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Hands Of Power : Being A Conduit Of Pure Cosmic Energy

August 3, 2009


This article is part two of my “Becoming a clear life energy channel” series. If you missed the first post which teaches you how to tap in to cosmic healing and magical energy and allow it to flow freely through your body like a wire, please CLICK HERE to read it first.

The Basics

In the last article, we learned how energy channeling works, how to sensitize so that we can feel the force of life within and around us, how to control the flow, use our will to call in energy flow, and how to truly own our ability to become a pure energy channel.

In this article, we’re simply going to focus on the hands.

In all forms of energy healing work the hands are of utmost importance. The chakras (energy centers) located in the palms of the hands are designed and attuned to intentionally flow energy from the body, or into the body. Think of the palms as energy floodgates that can be opened or closed at will!

Hands are natural conveyors and projectors of healing life energy! Consider this…

When you hurt yourself, what’s the first thing you do? Touch the spot that hurts!

When you want to connect with someone deeply? Hold hands!

Hands are the catalyst for spiritual energy entering the physical realm. Think of sages raising their hands in blessings.

Channeling Energy

As we discussed in the last article, we are all natural conduits of healing life energy, and we all the have the latent ability to learn to openly channel this energy and move it into people, places, things and ourselves for total empowerment. Using what you learned in the last article, begin working with these new techniques and you’ll soon be on your way to channeling healing energy with awareness, feeling, intention and effectiveness! The more you practice, the more powerful it becomes! The next two articles on this subject will take us even more deeply into the art.

  • Open yourself up, consciously and with intention, to the flow.
  • once the awareness of energy is with you, focus all of your attention on the palm of your hands- face them out and away from your body so that you can really connect with what they are doing.
  • Begin using visualization and will to pull energy in through the top of your head, pass it through your heart (translates ethereal to tangible), down your arms and out your hands. Really feel the energy blowing out from your palms. See it with your minds eye and feel it with the physical sensations it will manifest.
  • If you don’t feel anything- that’s okay! Keep practicing! I took me several weeks of 3-5 hours a day of energy meditation before I finally understood the language and could perceive it on every level without trying.

Practices To Empower

So, now you’re flowing energy, and even if you don’t feel it- it’s happening! Get behind that with your faith and it will only help train the part of your brain that forgot how to do this work faster.

Here are some simple, safe and very effective practices you can work with every day to train yourself up to being a great energy channel!

  • Focus all of your attention on your right palm. Really feel the energy flowing through you and out your palm. Them gently place it about 3-4 inches away from your left palm. Try to channel out with your right and feel the energy flowing in through the left. Turn yourself into a literal energy circuit! This practice helps free up blockages and helps attune you to the higher energetic frequencies.
  • Try calling out for pure love, pure healing and/or pure healing- feel a new force flow through your body and out your palms. Place your palms facing and about 3-4 inches away from your favorite house plant. Practice running the energy and feeling it absorb into the plant’s field. The key realization here is when to be done- eventually you’ll feel your energy flow start slowing down, or it may feel as though it’s not longer moving towards the plan from your palms. This means the field is charged and it’s time to end the session. Too much can be dangerous- stop when you intuitively feel it’s time to stop.

  • Try the same technique as above, except call in the pure cosmic force of (insert what you want here, abundance, love, healing, etc.). Now, channel the energy into an inanimate object like a favorite piece of jewelery, stone, etc. Charge it, see the energy surrounding the object and turning it into a vibrating powerhouse just for you! Now, you can carry this item with you as an energy talisman! As you advance over years of practice, you’ll be able to create these items for others in a way they will feel- and in a way that will seriously effect their lives and your own! True blessings!

Until next time- keep up the practice and get excited to tap all the spiritual powers that are your birthright!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams



۞ Exploring Energy Work ۞

May 20, 2009


The term ‘Energy Healing’ is gaining increasing popularity. What is it? And how can it serve you? Today we’ll look at the fundamentals of Energy Healing and answer those questions plus many more along the way.


Energy healing, in a nutshell, is the process of working with illness or dis-ease of the body, mind or spirit using life energy as the means. There are literally hundreds of ‘schools of thought’ regarding energy healing- and you should always go with the method that feels right for you. 

In most energy healing sessions, a diagnosis is made wherein the practitioner gets a ‘read’ on your current life energy status. Diagnosis will include (in most, but not all cases) checking for energy leaks, imbalances, toxic energy patterns, stagnation, etc. and a course of action will be determined on how to fix the issues.

Ideally, life energy flows through the body effortlessly- providing support and power to organs, body functions, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. Life energy, unlike blood or other ‘material’ aspects of the body, effects every part of the being from the soul to the soles!

After a diagnosis is made, a practitioner will work to resolve the issue. Some practitioners gently place hands on the physical body while others prefer no physical connection at all. The practitioner then channels ‘pure’ healing energy into the parts of the system which are imbalanced, and works to clear up any energetic issues using energy itself.

Most energy healing practitioners believe, as do I, that any and all health issues on any level of the being begin on an energetic level and slowly ‘solidify’ until they manifest in a physical way. Thus, maintaining energetic health and receiving energy healing goes to the root of an imbalance and creates a healing platform par excellence for balance to be regained.

In my energy healing workshops, I teach that life energy is a manifestation of the Divine- and thus is has a latent intelligence and consciousness. Many practitioners agree and will allow the energy being channeled into the system to ‘do it’s own thing’, as opposed to forcing it where the practitioner believes it needs to go. A happy medium that I practice involves conscious extraction of toxic vibrational patterns and issue identification followed by passive/channeled empowerment and healing via energy.

When it comes to energy healing- many people are most familiar with ReiKi (Master Mikao Usui) and Pranic Healing (Choa Ko Sui). Both of these methods are profoundly effective when done properly- although I will take this opportunity to caution you against receiving or attuning to incorrect ReiKi methods (practitioners who received long-distance attunements via books, DVD or websites or those who display the sacred symbols in books, websites, t-shirts, etc.).

There are also countless ‘freeform’ schools of thought like that of Barbara Brennen- teaching that each practitioner of energy healing will create their own form of channeling the energy. You should feel confident in interviewing and exploring the offerings of your energy healing practitioner.

There is a mystic axiom that states “Energy flows where attention goes”. This being true, you have the power to begin exploring and working with life energy and its presence on your being simply by thinking of it. The next time you are petting the cat- imagine that pure life light is flowing down into your head, through your heart and out through your hand. See if you can begin to perceive a tingling, pulsing or warmth as the energy flows. Cats are amazing energy healing trainers- and never seem to mind the energy and attention!

Because life energy transcends time and space- long distance sessions are completely effective from a trusted practitioner. Although training in energy healing should be done in person- the work itself can reach anywhere, anytime. There are even techniques for healing ancestral wounds…IN THE PAST! Feel free to connect with a distance energy session from myself or anyone you trust. Make sure you work with a reputable healing channel so that you can ensure the work gets done. And as a rule of thumb, NEVER TRUST A HEALER! This means, that anyone claiming to be a healer or do the healing themselves should not be chosen. All advanced energy workers know that they are only tools/channels for the life energy which has its own conscious and intelligent agenda.

Energy healing can help on many levels as we have seen. Emotional/mental issues are very close to the pure energy spectrum and can be approached very powerfully through energy healing*. The body, as well, responds wonderfully to energy healing*- and a session often induces an intensely deep state of trance-relaxation that can often last for hours! Simply receiving a great energy healing session attunes you to that subtle flow of life within your own being- and can change the way you see life in a powerful way! I highly suggest everyone experience both an in-person and a distance energy healing session for those reasons and many more beyond the scope of this article.

With great blessings of health and empowerment on your unique life journey…

Joshua Williams