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Words Of Power: Creating Waves Of Magic With Sound Vibration

January 11, 2010

Since forever, spiritual mystics have known the secret to creating true magical change in their lives. The repetition of powerful words has been a special part of most all world religions and most every mystic tradition. This process of selecting words of potency and vibrating them from the body creates waves of energy which both attune you to your goal and call forth the support of the entire universe around you. In this article, I’d like to share some very special wisdom and techniques with you to help bring the power of words into your life right now!


What’s In A Word?

Many of us have heard of mantra meditation- the process of intoning either silently or aloud words of power to elicit change in our spiritual paradigm. Mantras exist in different forms from many paths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Kemeticism, Sufism, and countless others. These words of power truly carry the power to change! In this article, we’ll be looking at how to use the same practice of mantra meditation with words that are less about a tradition and more about your own personal goals.

Words carry power because we give them meaning. On its own, the word HATE has no power- but when you read it and allow it to open up emotions, memories, fears, etc. within you- it takes on the power of that opening. When we speak a word, a subtle yet powerful vibration is created from our bodies which carries out into the universe around us. These vibrations are the manifest form or body of the meaning we ascribe to the word we say. Screaming out the word HATE at the top of your lungs will literally produce a wave of vibration which will ripple across space affecting everyone it comes in contact with. In addition, focusing the mind on that word trains the mind to believe the power of that word is important. The more we intone the word, the more we begin to resonate to the word and attract more of the emotions and energy it carries into our lives.

By saying a word with deep intention and focus, we are:

  • Creating sound vibration which acts as the effective body of the words power
  • Training the mind to view the word as important
  • Allowing the power of that word to become part of us
  • Calling forth the aspects of ourselves which resonate with that word
  • Aligning out heart to that word
  • Asking the universe to support us in that word
  • Becoming that word!

This is why working with the intentional recitation of words is so powerful- and also why being mindful of what we say is of utmost importance!


Using Words Of Power To Bring Magic To Your Life

The process of using words of power is very simple once you have an understanding of the above powers, and once you define what energy you’d like to call forth into your life.

Words should be chosen which call forth a clear and comfortable emotional response within you, and have a mostly positive bank of good memories associated with them. If the word LOVE only reminds you of being hurt and lonely- you’ll want to find another word such as PARTNERSHIP, UNION, SOUL MATE, etc. that has less negative charge behind it.

I suggest working for a nine day period with only one word, and then adding to it as you become more comfortable and attuned. Choose a word which is pleasant to repeat in a voice loud enough that a person 12″ away from you could hear it.

You may want to engage the power of your body in the meditation by using a mala. Mala;s are strings of beads which are rolled between the fingers as the word or phrase is said. With each repetition, you move to a new bead until you’ve gone around once. This would be ‘one round’. With clients, I typically suggest making a commitment of 9 round per day on a mala of 99 beads. If you;d like to build your own custom mala using gemstones, woods, etc. with personal meaning- I highly recommend My personal malas have all been created by Jason at Custom Mala Shop, and I have never paid more than $40 for a pure gemstone mala, custom made! If you order from them please let them know you found their link here!

Spend a few days writing and casually repeating your word to make sure it feels right before you commit to it. You are also welcome to find phrases or stanzes from sacred texts which reference your word, or choose traditional mantras from your personal spiritual path.


Words Of Power Practices

As with all meditations, your practice will result the same energy as you put into it- so honor this work and set aside quiet time for yourself to become more. Turn off the phone, lock the door, light candles or incense as you desire, play relaxing music, etc. Do whatever feels right to open and work in empowered sacred space. You may also want to begin your recitation practice with an opening prayer or offering. Again, if it feels right to your heart of hearts- it probably is!

Simple Practice

  • Calm and center yourself while focusing on your word written in your minds eye.
  • Remind yourself of the power of the word, why you chose that word, what it means for you and why you are attuning yourself to it.
  • State your goals (attracting love, finding peace, abundance, new job, healing from disease, etc.) aloud and link them to the word in your mind.
  • Begin slowly reciting your word. Quickly you will notice your body finds a natural rhythm it wants to recite at. Follow this cadence as best you can. Simply focus on saying the word clearly and calmly- and focus on it as it exits your mouth.
  • You may feel yourself entering a light trance state. Accept and allow this and do your best to stay in it until you are done and slowly come back to normal waking consciousness. This trance state shows that you are connected to high spiritual power and are working on the place of spiritual energy.

Visualization Practice

  • While reciting your word, visualize yourself immersed in the power of the word and feel it manifesting your desire. See within the minds eye that you are completely saturated with the goal you desire and the word you are repeating is adding a dazzling, pulsating light to the imagery.

Breath Of Life Practice

  • While reciting, you may attune to the breath to take your practice to a truly deep level. This practice tends to induce a deep trance state and should only be performed by those who have become accustomed to this state by using the above practice, or other spiritual practices involving altered states of consciousness. It is also important in using breath work that you are able to keep your mind mostly focused on the goal. If your mind is not yet able to hold still for good lengths of time, it would be best to use this practice only for a few minutes at the beginning of practicing on of the above techniques.
  • On the inhalation, say the word/phrase within the mind while drawing in an audible breath though the nose.
  • Hold the breath, repeat the word again on the suspended breath.
  • Exhale via the mouth audibly, again reciting the word as you exhale.
  • Suspend the breath, repeat the word within, then repeat the above steps.
  • You are trying to make saying the word within you last as long as the breath- not the other way around. There’s no need t make yourself hyperventilate here!
  • If you need breaks to resume normal breathing, take them!
  • If you have any questions about the safety of breath work for you- please speak with your trusted medical professional.


Words Of Power Examples

  • Maranatha (“Come Lord”) / Christian Source
  • LOVE & JOY
  • HEALTHY, HAPPY, HOLY / Sikh Source
  • LET GO, LET GOD / Agape Source
  • AUM / Hindu Source
  • AREEAUM / Edgar Cayce Source

There are also tons of great websites online with examples of mantras from many traditions and sources… have fun researching and learning, it’s all part of the bigger meditation of life!

With Blessings Of The Words Of Power…

Joshua Williams


Breath Of Life: Calm Power Through Natural Breathing

December 15, 2009

Breathing is the subtle sign of living power. Through breath, we receive all that is- and give all that we are. When our breathing is in harmony with natural rhythm, we find a deep sense of calm power which removes anxiety & stress, strengthens the body, clears the mind, purifies the energy within and enlivens our spirit. In this article, I’d like to explore with you some ideas about the power of natural breathing, and share with you some simple spiritual breathing techniques which will help you ascend to a higher level of being in calm power. Before beginning any intensive breathing training, it is important to consult with your medical provider.

“The wise seeker must safeguard his breath from heedlessness, coming in and going out, thereby keeping his heart always in the Divine Presence; and he must revive his breath with love and servitude and dispatch this love to the Divine, for every breath which is inhaled and exhaled with Presence is alive and connected with the Divine Presence. Every breath inhaled and exhaled with heedlessness is dead, disconnected from the Divine Presence.”

Adapted from a quote by Naqshbandi Sufi Master Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani

The Breath Of Life

Breathing is more than just the transferring of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is the subtle heartbeat of life itself- a metronome keeping us in cadence with they rhythm of living power all around us.

Inhalation brings in a rush of fresh oxygen which nourishes and empowers the cells, tissues, organs and functions of our physical body. It also brings in fresh life energy which helps rid toxicity and imbalance from our personal energy fields. In addition, proper inhalation creates spiritual connection to the world around us- sharing air with the world we live in.

Exhalation expels carbon dioxide and other unneeded materials from the body’s respiratory system. It also purges toxic energy and vibrational forms from the energy body. In additoin, exhalation places our signature on the wind and connects us in turn to all who share air with us.

In many traditions of meditation and spiritual practice, attaining a state of natural breathing is fundamental. To allow the body to regain it’s normal cycle of breathing in a proper way is to flood the body with living energy and ensure maximum energetic purity through exhalation. Yoga, Tai-Chi, Dhikr, Mantra Meditation, creative visualization and other forms of spiritual work all teach the importance of easy, natural, full breathing. Attaining this state of natural breathing is one of effortless receiving of the full power of life around us, while openly and without restraint ‘letting go’ as well.

Shallow breath, Shallow Being

Take a deep breath and notice which parts of your body move with the inhalation.

If you are like most people, your shoulders lifted or moved back a bit as you inhaled, your chest expanded and the position of your head may have moved slightly. These are symptoms of shallow breathing- meaning that the breath is being forced into the lungs by the muscles bear the lungs (shoulders, chest, neck, upper back, etc.). When we breathe in this manner, air-energy is filling the top portion of our lungs and is being ‘forced in’ to do so. This type of shallow breathing not only disconnects us from the full blessings of true breathing, it also mimics panic breathing and tricks the body into thinking that ‘fight or flight’ response is appropriate- thus causing general stress, anxiety, sensitivity and weakness.

Breathing Power

True, natural breathing is invigorating, empowering, and purifying. It creates a sense of well-being in the body and allows the chemicals of relaxation and strength to move through since the body feels it is at rest instead of in panic. Full breathing ensures fresh air and clean energy are able to move to every part of the system; removing toxins, bringing power, creating peace and strengthening all the while.

In Taoist meditation practices such as Tai-Chi, this state of natural breathing is often called ‘fetal breathing’, because it has the gentle, un-forced nature of a newborn child’s breathing rhythm. Throughout life, we learn to fear connection of others- and this effects our breathing. We get stressed, tired, hurt, and ill in different ways in our lives which trains the body to breathe in a protected defensive state. In no time at all this way of breathing becomes the norm, and a state of relaxed power becomes a distant memory for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Natural breathing takes some practice to learn, and some getting used to. We have often been breathing incorrectly for so long that breathing properly feels strange and even uncomfortable. With some patience, you’ll find the body quickly returns to its state of natural rhythm and you’ll begin seeing the effects very quickly as well.

In the image above, the action of the diaphragm is shown. The diaphragm is located towards the bottom of the rib cage, and its job is to bellow down to draw breath into the lungs. This is much like squeezing a turkey baster. When you release the bulb, the action of it expanding draws air into the tube- this is natural breathing. Notice how in this way breath is draw in, not forced in. This type of breathing also ensures that the full area of the lungs are involved in the process, allowing more oxygen and energy to have access to the bloodstream.

Here is my personal technique of practicing natural breathing. This is a practice- because you will need to consciously work this method whenever you remember, especially in times of stress, to train your body back into running this as its natural program. You can do this practice several times a day for 1-5 minutes, or whatever feels right for you. The more you practice, the more your body will remember and start using it when you aren’t even paying attention!

  • Ensure that you are physically comfortable, as best as possible, for all breathing practices. This helps place the body in a state of relaxation so the practice is easier.
  • Place one hand between the bottom of your rib cage and your navel, and another in the center of your chest- you’ll use these hands to feel if your chest is doing the work or if you are using the full power of your diaphragm. If you have been shallow breathing for a long time, as most of us have, you may experience some discomfort due to the diaphragm being out of shape. This passes very quickly with daily practice.

  • Start by making an intention within yourself to breath as nature intends. State gratitude for the intelligence and power of your body, and for the countless blessings of fresh air.
  • In active practice, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. As you go about your day, this will change as is needed by your body. Sometimes only one nostril will draw in air, sometimes both will. Sometimes the mouth will me more active and sometimes the nostrils. When you come to a state of attunement to natural breathing, you’ll be able to comfortably allow the body to do what’s best for it at any given time without thinking about it.
  • Inhalation: Imagine drawing breath in through the nose and down to your toes. Actively expand the belly like a bellows to draw the breath in. try to keep your chest from moving forcefully at all- the diaphragm can and should do all the work! The chest will expand slightly to accommodate the filled lungs- but not ‘flex’ or strain. The belly should turn into an ‘air gut’ as the inhalation peaks.
  • Hold the inhalation for a few seconds to get used to the movement of the diaphragm and the feeling of ‘being full’ with air. This may seem uncomfortable at first, but eventually will feel very relaxing and natural.
  • Exhalation: Making a small, relaxed oval shape with the lips, allow the breath to be exhaled by the flexing of the diaphragm. Again, the chest has no business doing this work- it will contract as the air leaves the lungs, but should not be actively flexing or pushing. The belly should feel as through it is tightening from within (the diaphragm muscle itself) and is gently pushing the air up and out.
  • Hold the lungs empty for a few moments to give them rest, then repeat.

You may experience some lightheaded sensations, extra heart-beats, discomfort, etc. for the first few cycles of breathing. If this happens, slow down and take breaks- allowing your body to resume its normal breathing habit.

The benefits Of Natural Breathing

Just a few of the benefits of using natural breathing, even when it is just a daily practice, include…

  • As the diaphragm moves with full power, the internal organs will be massaged by it. This helps empower the digestive system, helps remove toxins from the organs, strengthens the energy flow between all chakras and helps regulate fluids and chemicals within the blood! Super powerful!
  • The movement of the diaphragm, as envisioned by both Taoist and Vedic mystics, ‘fans the fire’ of the lower three chakras ensuring that life energy stays active and moving and does not become stagnant or impure. This leads to a greater sense of confidence, personal power, strength, stronger upper chakras and a general sense of calm power within the self.
  • Natural breathing practice creates deep connection to the Divine and to all life, thus opening us up to receive more blessings, guidance, personal empowerment and attunement in our lives.
  • Natural breathing increases the power of blood flow, detoxification, strength of organs and body systems, assimilation of nutrients from food, and much more!

Breathing With Purpose

Many ritual, meditative and spiritual techniques can be enhanced by specific breathing styles. Although this is a very brief introduction, those interested can use this information to begin deeper research into the possibilities.

Raising Power For Ritual Workings

Increase the speed of the breath over several cycles, using the mouth to both inhale and exhale. This moves the energy directly into the chakras of power, and helps create an altered state of consciousness.

Trance Induction For Journey work & Meditation

Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, slowly lower the rate of breathing as you relax more and more to a comfortable cadence. Focus the mind on the flow of air in and out, and allow the logical mind to float. Bringing your awareness back to the body after 5-10 cycles will connect you with a deeply altered state of consciousness and will also create a lubricated state for astral projection and deep journey workings.

Stopping Anxiety, Panic, Stress & Fear

Using the same practice we went over earlier, consciously move the breath in through the nose, into the belly, out through a slightly closed mouth. Allow the exhalation to take twice as long as the inhalation- which should also be slow and tempered. You may also choose to repeat relaxing words in cadence with the breath… In- Whatever Happens…. Out- I Am Okay…

Relieving Pain

Breathe in through the mouth and imagine the breath going to the place where the pain is. The within the mind’s eye that the breath in the form of light encompasses the pain in a bubble. gently and slowly exhale the bubble of pain. Do this several times, then begin simply breathing in healing, strengthening, empowering energy into the place of pain and exhaling any ‘bad energy’ from that spot. Words can be included here as well as you see fit. Make sure the exhalation is longer than the inhalation to place the body in a deep state of relaxation. Where there is peace, there cannot be pain!

Super Energy Charge

Using only the nose for inhalation and exhalation: close one nostril by pressing the outside of it with your finger. Inhale through the open nostril. Hold the breath for two seconds. Move your finger and close the opposite nostril, exhaling through the previously blocked nostril. Inhale through the same nostril. Move the finger to the opposite nostril, and begin the cycle again. In nostril A, out nostril B. In nostril B, Out nostril A. In nostril A, out nostril B, and so on. This creates a strong sense of calm power and high relaxed alertness within the mind and body.

Again, at the first sign of discomfort, allow your body to resume its normal breathing habit and take a break. If you have any questions about your personal ability to do breathing work, consult your medical doctor.

With all the blessings of the breath of life…

Joshua Williams


Personal Attunement To Illumination

October 26, 2009

It seems that the term ‘illumination’ has started to become a new-age meme rivaling that of ‘enlightenment.

But what is illumination, and what can we do as individuals to bring ourselves closer to living it?

In this article, I’d like to explore some basic principles of illumination with you as I have experienced them,

and introduce you to a simple meditation technique that will help align your total being to the lights of lights!

The Light That Dims All Other Lights

In many mystic circles, all that exists is the light. The light is the very essence of Divinity which pervades and supports all that is. Light in this context should not be understood  as actual light as we know it- but rather a spiritual illumination which can only be described partially by the term ‘light’. For many of us who have had profound experiences in momentary or extended elevated spiritual awareness, we often have a common theme among us of being wrapped in light that is like ten million suns. This light, as I have received it, is the very effulgence of the Divine- It’s presence in all things and It’s power of pervasiveness in all ways.

Mystics of old also referred to this light, especially in Qabala, as the ‘dazzling darkness’. This is a wonderful expression of the light because it forces us not to get hung up on the idea of actual light, but rather an infinite and all-powerful light which is both dark and illuminated simultaneously.

Light is surely the first step of energy actualization- and for this reason, mystics from across time and the globe have used it as a metaphor for Divine presence and power.

The Way Of Illumination

Illumination, much like the popular conception of enlightenment, is simply that. It is the process of tapping the Divine presence within and without and expressing it in fullness. Illumination doesn’t fundamentally change who we are- because it is always within us- rather it changes how we are. As we link ourselves to the Divine presence in such a powerful way as to call it illumination, we begin to see, hear, feel, touch, taste and live only that which is on the Divine platform. We still get hungry, cold and even afraid at times- but the way in which those things effect us is based on the spiritual paradigm instead of solely on the material.

Illumination is not a process of becoming the Divine- it is rather a process of walking in complete harmony with It and raising ourselves up to a higher state of spiritual consciousness. With illumination- we are completely plugged in to the limitless Divine and thus have a seemingly magical access to the full spectrum of Divine blessings and given powers without obstruction.

I also believe that like our personality-selves, illumination will have unique expressions within each of us. While we will still be inhabiting this mortal body with all of it’s strengths and weaknesses, and while we’ll still be under the laws of the universe- we begin to realize and enflesh deeper levels of ourselves, bigger gifts and a lot more connection to Source. This process slowly and gently raises us up to a vibration of pure limitless potential tailor-made for the unique and special person we are and gifts we have.

Contemplating The Light

As we walk our paths, one of the most powerful things we can believe and contemplate is that there is always the possibility and potential for more. More blessings, more abundance, more love, more wisdom, etc.  If we get trapped into the belief that what we have is the very best of what can be had- we will really just be putting glue on the switch so that the light can’t be turned on. We truly exist in a world of infinite possibility- and to train our body, emotions and mind to step out of the limitation box and into the infinite creates magic in and of itself. This process of contemplating the light is really about catching ourselves thinking and being from a state of lack and limit. When we catch ourselves- we have to pause and replace that thought with a deep and powerful contemplation on the limitless and the truth of available blessings- and cultivate deep conviction in it!

Attuning Yourself To Illumination

You can perform this simple visualization meditation whenever you like to help remind, empower and attune you to the higher path of being. It is important with this meditation, as will all visualization meditations, that you have a solid association between the imagery of light and the many spiritual ideals and powers is represents so that the practice takes root firmly in your total being.

Work this meditation anywhere and anytime you feel comfortable. Try to remove any chances of being disturbed- this is your sacred personal time and the more you honor it as such- the more you’ll get out of it!

Because of the deeply spiritual nature of this practice, you may want to consider performing it at the same time of day in the same place. This will build up a spiritual charge and also create connections to ascended spiritual teachers who will eventually be present to help your work.

Like most profound spiritual practices- the more simple something is the more power it can hold. Practices replete with confusing liturgies and ritual movement tend to disperse energy in remembering and acting out all of those details. A simple, humble practice is like an empty vase waiting to be filled up with the true power. Don’t let the simplicity of powerful spiritual practices trick you into thinking they are not on the cosmic plane!

  • Comfort yourself in the space and time you choose. You may wish to add music, incense, candles, opening/closing prayers, etc. Try your best to truly own this practice and let it unfold for you as an individual to become your own personal rite. What I present is always just a simple template- that is so there is room for you to make it your own, and make it something sacred for who and how you are right now.
  • Close your eyes and work through relaxing the entire physical body one section at a time. Use the out breath to release tension and the in breath to draw in clean, empowered life energy.
  • Instruct your mind and emotions to be still, and to relax into the moment. Visualization is a phenomenal technique because it allows us to engage our minds and emotions in the practice so that they don’t wander off too much.
  • Once you feel stable, centered and calm…
  • Connect to the eternal light. Contemplate it’s meanings and mysteries. Think of what it symbolizes and how it relates to Source and to you as an individual. Begin to feel the hidden light all around you coming forth. Slowly begin to perceive and feel it exposing itself- not from one place, but from all places!
  • Really focus on the light until you can perceive that you, the room you are in, the neighborhood, city, state, country, world, universe, etc. is surrounded and saturated in light. Allow everything to keep it’s familiar shape and feel- but wash it in the perception of seeing the hidden presence of Source as light.
  • Once you feel you are swimming in the abyss of light consciousness…
  • Be. This is the part that becomes tricky as the mind and emotions will want to wander. Gently bring them back over and over as long as you can maintain the awareness of the light. Simply be in it- feel it, experience it, allow it to speak, heal, bless. Simply enjoy existing for a time in this higher state of being.
  • You’ll know when it’s time to be done. At that point, slowly and gently see the light fading back into it’s hiding space. This way, when you come out of meditation and enter your waking life- you’ll know a secret- the light is always there and always available to you now that you are connected to it!

You may want to run this meditation daily for nine days, then break for one to allow your lower sense the opportunity to perceive it in regular waking life.

This attunement will not likely bring you the fullness of illumination- and that’s a good thing! It will, rather, gently initiate and train you into the ways of higher being and soon your entire life will start increasing in spiritual power and awareness. This meditation is one step of the process that I find very valuable, and think you will as well!

With blessings of the dazzling dark light…

Joshua Williams


Looking For The One? Turn On Your Love Lights!

August 28, 2009

In this article, I’d like to offer you a few simple techniques that are sure to get your love lights cranked up to full brightness so that you shine forth- attracting the right love into your life!

In searching for- and more importantly, being open to finding true love- there are many layers of the self that must be healed. From fear of a bad situation preventing you from manifesting a great one to low self-value… way more deep psych than anyone really wants to go through! But to really connect with loving partners who facilitate (not make!) our happiness, we have to be open and empowered on every level of our being. If our heart (pure love) wants something different than our brains (fear, logic, the past) then we might as well call it quits!

In these simple yet powerful techniques, we will be going straight to the source of emotions, body and mind… living life energy! Working in this manner waters the root of the tree instead of all the leaves on at a time and by gently changing the energy- the rest just falls right into place!

Turn On Your Love Lights!

In past articles I have explained the huge power of color in energy work. Color, like sound, is one of the most pure and reflexive symbols for life energy that we have to work with, Subtle, vibrating and sometime elusive- color links us to specific forces of energy for healing, empowerment and joy!

In this practice, we’re going to work with color to harmonize your energetic bodies, help loosen and remove blockages preventing true loving relationships and help you glow in the dark so the right one can’t miss you!

As in all meditation practices I teach- please value your time and space as sacred by making sure you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable, use music, candles, oils and incense as desired and make sure to turn off your phone! This is your sacred, well deserved space- the more energy you put into making it a special time, the more attention you’ll get from your inner-self and from spiritual allies as well! A special pink candle lit only during this practice would be most powerful! Roses or rose fragrance as well as symbols of love are also nice to have around if you can get them easily and they mean something to you personally.

  • Take a few moments to get comfortable- either sitting or lying down. Make sure the back is well supported and the heart-center and throat areas are not restricted by jewelry or tight clothing
  • Begin your session by simply feeling love for yourself. Tap into your power, your value, your accomplishments, talents, beauty and personality. Love on yourself for a few moments to get the right energy moving!
  • You may wish to say a prayer, affirmation, intention or petition at this point to clarify why you are doing this practice. Let every level of your being as well as the limitless universe around you know why you’re here and what you expect to accomplish so they can give you full support!
  • Begin the meditation visualization by simply feeling the energy of love in your heart center. Allow it to grow deeper and stronger with each inhalation. As you start to really feel it- let it take on the color pink (No matter your gender, pink is a highly attractive vibrational frequency for unconditional love!).
  • Let the pink light within slowly grow larger with each breath. Draw pink in from the limitless love of the universe on your inhalation, and push it into your center to expand your own love light on the exhalation.
  • Continue making your light bigger and bigger- first it encompasses all of your body, then several feet around you, then the room you’re in, then city, state, country, continent… keep going until you feel as though your light occupies all of infinity!

  • Hold this light for as long as you can. Simply being in this vibration will start aligning things on many levels. You are welcome to state or meditate on affirmations or prayers for attracting love while in this space as long as you can also continue to hold the light in your minds eye.
  • Know that as your light expands, it is reaching those souls who are most ideal for you in this lifetime and calling them. Feel several connections being made- and if you feel nothing, fake it! Imagine a few mystery figures being surprised by this loving energy, encapsulated in it, then deeply connected and attentive to you. This is a time when powerful psychic revelations about your love might come to you!
  • Once you feel some connections have been made- begin slowly pulling your light back in. Go with a pace that feels natural and that your own minds eye can keep up with. Don’t rush the call back!
  • As the light finally returns fully to your heart center, know that it has created deep healing, openness to pure love, removed blockages within that prevent love from coming to you and also created connections to help ‘draw forth’ your mate!

After your session is finished, say several words of gratitude for what has happened. Again, if you felt nothing- be grateful for what you’d like to feel and know for sure next time!

This meditation should be practiced weekly, especially on Fridays, until your lover manifests. Each time you practice, you’ll go deeper into a state of deep meditative trance and will experience deeper levels of healing. You’ll also notice yourself changing very easily in small ways as minor adjustments to your energy are made that quickly reflect in your conscious life… this is you getting back on track with who you are and what you deserve- true love!

The Best Of The Worst

One of the most common reasons I see in clients for not attracting new love is that they have not healed from past love. We all get burned- and sometimes it’s really intense. From hard breakups to cheating, loss to drama, relationships can end for countless reasons- but if we hold onto that loss, we’re blocking the change!

This exercise can be extremely difficult for some- but I promise you that it will not only help you feel a whole lot better, it will also heal, release, clear, cleanse and open your loving nature to the real love you deserve!

Work this exercise when you have alone time and are feeling calm and joyful. This is not an exercise that should be performed when you feel lonely, negative or sad!

  • Grab a pen and a piece of paper (yay! It’s homework time!).
  • Begin your session with prayer, affirmation, intention or petition- whatever feels right for you.
  • Now, write down the names of every significant lover, partner, etc. you can recall.
  • For each name you wrote down (and this is the heavy part), I want you to write down as many positive qualities about that relationship as you can. List everything you loved about that person. What was perfect? What attracted you to them in the first place? What was that special thing they did that kept your attention? Write it all down- only the great stuff! If negativity comes up, dismiss it gently and go back to the positive.

  • It might help to imagine that you are taking all of your past karmic relationships and extracting all the good stuff to create a new, perfect mate who lacks all the bad qualities and expresses all the great ones!
  • DO NOT judge your emotions during this process. Give yourself loving permission to cry, laugh, smile, etc. These emotions are releases and need to be allowed freedom to come out so they don’t just go hide again!

So, what did you just do?

You made it clear to yourself and to the universe what you’re into. You opened up some old wounds and acknowledged the love that was there so healing and release could take place. You cleared some cobwebs, released old cords to make room for new ones. You got deeply in touch with what works for you in a relationship. You let go of guilt or judgment that you had about yourself regarding past decisions and behaviors. Awesome!

Become What You Desire!

Ok, so this one is completely silly and most of you probably won’t do it- but I swear it’s a powerhouse for tapping into your self-value, injecting some light and love into your consciousness and really helping you and the universe get on the same page about what works for you in relationships. It’s also a ton of fun if you can let go and just play with it!

To put it simply- when you’re hanging out around the house, in the car, etc. I want you to talk to yourself as though you are your lover. Speak out loud (probably not wise to do this in public haha!) and say the things to yourself you’d like to hear from someone else. Comment on how great dinner was, ow amazing you look after losing just 3 pounds, how nice the house looks, etc. Invite yourself to dinner, make plans, tap in!

This exercise is completely off the wall- but it’s also completely powerful! It allows you to:

  • Acknowledge the wonderful things about yourself so that others can do the same (you know that whole ‘people can only love you as much as you love yourself’ thing? It’s true!).
  • Move energy into your life that is right on target with honing in, manifesting and progressing a seriously wonderful loving relationship.
  • Puts a smile on your face, warmth in your heart, clear orders on the cosmic wish list
  • And most of all- let’s you have some crazy fun with love energy which is something many of us don’t have much experience with!

In addition to all that, serious deep healing is taking place without you having to re-live any of the old wounds… sounds like good medicine to me!

Get What’s Coming To You!

I want you to believe like I believe how much each of us deserves bliss, joy, health, spiritual connection, abundance and progress in this life. None of us is special in this regard- it’s simply a literal birth-right for every single one of us! If you aren’t experiencing those things now- then something is not on track and it’s time to help you remember what’s out there for you!


With prayers & Blessings to all who’s eyes fall upon these words that pure love and Divine blessings with flow into you freely and abundantly…

Joshua Williams



The Heart-Power Of The Palm – Another Secret Of Manifesting!

August 27, 2009

In this article, I’d like to show you how to directly ‘plant’ a goal into the core of your being using a simple exercise. I’d also like to explore with you the meaning of the heart center, it’s reflex in the palm of the hand and the way to gaze into the depths of your own heart center for clarity, healing and empowerment!

Sometimes, getting something into or out of the core of our heart can seem almost impossible. When wrapped up in layers of fear, hurt, nervousness or bad history- the heart can often become leery to open up and move forth. The problem with is, that if our heart center doesn’t receive the power of what we are working on or working through- we’re working with next to zero of our total personal power.

Ensuring that our heart is tapped into what our mind wants, and ensuring that our heart is present with the fullness of our life is paramount to manifesting our goals, tapping love, getting bigger and living in accord with the universal law of attraction.

Have you ever wondered why ‘holding hands’ with another person is so symbolic and powerful? There’s a clue to what we’re going to explore in this article!

Why The Palm Is So Powerful

As many of you know, our body is not limited to it’s physical appearance. Behind the scenes a complex and beautiful architecture of living life energy moves to support, form, empower and heal who we are. This life energy moves in and out of our being- breathing with the universe around us, via energy centers often called ‘chakras’. The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest on the same horizon as the nipples and is directly reflected in the palms of the hand. Many people say that the reason palmistry is so effective is because it gives a tangible look directly into the heart center of another person. When we hold hands with our beloved, we are literally linking our heart centers together via their reflexes in the palms! This can also be seen in the giving of blessings where the one channeling Divine blessings shows their palm to the recipient- blessings from the heart center to the heart center!

In hand reflexology, the heart center and it’s emotional, physical and energetic properties are worked on using the palms of the hands. What happens to one happens to the other.

We literally hold our hearts in the palms of our hands!

The Heart Of Your Goals

Most of the time, the goals we have are only in our heads! We tend to over-think and under-feel the things which are important to us. When we do take the time to truly listen to how we feel, we usually just end up thinking about how we feel instead of truly feeling about how we feel!

Setting a goal, desire or wish for your life is a beautiful gift we all have access to- but if our minds AND hearts are not ‘in’ on this goal- there’s no way it can manifest to completion. Our minds will handle bringing many things forth- but without the power of the soul and cosmic love that moves through the heart center, our goals will not ever be what they could have.

Whether a goal for abundance, love, reconnection, success, inspiration, healing, etc.- getting the heart center on board is a serious secret key to manifesting big power!

Planting The Seed In The Heart

If you are familiar with Muslim prayer (Salaat), you’ll know that at the end of the formal prayer, the worshiper cups their hands in front of their face to speak directly to the Divine. This gesture is strange to many people who are only used to seeing the ‘palms together’ prayer pose- but it is very powerful in its own right.

On the mystic level, the supplicant is literally speaking their petition and adoration into their own heart- which is the crucible of matter to spirit, or spirit to matter. This way, the prayer is purified, blessed, and delivered to the Divine from the very core of ones being.

In much the same style, when we set goals, we must connect them to the heart core which magically turns the mundane into the mystical- and in turn turns the mystical into the mundane. We must use the heart center as a type of kiln that burns impurities and toxicity from our goals so that they can reach the highest heights. We must also receive through the heart center so that we can tap infinite cosmic power and allow it to transform into our normal, waking life.

To do this simple technique:

  • Spend a few moments connecting to the heart center- place a palm over it, close your eyes and visualize light emanating from it, etc. Do what works for you to really tap into its presence.
  • Then, try to hold focus on your heart center and your palms at the same time. I like to cup my palms in front of my heart and ‘feel’ them all pulsing- holding each of them in my mind, simultaneously,  for as long as I can.
  • Once you have connected- speak or visualize your goal into the palms of your hands. See/feel the energy of your spoken words or silent visualization entering straight into the core of your being.
  • Connect with how you feel having absorbed and actualized this goal, and know that it now is being energized in a huge way as it literally courses through your veins and rests at the same time on the spiritual platform.

Now your thoughts and feelings are in accord with your goal- and you can expect to see more rapid, powerful, lasting and blessed results!

Get Heart-Centered Clarity

If you are one who enjoys the profound wisdom and healing that comes from self-awareness in meditation, deep prayer or psychic seeing- I think you’ll love the following technique!

  • Try raising the cupped palms over the eyes, third-eye chakra, heart or crown during meditation with the intent of ‘seeing’ into the heart core itself. Calm the mind as is usual for you in your practice and then focus the inner-seeing on the palms. Allow them to speak on behalf of the heart center and convey the information to your higher senses (clairvoyance, meditative realizations, etc.) in a tangible way. If you don’t feel you have psychic abilities- try simply gazing silently and calmly into the cupped palms of your hands with this intention in your mind. See what comes up for you, how you feel, if your body reacts, what memories surface, etc. and allow them to be signs of inner activity in the heart center. You may also choose to consult your heart center for guidance by first connecting, then asking into the palms, then quietly awaiting tangible information to come as thoughts, sensations, psychic visions, etc.

With prayers & blessings of peace, love & heart centered joy…

Joshua Williams


A Meditation To Release & Receive

August 25, 2009

Sometimes life just gets too wound up, too confusing and too intense!

As issues arise, we get more and more bound up in the intensity and it becomes more and more difficult to find our way out. We know in our heart of hearts that a solution must exist- but we can’t escape the pain, confusion, fear, etc. we are in long enough to get the big picture!

I’d like to share an extremely simple yet powerful visualization meditation with you that facilitates recognizing the issue, releasing it to the Divine, opening up to have the problem solved, and gaining total relaxation and freedom from the issue so that you can get clear and get moving again!

The key to this practice is knowing that above all things- there is a Divine intelligence (however you define that is fine) that is capable of solving all problems, loving in infinite ways and blessing without limit. In this process, much like in illness, we will be handing our problem over to the ‘Divine Physician’ and allowing the issue to be handled by a professional 🙂 Just like when we get hurt or sick, we must surrender to the doctor and do what they say to get better because they have the knowledge to heal that we might not. We don’t lose sleep at night over the fact that we may not be able to perform surgery- because we know that there is someone very qualified and expert who can. In the same manner, we must work with that same level of trust for the Divine and hand our issues over so that they can be remedied perfectly.

So, Here is the simple meditation to really make this process effective…

  • Enter meditative space. Set time, quiet and intention to give yourself room to have a sacred experience. Music, candles, incense, special clothing, etc. can all be incorporated to help facilitate a deeper experience- do what works for you!
  • Relax, breathe, tap your inner stillness and calm

  • Begin the practice by simply feeling your body as a whole. Acknowledge the feelings and states of mind you are in and just let them exist
  • Now, try your best to state those issues in your own language. Talk about your fears, loneliness, lack, etc. as though you are trying to clearly state to another person how you feel.
  • Next, state the glories of the Divine- allow yourself to deeply connect to the power of the Divine to heal and guide. This helps dis-empower the negativity, get your faith grounded and get you ready to let go in fullness.

  • Now, simply create a ball of light in your minds eye. Physically cup your hands to hold it. This way, your body, mind, emotions and energy are all involved in the process making it truly holistic and effective.
  • Imagine sending (via images, words, feelings, etc.) all of your problems into the ball. See it glowing brighter and brighter as the waves of your issue literally leave your body and your being and enter the ball.
  • Continue doing this until you feel a sense of release, lightness, joy or warmth. Ensure that as much of your issue as you can work with has been moved into the ball.
  • Now, call forth the Divine and allow the ball to float, sink, disappear, etc. to the Divine realm. It is important to view this as an offering of love- your trust and surrender is what is actually being o0ffered- and that is what actually allows this process to work. Don’t think you are giving the Divine toxicity- know that you are offering the Divine your very self.
  • After release, spend a few moments opening up and bathing yourself in love- in any way that you choose to visualize, feel, sense, etc.
  • Before ending the session, ensure you tap your heart center and speak words and feeling of deep gratitude for the healing!

Just like when you send a letter in the mail- once you send it, you let it go and believe it will be received. Similarly, after this exercise, you must force yourself not to dwell on the issue. Know you have sent it to the professionals and they will now handle it for you. If fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. arises- simply dis-empower it by saying out  loud or silently inside “This issue has been handed over to an expert- it is no longer a source of worry”.

Letting go is hard to do- especially when most of us have been trained to control, micro-manage and force everything in our lives to get what we desire. The truth is, as you will realize in working with this practice and others like it, is that there is nothing wrong with asking for help… especially from the Cosmic who can do all things without breaking a sweat. The ability for us to tap the power and potency of our Divine source is natural and a birth-right. To deny the available guidance, healing and empowerment from the Source is to walk a very difficult path.

Why not embrace the love and blessings that are constantly and infinitely available you- and allow them openly to come forth in fullness?

Asking for help in this mindset is not an act of weakness- it is an offering of love.

With blessings of peace, release & open receiving all the love…

Joshua Williams


Turn Gemstone Jewelry Into An Energy Powerhouse!

August 14, 2009

Most of us have heard of the healing & magical potency of gemstones- but did you know that even small stones set in jewelery you already have can be empowered as talismans or charms of power? You can receive healing energy, abundance, emotional cleansing, empowerment and spiritual connection just by re-connecting with your favorite jewelry on a spiritual level- and I’d like to show you how in this rockin’ article!

Diamonds, topaz, amethyst, sapphire, opal… these are just of few of the most commonly set gemstones in modern fine jewelery. It doesn’t matter what stone you happen to have- if it’s a special piece for you, there’s untapped potential!

How Can Gemstones Work For Me?


Gemstones are like little (or sometimes giant!) pieces of frozen primordial energy. Like us, they each vibrate at a unique frequency which connects them to pure, cosmic vibrations that have been since eternalness. Think of gemstones as little batteries that never run out of juice- connecting you to universal energy in it’s most pure and intense form!

There is a mystic observation that I find to be very true in my practice: when two vibrating forces, in this case you and your stone, are placed in contact- the highest vibration (the stone) will encourage the lower vibration to raise up to it’s speed. At the same time, your vibration, which may be a bit lower than that of the gemstone, will be eager to increase it’s rate and kick it up a notch!

This means that simply wearing an empowered gemstone can facilitate transformation for you! All you have to do is create that connection with intention!

Step One: Get Some Research Done!

The first thing I suggest you do is find out what the generally accepted blessings of your particular gemstone are. There are countless books on the market that act as little encyclopedias for the magical and spiritual powers of certain gemstones. You can also ‘dig up’ lots of free info on the web. Try typing “magical properties of ______” or “healing properties of _____” into your search!

Because there are literally thousands of gemstones, it’s far beyond the scope of this article to cover them all… but I’d like to share with you interpretations for some of the most popular gemstones used in fine jewelry to give you en example of what huge blessings they carry!

Radiating purity and indestructibility, diamonds symbolize the central sun within us and the perfection of our Higher Selves. Diamonds aid in trust, confidence and purification. Because they flash all colors, they can help us to align with the Universal All. It brings physical strength and also well as helping to bring strength and endurance to the energies of other stones. It relieves nightmares and is also said to help release sexual blockages, helping the wearer to enjoy a brilliant sexual life.

Removing negativity, topaz transforms it to joy and enhances individuality and creativity. It helps the wearer to see the big picture, understanding their own motivation and desires as well as the intents of those around them. Topaz improves the intellect, promotes health and wealth. It instills discipline and gives the wearer the impetus to act on their dreams, thus bringing them into materialization.

Stimulating the throat and third eye chakras, sapphire enhances the intellect and expands psychic ability. It brings peace and calm. A guardian of love, it promotes fidelity between lovers, and can strengthen friendship relationships as well. It can be used in wealth magick and helps the magus to tap and send power. A protective stone, legend has it that sapphire can protect its wearer from capture, as such it is useful in legal matters.

Step Two: Cleanse & Clear

Before you connect with your gemstone in a new, more energy-aware & spiritual way, it’s best to give it a good cleaning. This not only honors the power of the stone- but gives it a chance to let go of any old patterns it has picked up from being worn by you. Ideally, this exercise should be performed once a month.

* Clean the jewelry using your favorite polish/cleaner. Get it nice and sparkling!

* Wrap the piece in a soft white cloth or paper. Try to use natural cloth like silk or cotton if possible.

* Place this bundle in some sea salt for 3 days. Avoid letting any salt actually touch your piece as it may discolor or harm some stones and metals. Many sources suggest soaking your piece in salted water- I personally find that this process is too intense for some stones and may even damage them.
* Once you’re done, flush or bury the used salt.

* If your piece is more an emotional, spiritual or psychic stone- try letting it soak up the light of a full moon for a few hours. If it is more a logical, physical, personal power or sexual stone, try letting it soak up the rays of the sun for a few hours!

Your stone is now clean and ready to be converted into an energy powerhouse!

Step Three: The Charge & Connection

So, now you have a beautiful stone, understand it’s general properties in the spiritual sense and have it all cleaned up. It’s time to wake the powers in this stone up and create a bond between you and the stone so that it can ‘speak your language’!

Although some sources say that you can charge any stone to do any service- I disagree. I think it best to allow the stone to do what it naturally resonates to doing. I think forcing a stone’s energy to act in a way not in accord with it’s nature is like trying to force an herb to heal a dis-ease that is just doesn’t. If you feel good about the stone- then allow it’s positive energies into your life!

* Hold the piece of jewelry between your palms until it warms. During this time, simply allow yourself to focus on the piece and feel it.

* Once you feel the temperature of the piece matches yours- there is a connection.

* Begin meditating on the meanings of the stone, how the stone makes you feel, any psychic wisdom you receive during this time, etc. Here we are trying to connect to the essence of the stone and bring it forth. Think personally- how do the traits of this stone apply to your life? See yourself being blessed and benefited by what the stone carries- this makes a very powerful connection and really gets the stone excited to work for you!

* Feel and visualize that the piece is pulsing and glowing with light. The stone seems to be on fire- shining forth a brilliant light the same color as the stone in your hands. It carries a calm yet powerful energy which calls forth the blessings offers within your mind.

* This is a good time to pray, meditate, speak words, etc. over your piece to really seal the connection.

* Now, take a deep breath and let it slowly out onto the stone. See your breath further firing-up the stone. On your inhale, inhale light in the same color of the stone back into your body.

Congratulations! Your piece is now charged, activated and connected to you- and it can’t wait to be worn to deliver all it’s blessings and magick into your life!


Don’t think lightly of it- what you now hold is powerful!

Take time on full moons, or on the day of the month you were born to spend special time with your stone. Clean, clear, meditate with, empower and thank the stone. This creates a strong relationship of receptivity and gratitude that will super-charge the effects of the piece!

Make sure to store your piece in a nice box, cloth or drawer. It is not a sacred object charged with love and Divine blessings- treat it as such and you’ll be the one reaping the rewards!

Additional Ideas

* If your piece has more than one type of gemstone on it- make sure to study each stone individually, then decide with your intuition how they can ‘bless well’ together

* Think about the part of your body where your jewelry sits… Over your heart? On your ankle? Wrist? Neck? Think of the symbolism of these areas of your body and how wearing the stone there will effect that part of your being more strongly

* Like gemstones, metals also have a spiritual power. Explore the meanings of silver, gold, platinum, etc. by searching online. See how the metal your stone is set in and the stone itself get along together and create new potentials for blessings and empowerment!


Thank you for exploring the world of healing gemstones with me- even thought this was just a taste of their full potential!

I encourage you to turn your everyday jewelry into something more- and fully receive the limitless blessings that are available to us all the time!

Keep it up, and soon every stone you own will be charged- and you’ll know just the right one to wear each day based on what you need to bring into your life! Consider it ‘spiritual fashion”!

Until next time,

Peace & Blessings In Stone…

Joshua Williams



Letting Go Of Heavy Negative Emotions and Bad Vibes

August 12, 2009

Emotions, situations, people… all of these facets of our lives have great influence over us. As we walk the path of being an emotional human being- we process trillions of emotional vibrations every day- holding on to some and absorbing them, letting go of others and moving forward. The events and circumstances of our lives- work, social events, the place we live and the places we go also influence the vibrations that move through us. Other people, of course, being energy fields just like us, have the ability to ‘rub off’ on our field and influence our state of being.

Ideally, if we were all masters of our lives, we would live in the present, not allowing any negative emotion to solidify and move-in to our energy bodies. The truth is, very few of us are at that level and we do get stuck in negative spaces sometimes. Negative emotions are stronger, more noticeable and way more intense than positive ones because they are not in line with our soul nature. It’s like jumping into a freezing cold pool instead of one that’s exactly at body temperature. One throws you into shock while the other feels natural, calming and in harmony with your being.

The Purpose Of Negative Emotions

The big goal is to learn to use emotions as little warning signs that something is up. Acknowledge them, explore the message they are giving, then let them go. If a smoke alarm goes off in your house- you don’t just sit back and accept it as part of your new reality! You check out the house, see what the problem i and turn the annoying thing off as soon as possible!

in the meantime, while we work on learning to see our emotions that way and use them as they are intended to be used, I’d like to teach you a technique to disperse and ground out the power behind negative emotions so that they can be worked with more clearly. As with most things of a spiritual/energetic nature- the more simple it is, the more effective it is- don’t let that fool you!

What’s Happening In My Field When I Experience A Negative Emotion?

When a negative emotion hits, your entire body gets involved. Fear is engaged in almost every negative emotion (anger, envy, guilt, jealousy, etc.) and thus the fight or flight system of your body gets activated. Heart pumps, mind gets fuzzy, things become less clear- you start to feel smothered and trapped by these invisible vibrations moving through your body. The emotion itself can sometimes completely hijack your brain- making it nearly impossible to think rationally or get above it.

Like all things, emotions have the aspect we can ‘feel’, and a more subtle aspect (that which is normally viewed on the psychic level). The feelings always go away. Eventually our bodies regain balance, our adrenal glands chill out and the natural state of balance in our physical systems regains as it realizes there is no threat. The real issue is on the energetic/subtle level. The emotion is still in there, making us still ‘feel’ odd on some level- even though it isn’t exactly physical. When this specific emotional vibration is left, buried, ignored or even supported- we run into problems. It absorbs into our personal field like a leech- setting up camp and constantly feeding off positive emotions and injecting us with a constant drip of toxicity. If you’ve ever heard me talk about physical illness having it’s first root in an energetic issue- this is that issue! A few days, weeks, months or years down the road this stuck vibration is going to start getting more and more dense- eventually getting to the stage where it can effect the physical body! This is why it’s so important to stop these things as they come up! Not an hour later, not the next day- as they are happening!

Your health and joy are so important! Imagine a life where you were in control of all negative aspects of your emotions and saw them as they are meant to be seen… total calm, awareness, guidance and joy all the time! If you can’t even visualize or imagine that- re-read ‘The Purpose Of Negative Emotions’ section above and really let that truth sink in.

Medicine Just Below Your Feet

The earth we walk upon has a very special set-up. It is like a giant energy magnet; always pulling, processing and cleansing energies that flow into it. We can see the magnetic force of the earth in action with the expression of gravitational pull.

Deep within the core of the earth is a center of molten lava. I like to think of this as the crucible of the earth, where all energies are purified, cleansed, transformed and re-formed into what the Divine wishes them to be for us.

The earth gives without expectation, takes our abuse without rancor and is always there- day after day supporting, feeding, sheltering and loving us unconditionally. These aspects of the earths unconditional love are indications of it’s true medicine- pure love.

Tapping In And Getting Healed

So, now we understand the nature of negative emtions and the innate healing potency of the earth as it relates to those fine, subtle vibrations. Put them together and you get asimple exercise of letting go, moving forward and healing in just a few minutes time!

Here’s my technique for processing and letting go of negative emotions while getting the messages they are delivering at the same time!

  • Recognize the negative emotion coming up and resolve not to let it take control of you
  • Take a few deep breaths and move- pace, walk, jump- anything to keep the energy from getting comfortable! This is as serious as it is silly! Remember, your health is super important- if you need to walk away from work for a few minutes, excuse yourself from an event, etc. DO IT!
  • Take that movement to the outdoors. Get to a place where you can directly interact with the earth as best as possible. A picnic area at work, some trees in the backyard, a dog park- anything! As you are walking and moving to the space- think of the emotion. You must do this in a dominant and controlled manner. You are the boss! Explore when it came up, how it’s making you feel, what triggered it, etc. Feel free to explain the feeling and what made it manifest out loud as if you are trying to explain it to another person. This process makes the emotion seem conquerable and places you as the one doing the calling
  • Once you find a good spot- sit, stand, lean up against a tree, put a blanket down… anything to get you close to the earth. Kick your shoes off if possible and let the soles of your feet connect with the ground
  • Now, tap in, using imagination, visualization, meditation, psychic sensing, etc. to the very gentle pull of the earth. Feel it tugging on you ever so slightly. Feel the ground ippening up to support you
  • Let your emotion take on a form in your mind’s eye- whatever comes up works. Now, connect it to the pull of the earth below and feel it being sucked out of you. See the process of it being pulled into the earth and sent down to that core of molten lava
  • You may wish to add in light energy coming in through your head, washing and cleansing you as the negative stuff flows down
  • Run this exercise until you feel lighter, tingly, joy, gratitude or until you feel it’s time to be done
  • ENSURE you express verbally or in some other tangible way your gratitude to the earth and to the Divine for your healing!

Pretty simple, right!

Just doing this exercise, giving yourself the respect and healing time you deserve, replacing fear with love and being aware of the subtle workings of emotions gives you a whole new level of healing personal power in your life!

Peace & Blessings On Your Path To Healing & Divine Awareness!

Joshua Williams


Hands Of Power : Being A Conduit Of Pure Cosmic Energy

August 3, 2009


This article is part two of my “Becoming a clear life energy channel” series. If you missed the first post which teaches you how to tap in to cosmic healing and magical energy and allow it to flow freely through your body like a wire, please CLICK HERE to read it first.

The Basics

In the last article, we learned how energy channeling works, how to sensitize so that we can feel the force of life within and around us, how to control the flow, use our will to call in energy flow, and how to truly own our ability to become a pure energy channel.

In this article, we’re simply going to focus on the hands.

In all forms of energy healing work the hands are of utmost importance. The chakras (energy centers) located in the palms of the hands are designed and attuned to intentionally flow energy from the body, or into the body. Think of the palms as energy floodgates that can be opened or closed at will!

Hands are natural conveyors and projectors of healing life energy! Consider this…

When you hurt yourself, what’s the first thing you do? Touch the spot that hurts!

When you want to connect with someone deeply? Hold hands!

Hands are the catalyst for spiritual energy entering the physical realm. Think of sages raising their hands in blessings.

Channeling Energy

As we discussed in the last article, we are all natural conduits of healing life energy, and we all the have the latent ability to learn to openly channel this energy and move it into people, places, things and ourselves for total empowerment. Using what you learned in the last article, begin working with these new techniques and you’ll soon be on your way to channeling healing energy with awareness, feeling, intention and effectiveness! The more you practice, the more powerful it becomes! The next two articles on this subject will take us even more deeply into the art.

  • Open yourself up, consciously and with intention, to the flow.
  • once the awareness of energy is with you, focus all of your attention on the palm of your hands- face them out and away from your body so that you can really connect with what they are doing.
  • Begin using visualization and will to pull energy in through the top of your head, pass it through your heart (translates ethereal to tangible), down your arms and out your hands. Really feel the energy blowing out from your palms. See it with your minds eye and feel it with the physical sensations it will manifest.
  • If you don’t feel anything- that’s okay! Keep practicing! I took me several weeks of 3-5 hours a day of energy meditation before I finally understood the language and could perceive it on every level without trying.

Practices To Empower

So, now you’re flowing energy, and even if you don’t feel it- it’s happening! Get behind that with your faith and it will only help train the part of your brain that forgot how to do this work faster.

Here are some simple, safe and very effective practices you can work with every day to train yourself up to being a great energy channel!

  • Focus all of your attention on your right palm. Really feel the energy flowing through you and out your palm. Them gently place it about 3-4 inches away from your left palm. Try to channel out with your right and feel the energy flowing in through the left. Turn yourself into a literal energy circuit! This practice helps free up blockages and helps attune you to the higher energetic frequencies.
  • Try calling out for pure love, pure healing and/or pure healing- feel a new force flow through your body and out your palms. Place your palms facing and about 3-4 inches away from your favorite house plant. Practice running the energy and feeling it absorb into the plant’s field. The key realization here is when to be done- eventually you’ll feel your energy flow start slowing down, or it may feel as though it’s not longer moving towards the plan from your palms. This means the field is charged and it’s time to end the session. Too much can be dangerous- stop when you intuitively feel it’s time to stop.

  • Try the same technique as above, except call in the pure cosmic force of (insert what you want here, abundance, love, healing, etc.). Now, channel the energy into an inanimate object like a favorite piece of jewelery, stone, etc. Charge it, see the energy surrounding the object and turning it into a vibrating powerhouse just for you! Now, you can carry this item with you as an energy talisman! As you advance over years of practice, you’ll be able to create these items for others in a way they will feel- and in a way that will seriously effect their lives and your own! True blessings!

Until next time- keep up the practice and get excited to tap all the spiritual powers that are your birthright!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams



Dhikr: Prayer From The Entire Being

July 20, 2009


Recently, I have been working with the teachings of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order to learn more about ‘total being prayer’. This order, a powerful sect of Sufi spirituality (Sufism is the mystic aspect of Islam, as Gnostic is to Christian or Kabala is to Judaism), was co-founded by Sheikh Nur al-Jerrahi (Lex Hixon) and aims to spread the powerful message of Sufi philosophy and spiritual practice to the world.

The Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order are practicing Dervish Sufi’s in the mood of the poet/saint Rumi. Dervishes are often known for their spinning dance- which is quite literally a form of meditative prayer movement that aligns the body, mind and emotions, via mirroring cosmic spiraling, to the Divine mind. I am a huge fan of Rumi! If you’d like to read some of his amazing works- please CLICK HERE.

I’d like to share with you a transcribed interview with Sheikh Nur about the power of dhikr (sometimes ‘Zikr’, ‘Zikhr, ‘Dikhr’). Dhikr, is loosely defined, specifically in the Sufi context, as remembrance of the Divine through pronouncement/intonement- i.e. vocal prayer, mantra meditation, reciting sacred texts, etc.

Professor Peter Latif Chelkowski, New York University:

I have been trying to pass on my interpretation of the dhikr to my students and it
is always very difficult. Could you tell us your interpretation?

Sheikh Nur:

This is a beautiful question. In the earlier days I used
to speak about the dhikr almost every Thursday night because it was an
unusual form and all of us were not attuned to exactly what was going
on there. Later tonight we will make the dhikr, so I will try to
introduce it. I think I have become a little bit inconsiderate not to
[speak] about it before people who are visitors enter into the circle.
It is a very, very vast subject, something I haven’t even written

The dhikr is really the heart of the dervish way and the dervish
order. There are many levels and forms of dhikr. The prayer, the
salat, is considered to be a very great form of dhikr, maybe the
greatest form of dhikr if it is done with the total being. I suggest
that unless we begin practicing other forms of dhikr we won’t be able
to do the salat with the total being, we won’t be able to make the
daily prayers with the total being. Therefore, although they are the
greatest dhikrullah, the greatest remembrance of Allah, they won’t
take on that meaning for us until we prepare ourselves further. There
is communal dhikr, there is private dhikr, there is sitting dhikr,
there is standing dhikr. There is dhikr of the heart, when it becomes
interior. There is the dhikr of the spirit, the dhikr of the mystery,
and there are other levels. For instance, there is a level of
understanding that every atom of the universe itself is remembering
its Source, its Creator, at every moment. These sounds we hear
outside, the cars honking and [everything], that is all dhikr.
Certainly the people playing the drums across the street is an
excellent form of dhikr.

To take it further into the mystery: just being itself is dhikr.
Being itself remembers and turns towards its Source and that is how it
activates itself. This is very Plotinian. I suggest very much that
your students study Plotinus a little bit. In my first book, Coming
Home, there is an essay on Plotinus which is interesting and brief.
Since it is very difficult to get into the vastness of Plotinus a
brief essay might be helpful for your class. Plotinus is like Ibn
al-Arabi. He is not a philosopher in the ordinary step-by-step kind
of thinking. He is a person of unveiling; these things are unveiled
to him. The different levels of being that come forth from the Source
of Being, which is above being, he called hypostasis. (This word was
later taken up by Christian theology and used for the Divine Nature.)
It is wrong to say that Allah is being. Being is just one aspect that
comes forth from what the kabbalistic mystics call the ein sof, the
nothing, the beyond being, the supraessential, above essence, which is
totally indescribable. The name Allah, or ya rabb, Lord, these are
Divine Names, Divine Energies. They are not yet the Ultimate Reality
Itself, which is beyond any conception, beyond any experience or

We tend to be very naive when we think that this physical universe
with all its galaxies is what God first created. That is not true.
There were eternal levels of being before there was a physical level
of being. This is all known in Islam — the Universe of Souls. It is
also known in the kabbala. Each one of these levels of being comes
forth into the realm of forms. When these subtle realms of being come
forth from the Source of Being, they activate themselves this way:
they turn and face the Source of Being and praise the Source of Being.
This is dhikr. So when we make our circle of dhikr and we are
repeating the Divine Names, breathing and harmonizing with each other
and with the Source, that really is a reflection. It is a sacrament
which recreates the way Being itself comes into being and turns and
faces and praises the Source of Being. That is the highest level of
understanding of dhikr that I have at this moment. Rather than
getting into technicalities let’s just think of it that way. But of
course right now those people playing the drums are also praising the
Source of Being, and maybe if they are good musicians they are really
quite aware that they are doing so. Right now, by talking and
listening, we are praising the Source of Being.
Excerpt 10/20/94
Masjid al-Farah
Sheikh Nur al-Jerrahi

Joshua Williams