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Words Of Power: Creating Waves Of Magic With Sound Vibration

January 11, 2010

Since forever, spiritual mystics have known the secret to creating true magical change in their lives. The repetition of powerful words has been a special part of most all world religions and most every mystic tradition. This process of selecting words of potency and vibrating them from the body creates waves of energy which both attune you to your goal and call forth the support of the entire universe around you. In this article, I’d like to share some very special wisdom and techniques with you to help bring the power of words into your life right now!


What’s In A Word?

Many of us have heard of mantra meditation- the process of intoning either silently or aloud words of power to elicit change in our spiritual paradigm. Mantras exist in different forms from many paths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Kemeticism, Sufism, and countless others. These words of power truly carry the power to change! In this article, we’ll be looking at how to use the same practice of mantra meditation with words that are less about a tradition and more about your own personal goals.

Words carry power because we give them meaning. On its own, the word HATE has no power- but when you read it and allow it to open up emotions, memories, fears, etc. within you- it takes on the power of that opening. When we speak a word, a subtle yet powerful vibration is created from our bodies which carries out into the universe around us. These vibrations are the manifest form or body of the meaning we ascribe to the word we say. Screaming out the word HATE at the top of your lungs will literally produce a wave of vibration which will ripple across space affecting everyone it comes in contact with. In addition, focusing the mind on that word trains the mind to believe the power of that word is important. The more we intone the word, the more we begin to resonate to the word and attract more of the emotions and energy it carries into our lives.

By saying a word with deep intention and focus, we are:

  • Creating sound vibration which acts as the effective body of the words power
  • Training the mind to view the word as important
  • Allowing the power of that word to become part of us
  • Calling forth the aspects of ourselves which resonate with that word
  • Aligning out heart to that word
  • Asking the universe to support us in that word
  • Becoming that word!

This is why working with the intentional recitation of words is so powerful- and also why being mindful of what we say is of utmost importance!


Using Words Of Power To Bring Magic To Your Life

The process of using words of power is very simple once you have an understanding of the above powers, and once you define what energy you’d like to call forth into your life.

Words should be chosen which call forth a clear and comfortable emotional response within you, and have a mostly positive bank of good memories associated with them. If the word LOVE only reminds you of being hurt and lonely- you’ll want to find another word such as PARTNERSHIP, UNION, SOUL MATE, etc. that has less negative charge behind it.

I suggest working for a nine day period with only one word, and then adding to it as you become more comfortable and attuned. Choose a word which is pleasant to repeat in a voice loud enough that a person 12″ away from you could hear it.

You may want to engage the power of your body in the meditation by using a mala. Mala;s are strings of beads which are rolled between the fingers as the word or phrase is said. With each repetition, you move to a new bead until you’ve gone around once. This would be ‘one round’. With clients, I typically suggest making a commitment of 9 round per day on a mala of 99 beads. If you;d like to build your own custom mala using gemstones, woods, etc. with personal meaning- I highly recommend My personal malas have all been created by Jason at Custom Mala Shop, and I have never paid more than $40 for a pure gemstone mala, custom made! If you order from them please let them know you found their link here!

Spend a few days writing and casually repeating your word to make sure it feels right before you commit to it. You are also welcome to find phrases or stanzes from sacred texts which reference your word, or choose traditional mantras from your personal spiritual path.


Words Of Power Practices

As with all meditations, your practice will result the same energy as you put into it- so honor this work and set aside quiet time for yourself to become more. Turn off the phone, lock the door, light candles or incense as you desire, play relaxing music, etc. Do whatever feels right to open and work in empowered sacred space. You may also want to begin your recitation practice with an opening prayer or offering. Again, if it feels right to your heart of hearts- it probably is!

Simple Practice

  • Calm and center yourself while focusing on your word written in your minds eye.
  • Remind yourself of the power of the word, why you chose that word, what it means for you and why you are attuning yourself to it.
  • State your goals (attracting love, finding peace, abundance, new job, healing from disease, etc.) aloud and link them to the word in your mind.
  • Begin slowly reciting your word. Quickly you will notice your body finds a natural rhythm it wants to recite at. Follow this cadence as best you can. Simply focus on saying the word clearly and calmly- and focus on it as it exits your mouth.
  • You may feel yourself entering a light trance state. Accept and allow this and do your best to stay in it until you are done and slowly come back to normal waking consciousness. This trance state shows that you are connected to high spiritual power and are working on the place of spiritual energy.

Visualization Practice

  • While reciting your word, visualize yourself immersed in the power of the word and feel it manifesting your desire. See within the minds eye that you are completely saturated with the goal you desire and the word you are repeating is adding a dazzling, pulsating light to the imagery.

Breath Of Life Practice

  • While reciting, you may attune to the breath to take your practice to a truly deep level. This practice tends to induce a deep trance state and should only be performed by those who have become accustomed to this state by using the above practice, or other spiritual practices involving altered states of consciousness. It is also important in using breath work that you are able to keep your mind mostly focused on the goal. If your mind is not yet able to hold still for good lengths of time, it would be best to use this practice only for a few minutes at the beginning of practicing on of the above techniques.
  • On the inhalation, say the word/phrase within the mind while drawing in an audible breath though the nose.
  • Hold the breath, repeat the word again on the suspended breath.
  • Exhale via the mouth audibly, again reciting the word as you exhale.
  • Suspend the breath, repeat the word within, then repeat the above steps.
  • You are trying to make saying the word within you last as long as the breath- not the other way around. There’s no need t make yourself hyperventilate here!
  • If you need breaks to resume normal breathing, take them!
  • If you have any questions about the safety of breath work for you- please speak with your trusted medical professional.


Words Of Power Examples

  • Maranatha (“Come Lord”) / Christian Source
  • LOVE & JOY
  • HEALTHY, HAPPY, HOLY / Sikh Source
  • LET GO, LET GOD / Agape Source
  • AUM / Hindu Source
  • AREEAUM / Edgar Cayce Source

There are also tons of great websites online with examples of mantras from many traditions and sources… have fun researching and learning, it’s all part of the bigger meditation of life!

With Blessings Of The Words Of Power…

Joshua Williams


The Magic Energy Of Words ~ The Sound and Symbol Of Healing, Abundance, Love & Joy!

June 1, 2009

Words are power.

We can affect another persons entire state of being simply by the words we use, and that is only one level of the power they posses.

In this article we will explore why words are so powerful- and I will give you simple techniques to use in your own life to help you harness that power and use it for healing, empowerment, abundance, prayer and joy!

Words, as we commonly work with them, have two expressions- spoken and written. Let’s explore these in turn.

    The Spoken Word

When we speak a word, a complex range of vibrations is created within our bodies that is projected into the world around us.

Sound vibrations have form, substance and a predictable flow.

Our minds conjure up what we want to say, our heart backs it up with the appropriate emotional charge (love, desire, anger, etc.) and our body responds by flexing and expanding in many places to create a sound vibration. This wave leaves us and hits the atmosphere around us, touching and affecting everyone and everything it passes. On the spiritual level- the mental and emotional charge behind a vibrational wave impacts what the wave hits, creating a subtle affect.

Maybe our parents were onto something when they told us to never gossip or say bad things about people!

On the energetic level, sound waves do not ‘die’ when we can no longer perceive them with out senses. They continue to move forth, expanding into the greatness of the cosmos- our words affect everything!

In most spiritual, magical and mystical paths on the planet- speaking words of power is paramount to creating an energetic change. Spells, incantations, liturgies, empowered prayers, etc. are recited time and time again, adding to the stockpile of collective consciousness that backs the sound each time it is resonated. When done with true understanding of the words power- a fine-tunes force can be placed behind it that ensures it will create the desired ‘magical’ change as it expands into the universe.

    The Written Word

Much like the spoken word, the written word also carries great influential power. No matter what language we speak or write, letters are merely symbols for a sound. As a collective, we all see the letter ‘A’ and are aware of the vibrational wave it creates when sounded- and thus the symbol becomes married with the power.

When we write words, just like when we speak them, they will affect a change in those who read them. Think about how you react when you see the words ‘stop’, ‘free’, ‘sale’, ‘love’ and ‘no’.

Although the words I am typing now have a neutral meaning- there is also a deeper level of resonance that carries through them like a pipe based on my intentions in writing.

If you are experiencing a tone of seriousness, concern that this information will be used in proper ways and a sense of spiritual channeling; you’re tapped into the psychic level of these words!

Since time immemorial, symbols have been used both to harness and call forth a specific power. Letters that represent sound vibrations are one of the most powerful on the planet (think about the Sanskrit letter for ‘AUM/OM’ and the meaning behind intoning that sound!). In the modern day- most of how we interact with other people is based on the written word with text and email- and so our awareness of the hidden power of the written word is more crucial than ever!

    Why Words Make Magic

You are an individual being with unique likes, dislikes, soul, history, desires, fears, etc. From you comes a vibratory field (often the same field perceived by psychics allowing them to read you!) that represents or symbolizes the totality of who you are. Similarly, spoken words as vibrations and written words as symbols also give off this ‘energy signature’ that is unique to each combination of sounds or letter symbols.

When two people come together, their energy fields merge creating a third ‘vibration between’. When many letters are written into a word or toned into a word they merge and become a unique vibrational field. When vibrations interact with other vibrations change and new force arises.

Think of this in terms of throwing a stone into a pond- ripples!

Speaking a word carries its unique vibrational signature out to the world where it will affect all other fields it encounters. The same applies to writing words.

    The Karma Of Words

As we learned above, the sound vibration from speaking a word or the symbolic vibration from writing a word symbol carries afr further than we can imagine with linear minds. Eventually, it is no longer empowered for one reason or another and hits the parabola of its cosmic tour… what then?

Return to sender!

What you speak, you will hear. What you write, you will read.

Whatever we create in this world we must, at some point, recon with. The vibrations we send out in any form will eventually go ‘full cosmic circle’ and come back to us. If we have used our vibrational powers to bless and love- we will receive this Divine force back tenfold as it receives power with each field it positively affects. If we have used vibrational powers of hate, we will receive it back even greater as it gets empowered by the chaos and imbalance it creates.

Thinking before we speak or write is one of the best forms of spiritual medicine we can take! Imagine that short pause and deep breath that happens before we let our mouths create vibrations without control and how much cleaning up we could do with it!


    Working With The Power Of Words

Although this article is FAR from exhaustive and holistic on the topic, I would like to offer you some simple yet highly powerful techniques you can start using right away to initiate yourself into the ways of word magic.

Please ensure that your integrity, intention and compassion are in good repair before working with any forms of energy harnessing.

Ϫ Say the magic word! Ϫ

Send out waves of gratitude by ensuring you say ‘please’, thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ whenever possible. These simple phrases really are the ‘magic words’ because in pure simplicity they express gratitude, compassion, love, kindness and respect!

Ϫ Pray With The Pen Ϫ

The next time you sit for a good prayer session, bring a pen and paper along!

Once you have spoken your prayers aloud, write down positive and present forms of those prayers (love, healthy, wealthy, harmony, etc.) in black ink. Please the paper in a special spot and allow it to be your ambassador to the universe- sending a constant stream of vibration to the cosmos!

Ϫ Say It AND Spray It! Ϫ

Grab a clean, clear glass bottle and write words of power all over the outside of it with a black ‘magic’ marker. Words like love, healthy, peace, joy, harmony, wealth, abundance, compassion, light, etc. are all great choices! Fill up every space you can with words that symbolize what you’d like to attract into your life.

You may want to pray over or consecrate this jar once done to empower it with a spiritual charge.

Once completed, you can either store written prayers or more powerfully, fill it with clean spring water. Allow a full day of partial sun to filter your words into the water- creating an extremely powerful spiritual elixir! You can sprinkle this water on yourself or around the house to empower and bless it. You may also want to consider placing a quartz crystal or other healing stone in the water to further amplify it’s vibrations.

Water is the universal solvent- and is also a perfect energetic computer. What you put into it become part of it- making it ‘liquid power’!

Every time I grab a new bottle of water I always grab a permanent marker too- writing on the outside a word of power that I’d like to open up to that day.

Today’s ‘water bottle word’ was “Receptive”.

Ϫ Practice Makes Perfect! Ϫ

Try intoning words of power like a repetitive mantra when you need them.

In stressful situations, prayerfully and powerfully intone ‘calm, balanced, courageous’.

In times of illness or imbalance try ‘healthy, strong, whole and happy’.

Create a personal and catchy strong of power words that are important to you and include a 5 minute toning session every day!

Ϫ Bless It Forward! Ϫ

Make it a point every day to bless others with your words.

Tell people you appreciate them, tip those who serve you with words in addition to cash, let people know you notice the small stuff and appreciate their being part of your path.

Write a few lines each day expressing what you are grateful for, what brought you joy and what the highlight of your day was.

What you speak about, you empower!

As much as this was quite the quick tour of word magic basics- I hope you will find a place in your daily spiritual working for this blessed art!


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions and I will do my best to answer!

Peace, Blessings, Love, Joy, Health, Compassion, Abundance, Progress, Strength, Wisdom…

Joshua Williams