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The Five-Fold Offering: Connection To Source Through Manifest Prayer

December 2, 2009

Somewhere deep within the spiritual and genetic vaults of our beings is a desire to bring our prayer into tangible form. Since the dawn of time, this manifestation of prayer has come in the form of ritual offerings to the Most High. By allowing material items of value and connection to become ‘translators’ of prayer matter into prayer energy, we are allowing the prayer process to be not just about thoughts, visualization, and emotion- but about the bodies we inhabit and the world in which we live as well. Ritual offerings are a true rite in ‘holistic prayer’, and in this article I’d like to explore with you some simple ways you can bring these rites into your spiritual journey right now!

The Five-Fold Offering As Mirror Of The Soul

Whenever we give thanks to the Divine, or petition the Divine for help needed, we are involving the full spectrum of powers within the 5 primal elements of our life journey. These are expressed as body/earth, emotions & base desire/water, action & manifestation/fire, thoughts & visualization/air, and energy/life power. Anything we experience in this life in some way includes a portion of each of the above elemental expressions. The personal manifestation of the elements (thought, body, emotions, etc.) is personal, where the primal manifestation (earth, air, energy, etc.) is cosmic. By recognizing these five core building blocks of manifestation, and realizing how we use them in our every day affairs, we can feel a connection and closeness to the big picture that is both comforting and awe-inspiring.

The five-fold offering, which is mirrored in varied ways by traditions across time and location allows us to use these foundational powers to solidify, actualize, release and transform our prayers from this realm to the next.

By selecting offerings which resonate with our desires/purpose of prayer, we are plucking the spiritual ideal from the vagueness of the mind and making it come to life before us. This way, spirituality becomes active in the material world we call home right now. Once the offerings have been set- they then act to carry the prayer in a more direct and magnified way to the realm of All Possibility!

Making offerings can be done for a cosmic Divine ideal, a personal Deity, a Patron or the Universal Intelligence. In addition, the offerings themselves allow the prayerful to take time selecting things which they find meaningful, connected to the desire and valuable in general.

A sacred space such as an altar or shrine can be used, or a simple tabletop area which has been cleaned works just as well. Any additions you choose to make such as flowers, cloth, images, statues, etc. is up to you.

The offerings you choose must be meaningful to you, and should have a resonance of personal value and sacrifice. Don’t offer things which you are personally impartial to- or the connection will not be made properly.

Defining Your Goal And Selecting Your Offerings

Have your desire/prayer goal/thanksgiving clear in mind. Spend as much time making it as clear and direct as you can. Once you’ve accomplished that, it’s time to select offerings which are compatible to your goal. Common offerings in harmony with the elements are food for earth, water for water, candle for fire, incense/fragrance for air, action for energy. We’ll use these common associations in the next step.

So let’s say your prayer goal is a healing for a loved one….

  • Your earth/food can be something that reminds you of the ill person- something they love to eat.
  • Your water/water can be pure water for purity, or an herbal tea with resonant healing qualities.
  • Your fire/candle can be in a healing color, a favorite color of the ill friend or can simply be a flame to bring light of healing and to burn away the illness.
  • Your Air/scent can be herbal incense, a favorite perfume of the ill person, or essential oil resonant to the illness.
  • Your energy/action will be words of supplication and gratitude spoken aloud, as well as the action used to gather and place the offerings.

For abundance, think of offering a few dollars to be then given as a blessing to charity.

As you can see, this can be applied to any type of prayer working you choose. For love prayers, you may choose traditional symbols of love to offer such as chocolate food offerings, rose oil perfume, rose water, etc. Do what feels right- and always ensure the items you choose to offer mean something to you!

The Prayer Working

The process you use to do a ritual prayer offering can be as simple or complex as you choose. I always teach that you should spend more time in the energy section of the offering than you do in the 4 other elements. It should be about meditation, prayer, expectancy and gratitude-in-advance no matter what you decide.

Choose clean vessels (plates, bowls, candle holder, incense holder, etc.) to use during your working. Spend time ensuring that what you offer ON is in good repair and feels clean and looks nice to you. This is a great time to break out the fine china… after all, who could be a better guest than Source?

Assemble your offerings. Take some time with each offering to first wash/wipe/cleanse through visualization/etc. Once cleansed, each item should be spoken to to define why it was chosen (i.e. Walnuts for the wisdom I seek, etc.) and how nice it is. This connects the items to you, and connects you to their power.

It is extremely important to remember that offertory work is NOT a bribe! This work is done as a manifestation of internal prayer- and nothing more. We are not ‘giving this to get that’ from Source in this work- we are simply connecting in a more tangible, powerful way based solely on gratitude and the desire to offer something pleasing to Source. It is also important to remember that Source NEEDS NOTHING! We are not ‘feeding God’ to keep It alive- rather we are asking It to share in what it already owns. Toxicity in these understandings can create so many problems in ritual workings- so please take as much time as needed to meditate on these truths until you are confident they are in your consciousness on all levels.

Assemble the items in a pleasing way on the sacred space of your choice.

Feel free to include background music, preliminary meditation, incense, candles, etc. Whatever gets you in the mood for prayer magic!

  • Calm and center yourself. Get clear about your purpose for doing this working.
  • Connect with your inner true self, then with Divinity.
  • Present your offerings, and one by one in the order of earth, water, fire, air, then energy, present them individually by touching them or pointing to them. Explain to the Divine why you are offering these gifts of gratitude. Be proud of what you have selected to raise energy, but maintain humility and a sense of dependence at the same time to ensure that the ego doesn’t consume the offerings before they reach the Divine platform.
  • Ask clearly and with confidence that the Divine ‘partake and consume’ what you have offered, asking that it be pleasurable, loving and reciprocal.

After the four physical offerings have been made, move on to a detailed and heartfelt prayer. It’s always good to begin with a glorification of Divine mercy to attune to that energy, then to ask, then to meditate on the results being received by you (or whomever you are praying for) in totally surrender and fullness.

Once you feel the offerings have been received- and in many cases there will be a ‘switch’ in the energy feeling of the offerings…

  • Again state gratitude and thanks for the offerings being accepted and the prayer being moved to manifestation.
  • Intend that the now sanctified items which have passed into the high spiritual realm and back again be blessed to carry the power of manifestation into our world.
  • You may now, in a serene and meditative mindset, eat/drink/smell/admire the remnants. If this is for someone else, you may wish to give the food and water to them to take into their bodies, and allow the candle and incense to burn themselves out. I often like to save one of the offerings to be placed outside as a gift for all people on the earth who may need the same type of help I am asking for. This level of compassion wells up huge amounts of energy- and it seems appropriate to me to use the incense usually since I can imagine it moving across the world and touching those who need it.
  • The process of consuming blessed offerings is extremely powerful when done with awareness. If you don’t want to tell a person that the food is special- that’s okay too, and it won’t change a thing!
  • Allow yourself to bathe in the power of having taken in Divine-blessed energy in a tangible way… and I bet that apple tasted a whole lot sweeter than usual, too!

With prayers for all peace, empowerment, health and joy…

Joshua Williams


Secrets Of Internet Magic & The Power Of The Web Of Life

September 16, 2009

It’s almost impossible to find people who aren’t ‘online’ these days.

Most of us have realized the power of global connection, direct access of information and social connections that can take place with a few clicks on the web. Blogging, status updates, journals and e-mails post to the net every moment in numbers I can’t even begin to imagine… but how does all this movement effect us on the subtle levels?

In this article, I’d like to explore with you how the written word online goes further than the viewing audience and taps into the limitless cosmic vibration itself.

e-Mysticism ahead!

The World Wide Web Of Life

The world wide web is just that- an expansive network of connected computers that grows in an exponential way. From your computer in your home office, you can read data stored on a computer across the globe. Much like the subtle web of life, the world wide web is a structure that relies on all of its parts to be what it is. If one website comes down- there is immediately a lack of that specific information.

On the average day, over 210 billion e-mails are sent and Reuters has estimated the total number of websites available at an astounding 550,000,000,00. Two blogs are created each second of every day and of the world’s population, about 1,668,870,408 people have consistent access to all that the internet has to offer!

When we speak (type, write, etc.) online- we are really screaming!

Literally, the whole world has access to what we say! Doesn’t that make you think?

Computers store the information we save or load to the web in the form of energy. When we write, there are countless ways in which our words can be accessed, shared, saved and received by people from across the globe. What we blog about today may be available to people hundreds of years in the future! The internet truly takes our words and places them at the feet of anyone who wishes to access them- regardless of time, place, or any other personal qualifying factor.

Once we hit the ‘upload’ button, our words become global! But how does that global nature affect the subtle energy of life from soul manifestation to law of attraction?

The Subtle Power Of The Net

Many years ago, a Buddhist graphics designer created an animated prayer wheel. Behind the graphic in the coding, mantras were placed. This prayer wheel could be downloaded and saved to any computer where it would constantly ‘run’ just like a program. Upon asking H.H. Dalai Lama about the efficacy of the program, he was told that indeed even good intentions in a digital format would create positive results!

The Secret Truth Of The Post Button

Our fears, rants, love, gratitude, anger and deflection do the same thing. When we update our Facebook status to reflect negativity or illness- the information we type is empowered by a huge network of buzzing computers across the globe that literally keep that affirmation active, alive and plugged in. People can read it, reflect it, process it and even share it- making what we say online become literally ‘viral’.

When our blogs and updates come in the form of positive thinking, optimism, loving kindness and abundant thinking- the same thing happens. Without a moment of pause our written word holds space on the web and vibrates with power as the machines, programs and people behind the smooth operation of the internet put energy into it. When our friends, fans or random readers encounter our words, again it gets shared. Our positive light can effect and possibly change the day they might be having and in turn take on a whole new level of manifestation and healing potential.

Rant Magic

Sometimes a little healthy rant is just what the body needs to let go of some toxicity, but there’s a better, more magical way to deal with it- and I’d like to show you how!

When you feel the need for some ‘type therapy’, consider using a word processing program (Microsoft Word, Notebook, OpenOffice Write, etc.)

instead of going straight to your Twitter account. Write out your negativity in complete honesty and candor. Once you’re all done, step away from the computer and process the venting.

Once you’re ready to make peace- go back, open the document, honor it and DELETE IT! This act in and of itself uses the power of digital magic to manifest right before your eyes the deletion of negativity. It is a simple yet powerful meditation if you choose to allow it to be so. You may also want to try highlighting all of your ‘negative’ text and changing the font to strike-through. Then, in a color that resonates with you, re-write your paradigm ABOVE the strike-through negativity.

Save this document to your desktop as a reminder of the change you’re making. Once he issue is past, add some words of gratitude to the document and release it to the limitless Divine via the recycle bin!

Looking at the internet and the machines that power is as a literal amplifier of what you have to say will help ensure you say what’s right for you and your journey.

With Peace & Blessings…

Joshua Williams


The Heart-Power Of The Palm – Another Secret Of Manifesting!

August 27, 2009

In this article, I’d like to show you how to directly ‘plant’ a goal into the core of your being using a simple exercise. I’d also like to explore with you the meaning of the heart center, it’s reflex in the palm of the hand and the way to gaze into the depths of your own heart center for clarity, healing and empowerment!

Sometimes, getting something into or out of the core of our heart can seem almost impossible. When wrapped up in layers of fear, hurt, nervousness or bad history- the heart can often become leery to open up and move forth. The problem with is, that if our heart center doesn’t receive the power of what we are working on or working through- we’re working with next to zero of our total personal power.

Ensuring that our heart is tapped into what our mind wants, and ensuring that our heart is present with the fullness of our life is paramount to manifesting our goals, tapping love, getting bigger and living in accord with the universal law of attraction.

Have you ever wondered why ‘holding hands’ with another person is so symbolic and powerful? There’s a clue to what we’re going to explore in this article!

Why The Palm Is So Powerful

As many of you know, our body is not limited to it’s physical appearance. Behind the scenes a complex and beautiful architecture of living life energy moves to support, form, empower and heal who we are. This life energy moves in and out of our being- breathing with the universe around us, via energy centers often called ‘chakras’. The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest on the same horizon as the nipples and is directly reflected in the palms of the hand. Many people say that the reason palmistry is so effective is because it gives a tangible look directly into the heart center of another person. When we hold hands with our beloved, we are literally linking our heart centers together via their reflexes in the palms! This can also be seen in the giving of blessings where the one channeling Divine blessings shows their palm to the recipient- blessings from the heart center to the heart center!

In hand reflexology, the heart center and it’s emotional, physical and energetic properties are worked on using the palms of the hands. What happens to one happens to the other.

We literally hold our hearts in the palms of our hands!

The Heart Of Your Goals

Most of the time, the goals we have are only in our heads! We tend to over-think and under-feel the things which are important to us. When we do take the time to truly listen to how we feel, we usually just end up thinking about how we feel instead of truly feeling about how we feel!

Setting a goal, desire or wish for your life is a beautiful gift we all have access to- but if our minds AND hearts are not ‘in’ on this goal- there’s no way it can manifest to completion. Our minds will handle bringing many things forth- but without the power of the soul and cosmic love that moves through the heart center, our goals will not ever be what they could have.

Whether a goal for abundance, love, reconnection, success, inspiration, healing, etc.- getting the heart center on board is a serious secret key to manifesting big power!

Planting The Seed In The Heart

If you are familiar with Muslim prayer (Salaat), you’ll know that at the end of the formal prayer, the worshiper cups their hands in front of their face to speak directly to the Divine. This gesture is strange to many people who are only used to seeing the ‘palms together’ prayer pose- but it is very powerful in its own right.

On the mystic level, the supplicant is literally speaking their petition and adoration into their own heart- which is the crucible of matter to spirit, or spirit to matter. This way, the prayer is purified, blessed, and delivered to the Divine from the very core of ones being.

In much the same style, when we set goals, we must connect them to the heart core which magically turns the mundane into the mystical- and in turn turns the mystical into the mundane. We must use the heart center as a type of kiln that burns impurities and toxicity from our goals so that they can reach the highest heights. We must also receive through the heart center so that we can tap infinite cosmic power and allow it to transform into our normal, waking life.

To do this simple technique:

  • Spend a few moments connecting to the heart center- place a palm over it, close your eyes and visualize light emanating from it, etc. Do what works for you to really tap into its presence.
  • Then, try to hold focus on your heart center and your palms at the same time. I like to cup my palms in front of my heart and ‘feel’ them all pulsing- holding each of them in my mind, simultaneously,  for as long as I can.
  • Once you have connected- speak or visualize your goal into the palms of your hands. See/feel the energy of your spoken words or silent visualization entering straight into the core of your being.
  • Connect with how you feel having absorbed and actualized this goal, and know that it now is being energized in a huge way as it literally courses through your veins and rests at the same time on the spiritual platform.

Now your thoughts and feelings are in accord with your goal- and you can expect to see more rapid, powerful, lasting and blessed results!

Get Heart-Centered Clarity

If you are one who enjoys the profound wisdom and healing that comes from self-awareness in meditation, deep prayer or psychic seeing- I think you’ll love the following technique!

  • Try raising the cupped palms over the eyes, third-eye chakra, heart or crown during meditation with the intent of ‘seeing’ into the heart core itself. Calm the mind as is usual for you in your practice and then focus the inner-seeing on the palms. Allow them to speak on behalf of the heart center and convey the information to your higher senses (clairvoyance, meditative realizations, etc.) in a tangible way. If you don’t feel you have psychic abilities- try simply gazing silently and calmly into the cupped palms of your hands with this intention in your mind. See what comes up for you, how you feel, if your body reacts, what memories surface, etc. and allow them to be signs of inner activity in the heart center. You may also choose to consult your heart center for guidance by first connecting, then asking into the palms, then quietly awaiting tangible information to come as thoughts, sensations, psychic visions, etc.

With prayers & blessings of peace, love & heart centered joy…

Joshua Williams


A Meditation To Release & Receive

August 25, 2009

Sometimes life just gets too wound up, too confusing and too intense!

As issues arise, we get more and more bound up in the intensity and it becomes more and more difficult to find our way out. We know in our heart of hearts that a solution must exist- but we can’t escape the pain, confusion, fear, etc. we are in long enough to get the big picture!

I’d like to share an extremely simple yet powerful visualization meditation with you that facilitates recognizing the issue, releasing it to the Divine, opening up to have the problem solved, and gaining total relaxation and freedom from the issue so that you can get clear and get moving again!

The key to this practice is knowing that above all things- there is a Divine intelligence (however you define that is fine) that is capable of solving all problems, loving in infinite ways and blessing without limit. In this process, much like in illness, we will be handing our problem over to the ‘Divine Physician’ and allowing the issue to be handled by a professional 🙂 Just like when we get hurt or sick, we must surrender to the doctor and do what they say to get better because they have the knowledge to heal that we might not. We don’t lose sleep at night over the fact that we may not be able to perform surgery- because we know that there is someone very qualified and expert who can. In the same manner, we must work with that same level of trust for the Divine and hand our issues over so that they can be remedied perfectly.

So, Here is the simple meditation to really make this process effective…

  • Enter meditative space. Set time, quiet and intention to give yourself room to have a sacred experience. Music, candles, incense, special clothing, etc. can all be incorporated to help facilitate a deeper experience- do what works for you!
  • Relax, breathe, tap your inner stillness and calm

  • Begin the practice by simply feeling your body as a whole. Acknowledge the feelings and states of mind you are in and just let them exist
  • Now, try your best to state those issues in your own language. Talk about your fears, loneliness, lack, etc. as though you are trying to clearly state to another person how you feel.
  • Next, state the glories of the Divine- allow yourself to deeply connect to the power of the Divine to heal and guide. This helps dis-empower the negativity, get your faith grounded and get you ready to let go in fullness.

  • Now, simply create a ball of light in your minds eye. Physically cup your hands to hold it. This way, your body, mind, emotions and energy are all involved in the process making it truly holistic and effective.
  • Imagine sending (via images, words, feelings, etc.) all of your problems into the ball. See it glowing brighter and brighter as the waves of your issue literally leave your body and your being and enter the ball.
  • Continue doing this until you feel a sense of release, lightness, joy or warmth. Ensure that as much of your issue as you can work with has been moved into the ball.
  • Now, call forth the Divine and allow the ball to float, sink, disappear, etc. to the Divine realm. It is important to view this as an offering of love- your trust and surrender is what is actually being o0ffered- and that is what actually allows this process to work. Don’t think you are giving the Divine toxicity- know that you are offering the Divine your very self.
  • After release, spend a few moments opening up and bathing yourself in love- in any way that you choose to visualize, feel, sense, etc.
  • Before ending the session, ensure you tap your heart center and speak words and feeling of deep gratitude for the healing!

Just like when you send a letter in the mail- once you send it, you let it go and believe it will be received. Similarly, after this exercise, you must force yourself not to dwell on the issue. Know you have sent it to the professionals and they will now handle it for you. If fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. arises- simply dis-empower it by saying out  loud or silently inside “This issue has been handed over to an expert- it is no longer a source of worry”.

Letting go is hard to do- especially when most of us have been trained to control, micro-manage and force everything in our lives to get what we desire. The truth is, as you will realize in working with this practice and others like it, is that there is nothing wrong with asking for help… especially from the Cosmic who can do all things without breaking a sweat. The ability for us to tap the power and potency of our Divine source is natural and a birth-right. To deny the available guidance, healing and empowerment from the Source is to walk a very difficult path.

Why not embrace the love and blessings that are constantly and infinitely available you- and allow them openly to come forth in fullness?

Asking for help in this mindset is not an act of weakness- it is an offering of love.

With blessings of peace, release & open receiving all the love…

Joshua Williams


Dhikr: Prayer From The Entire Being

July 20, 2009


Recently, I have been working with the teachings of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order to learn more about ‘total being prayer’. This order, a powerful sect of Sufi spirituality (Sufism is the mystic aspect of Islam, as Gnostic is to Christian or Kabala is to Judaism), was co-founded by Sheikh Nur al-Jerrahi (Lex Hixon) and aims to spread the powerful message of Sufi philosophy and spiritual practice to the world.

The Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order are practicing Dervish Sufi’s in the mood of the poet/saint Rumi. Dervishes are often known for their spinning dance- which is quite literally a form of meditative prayer movement that aligns the body, mind and emotions, via mirroring cosmic spiraling, to the Divine mind. I am a huge fan of Rumi! If you’d like to read some of his amazing works- please CLICK HERE.

I’d like to share with you a transcribed interview with Sheikh Nur about the power of dhikr (sometimes ‘Zikr’, ‘Zikhr, ‘Dikhr’). Dhikr, is loosely defined, specifically in the Sufi context, as remembrance of the Divine through pronouncement/intonement- i.e. vocal prayer, mantra meditation, reciting sacred texts, etc.

Professor Peter Latif Chelkowski, New York University:

I have been trying to pass on my interpretation of the dhikr to my students and it
is always very difficult. Could you tell us your interpretation?

Sheikh Nur:

This is a beautiful question. In the earlier days I used
to speak about the dhikr almost every Thursday night because it was an
unusual form and all of us were not attuned to exactly what was going
on there. Later tonight we will make the dhikr, so I will try to
introduce it. I think I have become a little bit inconsiderate not to
[speak] about it before people who are visitors enter into the circle.
It is a very, very vast subject, something I haven’t even written

The dhikr is really the heart of the dervish way and the dervish
order. There are many levels and forms of dhikr. The prayer, the
salat, is considered to be a very great form of dhikr, maybe the
greatest form of dhikr if it is done with the total being. I suggest
that unless we begin practicing other forms of dhikr we won’t be able
to do the salat with the total being, we won’t be able to make the
daily prayers with the total being. Therefore, although they are the
greatest dhikrullah, the greatest remembrance of Allah, they won’t
take on that meaning for us until we prepare ourselves further. There
is communal dhikr, there is private dhikr, there is sitting dhikr,
there is standing dhikr. There is dhikr of the heart, when it becomes
interior. There is the dhikr of the spirit, the dhikr of the mystery,
and there are other levels. For instance, there is a level of
understanding that every atom of the universe itself is remembering
its Source, its Creator, at every moment. These sounds we hear
outside, the cars honking and [everything], that is all dhikr.
Certainly the people playing the drums across the street is an
excellent form of dhikr.

To take it further into the mystery: just being itself is dhikr.
Being itself remembers and turns towards its Source and that is how it
activates itself. This is very Plotinian. I suggest very much that
your students study Plotinus a little bit. In my first book, Coming
Home, there is an essay on Plotinus which is interesting and brief.
Since it is very difficult to get into the vastness of Plotinus a
brief essay might be helpful for your class. Plotinus is like Ibn
al-Arabi. He is not a philosopher in the ordinary step-by-step kind
of thinking. He is a person of unveiling; these things are unveiled
to him. The different levels of being that come forth from the Source
of Being, which is above being, he called hypostasis. (This word was
later taken up by Christian theology and used for the Divine Nature.)
It is wrong to say that Allah is being. Being is just one aspect that
comes forth from what the kabbalistic mystics call the ein sof, the
nothing, the beyond being, the supraessential, above essence, which is
totally indescribable. The name Allah, or ya rabb, Lord, these are
Divine Names, Divine Energies. They are not yet the Ultimate Reality
Itself, which is beyond any conception, beyond any experience or

We tend to be very naive when we think that this physical universe
with all its galaxies is what God first created. That is not true.
There were eternal levels of being before there was a physical level
of being. This is all known in Islam — the Universe of Souls. It is
also known in the kabbala. Each one of these levels of being comes
forth into the realm of forms. When these subtle realms of being come
forth from the Source of Being, they activate themselves this way:
they turn and face the Source of Being and praise the Source of Being.
This is dhikr. So when we make our circle of dhikr and we are
repeating the Divine Names, breathing and harmonizing with each other
and with the Source, that really is a reflection. It is a sacrament
which recreates the way Being itself comes into being and turns and
faces and praises the Source of Being. That is the highest level of
understanding of dhikr that I have at this moment. Rather than
getting into technicalities let’s just think of it that way. But of
course right now those people playing the drums are also praising the
Source of Being, and maybe if they are good musicians they are really
quite aware that they are doing so. Right now, by talking and
listening, we are praising the Source of Being.
Excerpt 10/20/94
Masjid al-Farah
Sheikh Nur al-Jerrahi

Joshua Williams



Contacting The Inner Guide

June 16, 2009

Do you ever wish you could have your own opinion about life… A fresh, personal perspective without the fears, ego, past hurts and future worries as part of the equation?

You can!

Contacting the spiritual guide within is a simple yet powerful meditation practice that I have created based on ancient Shamanic journeys, Vedic & Tantric rites and modern creative visualization techniques. This meditation has proven to be so powerful for my clients- I’d like to share it with all of you so that it might serve you the same way!

As in all meditation techniques:

  • find a quiet space and a quiet time to practice. Turn your cell phone off, let people around you know you’re taking some personal time, put on some comfy clothes and create space however you like- incense, candles, music, etc. can all help set the mood and charge the space.

The Guide Within

In this practice, we will be connecting to that part of ourselves that is beyond the attachgments of the physical plane. Although we may not connect directly to the center of our true soul being, we can connect to the part of ourselves that is the translator for our current and eternal selves.

The guide within is not an entity or being outside of who we are- indeed, it is more us than we think we are now. The guide within is our consciousness on the soul level rather than on the level of name and form (everyday life in this cycle). COnnecting to this power not only gives us amazing insight- it also trains us up to live more from our true identity as eternal spiritual souls and less from ego and fear.

The Goal

The goal in this practice is simply to connect to the inner guide, and create a space where dialogue can happen. We will not be entering a full-blown trance, because we need our linear/rational brain to stay somewhat present so that we can ask questions and receive/remember answers that have to do with our eg-based lives. If you find you are going too deep in this practice and start losing consciousness ( in a good way haha!), falling asleep or start having a hard time making thoughts- simply shake or dance a bit where you sit/stand to bring yourself ‘back’ a bit.

Ideally, we will connect, ask questions, receive guidance, return to normal waking consciousness and journal about the information we received- then promptly put it into action in our life!

The Practice

You may wish to begin with a prayer or affirmation. This is a great way to start a spiritual practice and not only gets you plugged in to the right headspace, but also brings sanctity, protection and blessings to you and your space.

  • Spend the first few minutes of the practice simply breathing. Shake out any nerves or ticks. Make sure you feel solid where you sit. Survey your body, make sure you’re comfortable and return to just breathing. A sitting ‘lotus style’ posture is both relaxing, lung-opening and stabilizing.
  • Once you feel that a deep relaxation has come, visualize a nine-step staircase flooded in light. Ascend slowly- one step at a time. Feel yourself walking up the nine steps one after the other. With each step you feel lighter, warmer, more open and more blissful.
  • As you reach the ninth step and step up to the landing- ensure you allow how the scene looks to be your own. Don;t judge or criticize… let the environment of everything you encounter be what it will and accept it as perfect.
  • Now, wherever the stairs took you, connect to being in the same sitting posture in your meditation you are in with your physical body. Sit, breathe, see, be.
  • Call forth in any way you choose that part of your being which knows all of your being. Call forth your inner guide- your soul. Allow a light to begin manifesting either at or above the crown of your head or in your heart center. Whichever happens is great as this is simply where you are most comfortable working. Don’t work with this practice in any other center of the body.
  • See the light come out of you and manifest before you… let it be what it is… a person? an animal? a symbol? Allow and believe.
  • Spend a few moments simply being in the presence of your perfected self- as though you are looking in the mirror. If you feel the urge to merge- do not do that until the third or fourth practice after information received has been implemented in your life with success.
  • Once you feel connected- speak. Don’t lie, hide, or sugarcoat… take this opportunity to be brutally honest with yourself and allow your heart center to purge with the chance to open and vent.
  • Ask a question, receive an answer. Again, do not second guess! What you hear is what you need to hear and it is perfect.
  • If you feel you are receiving answers that are not in line with Divine law or proper spiritual conduct- end the session immediately and try again another day.
  • Take as much time as you like asking, answering, discussing, seeing, receiving, experiencing and being. There is no hurry as there is no time on this plane.

Once you are ready to return…

  • Thank your perfected self and embrace or touch hands in some way to connect deeply.
  • Watch your perfected self re-enter where it manifested from (head or heart areas of your own body as seen in meditation).
  • Stand up and descend the stairs. Walk down slowly just as you came up. See yourself entering your life with a huge charge of light around you and a sense of peace and power in your heart. Once you get back…
  • Slowly start moving and flexing the physical body, gently open your eyes and spend a few minutes just sitting and being.
  • Journal about your experience as soon as is comfortable so you don’t forget anything. All symbols, feelings, etc. should be noted so that as you work this practice more often- you can find patterns and meaningful symbolism.
  • If you have any questions about this practice- don’t hesitate to email me!

Wishing you the best in spiritual advancement!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


The Spiral Dance Of Clearing, Cleansing & Balancing

June 15, 2009

Our subtle spiritual bodies are as simple and simultaneously complex as light itself. At the same moment we can perceive it- it completely defies our understanding and seems to vanish into thin air. As we move through our beautiful unique life journeys, we encounter countless people, places, events, thoughts, beliefs, etc… and each of them make an impact on who we are.

When you are in a room of people- there may only be a handful that you actively engage with by words, body language or simple  gazes, but your subtle body, much like a magnet, reaches out and hones every energetic signature in the room- even if you are completely unaware of it. Subtle and silent spiritual conversations are taking place- the very source of your eventual desire to walk up and talk to that person or avoid them at all costs… all for no logical reason!

Similarly, every internal and external event we encounter makes an energetic statement and imprint- from places, events and situations to beliefs, thoughts, fears and time itself.

This seems pretty intense- and it is- but these energetic statements are needed to commune with the true part of ourselves that is walking a spiritual path in a material world.

This is the way the soul interacts with the journey.

There is usually no problem with all of these imprints and connections being made- because those that don’t serve us or that don’t actualize into our lives on a tangible platform usually dissolve over time. Sometimes, however, we harbor energetic imprints and connections that don’t serve us, or are even bad for us!

Let’s say we are walking down the street and pass someone who just gives us a bad feeling. We have no reason to judge them because we don’t know them- and should not judge. There is simply an energetic incompatibility that makes neither person ‘bad’. Because this event may some with an emotional charge due to the feelings that swell up from the energetic level, we can easily attach and hook-in on a subconscious level for many reasons. From then on, there is a subtle, yet real, connection between us and a person who passed our path but is not supposed to be on it- and the effects of that connection go both ways. We should strive to maintain energy hooks only with the people and events that are real and productive for us here and now. This means total energetic accountability for our addictions to the past, our fears of the present and our reliance on negative attention.

So, the big question is…

How do we cut those connections that no longer serve us or have never served us? How to we let go of what is not in accord with our current journey and make room for the new?

The answer is simple, without grand ritual or magic words- but powerful beyond measure!

This is a new technique not previously presented to the public world- it is based on an ancient Vedic practice of temple circum-ambulation by the devout and the energetic repercussions of that act. I ask you to remember, respect and honor this method- and use it as often as you can!

Josh’s Energy Hook Clearing, Cleansing & Balancing Practice

Almost every mystic path in the world has a certain reverence and awe for trees. They seem so magickal and so powerful- huge skyscrapers coming from the tiniest seed. Reaching towards the skies in adoration of the Divine, rooting in the sacred earth to connect with absolute nurturing. Strong, protective, yielding and giving in every way. Trees truly are a power to be realized and are a blessing in countless ways!

In ancient symbolism, trees represented the axis mundi- or the pole that runs through the center of the cosmos. Through the axis mundi, the upper, middle and lower realms respectively could be accessed via trance journeying. The tree symbolized life, abundance, connection to the earth, reaching toward the Divine and even the Divine itself.

In this practice, trees are fundamental. Having a connection to the earth below and the sky above- trees are fantastic natural antenna that both ground us and channel new energy into us. If you don’t have a favorite tree in your life- the first step to working with this practice is to make that happen. I have a giant old pear tree in my backyard that has been a good friend for many years- and it is what that tree that I do this practice after each day of serving clients and living life.

You can create a special bond with your tree by tying some ribbon, attaching bells or offering scented water to it. Make a spiritual ally with the tree- giving to it in respect for what it gives to you.

۞ The Practice

Come to the tree feeling calm and grounded. Barefoot is ideal. Greet and love your tree for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths of the purified air coming from its leaves. See the tree as a symbol for eternity- that endless axis-mundi pole that runs through the center of all that is. Feel yourself at the center of all that is.

Once you feel calm, grounded and ready…

  • Approach the tree and touch it. Make contact on a physical and energetic level. Allow the tree some time to sense where you are in life and what vibrations you carry right now.
  • Say a prayer to the Divine and something to the tree itself about your intentions to help you get clear and to help the cosmos align with your will.
  • Circle the tree in a counter clockwise direction between 3 and 9 times (whatever feels right). Imagine that all the cords connecting you to the past and to what does not serve you are getting wrapped around the trunk as you circle it. Under the tension, those cords break and are grounded out by the tree into the earth.
  • If there is anything specific you want to draw out of your life, see it now being pulled out by the trunk and sent down into the earth via the roots to be enlightened and purified.
  • Stop. Breathe. Be.

  • Now circle the tree clockwise the same number of times as before. This time, new energy is being drawn into the vibrational ‘gravity’ you are creating by your pace. The leaves of the tree act as filaments drawing pure, clean, potent energy from the cosmos down the trunk. As you circle, it flows into you and wraps you up in pure love and bliss.
  • If there’s anything you want to draw into your life, perceive it being called forth by the up-stretched receptor-leaves of the tree, down the trunk and into your being.
  • Stop. Breathe. Be.
  • To end your practice, sit against the trunk of the tree if you can, or as close to it as you can with your back facing it. Allow the vibration of the tree to resonate with the trunk of your spine. Feel strength, flow, rejuvenation and balance enter your system.
  • Offer some water, grain, stones, healing energy, kisses, hugs, etc. (hehehe) to the tree in thanksgiving for it’s healing work for you. Know that it is a natural expression of Divine power and that, because of the lack of ego, it has a very close connection to its creator and is a living symbol of cosmic power.

Feeling clear, clean, balanced and blessed, it’s time to go out and live!

Before we close- I want to address a common questions my students have about this practice…

“What if this practice breaks cords that I want in my life? Like those to loved ones?”

Cords are not static- they are dynamic. This means that if you remove and ground a cord/hook and still continue to think or hold space for what that cord held to- it will come back.

The prayer/intention also helps define that cords which serve us should remain in tact- but even if every cord we have gets grounded, the ones we need will be back in our field within seconds of ending the practice because they are still held in our being. For cord and hook removal to be truly effective, we must make a resolve to let go of the past or the toxic in our lives, then this practice will help make that happen on every level. If we are not truly prepared and ready to let go- the cord will re-manifest almost immediately.

With great peace & blessings.. and happy tree hugging!

Joshua Williams


Centering Power : ۩ Spiritual Shrines Explored ۩

June 9, 2009

Shrines are an extremely powerful expression of spirituality. Almost every spiritual path in the world and throughout history has created dedicated, sacred space to connect with soul, cosmos and Divinity. I’d like to help you tap the potent healing, Divine connection and personal growth that is available by creating your own sacred space in your own unique way.

Why Keep Sacred Space?

In my teachings and in my spiritual experience- shrines should be viewed as an external expression of something happening deep within. We are walking a material/physical path here, and so sometimes tapping into that power within that exists on the more subtle/spiritual level can be tough. Keeping sacred space allows us to connect to that depth in a material way- engaging soul, body, mind and even ego in the pursuit of Divine connection!

Keeping sacred space not only literally reminds you of Divine presence in your life and the power of the path you walk every time you pass it, it also creates a deep subconscious link that ever-runs keeping you present in that sacred light.

Sometimes, when we pray within, the energy and movement we are trying to create by connecting to the Divine STAYS within. Shrines are a great way to ‘get out of your head’ and truly open up to something ‘other’.

Taosit Low Shrine

Taoist Guan-Shi-Yin Shrine

How To Get Started

The first thing you should do is pray and/or meditate. Connect not to a specific religious or defined concept of your unique connection to the Divine- but to your own. Allow feelings, thoughts and sentiments arise within you that give you the sense of being held by the All. You are certainly welcome to use religious or traditional iconography in your sacred space- but use it only if it really resonates with you. Remember that you are creating an outward symbol of your heart… so it must be personal to be powerful!

People often get overwhelmed by the idea of creating sacred space because they have seen what other people have. Don’t start there! Begin by establishing where your space will be- foundations first! Find a nice able, bookshelf, wall shelf or nook that will be undisturbed and can be kept clean. A space you can have to yourself for private prayer and meditation is also a good idea.

Once you know where the space will be, give it a good cleaning and think about adding a cloth or tapestry to the top. I have an Egyptian brocade hanging behind my shrine, and one on it that my icons and other sacred items rest on.

You’ll be surprised to find that as soon as you dedicate a space to your spiritual life- creating a new ‘center of your universe’, things that should be there will start popping up. Photos, statues, stones, offerings of food and water, prayer beads, fresh flowers, incense, candles, etc. are all common and very powerful additions to any sacred space. Keep your heart open and get excited about having the space and it will soon be filled up!

Dedication of your shrine should be specific and heart-felt. Shrines are traditionally dedicated to a specific manifestation/face/name of the Divine- so whatever form of the Divine All you work with can now call this place a temple!

Buddhist Shrine

Buddhist Shrine

What Should I Put On My Shrine?

I suggest starting with some type of spiritual iconography that represents who your shrine is dedicated to. Spiritual iconography is created (ideally) to evoke and invoke a very powerful response throughout all levels of our beings- and having the icon really helps get focused and receive.

You may choose statues of a Goddess and/or God, abstract symbols like crosses or solar wheels, painting of Deity or a personal symbol that brings that energy connection to you. Again, allow this to be personal and honor what YOU feel… nothing is wrong here!

Once Deity has been represented, you’ll want to honor It as a great guest. This is where you get to be creative and express your own unique spirituality!

There will be come items you might keep on your shrine all the time like incense burners, candle holders, dishes, stones, etc. There might be some things that come and go with the season or where you are at a particular time. My shrine always reflects the season because I offer only flowers and foods that are in season. If I am having a personal issue, healing crisis or other life change- I might represent that on my shrine to create a psychic bond between Deity and myself that won’t close down when I happen to forget for a moment that I am loved!

Traditional shrine implements from many paths include: flowers, candles, incense, oils, talismans, stones, art, photos, written prayers, and so on. Allow your soul to speak out and be creative!

Dia De Los Muertos Temporary Shrine

San Maximon Shrine

Rites And Rituals Of The Shrine

Many spiritual traditions have a set form of rite and ritual to perform at the shrine. You might want to research some of these- or better yet create your own! Here are some basic ideas to get you started…

  • Spend 15 minutes each morning sitting at your shrine in prayer and meditation
  • Make an offering of cool water and fruit each day, then eat it once it has been blessed
  • Keep a container to write prayers and requests on your Shrine and review them daily
  • Recite sacred texts or books daily at your shrine
  • Create prayer postures to symbolize beginning and ending your shrine session
  • Play musical instruments or sing to connect with the Divine

The more you work with your shrine, the more powerful it becomes. Eventually- the shrine starts to resonate and vibrate at a spiritual frequency that acts as a constant hum of blessings in your life! Shrine service should be consistent. There will be times you’ll need to break and just hang out in that space- but a regular daily session will create subtle changes within you, attract ascended spiritual masters, honor the Divine in a BIG way and just give you something to really look forward to.

Feel confident that anything you choose to offer to the Divine via your shrine service will be perfect. You have a connection and relationship to the Divine that is ALL YOURS! No one else in the entirety of the cosmos relates to the Divine in exactly the same way you do! Honor that by creating sacred space that is in praise of the Divine while honoring you as an individual soul. Doing this creates a psychic bond between the Divine and the soul that you will notice in just a short time!

Holy Spirit Backyard Shrine

Holy Spirit Backyard Shrine

Shrine Connection On The Go!

Once your shrine is established and vibrating with Divine power- think about making a portable shrine using a small linen pouch or matchbox that you can carry with you wherever you go. Find a way to connect the dedicated shrine to the portable shrine by using similar colors, symbolism, etc. so that what happens at the travel shrine will resound and connect with the dedicated shrine.

I have a small cotton pouch that always hangs around my neck. It contains (among a few secret things hehehe!) tiny images made in clay of the Divine Mother & Divine Father (Goddess & God). I love being able to hold it, feel it against my heart, touch it, interact with it and just know it’s there. Whenever I am eating on the run, I always imagine them receiving and blessing the meal in a more tangible way. During almost every session I do with a client, one hand is on my pouch-shrine 🙂

I hope this article inspires you to explore the power and potency of creating sacred space. Next week I will be writing about cleansing physical space using ancient and modern techniques such as smudging, prayers, symbols, washes and so on..stay tuned!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams





The Secrets Of Being Blessed ~ The Power Of Prayer Revealed

June 4, 2009

One of my great passions in my work is tapping into the Divine blessings that are available to all- and helping channel them into the lives of those I serve.

Blessings, like sunlight, is available to all, no matter what… it’s just that sometimes we stand in the shade.

I believe that every prayer which is in accord with our unique life journey and cosmic laws is fully answered- all the time. Being such a huge advocate of right prayer, I have often been asked “Why aren’t my prayers answered?”. That’s what I’d like to explore with you in today’s article.

Prayer is commonly defined as the act of supplicating the Divine for help, guidance, intercession or empowerment in some way applicable to the current life journey. Prayer can be formal, informal, ritualized or spontaneous as long as it’s from the heart. Some people have a close connection to the Divine manifestation they pray to, while others pray to a Divinity they don’t yet have a personal relationship with. Either way works as long as it’s heart-centered and true for you.

Teaching prayer tactics can be a little tricky. I believe that the Divine already knows what we need, what we desire and what we seek… so why bother with prayer?

The fundamental reason we do pray isn’t for the benefit or need of the Divine- but for our own need. Effective prayer is less about stating a need and more about opening up consciously to receive the solution to that need. In prayer, we connect consciously and actively to the Divine principle, and explore our heart center to the Divine force while letting go of the ego that normally prayer-blocks us.

What is prayer-blocking?

It’s more common than I’d like to admit! Prayer-blocking is the natural tendency of most humans to micro-manage and control their lives to the point that, on a subconscious level, they actually block Divine empowerment. Since the Divine allows for free agency/free will, if we say ‘no’, the Divine allows  for ‘no. Prayer-blocking is the #1 reason that prayers don’t get answered. If we pray from the heart, but still over-manage and stress about the situation to the point that our ego pins it down with our own fears and expectations- there is no room for the Divine to answer the prayer and elicit change.

How To Receive

There are several key steps to ensuring that prayer work will be received when it manifests:

  • Surrender. When you send a letter that has the proper postage, you don’t spend every waking minute stressing about whether it will arrive. Do we really have more faith in the postal system (as amazing as it is!) than we do the Divine? Once you’ve sent your prayer off- let it go. Release from it so that as blessings come forth you are not so wrapped up in the issue that you don’t receive guidance about the solution.
  • Expect Divine attention. When we have a proper perception about the omnipresence, omnipotence and absolute compassion of the Divine, there is no question about our prayers being received or not. Indeed, they are received long before we even verbalize them or realize the need ourselves. Remember, prayer obstacles don’t manifest from petitions not being heard by the Divine- but from answers not being heard by us! Tap into your innate faith in Divine compassion and attentiveness whenever any negativity or doubt arises. In just one intense prayer working you could re-train your thoughts, mind and vibrational patterns to reflect only Divinity!
  • Manifest in words. To help ensure you are keeping open and not pining down the outcome, try journaling every day to have an internal dialogue about the issue. Remind yourself in journal that the prayer has been sent, and try to identify any changes you see or feel that might be the sprouting seed of blessings manifesting on your path. Every few days read past entries.
  • Let go of ego-based expectations. When a problem arises, we naturally create an ideal way they can be solved. The problem is, that when we create this ‘outcome addiction’, we’re pretty much telling the Divine ‘it’s my way or the highway!’. With positive thinking, affirmations, declarations, law of attraction AND prayer- it’s important to use the right key- to expect and visualize perfection in your needs but NOT to define with a linear human mind how that perfection will manifest! If you ask for a healing, don’t limit the Divine to healing you only by the means you understand. Attach your expectation to the final perfected outcome and NOT to the process itself.
  • Get Divine, let Divine! Each day, remind yourself who you’re working with. Express both gratitude and adoration to the Divine for everything you know about It and the countless things you don’t. You (hopefully!) don’t wake up every morning freaking out that you aren’t a surgeon just in case you need some surgery. You rest well knowing that if you need a surgeon, mechanic, dentist, lawyer, psychic guide, etc. that there are people in the world who can handle that task with great precision. Similarly- don’t try to play the cosmic role, because the Divine is far better at it! Let the Divine do what It does best, and you focus on doing the best you can!

What If Nothing Happens?

Relax. If nothing happens- you’re as good as gold! When we pray properly and open to receive properly and still nothing happens, it’s simply because what we’re asking for is not in accord with personal/soul or cosmic/universal laws. When I perceive this is the reason for an unanswered prayer in coaching clients- it’s often a hard one to explain. Usually when a prayer is not answered it seems, at the time, to be the one and only thing we really want! We need that lover, that job, this cash, that healing. We trust the Divine to know what’s best but this just doe not make sense! We might be in serious pain or confusion and nothing happens- how is that mercy?

Here is one of those extremely tricky and super mysterious workings of the Divine that we have to try to wrap our linear brains around. What seems paramount now, will not a few steps down the road. What we feel we cannot live without might be killing us in a way we cannot perceive. What we truly desire might just be a quick fix to a deeper addiction or spiritual imbalance. Although we cannot always understand, like or see the reasons for unanswered prayers- there’s just one thing we have to do… never believe in unanswered prayers!

As I mentioned above, ALL PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED when offered and received properly. This means, that if you ask for something and it doesn’t come- you just can’t see how it comes. Countless times I have coached a client through the process of powerful prayer only to see nothing happen. One client asked only for a true, loving relationship… got nothing, three months later entered a meditation retreat and stayed as a facilitator… now she has a relationship par excellence with the Divine in ways neither one of us could have seen coming! This is a hard aspect of prayer to deal with- because we are all addicted to seeing and perceiving results in a tangible way. As much as I wish I had better foundation for this- the truth is when nothing happens it’s probably the biggest something that’s ever happened to us before..just coming in very quietly 😉

Plugging In

So, in all of this there is a simple step you can take to ensure spiritual integrity, proper prayer and excellent methods of receiving are in place. That is surrender.

Surrender in this case means letting the Divine do what it does best and having complete trust. Surrender does not mean doing nothing. It means letting go of finite concepts about how and when to act and giving control of guidance over to the Divine. We still have to do the footwork. If we just had to pray and the rest would get done for us- what would be the point of living at all?

Prayer is magic, healing, transformation, love, connection, ascension, enlightenment, wisdom and empowerment in ways we can never perceive fully. It is personal communion between the eternal and unique soul we are and the face of Divinity that shines just for us. Prayer is the realization that the Divine is big enough to have a unique and special relationship with each of us- and that no two people will have the same Divine experience. Prayer is stepping up and plugging in to the power grid of all power grids for life, love, progress and perfection!

Peace & Great Blessings on the path of prayer…

Joshua Williams


Energetic Cleansing & Empowering On The Go! *Josh's Quick & Easy Spiritual Cleansing Cloth Technique*

June 3, 2009

Sometimes in the middle of a hectic workday, while stuck in traffic or just…whenever… a sense of some seriously heavy energy becomes present.

We can tell that our energy systems are a little out of balance when we feel a downpour of unexplained negativity, fatigue that seems deeper than just ‘tired, lack of concentration or creative flow or any other symptoms that just seem to come from deeper within that usual.

Our interactions with the word around us present us with countless opportunities to have our energy systems affected in positive or negative ways. One of the most common issues on the energetic levels I see within the clients I serve have to do with personal shielding- knowing what’s ours and what’s not. It can be confusing out there- but keeping our spiritual flow and energy systems ‘well-groomed’ can be just the medicine!

Consistent attention to the state of our energy systems trains us up to be more aware, sensitive and in control of how we feel. Use this simple technique to create a powerful talisman of cleansing and protection that doubles as cleansing agent whenever you need it!

What Is A Cleaning Cloth?

Cleansing cloths are exactly that- a special cloth dedicated to cleansing and purifying our energy systems from internal to external (auric field). This practice has resonances in many mystery traditions and mystical paths across history and the globe, and is being presented here with new techniques suitable for the modern day!

Think of your cleaning as something similar to your bath washcloth… But where a washcloth is designed specifically to scrub away physical dirt, a cleaning cloth is designed to scrub away toxic vibrations and smooth our the flow of energy in the body!

A few flicks of the cloth and toxic energy is pulled from the system while a new rush of empowered energy flows in!

Working With Your Cleansing Cloth

Follow these simple steps to receive your own cleaning cloth and step up to a new level of spiritual-energetic health!

Choosing A Cloth

You’ll want to choose a cloth that is about the size of a handkerchief, towel or hanky.

Your cloth should be made from 100% cotton, hemp or other natural fibers and should contain no wool, silk, leather, polyester, rayon or any other synthetic materials.

Based on the day you were born, you have a certain proclivity to flow energy in a specific way. Although this is not a definitive list- it’s a safe one. If you feel drawn to a color that is not represented in your chart below as a symbol for purity and cleansing, use that instead of the color listed below. The color chart presented is based on soul-entrance colors that fundamentally dictate the state of energetic flow for your life. Choose your color based on the day of the month you were born…. If your date has more than one color, you can use just one of them or a cloth showing as many of the colors as you like!

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th…

use orange or red

If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th…

use silver or orange

If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th…

use yellow or red

If you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st…

use brown or forest green

If you were born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd…

use royal blue or pink

If you were born on the 6th, 15th or 24th…

use indigo or orange

If you were born on the 7th, 16th or 25th…

use violet or magenta

If you were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th…

use pink or white

If you were born on the 9th, 18th or 27th…

use gold or white

My persona cloth has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, black, white, silver and gold. It’s a cotton Peruvian prayer shawl cut down to a more pocket-friendly size. I highly recommend using the full color spectrum in your cleansing cloth, although it seems to be a bit tricky to find cloth with all those colors represented.


Creating Your Cloth

Now that you have your cleansing cloth- you’ll need to spiritually attune it to it’s purpose. This can be done as elaborately or a simply as you like- follow your intuition!

  1. Cleanse the cloth itself to remove any previous vibrations from it. Do this by soaking it for a few minutes in lightly salted water (add a bit of baking soda for extra power!), then drying outside over one night and one day.
  2. Hold the dry cloth and connect to it. Realize the similarity between the threads of energy that surround and permeate your body and the way the threads of the cloth harmoniously work together in a strong pattern to make the cloth itself. Know that the fabric is of a material that energy will attach to when intention is behind it.
  3. Holding the cloth open across your palms, charge it with intention, visualization and prayer that all negative, toxic or harmful vibrations within your system will ‘cling’ to it and will be pulled from your system. Also that, like a comb, it will groom and strengthen the energy flow within and around you.
  4. Once you feel the cloth has been ‘charged’ in this way, gently fold it up. Sleep with it under your pillow that night to ‘own’ it.
  5. The next day, wake up and prepare to live life with a secret ally in your pocket!

If you have any personal symbols or designs that are meaningful to you- feel free to add them with a permanent marker or stitch them in with thread if you’re crafty!

Cloths may be anointed with aromatherapy oils, given carrying bags to keep them clean or made for friends for a birthday… What a powerful gift!!!

Using Your Cloth

Anytime you feel like you need a boost, clarity, cleansing, clearing, charging or blessing- reach for the cloth!

Open it up and drag, gently wipe or brush from the top of your head down the front of your body to your feet. See and feel those bad vibes getting caught in the cloth!

Then do a sweep from the top of the head to the feet along the back of your body.

Once done, open up the cloth and flick it a few times towards the earth- seeing the toxic vibrations hitting the ground (no matter if you’re on the tenth floor!) and being absorbed by the Mother Earth to be enlightened.

If you need extra focus in prayer, creativity, personal power, etc. try opening the cloth and simply looking at it- allowing its color and charge to enter in through the eyes affecting the whole system!


Cleansing & Recharging Your Cloth

Your cloth should be given a full cleanse monthly at the time of the full moon. Here’s how to do it…

  1. Wash the cloth physically with salt & baking soda water. Allow to air dry, preferably outdoors.
  2. Expose the cloth to the night of the full moon and the sun of the following day. Sleep with it that night.
  3. re-state your charge over the cloth and you’re back in cleansing power!
  4. Starting a new lunar cycle with a personal energetic cleansing bath is another great way to start the flow moving on the right track!

Feel free to physically wash the cloth with salt, baking soda, rose water, etc. anytime you need- just be sure to let it air dry- outside if possible. You can also add essential oils or other meaningful scents to your cloth as needed.

During sleep, keep your cloth somewhere special like on an altar, shrine, or hanging next to the bed. Respect it as a spiritual tool and don’t toss it around with dirty laundry or leave it where you cant find it. The more you respect it- the greater a spiritual charge it will begin to accumulate!

I hope you enjoy working more closely with your own energetic health and using this ancient tool applied to the modern busy world!

May great blessings of the Divine Mother & Father be yours in your journey to health, happiness and bliss…

Joshua Williams