joy Belongs To You!

With all the love in the universe, may you be rightly guided and empowered to walk your own unique journey- experiencing the bliss and growth of life and the joy that living is!

Peace & Blessings on the spiral journey,

Joshua Williams