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Giving Away: Cosmic Secrets Of Healing & Abundance

September 18, 2009

when we hear the term ‘give away’, we tend to automatically revert to the idea of getting something for nothing- or giving something and getting nothing in return. In truth, all movement of energy, giving and receiving being an example of that movement, always has reciprocation. For every action, there is a reaction. In this article, I’d like to explore with you the very basics of healing, abundance and faith-strengthening power of Giving Away- hopefully giving you new insight to the process and a new love of letting go!

The Cycle

To give is to release something in your possession with the intention of another openly receiving it. To receive is to openly accept what is sacrified or offered from the possession of another. Strange as it may seem, I find that most people have a harder time receiving fully than giving openly. I think this is because we have been raised to believe that nothing is free, and anything given must have a secret ‘price tag’ of agenda attached to it somewhere.

In order to participate in the fullness of the cycle of energy, we must let down our guards and take a faithful leap into a paradigm of ‘all things good’. Starting with giving in open love will set us on the right foot for learning to receive in open love… because just as the old axiom says ‘we reap what we sow’.

The cycle of giving and receiving is not based on cold debt or hard expectation, which is one reason it can be hard for us modern folk to understand it. Instead of using these terms we are so familiar with, empowered mostly by the symbolism and power of money, we have to pan back and look at it in terms of energy- the source of whatever power exists in money or anything else.

Open giving creates a natural and powerful spiritual link between the giver and the receiver. If the offering is accepted openly, a type of ‘karmic’ link is established that the universe endorses. This will ensure that the heart-centered giver will be repaid for their offering, especially if no repayment is expected! If the offering is blocked because the recipient is not able to openly receive- then a weaker connection is made that will likely turn toxic with feelings of rejection, expectation, payback and loss. These subtleties are the reason why learning to give without agenda and receive without fear are paramount. The few people in this world who plug into this paradigm and express it fully are the same ones who have no doubt that the law of attraction is real, the universe is infinite in power and potential and that we are loved without rancor!

Giving To Heal

Most of us have a few pieces in our emotional collection we wouldn’t mind giving away. Hurt, guilt, fear, etc. line the shelves for most of us. We tend to horde these little collectibles because we know that no one wants to take them from us, even if we give them away for free- and they certainly won’t bid high on eBay! We know that when people pawn their unwanted emotional collectibles off on us- it’s a burden we’d rather not carry. So, we don’t do it to others (hopefully!). But there is a collector out there who is capable, willing and even eager to receive the weights in your pack- and in many cases will pay you back in healing, empowerment and joy!

This collector is the Divine consciousness itself- however you want to address it. Simply acknowledging hurt, past, fears, etc. that dwell within you, recognizing their negative influence on your health and happiness and making a conscious resolve to call them forth and offer them up is all you have to do to start the relief process.

If you are a more physical person- creating a work of art, writing, sculpture, etc. that represents your illness or hurt in it’s fullness can be a great way to get the toxic energy disconnected from your being. Once complete; name it, drain the issue into the object and release it via burying, burning or destroying to the Divine.

If you are a more internal/mental person, creating a meditative visualization of the issue and dissolving it into the eternal blackness may be a good practice.

Either type of person may find that creating a simple to elaborate ritual; whether internal or external or both, will be most helpful. In the past, I have done walking meditation in natural places to find a stone or piece of wood that is willing to be a vessel for my unwanted junk. I then spend an hour to several days draining the toxicity into the object. Once I feel that it has disconnected from me and attached to the object, I return to nature with gratitude and usually a small offering, toss it over my shoulder and walk out a new person!

Giving To Receive

Giving to receive is not something we can actively do- rather it is something we actively participate in. If we give with the expectation of receiving, we add a level of control and fear to our giving that prevents the All from responding in it’s most powerful ways. When we give, it has to be solely for the desire of giving- in faith, and not in expectation, that whatever the law of returns has in store for us will manifest to us in fullness.

Ramana Maharishi, and Indian philosopher and sage said:

“All that one gives to others one gives to one’s self.

If this truth is understood, who will not give to others?

This simple yet profound statement completely defines the law of return, the way of abundance, the power of faith and the nature of love in its fullness. By openly giving to others from a place of desiring for them as much, or even more, than we desire for ourselves- we are actually opening ourselves up to receiving what we desire in ways that cannot be duplicated by any other means. In some cases, our giving may be a hard sacrifice- offering time, prosperity or valued items so that another may take their energies to the next level. Other times, we may feel ready and even eager to part with something- and when in the right paradigm, the person who will be a good steward of that energy will manifest.

Tapping this eternal cycle just once trains us up to have faith in the way of the Divine, love the way of love, and creates a deep eagerness to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves’. As much as it may be cliche to say- this is one ideal I can get behind that may truly be the ‘all problems solved’ medicine.

Get What’s Coming To You!

I’d like to wrap up this article with a few thoughts on receiving. In the modern day, it’s almost becoming an art to gracefully and openly receive the gifts we receive from others and from Spirit. Letting go of our fears and guilt in association with accepting the gifts brought forth to us is not an easy healing task- but it is essential and paramount to your spiritual development. The truth is, that at every moment the Divine, Nature, Cosmos and our multi-formed spiritual siblings are handing us blessings, wisdom, guidance and love from every direction. If we are not experiencing this- it’s because we’re rejecting it. We all have to learn, due to being conditioned to forget, that unconditional Divine love comes with no price tag, manipulation or agenda. As soon as we can realize and get behind this truth- we’ll see how much is being given to us at every moment and openly receive it- creating natural gratitude, super-charged wisdom, consistent personal guidance and sense of never being alone or in lack.

I tend to see things of a cosmic nature in ways that relate to our every-day-life. In this regard, I like to think of receiving in the form of breathing. Most people I have worked with in an energy-therapeutic way do not breathe naturally. We tend to use the power of our shoulder girdle to draw in breath, instead of allowing the diaphragm and abdominal hollow to do it’s job and gently draw breath in filling up the lungs completely. Sure, this is a natural symptom of stress, sitting too much, bad air and countless other influences. But the root as I see it is about receiving. We are so concerned and fearful about opening up and letting the universe do what it does best that we even change out pattern of breathing to maintain some level of control and protection over it. Actively and intentionally receiving the gift of energy-charged air and the beauty of the body that processes it can in and of itself alleviate migraines, change posture, increase energy and cultivate great compassion. This is, of course, a generalization- but one that I have seen often enough to feel comfortable making.

Recognizing the infinite gifts, blessings and opportunities that surround us at every single instant will naturally create awe. Awe leads to respect, which leads to eagerness to participate, which leads to heart-centered real gratitude. A beautiful process that is both our birth-right and our greatest medicine.

I encourage you to step up to the cosmic buffet and EAT!

With Peace & Blessings on the spiral path of big love…

Joshua Williams


Entering The Cycle Of Blessings Power : Plug In To Unlimited Potential!

July 1, 2009


I’d like to give you access through this article a secret. A BIG secret. The secret of how you can jump in to that never-ending cycle of being blessed with health, abundance, progress, love, joy and spiritual connection!

I’m going to lay this out very simply so you can get out there and get connected as soon as possible!

What Are Blessings, Seriously?
Blessings are, by my definition, the process of bathing another being in the light of wanting more for them than you want even for yourself. Blessing is the act of channeling a stream of pure unconditional love to another being for the empowerment of their life and their journey.
But blessings, like all things on the advanced spiritual plane, operate within a structure of reaction and spiritual laws.

The Modus Operandi Of Blessings
Blessings, like karma, operate on a cycle based upon action and reaction. In a nutshell- you can only receive what you’ve given away!

In order to tap into the power of blessings, you first need to start being the source of them!

When you want  a cherry red corvette with all the toppings- your #1 job is to bless the people who already have them. How hard is that! If I were encouraging you to be jealous, and maybe even a little angry- THAT would be easy, right? Well yeah- if you don’t want to get bigger- keep spinning your wheels. But if you do- it’s time to upgrade your spiritual ride from stock to custom!

Think of this in terms of the sacred cookie jar (at least in my house it is haha!). The cookies that are in there now need to be eaten before there’s room to put the fresh baked ones in. You have to give to create space for receiving. That’s the big secret!

Blessing those who have what you desire connects you to the abundance flow that turns you into a MAGNET to get the same thing!

Flipside warning: Attaching yourself to stuff you don’t want (anger, loss, poverty, loneliness, etc.) pretty much sign you up for that trip!

How To Bless With Power

Blessings are natural to us all. We have hope and wish innate within the depths of our beings. There are countless ways to express this- silently within, ritually external, etc. You’ve got to find what works best for your own unique spiritual language. Here are some ideas:

  • Pray, focusing on giving thanks on behalf of the person who has what you want
  • Imagine a beacon of light extending from your heart to them- expressing pride, joy and fulfillment that their work has paid off or at the blessings they have received from the Divine
  • Verbalize your blessing by truly saying “I am so proud of you”, “I hope you have a wonderful time”, “You deserve this!”, “How can I help you celebrate this success more?”, etc.

Let go of the whole luck and free-ride thing. It’s not in accord with cosmic laws. If someone has something- they earned it, and that’s all there is to it. The person who wants for nothing and has everything delivered to them on a silver plate paid for that somehow- and just because you can’t see or perceive how, doesn’t m,ean it’s not so. Let go of ANY AND ALL negativity that surrounds your ability to celebrate your neighbors success as your own- because it’s a lie!

When others have and you have not- give yourself permission to increase your connection to being a ‘have’ by participating in having! Help wash the new car, help the new bride get ready for her wedding since you aren’t busy with a love life of your own right now, offer to help the girlfriend with the sweet new job pick out some great business outfits, etc. Not only are you swimming in the love of pure cosmic consciousness when you do this- on the subtle level you are initiating yourself into the flow of blessings! Soon, you’ll have your own sweet ride to wash, your own weeding to plan and your own success to enjoy. Seriously!

In the meantime, by the way, you are humbling your heart, connecting to the Divine in a pure way and learning to see for yourself how we are all connected. That’s training luck can never bring you!

Gratitude Is The Stamp On The Envelope

Meister Eckhart said “If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is “thank you,” that would suffice.”. How simple yet powerful is that ideal?

Saying thank you for what you have, what you don’t have and especially for all the blessings you get that you don’t even know about is the summum bonum of magic in action.

Saying thank you, as can be demonstrated in all parts of life- leaves you open to receive more of what you’re thankful for, that’s for sure. But when it comes to what you don’t have- gratitude on the spiritual plane simply makes way for what you want to manifest. Don’t thank the Divine for NOT giving you the fat diamond you want- thank the Divine for the opportunity to walk the path towards it and learn.

When you seal the deal with gratitude- it’s like putting a first-class stamp on your prayer and blessing work- and it gets where its going with delivery confirmation every time!

Now What?

Finish reading this article. Then head out for a walk. Take the dog if you have one in your care- or even the kids!

Think as you walk (building and moving energy) about everyone you hold jealousy for. Release the negative emotions with each step and replace them with blessings and love. Jealousy is a lie and only trains you to believe that because they have it- you can’t. There’s more than enough for all of us IF we believe and support that happening by DECIDING that we want all of us to have it all. A nice walk in the open air is proof that we’re all taken care of equally- everyone gets to inhale and exhale without regard of who they are. This is the way of the Divine and the way of cosmic unconditional love! Go have some!

With Blessings Of Peace, Joy, Abundance & Progress…

Joshua Williams