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You're Never Alone! Secrets Of Cultivating A Magical Relationship With The Divine

September 30, 2009

Take a deep breath and look around you- no matter how seemingly simple or complex your environment might be, it is teeming with the Spirit of the Most High!

Learning to recognize, realize and commune with the Divine presence in all is perhaps the most powerful and most ancient technique for combating loneliness and plugging in to as life of pure magic!

In this article. I’d like to explore with you some ways to create that special, all-encompassing relationship for yourself so that the lie of being alone never hits you again!

Immanence Means Attentiveness!

Without getting into the timeless philosophical debate of Divine immanence, I’d like to initiate you into what may be a new way of seeing and being.

Think of the last time you saw a beautiful painting… did you think of the person who painted it, or did you simply enjoy it for what it was in it’s manifest form? Many of us take to the latter in our journey through this life and forget that the Divine (as either Creator, Sustainer or Omnipresent Impersonal Force) signature is all around us. When an artist sign a painting, it is a symbol for them having created it. But, when the Divine ‘signs’ the creation, it is not different than the Divine being saturated throughout all of creation because the nature of the Divine is absolute- meaning that It’s part is equal to it’s whole, and that it truly cannot be fragmented.

Because of this, the very cosmic we exist in vibrates with the presence of Divinity. Softly and subtly the Divine exists as the frame and matrix for all the is created and all that we as individuals create. It is the empowering force which allows physical laws, co-creation and life itself to progress in what appears to be an effortless way.

The Divine, being absolute, is everywhere. This does not necessarily imply that the Divine IS everything, simply that all things are within it.  The Divine has such power that by being attentive to something (our lives), it is present in them. If we look at an object several hundred yards away- we are still only where we stand. But if the Divine were to do the same thing, as a crude example, It would be both where it stood and where it was looking, and everywhere in between.

Because of this powerful mystery, our world and our lives are showered with Divine attention and presence at every moment. Truly, there is no way to unplug from it, and that means that we are never really alone!

A More Divine Paradigm

Try spending the rest of the day pretending that the entirely of the Divine is hovering just behind you. All the support of the universal supported is right there with YOU. How might this paradigm change your behavior? Your willingness to try new things and accept bigger challenges? How might it change your thoughts, feelings, way of seeing things and way of seeing yourself?

As simple as this exercise seems, it is actually very potent! One of the first things we must do to accept the immanent presence of the Cosmic into our lives is try to feel and experience it as our own truth. There’s nothing wrong with ‘faking it until you make it’, which is why this exercise can and quickly will attune and initiate you into a higher state of consciousness!

The Power Of The Psychic Is Yours!

Most psychic seers and spiritual healers will acknowledge that they are not the do-er. This is why we favor the terms ‘channel’ and ‘catalyst’ so much, because they honor the fact that it is indeed the Cosmic Divine who is doing the work through us, rather than us doing the work ourselves. I can do a holistic reading and energy/light work session anywhere- because the source of my power IS everywhere. This same power that I, and many other spiritual guides, tap to do our work is available to everyone- all you have to do to call it forth is change your paradigm, see it, feel it, perceive it and accept it into your consciousness! This is a fundamental step in developing your intuitive gifts, and one that many people in the modern world struggle with. We try so hard to do a good job, be in control, be on top and be the leader that it can be very challenging to ‘let go and let God’. But this way of being is not only the way of truth- it is the way of peace… letting go means opening up to a limitless fountain of resources and blessings that will work to help you live in a more clear, spiritual, intentional, healthy and stress-free life!

To perceive and interact with the Divine all around you is to initiate yourself into your whole life becoming one big chain of omens. Portents of change and transformation manifest in simple ways- what was a random thing yesterday is the voice of the Divine today with your new way of seeing!

Take What’s Yours!

Although brief, I hope that this article inspires you to think and receive in a higher way about the presence of Divinity in your life and in your world. You are never alone, and never at the bottom of the hole. There is always a limitless field of resources, love, guidance and empowerment waiting for you to open up and receive it. The Divine is not forceful or manipulative… It gives what we ask for, and so we must simply ask and be grateful!

With Peace & Blessings In The Light Of Divine Presence…


Joshua Williams


Looking For The One? Turn On Your Love Lights!

August 28, 2009

In this article, I’d like to offer you a few simple techniques that are sure to get your love lights cranked up to full brightness so that you shine forth- attracting the right love into your life!

In searching for- and more importantly, being open to finding true love- there are many layers of the self that must be healed. From fear of a bad situation preventing you from manifesting a great one to low self-value… way more deep psych than anyone really wants to go through! But to really connect with loving partners who facilitate (not make!) our happiness, we have to be open and empowered on every level of our being. If our heart (pure love) wants something different than our brains (fear, logic, the past) then we might as well call it quits!

In these simple yet powerful techniques, we will be going straight to the source of emotions, body and mind… living life energy! Working in this manner waters the root of the tree instead of all the leaves on at a time and by gently changing the energy- the rest just falls right into place!

Turn On Your Love Lights!

In past articles I have explained the huge power of color in energy work. Color, like sound, is one of the most pure and reflexive symbols for life energy that we have to work with, Subtle, vibrating and sometime elusive- color links us to specific forces of energy for healing, empowerment and joy!

In this practice, we’re going to work with color to harmonize your energetic bodies, help loosen and remove blockages preventing true loving relationships and help you glow in the dark so the right one can’t miss you!

As in all meditation practices I teach- please value your time and space as sacred by making sure you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable, use music, candles, oils and incense as desired and make sure to turn off your phone! This is your sacred, well deserved space- the more energy you put into making it a special time, the more attention you’ll get from your inner-self and from spiritual allies as well! A special pink candle lit only during this practice would be most powerful! Roses or rose fragrance as well as symbols of love are also nice to have around if you can get them easily and they mean something to you personally.

  • Take a few moments to get comfortable- either sitting or lying down. Make sure the back is well supported and the heart-center and throat areas are not restricted by jewelry or tight clothing
  • Begin your session by simply feeling love for yourself. Tap into your power, your value, your accomplishments, talents, beauty and personality. Love on yourself for a few moments to get the right energy moving!
  • You may wish to say a prayer, affirmation, intention or petition at this point to clarify why you are doing this practice. Let every level of your being as well as the limitless universe around you know why you’re here and what you expect to accomplish so they can give you full support!
  • Begin the meditation visualization by simply feeling the energy of love in your heart center. Allow it to grow deeper and stronger with each inhalation. As you start to really feel it- let it take on the color pink (No matter your gender, pink is a highly attractive vibrational frequency for unconditional love!).
  • Let the pink light within slowly grow larger with each breath. Draw pink in from the limitless love of the universe on your inhalation, and push it into your center to expand your own love light on the exhalation.
  • Continue making your light bigger and bigger- first it encompasses all of your body, then several feet around you, then the room you’re in, then city, state, country, continent… keep going until you feel as though your light occupies all of infinity!

  • Hold this light for as long as you can. Simply being in this vibration will start aligning things on many levels. You are welcome to state or meditate on affirmations or prayers for attracting love while in this space as long as you can also continue to hold the light in your minds eye.
  • Know that as your light expands, it is reaching those souls who are most ideal for you in this lifetime and calling them. Feel several connections being made- and if you feel nothing, fake it! Imagine a few mystery figures being surprised by this loving energy, encapsulated in it, then deeply connected and attentive to you. This is a time when powerful psychic revelations about your love might come to you!
  • Once you feel some connections have been made- begin slowly pulling your light back in. Go with a pace that feels natural and that your own minds eye can keep up with. Don’t rush the call back!
  • As the light finally returns fully to your heart center, know that it has created deep healing, openness to pure love, removed blockages within that prevent love from coming to you and also created connections to help ‘draw forth’ your mate!

After your session is finished, say several words of gratitude for what has happened. Again, if you felt nothing- be grateful for what you’d like to feel and know for sure next time!

This meditation should be practiced weekly, especially on Fridays, until your lover manifests. Each time you practice, you’ll go deeper into a state of deep meditative trance and will experience deeper levels of healing. You’ll also notice yourself changing very easily in small ways as minor adjustments to your energy are made that quickly reflect in your conscious life… this is you getting back on track with who you are and what you deserve- true love!

The Best Of The Worst

One of the most common reasons I see in clients for not attracting new love is that they have not healed from past love. We all get burned- and sometimes it’s really intense. From hard breakups to cheating, loss to drama, relationships can end for countless reasons- but if we hold onto that loss, we’re blocking the change!

This exercise can be extremely difficult for some- but I promise you that it will not only help you feel a whole lot better, it will also heal, release, clear, cleanse and open your loving nature to the real love you deserve!

Work this exercise when you have alone time and are feeling calm and joyful. This is not an exercise that should be performed when you feel lonely, negative or sad!

  • Grab a pen and a piece of paper (yay! It’s homework time!).
  • Begin your session with prayer, affirmation, intention or petition- whatever feels right for you.
  • Now, write down the names of every significant lover, partner, etc. you can recall.
  • For each name you wrote down (and this is the heavy part), I want you to write down as many positive qualities about that relationship as you can. List everything you loved about that person. What was perfect? What attracted you to them in the first place? What was that special thing they did that kept your attention? Write it all down- only the great stuff! If negativity comes up, dismiss it gently and go back to the positive.

  • It might help to imagine that you are taking all of your past karmic relationships and extracting all the good stuff to create a new, perfect mate who lacks all the bad qualities and expresses all the great ones!
  • DO NOT judge your emotions during this process. Give yourself loving permission to cry, laugh, smile, etc. These emotions are releases and need to be allowed freedom to come out so they don’t just go hide again!

So, what did you just do?

You made it clear to yourself and to the universe what you’re into. You opened up some old wounds and acknowledged the love that was there so healing and release could take place. You cleared some cobwebs, released old cords to make room for new ones. You got deeply in touch with what works for you in a relationship. You let go of guilt or judgment that you had about yourself regarding past decisions and behaviors. Awesome!

Become What You Desire!

Ok, so this one is completely silly and most of you probably won’t do it- but I swear it’s a powerhouse for tapping into your self-value, injecting some light and love into your consciousness and really helping you and the universe get on the same page about what works for you in relationships. It’s also a ton of fun if you can let go and just play with it!

To put it simply- when you’re hanging out around the house, in the car, etc. I want you to talk to yourself as though you are your lover. Speak out loud (probably not wise to do this in public haha!) and say the things to yourself you’d like to hear from someone else. Comment on how great dinner was, ow amazing you look after losing just 3 pounds, how nice the house looks, etc. Invite yourself to dinner, make plans, tap in!

This exercise is completely off the wall- but it’s also completely powerful! It allows you to:

  • Acknowledge the wonderful things about yourself so that others can do the same (you know that whole ‘people can only love you as much as you love yourself’ thing? It’s true!).
  • Move energy into your life that is right on target with honing in, manifesting and progressing a seriously wonderful loving relationship.
  • Puts a smile on your face, warmth in your heart, clear orders on the cosmic wish list
  • And most of all- let’s you have some crazy fun with love energy which is something many of us don’t have much experience with!

In addition to all that, serious deep healing is taking place without you having to re-live any of the old wounds… sounds like good medicine to me!

Get What’s Coming To You!

I want you to believe like I believe how much each of us deserves bliss, joy, health, spiritual connection, abundance and progress in this life. None of us is special in this regard- it’s simply a literal birth-right for every single one of us! If you aren’t experiencing those things now- then something is not on track and it’s time to help you remember what’s out there for you!


With prayers & Blessings to all who’s eyes fall upon these words that pure love and Divine blessings with flow into you freely and abundantly…

Joshua Williams



The Double-Edge Sword Of Psychic Predictions

July 6, 2009

Receiving predictions is a mainstay in psychic readings. Many people seek psychic guidance for the sole purpose of knowing what lies ahead in their lives and in the lives of those they love. Predictions can be a source of help, guidance and preparedness- or they can be a source of big time problems. Let’s explore the secrets of predictions, how to work with them properly, how to know when they’re not what you need and how to connect with accurate forecasts in this article by Josh Williams!

As with all my articles, please bear in mind that I speak only from my own truth- and can only teach what I know to be true for myself.

My style of reading and working in the psychic field may be different than someone elses. Neither is right or wrong.

What Are Predictions?

Predictions are the psychic art of viewing probable outcomes based on current energy. This is a lot like floating above a busy sidewalk and focusing on one person. You can see several paths they can walk to get where they are going- but one or two of those paths are much more clear, open and inviting. Prediction work focuses in on your unique journey in much the same way and defines what the most likely outcome to an event will be. Many psychic guides specialize in predictions, but unless a prediction is made and the entire universe holds still- they can never be 100%. There are countless influences that may spontaneously manifest, minds may change, obstacles may arise, etc. and each of these will effect the way the prediction plays out. In most cases, a prediction from an expert psychic adviser can be relied upon and will manifest in at least some version of it’s original viewing.

Working Predictions In The Positive

It’s always exciting to get a solid prediction. Sometimes, knowing what lies ahead creates a calm that just lets you know everything is going to be O.K.!

When predictions serve to give you heads up so that you can make the best choices- you’re working predictions in the positive.

Predictions should serve the purpose of giving us a road map- not driving the route for us. It’s pretty clear how predictions can be an asset to our unique life journeys- but sometimes the dangers involved get overlooked.

The rest of this article will focus on the dangers that can be associated with prediction work and is meant only as a guide and a catalyst for deeper understanding. I certainly work in the predictive field often with the clients I serve so there is no judgment about the work itself- only the way it can manifest sometimes.

Prediction Poison

Knowing if you are working in the positive or the negative when seeking predictive work requires often hard-to-accomplish brutal honesty with yourself. Not unlike psychic addiction, prediction poison can become a crutch rather than a tool of empowerment.

If you seek predictive work because you are afraid of what might happen, feel you cant go forward unless you know what will be coming or feel out of control of your life if you don’t have predictions to stand on- you may have a problem. Living in this mindset brings you to the place where predictions are living your life for you- and you are just going along for the ride. If you find yourself relying on predictions to make it through- it might be time to talk to someone you love about getting clear.

Manifest Destiny

Many of us know the powerful connection that can be made with an expert psychic adviser. We know that when we connect to someone who can truly connect with us on a soul-deep level for the empowerment of our unique life journey, something is felt that cannot always be explained.

When a great psychic connects to you, many levels of your being are opened up so that they can explore who, where and how you are. This is a sacred space that should always be respected and held in great esteem.

While we are being ‘read’, we become very open spiritually. The way in which predictions work can cause some trouble here relates to that required open-ness.

Essentially, if we receive a prediction from a psychic who reads well but does not manifest well- we are basically locking our consciousness in to that reality. If they tell us one thing will happen, it probably will because we believe it will and received suggestion in a spiritually vulnerable state. Choosing a great psychic guide ensures that ALL possible outcomes will be explored, and work can be clearly and directly done to connect you with the one that serves you best.

Think of this as being either forced down one road in specific, or handed a map and being given the power to choose which route you’d like to take. Possibilities, like the cosmos, are infinite. We all have lessons, spiritual debts, attractions, repulsions, etc. that we must work out in this life- but there are as many way to have an experience as there are ways to make a cake- and you don’t have to be limited to just one way.

You truly are the co-creator of your life- both by your choice of paradigm and your choice of action. We must learn to trust that our lives are in good order AND that we have been given the power of choice to walk our path’s. If the straight-and-narrow is the only path that doesn’t terrify us at times, that’s fine. But we must walk it with personal power and the wisdom that we can change whenever we want to!

Locked Up

If you receive a prediction that doesn’t work from you- cast it off.

A great psychic adviser will be able to help you find other routes and other cosmic options for your path- and can help free you of being locked in to one set way of seeing.

Because great psychic guides  (hopefully!) work in accord with cosmic law, there are some things that just are the way they are. It’s not in changing the universe that a new path is selected- it’s in changing YOU!

You current path may lead to a job loss- and there’s no way around that, but the way that comes up or manifests and how clearly you can perceive the hidden blessings depends solely on your psychic guides willingness to look the extra mile for you and your willingness to hear and express what your options are.

Sometimes, many of us feel some sort of comfort by being told exactly what will happen and what must be done. The toxicity of that paradigm is far beyond the scope of this article- but if you’re living in that place, stop and think about how much power, potential and possibility you are throwing away by locking yourself into something that isn’t your big truth.

Predictions are meant to be a tool- not a judgment of destiny. If you hear something you don’t like, something that scares you, something that you feel isn’t in accord with your soul plan- it probably isn’t… and a great psychic guide can help you pan-back and get clear about how to change it.

Owning It And Transforming It

When you get a prediction, here’s a really healthy flow to follow to work with it…

  • Know that this is only the most likely outcome at this moment. What is real now and what is real in five minutes from now are not the same real.
  • If you like the prediction- own it. Choose to accept the path offered to you and walk it… NEVER sit back and wait for things to happen! Predictions, like life, need energy and action to grow to fruition, so get out there and back it up with some joy, energy and attention!
  • If you dislike your prediction- there are two possible solutions: 1) The course you are about to take IS in your best interest even though you cant see that right now, from right here, and 2) the prediction is the most likely outcome but IS NOT in accord with who you are [classic case of getting off the right path or getting ‘lost’ from the life path].
  • If you simply dislike your prediction on a shallow level, it’s time to breathe deep and surrender. When things don’t feel right on a shallow level, it’s usually just the ego being scared. Times like these require us to try and see what blessings may come from a seemingly bad situation. If the emotions are only shallow- it’s because the deeper part of ourselves is saying ‘let go and let God on this one!’.
  • If you feel like the prediction you just got is for someone else, or if it resounds with you but feels like the wrong size t-shirt- you’re just about to take a turn off your path. This is when you sit down, get clear, and figure out what you’re going to do to avoid walking the wrong journey. A great psychic guide can help you find the alternative and connect you with the light that shines upon it.

In summary: predictions are not static. They should not be given as law or written in stone, EVER! A prediction is simply the little “You Are Here” sign on the map letting you know which path you’re about to walk down. It’s never too late to turn around, change your paradigm or take a picnic break and just relax for a few. Choose to work with a psychic guide who will give you all of the options from the realm of Spirit and empower you instead of limit you. Work with those who deserve your trust and who encourage you to become your own best guide instead of harboring addiction to their services. If you feel great, calm, empowered, clear and in-the-know after a session with your psychic adviser- you’ve found a great one!

The Truth About The Path

Each of us walks a unique journey. At every moment our path forks into a thousand opportunities- but in the end they all lead to the same beautiful lessons, realizations and initiations we are here to receive. Take the high road or the low road, the short cut or the scenic view… you’ll get these just the same. This is where we have power as co-creator of our journey. The Divine and the core of our soul defines what we need to learn- but we have the conscious power to decide which instructor will teach us or which authors books were going to read o9n the subject. You OWN your path because it is an expression of who you are, eternally.

Selling out is accepting what is and becoming slave to it. Honoring the Divine and the power of you you ARE is stepping up, identifying what needs to happen and making it happen in a way that’s in accord and harmony with cosmic law and your own desires. It’s like getting paid to get a physical… healing and abundance all at the same time… this is the way of the infinite mercy of the Divine and the causeless love of the All! Plug in and receive!

Take your predictions and run to perfection!

Peace & Blessings on the dynamic path of YOUR life…

Joshua Williams


Dream Prophecy: Receiving Guidance & Empowerment While You Sleep!

June 22, 2009

Since time immemorial, dreams have baffled, amazed, guided and even terrified those they visit. Countless prophets and sages have used dreams as an interface to receive cosmic and Divine guidance- and you can too!

There are seriously hundreds if not thousands of theories about what dreams are, where they come from and why they happen. Some speculate they are simply leftover chemicals firing and creating memory or fantasy based hallucinations during sleep. Others believe the soul itself journeys during the rest of the body (since the soul needs no sleep) to ethereal realms where what is dreams is really happening. No matter how you view dream time, there is no avoiding how powerful they are.

How many times has the emotions, experiences and adventures of an intense dream been on your mind all day?

How many times have your dreams uncannily reflected what was happening in your waking life at that time?

Dreams always seem sort of ‘hit or miss’, in that some of them seem more real and relevant to waking life while others seem  just completely wild and fantastic. What if there was a way you could control and define what you dreamed about, ensure you remembered the information when you woke up and even got powerful guidance, warnings, empowerment and spiritual blessings while you slept? You can! And I’d like to show you how.

The Philosophy Of Dreams
In order to teach the technique I am about to- I need to give you a little information about where I feel dreams come from. I will keep this short and in layman’s terms- but if you’d like to know more about this powerful subject- please email me!
Dreams, in my experience and belief, are not unlike the waking world. We, as participants, experience sights, scents, feelings, emotions, events, people, etc. and react to them or flow with them. Dreaming is different because the physical sense are not engaged. When the body shuts down for sleep, the soul is able to see clearly on the spiritual realm as the body is not active and sending sensory information. Think of this in terms of anesthesia- is all senses are completely turned off- what’s left? Soul.
Dreaming allows the soul to explore it’s own reality and paradigm outside the confines of the physical realm. Everything the soul sees is still completely relevant to its own journey- just without so much skin in the way 🙂

The Power Of Dreams
Because the soul is the main receptor instead of the limited physical senses in the dream- anything is possible. The real power in dreams is the ability for the soul to get a bird’s eye view of the life journey and return like a messenger to the body. Dreams are meant to give those who pay attention information they could not otherwise see or perceive in waking consciousness. Answers, guidance, healing, spiritual attunemenet, warnings and pre-cognitive visions are all the language of dreams. When you tap the power of what’s happening in your dream time, you’ll have access to cosmic wisdom from the view of the soul!

The Language Of Dreams
Many of us tend to be overwhelmed, scared or confused by our dreams because of the language. Often imagery is fantastic and nonsensical. Familiar events happen in the wrong place, houses are parked on the wrong yard, people irrelevant to our lives appear with frequency. What does it all mean?

The secret to knowing what’s being said in your dreams is one every psychic visionary has had to undergo to accomplish their work- learning the unique symbolism of your soul.

You will dream in symbolism, language, images, feelings, etc. that are completely unique to who you are as a soul on a unique journey. What a snake in my dream means to me (secrets being revealed about others motives) may mean something entirely different to you (transformation, death, decay). The easier and simultaneously simplest trick to harnessing the power of dreams is this:

Trust yourself!

YOU alone must interpret your dreams based on how they make YOU feel. The things you experience and see must be analyzed in a waking state and how those experiences effect you relates to what they are telling you!

If someone you have had zero concern for or contact with pops into your dreams for a few weeks- it may have nothing to do with them as a person, you need to define how that person allowed you to feel or experience something (love, trust, anger, pure hatred, etc.) that has burned them into a symbol for that energy in your consciousness.

Dreams are a spiritual force that should be accepted by everyone who wants to hear directly from the core of their being. Interpretation should only be handled by the one person who knows the true meanings of the symbols presented- YOU. Dreams should be respected as a sacred journey, a blessed event and a cosmic guiding light.

The Direction Of Dreams
So, all of that being said- you are welcome to allow your dreams to free-flow and simply work with whatever seems to come through on the nights you dream. On the other hand- you have the option of directing what types of information and experiences you work out in dreams in a very simple way. The secret to controlling what you dream is this:

What you dedicate you dream!

This means, the thoughts that run the strongest in your subconscious mind are likely to be the ones the soul tries to heal, guide and empower while you sleep. If a problem or issue is big enough to bounce around in your subconscious all day- it’s pretty likely the soul will take that as a sign that something needs to be dealt with.

Getting thoughts, fears, confusions, hurt, etc. that strongly bounces around in your conscious mind to set in your subconscious is not an easy feat- but there is a back door that has proven to be extremely effective for me personally and those I serve.

The Five-Fold Rooting
To root something in your subconscious- it needs to have an effect on every level of your being. Most of the time we get issues stuck on the mental/logical (thinking about them a lot) or emotional (feeling about them a lot) plane, and never let them hit other levels of our being. If this happens- the subconscious will of course be aware of them, but won’t take them seriously because we are keeping them confined to one or two levels of being.

In order to get dreams to go where you want them to- you need to ground the issue out in every level of your being.This exercise should be performed once during the day and once before sleep.

Body: The body itself needs to be included in the issue. If you are seeking guidance on a break-up or lost love, try thinking of the person as you firmly pat down your body. Imagine waking up the memory, emotions, thoughts, etc. that rest in your body to respond to what you’re thinking about.

Emotions: Sit for a moment and concentrate on the issue at hand (new job? loneliness? healing crisis?) and really allow the emotions associated with that to well up. Really get emotionally fired up about it until you feel the emotions plateau and begin to subside. If you need to cry, laugh, or emote in any other way- do it! Expressive emotions are a key to tapping the subconscious!

Mind: Replay or visualize the issue in your mind as real as possible. See the events that led up to where you are now. Replay how your path has led you here. See yourself as you are now experiencing them. Use your inner-eye to visualize and ‘see’ it all happening from within.

Energy: Once the mind has been engaged, take account of how those thoughts made you feel. Try to perceive the energy coursing through your being becoming thicker, slower, faster, lighter, darker, etc. If you can’t perceive it- fake it. Imagine how the subtle life force within your field might be affected by this issue and try to coax yourself into perceiving it- even with creative visualization.

Soul: Acknowledge the silent witness of the soul seeing all of this. Try to imagine seeing it from the view of eternalness. How do you think the eternal, individual soul perceives this situation? How do you think this situation might be actually helping you in ways you can’t see yet? This is your time to connect to the positive and optimistic side of a negative issue, or the more spiritual side of a positive issue.

Again, this exercise should be performed at least once during the day (2 or 3 times is even better!) and once before you get into bed. If you don’t get results on the first night, try the next day. It may take some time and some acclimation for you to get in control- but once you do it one time, its yours forever!

You also may be one of those people who dream in very layers symbolism. This means that although the dream may seem to have zero resonance with the issue you put out there- it may be speaking directly to it. Honor ALL dreams you have while you are working with this process and give anything you dream, the chance to give you clarity!

Using The Tools You Receive
The morning that you wake up having dreamed about the issue, follow these steps to ensure the healing, empowerment, guidance and blessings you received on the ethereal plane get rooted out in your waking life:

  • Express gratitude to the divine, and be humbly proud of yourself for learning this spiritual technique that can be used to bring light and power to your journey!
  • Journal! Write as simply or as descriptively what you encountered in dream time. Make sure and note what exactly you were looking for and how it relates to what you dreamed about.
  • Put the dream and the journal out of the way until tomorrow. Give yourself one day to ‘come down and unwind’.
  • The following day, when you are relaxed and open- re-read your journal and begin interpreting it. This is your time to be your own best psychic, tap the unique symbolism that your soul speaks and really connect with the power and beneficence of the Cosmic!

Thank you for exploring the power and potency of dreams with me… May your dreams be blessed with healing, guidance, empowerment and the discovery of your great truth!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Contacting The Inner Guide

June 16, 2009

Do you ever wish you could have your own opinion about life… A fresh, personal perspective without the fears, ego, past hurts and future worries as part of the equation?

You can!

Contacting the spiritual guide within is a simple yet powerful meditation practice that I have created based on ancient Shamanic journeys, Vedic & Tantric rites and modern creative visualization techniques. This meditation has proven to be so powerful for my clients- I’d like to share it with all of you so that it might serve you the same way!

As in all meditation techniques:

  • find a quiet space and a quiet time to practice. Turn your cell phone off, let people around you know you’re taking some personal time, put on some comfy clothes and create space however you like- incense, candles, music, etc. can all help set the mood and charge the space.

The Guide Within

In this practice, we will be connecting to that part of ourselves that is beyond the attachgments of the physical plane. Although we may not connect directly to the center of our true soul being, we can connect to the part of ourselves that is the translator for our current and eternal selves.

The guide within is not an entity or being outside of who we are- indeed, it is more us than we think we are now. The guide within is our consciousness on the soul level rather than on the level of name and form (everyday life in this cycle). COnnecting to this power not only gives us amazing insight- it also trains us up to live more from our true identity as eternal spiritual souls and less from ego and fear.

The Goal

The goal in this practice is simply to connect to the inner guide, and create a space where dialogue can happen. We will not be entering a full-blown trance, because we need our linear/rational brain to stay somewhat present so that we can ask questions and receive/remember answers that have to do with our eg-based lives. If you find you are going too deep in this practice and start losing consciousness ( in a good way haha!), falling asleep or start having a hard time making thoughts- simply shake or dance a bit where you sit/stand to bring yourself ‘back’ a bit.

Ideally, we will connect, ask questions, receive guidance, return to normal waking consciousness and journal about the information we received- then promptly put it into action in our life!

The Practice

You may wish to begin with a prayer or affirmation. This is a great way to start a spiritual practice and not only gets you plugged in to the right headspace, but also brings sanctity, protection and blessings to you and your space.

  • Spend the first few minutes of the practice simply breathing. Shake out any nerves or ticks. Make sure you feel solid where you sit. Survey your body, make sure you’re comfortable and return to just breathing. A sitting ‘lotus style’ posture is both relaxing, lung-opening and stabilizing.
  • Once you feel that a deep relaxation has come, visualize a nine-step staircase flooded in light. Ascend slowly- one step at a time. Feel yourself walking up the nine steps one after the other. With each step you feel lighter, warmer, more open and more blissful.
  • As you reach the ninth step and step up to the landing- ensure you allow how the scene looks to be your own. Don;t judge or criticize… let the environment of everything you encounter be what it will and accept it as perfect.
  • Now, wherever the stairs took you, connect to being in the same sitting posture in your meditation you are in with your physical body. Sit, breathe, see, be.
  • Call forth in any way you choose that part of your being which knows all of your being. Call forth your inner guide- your soul. Allow a light to begin manifesting either at or above the crown of your head or in your heart center. Whichever happens is great as this is simply where you are most comfortable working. Don’t work with this practice in any other center of the body.
  • See the light come out of you and manifest before you… let it be what it is… a person? an animal? a symbol? Allow and believe.
  • Spend a few moments simply being in the presence of your perfected self- as though you are looking in the mirror. If you feel the urge to merge- do not do that until the third or fourth practice after information received has been implemented in your life with success.
  • Once you feel connected- speak. Don’t lie, hide, or sugarcoat… take this opportunity to be brutally honest with yourself and allow your heart center to purge with the chance to open and vent.
  • Ask a question, receive an answer. Again, do not second guess! What you hear is what you need to hear and it is perfect.
  • If you feel you are receiving answers that are not in line with Divine law or proper spiritual conduct- end the session immediately and try again another day.
  • Take as much time as you like asking, answering, discussing, seeing, receiving, experiencing and being. There is no hurry as there is no time on this plane.

Once you are ready to return…

  • Thank your perfected self and embrace or touch hands in some way to connect deeply.
  • Watch your perfected self re-enter where it manifested from (head or heart areas of your own body as seen in meditation).
  • Stand up and descend the stairs. Walk down slowly just as you came up. See yourself entering your life with a huge charge of light around you and a sense of peace and power in your heart. Once you get back…
  • Slowly start moving and flexing the physical body, gently open your eyes and spend a few minutes just sitting and being.
  • Journal about your experience as soon as is comfortable so you don’t forget anything. All symbols, feelings, etc. should be noted so that as you work this practice more often- you can find patterns and meaningful symbolism.
  • If you have any questions about this practice- don’t hesitate to email me!

Wishing you the best in spiritual advancement!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Energetic Cleansing & Empowering On The Go! *Josh's Quick & Easy Spiritual Cleansing Cloth Technique*

June 3, 2009

Sometimes in the middle of a hectic workday, while stuck in traffic or just…whenever… a sense of some seriously heavy energy becomes present.

We can tell that our energy systems are a little out of balance when we feel a downpour of unexplained negativity, fatigue that seems deeper than just ‘tired, lack of concentration or creative flow or any other symptoms that just seem to come from deeper within that usual.

Our interactions with the word around us present us with countless opportunities to have our energy systems affected in positive or negative ways. One of the most common issues on the energetic levels I see within the clients I serve have to do with personal shielding- knowing what’s ours and what’s not. It can be confusing out there- but keeping our spiritual flow and energy systems ‘well-groomed’ can be just the medicine!

Consistent attention to the state of our energy systems trains us up to be more aware, sensitive and in control of how we feel. Use this simple technique to create a powerful talisman of cleansing and protection that doubles as cleansing agent whenever you need it!

What Is A Cleaning Cloth?

Cleansing cloths are exactly that- a special cloth dedicated to cleansing and purifying our energy systems from internal to external (auric field). This practice has resonances in many mystery traditions and mystical paths across history and the globe, and is being presented here with new techniques suitable for the modern day!

Think of your cleaning as something similar to your bath washcloth… But where a washcloth is designed specifically to scrub away physical dirt, a cleaning cloth is designed to scrub away toxic vibrations and smooth our the flow of energy in the body!

A few flicks of the cloth and toxic energy is pulled from the system while a new rush of empowered energy flows in!

Working With Your Cleansing Cloth

Follow these simple steps to receive your own cleaning cloth and step up to a new level of spiritual-energetic health!

Choosing A Cloth

You’ll want to choose a cloth that is about the size of a handkerchief, towel or hanky.

Your cloth should be made from 100% cotton, hemp or other natural fibers and should contain no wool, silk, leather, polyester, rayon or any other synthetic materials.

Based on the day you were born, you have a certain proclivity to flow energy in a specific way. Although this is not a definitive list- it’s a safe one. If you feel drawn to a color that is not represented in your chart below as a symbol for purity and cleansing, use that instead of the color listed below. The color chart presented is based on soul-entrance colors that fundamentally dictate the state of energetic flow for your life. Choose your color based on the day of the month you were born…. If your date has more than one color, you can use just one of them or a cloth showing as many of the colors as you like!

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th…

use orange or red

If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th…

use silver or orange

If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th…

use yellow or red

If you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st…

use brown or forest green

If you were born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd…

use royal blue or pink

If you were born on the 6th, 15th or 24th…

use indigo or orange

If you were born on the 7th, 16th or 25th…

use violet or magenta

If you were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th…

use pink or white

If you were born on the 9th, 18th or 27th…

use gold or white

My persona cloth has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, black, white, silver and gold. It’s a cotton Peruvian prayer shawl cut down to a more pocket-friendly size. I highly recommend using the full color spectrum in your cleansing cloth, although it seems to be a bit tricky to find cloth with all those colors represented.


Creating Your Cloth

Now that you have your cleansing cloth- you’ll need to spiritually attune it to it’s purpose. This can be done as elaborately or a simply as you like- follow your intuition!

  1. Cleanse the cloth itself to remove any previous vibrations from it. Do this by soaking it for a few minutes in lightly salted water (add a bit of baking soda for extra power!), then drying outside over one night and one day.
  2. Hold the dry cloth and connect to it. Realize the similarity between the threads of energy that surround and permeate your body and the way the threads of the cloth harmoniously work together in a strong pattern to make the cloth itself. Know that the fabric is of a material that energy will attach to when intention is behind it.
  3. Holding the cloth open across your palms, charge it with intention, visualization and prayer that all negative, toxic or harmful vibrations within your system will ‘cling’ to it and will be pulled from your system. Also that, like a comb, it will groom and strengthen the energy flow within and around you.
  4. Once you feel the cloth has been ‘charged’ in this way, gently fold it up. Sleep with it under your pillow that night to ‘own’ it.
  5. The next day, wake up and prepare to live life with a secret ally in your pocket!

If you have any personal symbols or designs that are meaningful to you- feel free to add them with a permanent marker or stitch them in with thread if you’re crafty!

Cloths may be anointed with aromatherapy oils, given carrying bags to keep them clean or made for friends for a birthday… What a powerful gift!!!

Using Your Cloth

Anytime you feel like you need a boost, clarity, cleansing, clearing, charging or blessing- reach for the cloth!

Open it up and drag, gently wipe or brush from the top of your head down the front of your body to your feet. See and feel those bad vibes getting caught in the cloth!

Then do a sweep from the top of the head to the feet along the back of your body.

Once done, open up the cloth and flick it a few times towards the earth- seeing the toxic vibrations hitting the ground (no matter if you’re on the tenth floor!) and being absorbed by the Mother Earth to be enlightened.

If you need extra focus in prayer, creativity, personal power, etc. try opening the cloth and simply looking at it- allowing its color and charge to enter in through the eyes affecting the whole system!


Cleansing & Recharging Your Cloth

Your cloth should be given a full cleanse monthly at the time of the full moon. Here’s how to do it…

  1. Wash the cloth physically with salt & baking soda water. Allow to air dry, preferably outdoors.
  2. Expose the cloth to the night of the full moon and the sun of the following day. Sleep with it that night.
  3. re-state your charge over the cloth and you’re back in cleansing power!
  4. Starting a new lunar cycle with a personal energetic cleansing bath is another great way to start the flow moving on the right track!

Feel free to physically wash the cloth with salt, baking soda, rose water, etc. anytime you need- just be sure to let it air dry- outside if possible. You can also add essential oils or other meaningful scents to your cloth as needed.

During sleep, keep your cloth somewhere special like on an altar, shrine, or hanging next to the bed. Respect it as a spiritual tool and don’t toss it around with dirty laundry or leave it where you cant find it. The more you respect it- the greater a spiritual charge it will begin to accumulate!

I hope you enjoy working more closely with your own energetic health and using this ancient tool applied to the modern busy world!

May great blessings of the Divine Mother & Father be yours in your journey to health, happiness and bliss…

Joshua Williams


The Healing Power Of Illness

May 29, 2009

Getting sick is the worst!

Allergies, Flu, Cold, Headaches, Nausea… Can there be any good in it?

You bet!

There are many subtle and not-so-subtle reasons why we get sick. Because nothing happens by chance and there’s a cosmic reason for everything- the hidden power of illness can be tapped when it strikes. This tapping of power not only brings faster healing (because you are resolving the issue that’s made illness necessary for you in the first place), you can also learn a ton about your own body, your own energetic state and the universe at large.

As always, what I present to you regarding health and healing is a spiritual compliment to your seeking professional medical guidance. This information does not replace or override the directions you receive from your medical care provider.

۞ Why the @$*% did I get sick? ۞

Illness strikes for a myriad reasons- and your specific situation requires guidance from a spiritual guide to define it exactly. Some of the most common reasons that illness hits are:
* Warning sign of physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance
* Emotional issue being neglected that has torn down defenses and allowed illness to manifest (Check out “Feeling Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol K. Truman)
* Psychic attack… “evil eye”, more common than you think!
* Cleansing and purification of the soul
* Spiritual debt

Again, that list is by far not exhaustive- but those are the most common reasons I see, especially the second. Emotional issues that do not get handled and thoroughly dealt with get put away to fester and rot- eventually manifesting on the physical level as immune breakdown and psychic-magnetic attraction of like toxicity.

۞ How Can I Get Past This On Every Level? ۞

Good, no, GREAT question!
Healing a physical manifestation of illness is only a band-aid cover up. If you seem to get recurring illness, this is even more true.

Dis-ease is only a physical manifestation of a more subtle imbalance. Long before you experienced symptoms on the physical plane- a subtle balance in energy, emotions, thoughts, toxic beliefs, etc. existed. After time, these subtle issues get more and more heavy until they finally hit hard in the material form. So, going to the root of the tree and dealing with the subtle issue is the real path of healing. I always suggest working with a qualified and experienced energetic healing channel when dis-ease of any nature strikes (colds to cancer), but there is also a very powerful technique you can work on yourself. I have never taught this technique openly before- so I hope it is received well and works in a typed-out medium 🙂

۞ Illness Wisdom Technique by Josh Williams ۞

As always, let’s begin this practice by establishing quiet, safe and comfortable space free of distractions.

* Begin by really opening up and tuning into your body, Feel the parts of you that don’t feel good, and any that do. Take total inventory from your toes to your crown- check in piece by piece with every section of your body.
* Now, in whatever way feels right for you- call forth the illness to manifest in a tangible way. This will either be a) imagining seeing it sitting across from you b) seeing it inside you or c) feeling without seeing either a or b. Allow it to manifest however it does- black cloud, monster, ex-lover, etc. Don’t judge! Whatever pops in once you consciously call it forth to manifest is what it needs to be- and there is great wisdom in how it manifests!
* Here’s the powerful part. Now that you have it there with you in a manifest way- start talking to it. Ask it why it’s there, what it’s teaching you, where it came from, how to get rid of it, etc. Again, no judgment and no logic- allow whatever response pops in to be.
* Continue this little chat until you feel that all questions have been answered and you have established a connection to the deepest part of the illness.
* Now, and this is very important, before you back out of the meditation… THANK THE DIVINE FOR THE ILLNESS! Express your gratitude not directly to the illness (as that would empower it), but to the Divine for providing you this healing opportunity. Pray with the illness next to you- not to it. Once gratitude has been expressed, say directly to the illness that you are now aware of what needs to be done to heal yourself, and so you gratefully and respectfully release it to the Divine and CHOOSE not to need it any longer to learn whatever lessons it’s showing you.
* You may want to end this meditation with either a cord cutting, energy protection rite, a cleansing bath, or all three- whatever feels right for you.

* Again, use common sense and a medial professional’s guidance before you execute any healing techniques received in your meditation!

Our job as souls having a human experience is to tap all the lessons and experiences that we need to become whole. Each of us is on a unique and individual path that leads us to the places we need to be in order to realize wholeness and Divine prowess. I always teach that spirituality is not a give-in, it is something we must take full personal accountability for! This meditation connects you to your own power of being co-pilot of your life- and it can be applied to many other areas of your journey than just illness.


Subtle healing, energy healing, light work and so forth are the truth of absolving us of imbalance on every level- and not just covering the true issues up. Taking accountability for your spiritual path and your total health will mean confronting some things that you’d rather just leave buried, but it also means offering all that baggage to the Divine who will enlighten it into a blessing and remove the curse that it is. Try not to get caught up in seeing yourself as a segregated being- with emotions, body, thoughts, beliefs, fears, likes, etc., but rather connect to these things all being different masks your soul is wearing. They are all singular expressions of something bright and beautiful- YOU!!

May these words carry the vibration of soul-deep healing, Divine blessing and attunement to the light way of being for you and for all you encounter.

۞ Peace & Great Blessings…

Joshua Williams


Psychic, Intuitive, Channel, Medium… What's The Difference?

May 26, 2009

As we browse the Internet, metaphysical bookstore, and listings for spiritual advisers- we get confronted with many terms explaining spiritual advisory work. Many people lump them all into the same category- and some people who use the terms for themselves aren’t really sure what they mean. I think that in connecting to a guide it’s important to know what type of work they will be performing for you, what their style is and where they get their information.

Psychic, Intuitive, Empathic, Channel, Medium

what do they all mean? And how are they different from one another? Let’s explore!


Psychic work is anything that involves sensitivity to non-physical or supernatural nature. In dictionary terms, it can also be anything that pertains to the human soul or mind as opposed to the physical which is the human body.

Before we can understand what psychic work is- what have to understand what it is not.

The normal means for gathering and processing information relied on our five senses (sight, taste, hearing, touch, smell) and our logical/linear brain. Psychic work is the process of obtaining information not using those methods. In psychic work- extra-sensory (‘beyond the senses’) methods are used to gain insight to people, events or situations that would otherwise not be available to the normal range of senses. An example of this would be reading the personality of someone who had not yet been met, therefore negating the possibility of logically assessing them through interacting with them using the five senses.

Psychic work is often described by those who are psychic in terms of the extra-sensory way in which they receive insight. Examples include clairvoyance (‘seeing’ without the physical eyes), clairaudience (‘hearing’ without the phsycial ears) and clairsentience (‘feeling’ without the physical body itself). This may seem confusing- but think of it this way…

The physical senses are only physical/material expressions of spiritual senses. Just like electricity precedes the toaster turning on, so too does energetic or spiritual sense precede the physical sense. That means behind the physical eyes there are spiritual eyes. Behind the physical ears there are spiritual ears, and so on. A psychic is able to hone in on the very subtle workings of these spiritual senses and interpret the information gathered by them. Because all life is connected, thoughts have energetic presence and situations follow an energetic ‘matrix’- a psychic can perceive those subtleties in the same way we normally perceive the road in front of us, a conversation with a friend or the taste of a fresh strawberry. All people are blessed with the ability to negotiate on the spiritual/psychic level- a psychic is just someone who has fine tuned the art of perceiving incoming information that is normally overlooked.

Psychics differ from other types of spiritual guides in that logic is required to translate the information they receive. Once a psychic gets information on the spiritual/energetic level, they must then process or translate that information so that they can convey it in physical terms (usually words). Many psychics are aware that their own spiritual senses speak in a unique language to them- and that in order to convey information to another person, they must decipher the images, words, feelings, sounds, etc. they receive in a way that makes sense to the person they are guiding. Psychic work involves both extra-sensory and sensory organs in it’s serving a seeking client.

Most experienced psychics are very much in control of turning on or off their psychic senses. A great psychic adviser has the ability to connect to a person or circumstance and quiet their normal senses so that the information received by the subtle senses is loud and clear. They can then literally dialogue with a person, place, event, issue, etc. on the psychic platform and receive information in a similar way we might dialogue with another person and get information from them.





Psychic work and intuitive work happen on very much the same level- but there is a fundamental difference in these styles. Psychics must ‘process’ or ‘translate’ the insight they receive on the psychic plane into real-life meaning because it comes to them on a level beyond what would make sense in normal language, imagery, sensation, etc. Intuitives tend to get a flash of insight that needs no translation at all. Intuitive insight cannot be controlled the same way that psychic insights can, and tends to ‘hit’ people from out of the blue. Common examples of the intuitive ‘flash’ can be found in almost every Mother on the planet- what we often call ‘Mother’s intuition’.

Intuition, in my opinion, is something most people experience all the time. We get ideas, creative inspiration, feelings of apprehension, etc. and hopefully we act on them. Intuition is literally our back-up system, so that when our psychic senses are in a state of atrophy due to disuse, intuition kicks in and sometime kicks our butts!

Often intuition speaks to us in a very familiar voice. It ‘feels’ and ‘sounds’ within like our own thoughts- and that’s because it is our own. Like psychic work, intuition is us connecting to a more subtle frequency of communication between where we are and the rest of the universe is. With intuition, the only difference is that lack of conscious ‘translating’. Intuition is best reserved for personal revelation and insight because it tends to speak only about circumstances that effect our lives, loves and journeys specifically in one way or another. Intuition is a spiritual safety net that grows more and more clear the more it is honored and followed. I always teach that words of gratitude after every intuitive flash will ensure they become more frequent and more clear every time. Think of intuition as a muscle- the more you flex it, massage it and attend to it’s needs the bigger and stronger it will grow!





Empathy is best described by also understanding it’s counterpart, sympathy.

Sympathy means ‘relative/same/with symptoms’- that implies if a friend is sad we also ‘become’ sad- taking on the symptoms of the person we are helping. The issue with sympathy is that when you are in the middle of the sensation you lose the big picture of what’s happening and cannot ‘read’ it with the same clarity an empath could.

Empathy means ‘beside symptoms’- that means we are fully aware of the depth and intensity of any particular emotion, thought or situation but are still not swimming in it ourselves. For example, we may have a friend who is experiencing grief- we are able to literally feel and experience the depth of their sadness but we still keep one foot in our own space so that we do not identify with it or make it our own.

Empathy is a strong healing force because it allows a person to share, in a deep and spiritual way, what they are experiencing with another. Sometimes we don’t feel like anyone around us really ‘gets’ how bad it is- but an empath always does! Empathic guides simultaneously perceive where and how you are while maintaining their own perspective. This allows them to be in the water and on the land at the same time- thus enabling them to help you get to shore in a quick and effective way. Most advanced empaths I know are also very psychic- and are able to use empathy to connect to a client for deep understanding and healing release while using psychic abilities to help the client solve any problems. I believe that all advanced psychics are empathic, but not all empaths are psychic-aware. I have met many people who have not tapped their psychic potential but who still get sick or sad when anyone near them is experiencing those distresses. I always encourage empaths to learn how to control their emapthic abilities, create personal energetic and spiritual protection and learn to unfold empathic abilities in to full blown psychic ones.





The difference between channel and medium is often very unclear. I have my own feelings about how they differ and that’s what I will offer you here.

A channel is a person who is able to turn down their own rational mind, ego, logical processor and personal belief system to allow spiritual/psychic/intuitive messages to flow through them, just like if they were a telephone wire. These messages usually come from a defined and known source (hopefully!). Channel work can be very difficult for most humans because we all have very strong personal beliefs, ideals, logic and dependence on our rational minds. If any of these things turn up while channeling- the channel loses its purity and becomes filtered by our own paradigm. Think of channeling as a message going from one telephone to another- and the personal paradigm of the channel as static- bad news! Most all channel session I have received and viewed have been at least slightly tainted with the channel’s own ego paradigm.

Channels tend to be a conduit for complete forces. That means, they channel the soul, the universe, the Divine, specific vibratory forces like love, healing, etc. Many channels are both channels and mediums by my definition and excel at both when they are well experienced and dedicated to the art.

That takes us to mediums…

Mediums tend to channel complete personalities rather than complete forces. Where a channel may be a conduit for the cosmic flux, a medium might be a channel for your deceased Aunt Suzy, their own spiritual guide, Archangel Micheal, etc. They are aware of the personality they are channeling and are versed in the quirks that may come up in a session.

Some mediums work only with spirits they have a long standing and comfortable relationship with, while others open up to seek out a specific or unique spirit depending on the client they are serving. Archangels and Saints from the Judeo-Christian paths, celebrities and personal spirit guides are the most common personalities I have seen being worked with in mediums.

When considering a medium session- you have twice as much research to due. You must first explore and get to know the medium and ensure you feel comfortable ewith them. Then you must ensure the same about the spirit they act as medium for you. Please keep both aspects of this in mind when selecting a medium guide so that you get the most out of your session! The doors to the spiritual realms are blown wide open in a medium session- and it takes a great guide to know how to make sure everyone stays where they should and influences don’t go further than they are welcome to.


I hope that clears up some of the often confusion terms we use in this work- and helps you decide what kind of spiritual adviser would work best for you!

I encourage you to research more on your own and hopefully jump in (if you haven’t already!) and experience a live spiritual guidance session for yourself!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Psychic Self Attunement… Pow!

April 28, 2009

Greetings All!

I hope this article finds you enjoying the coming spring and potential for great transformation on your unique life journey!

I am often asked in my private practice and in seminars and meditation retreat session “How can I become more psychic/intuitive?”…
This is a great question because it empowers YOU to become your own best guide- what could be better?


Before I get into one simple way to help super-charge your psychic abilities… let’s talk a little bit about anatomy; both physical and energetic. There are three main anatomical functions that are engaged in a psychic/intuitive connection: The visual cortex, the third eye center and the heart core.

This is the section of the brain allows visual information to be processed and translated into a language we can interpret internally. All information from the optic nerves of the eyes goes to the visual cortex, which processes the basic visual information – i.e. identifies lines, edges, color and shade. The part of the VC that acts on psychic work relates to visualization. The light of inner-seeing, or having images hit the VC without them entering through the physical eyes is what we’re interested here. Think of the psychic influence of the VC as receiving images from the eyes- but also receiving and translating images from ‘beyond the eyes’. The sweet spot or subtle point of this center of the brain is tucked right under the bone protrusion (occiput) where the back of your skull meets your spine.

This is a potent spiritual spot located in the center of your forehead. Most people can locate this center exactly by closing their eyes, and running their finger from the top of the nose to the base of the hairline very slowly, a fraction of an inch away from the skin. Don’t actually touch the skin, but get really close- the spot that seems to sink or become pressurized as you pass it is the high point of your third eye center.
The 3E processes logical, linear information- both because of the brain thats behind it and because of the energy center (chakra) that it is. This center gives us the ability to clearly define ‘this’ and ‘that’ in relation to each other and to logically come to conclusions about things, contemplate potential, break down complex ideas, etc.

The HC is located in the center of your sternum (breast plate), at about the same level as the nipples. You can perform the same finger exercise from above to connect with your HC.
The HC is the center of intuition, psychic plane working, is a spirit-to-matter crucible, and is the seat of the soul in many mystic traditions. The HC allows us to see beyond seeing, hear beyond hearing, etc. and receives cosmic information from the web of life. This is the crux of powerful spiritual/psychic work although most people tend to work these days with the 3E exclusively.


Now that we have a good foundation of the anatomy (physical and energetic) involved in psychic work- let’s move on to the practice of attunement.

The common issues present when we cannot perceive psychic planes or receive intuitive insight, is that the three anatomical structures we discussed earlier are not working together. This happens because we believe that spirit and matter need to be separate, ignore the subtle and thus turn it off, disbelieve that the cosmic web can connect us to anything we wish to explore, etc. Any type of negating belief about this work acts as cancer on the subtle faculties that support the work happening. Think positive and believe big!
I am not proposing here that simply getting the three anatomical structures on the same boat makes you blown open to psychic bliss- I am saying that this is a crucial step of the process and that in my experience, simply by having people work with this fundamental process they have started to shift naturally to that place where the psychic realm bursts forth for them! Patience and dedication, padowan! 😉

Because we are working with energy-based highways that connect the most powerful actions of  the three anatomical structures together- we need to work with that same subtle energy to create a resonance and friendship between them.

What follows is my psychic self-attunement practice. Please read through the flow until you memorize it, then try to work the practice 1-3 times daily until you feel it’s set. Use the same space and situation you would for meditation or prayer- quiet, calm, no distractions, etc.

1) review the following diagram to get acquainted with the location of each of the three structures.

2- Begin by getting comfortable, feeling relaxed, and entering a deep state of relaxation.
3- Take some deep breaths and feel the life energy surge into your body with each exhale, and feel yourself shine brighter and brighter with each exhale. Do this until you feel sufficiently charged or until a subtle vibration/buzz sets in across your physical body.
4-Take a few moments to connect with each of the three structures- focus your attention to them, touch them if you wish- really wake them up and let them know they are about to become more!

5- Place your Left hand on your HC, and your Right hand on your 3E (reverse hand positions for natural lefty’s). To start the energy flowing- simply try to focus on the palms of BOTH hands at the same time. Imagine that your hands are jumper cables and are creating a brilliant cord of light to connect the HC to the 3E about 1″ under the skin to the surface of the skin. Continue until you feel you have created an energetic highway that feels stable, secure and strong.
6- Now place your Left hand on your HC and your Right hand on your VC. Again, run energy, visualizing and feeling that new energetic circuit being created.
7-Next place your Left hand over 3E and Right hand over VC. Begin to run energy and create the connection. This connection will split to go around the shoulders (see diagram above) to create a psychic ‘necklace’ that acts to empower and protect the psychic faculties. Please do not run this current directly through the core of the body- go around the neck 1″ under the surface of the skin to the surface of the skin.
8- Now that all circuits have been made (remade, actually), spend a few moments and breathe with them. Try to see all of the circuits in your mind’s eye at the same time. As you breathe, feel energy pulsing through the channels you just opened. Connect as deeply to them as you can and affirm within yourself how these new connections will create a more profound psychic potency within you.

9-Once you feel it is time to be done, gently begin coming back to common reality by slowly beginning to move the body, taking deep breaths, gently rocking, and eventually opening the eyes.
10-Spend a few moments in gratitude to yourself and to the Divine 😉


I hope you experienced a wonderful journey and ‘psychic upgrade’ with this potent practice. If you have any questions or comments- please feel free to contact me at

More self and distant (from me directly) attunement practices will be coming soon, as will more advanced practices on BECOMING!

I look forward to serving you and your unique life journey through the power and blessings of the sacred intuitive arts.

Peace & Blessings,