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Creating Relationship Progress With Psychic Visualization

November 9, 2009

Every relationship has its challenges. In even the most perfect loving relationships we can experience issues with communication, physical incompatibility, misunderstands and difference of agenda. Part of the power of loving relationships is getting through the rough spots and coming out closer, happier and more aware. In this article, I’d like to share with you some simple yet powerful techniques you can use to help overcome relationship obstacles, intensify emotional & spiritual connection to your partner and open up heart-centers for progressive, healing & joyful love!


North Pole, South Pole

I like to think of relationships in terms of polarity. It only makes sense that spiritually we should attract the mate who will challenge our limitations and help strengthen our weaknesses (and we do the same for them). Because of this, each partner is like one of the Earth’s poles. The Earth is one unified and beautiful whole- but there are two sides to every story. In every relationship of any nature, two people are coming together with a whole set of different tools, experiences and desires to create a new ‘spirit between’. The old adage ‘opposites attract’ probably sums this up best. We will, of course, have many thing sin common with our loved one- but its the differences that really count! The things we lack can be made up for by their strengths, and the things they lack can be made up for with ours. Just like the Earth, two poles of opposing natures create just the right magnetic power to make the whole thing move beautifully!

Relationship ‘tension’ is absolutely necessary to make magic happen. We need to light to define the dark. Tension within a relationship can be positive or negative depending on how it’s being used- and it’s really our job to make sure it stays in check. Positive tension inspired us to grow, learn more, be more compassionate and learn new ways of communication and expression. Positive expression is like the dense soil which the sprouting seed pushes through to become a stronger plant. Negative tension are essentially the same things- but instead of being corrected or viewed for what they are, they become sources of distance, argument, resentment and disconnection.

There are many ways to deal with the countless faces of negative tension as it arises, but in this article I’d like to focus on those solutions which operate from a more spiritual platform. The beauty of healing and empowering a relationship through spiritual medium is that as we bless and manifest our needs and wants into the relationship- we also heal and clarify ourselves. It’s a two-for-one that just might be the secret to a progressive and loving relationship!

The Tools

Creative visualization is the process of ‘making up’ scenarios within the visual cortex in the brain in a way that you can ‘see’ within. Through creative visualization, we are giving form and vibrational mass to the desires we have. Because thoughts have energy, the things we think about in this way create waves of vibration all around us. Creative visualization is most powerful because it is intentional, directed, willful thinking where only what is wanted can be called forth. If we relied only on the background running of endless thoughts for this work, we’d usually only manifest negative stuff since that’s what we tend to get hung up on the most. Creative visualization is a break from the often unrestrained negative journeys of the ego where the blissful world we choose to live in can be defined, called forth, empowered and manifested!

The process we will be working with also includes our own psychic power. This is because as we visualize and connect on the spiritual level via the medium of internal visualization, we will also project those visualizations into reality by making them a reality. This process of actualizing visualization with the intention of seeing it happen in ‘real life’ engaged our innate psychic faculties as the speakers which loudly project the new song we want to hear to the entire cosmos.

As with all practices involving meditation, prayer and sacred energy…

  • Ensure you will have as much time as you think you’ll need without interruption. Turn the phone off and lock the door- you deserve sanctuary!
  • Items of personal significance like candles, incense, music, ritual clothing, etc. can be used at your discretion.
  • Feel free to include opening and/or closing prayers in your workings.
  • Dress comfortably, and remember that meditative work often changes the body temperature- so have a blanket nearby in case you get cold.
  • You may wish to take a cleansing bath before your session to increase personal clarity and power. Click here to learn simple ways to have a spiritual bath.
  • Having a photograph or personal item of your beloved with you during this work can be very empowering and can help the mind focus on the intention.
  • You may also want to explore special scents, colors, patrons, etc. which resonate to your needs and desires and bring them into your working.
  • As always- do what feels right for you, because that is what’s right for you!

The Working

Arrange your space in a way which feels good for you as described above.

For this practice, we will be making a conscious connection to our beloved- creating an intentional psychic link so that what we move about we bring about.

This can be done simply by closing your eyes, getting relaxed and calling them forth. Use your inner-vision to see them as clearly as you can. You may wish to envision them with you right here, right now, or you may wish the visualize your surroundings as somewhere special to you both. Call them forth internally by name, and see them coming into your visualization. Ask them to become comfortable, relaxed and open. Affirm the safety and love which surrounds you both in this space. Try to feel, see, and sense your beloved with you as strongly as you can. Thank them for coming.

Now that the connection has been established…

Begin by stating several things you are grateful for about your beloved. Thank them for anything you can think of, praise them for their positive qualities and love them for who they are. This process generates a HUGE field of loving energy and will also help each of you open up, receive, heal and become empowered by the working.

At this point, a deep psychic connection has been created, and the field between and around each of you has been charged with love, power and spiritual magnetism. In this space, what you bring forth to your beloved is real- and will be received by them!

You are now in a highly supportive space to begin talking, sharing images, praying, or just being. You are free to express you desires, define solutions, open up to receive healing, etc. Allow yourself to be guided to do what’s right for both of you in this space.

You can speak and listen here. Your partner will respond to questions you ask. Allow them to do so and do not judge the response. You may receive imagery, sensations or sounds which don’t make sense- you can either ask to see in another way, or remember them and think on them later.

Speak complete truth here and nothing less. Use your visualized hands to connect your heart center to theirs. Give them meaningful gifts you have visualized and see them receive with love. Openly receive any gifts your beloved manifests for you.

Allow Spirit time in this practice to show you both what can be done to heal. Open up to receive guidance about the relationship through psychic imagery and sensation. Ask Spirit to shower each of you individually AND together as a couple with blessings of love, health, abundance and joy. See and feel the blessings coming forth over you and receive it gratefully.

You are in a timeless space here- so spend exactly as much time as you need to, then be done. Thank your partner once again and release them. perceive them leaving in love and joy. Once they are gone, say any additional prayers you choose for protection, blessings, etc. Gently begin bringing yourself back to waking consciousness by wiggling toes and fingers, then arms and legs, then opening the eyes. Stay where you are for a few minutes to think about your experience, be grateful for it and ground out in your new reality!

Most people will see the effects of this work very quickly. If you are completely disconnected from your beloved, or if there are serious negative tensions taking place- give it time to unfold and do a short session daily. Believe that you deserve the best, your partner deserves the best, and the best is right here for you if you choose to receive it!

With blessings of peace & progress on the heart-centered path…

Joshua Williams


The Healing Potential Of Breaking Up

September 9, 2009

Greetings All!

I have been working on the following information for some time, and I hope that many of you find it useful. In times of ending a relationship, we often create suffering in a situation that has the potential to offer us huge healing and empowerment. In this article, ‘break up’ refers to any relationship that ends for any reason. This information can be applied to any relationship (committed, lovers, friends, etc.) and should be pretty easy to modify as needed to fit your specific situation.

The Spirit Of Breaking Up

As humans, we are naturally hard-wired to be social creatures. We rely heavily on the association of other like-minded people to inspire, heal, support, enjoy and experience. Our relationships with one another can manifest in literally millions of ways- and the truth is that no two are alike. You are unique in all the world, as is the person you connect with. Therefore, you create a unique relationship that cannot be duplicated by any others. When we surrender completely to a relationship, we are in a state of total ‘open-ness’ to the other person. We eagerly show them our weakness, strength, fear, power and potential because we know that they can help us ‘heal and reveal’ with their love.

Breaking up is the act of ending or severing a connection like the ones mentioned above- and like the initial relationship itself, no two break-up’s are alike, and they are always intense!

Spiritually, a relationship of any caliber creates subtle cords of vibrating energy between us. As we relax into trusting one another, these cords root and deeper and deeper levels of our being (energetic/spiritual) and grow stronger and brighter. The cords created in a relationship act to deepen the spiritual potency of our relationship while opening each of us up to the ‘metaphysical’ or ‘soul’ aspects of one another. They effect the state of our emotions, physical action, thoughts, fears, desires and overall relationship health.

In a break up, often times the physical presence of the other person is removed, while the cords still stay in tact. This creates a huge amount of additional suffering that can easily be handled. Think of it this way- the source of the rooting is gone while the roots stay in tact. This is quite like pulling a tree, removing it from all soil and expecting it to thrive.

Advanced Cord Cutting Theory

One of the first steps in a break up I use when coaching clients is to actively remove the cords. This is NOT a destruction of memory or potential for a reconnection in the future. Cords are dynamic and energy-based, which means they are not limited to the same laws we are used to. Removing a cord effects only your paradigm and not the actual existence of the energetic connection. Cords vibrate on a high frequency (soul plane) and exist in the paradigm of the soul as part of it’s current life experience- even after the energetic forms of the cords have been removed.

When it comes to curd cutting work- you have to WANT to release, and more importantly, you have to be prepared to do so. Look through the hurt and the pain, know you deserve more and bless the other person to find what it is they are looking for in fullness- even if it’s not with you. Easier said than done, I know, but the process of working yourself into this head space will be a huge impact on your healing in general.

You can explore the actual technique of cord cutting by CLICKING HERE.

Healing Through Breaking

Here are a few spiritual ideas to contemplate during this difficult time. Some of them may seem candid or even callous, but if you want to get bigger and make the best out of this situation- there’s no sense in coating it with sugar!

  • If your relationship is over, it is supposed to be. Take time to surrender to the universal intelligence and try to relax into the idea that there may be a reason for what just happened far beyond the reach of your brain. Remember, we’re limited linear brains in a universe of infinite, dynamic possibility..l. don’t block yourself from what could be!
  • You are a valuable, worthy and beautiful person. Nature does not support pointless pursuits. If you were not supposed to be here, you would not be. The fact that you are here right now means that there is more in store for you.
  • Although the relationship you just came out of may have been heavenly- it may not be the ONE. You may have just experienced an initiation into a higher state of expectation and your ‘bar’ may have just risen a few notches. Now that you know what CAN happen, the universe is aligning for you what WILL! The relationship may have ended, but you did not- and now your heart is ready for the next level, so expect it and openly receive it!
  • Take time to consider what you may have learned about yourself in this relationship. Are you more than you thought you were? Now that you’ve just had this experience, what would the next one look like if you could plan it out?
  • Guilt is poison. If you messed up- acknowledge your mistakes, make a plan to heal and ACT ON IT… then let go. If you feel the need to apologize for behaviors in the relationship you are not happy with, do it in a way that is both passive and receptive. YOU forgiving yourself is what’s important here. As long as you apologize to the other person- it’s no longer your business if they accept it or not. GIVING an apology is just that. You give it to them, and what they choose to do with it is theirs alone.
  • Contemplate and/or list the aspects of the relationship that were most pleasing to you. This helps you get clear about what does work for you and helps the universe back up your desires with results. If you aren’t clear about what you want- no one else will be.
  • Spend time with people who can remind you of how awesome you are! Right now, you need to tap back into your personal value, power and abilities so that your own being does not disintegrate like the relationship did. You must go on- and chances are the next round is going to make this one look like training and nothing more.
  • Realize that you are not your relationships. You are part and parcel to them- but they are not your identity. A little healthy separation can be a good thing as long as it doesn’t turn to burying feelings and deflecting needed accountability.
  • Try to spend time blessing the other person daily. Wish the best for them, however that may come forth. Don’t call the shots- simply send them love and congratulations so that whatever it is they are looking for they will have. The more you give, the more you receive 😉

In closing, There is no simple way to experience loss. The point of loss IS that you experience it in it’s fullness, otherwise it would not happen. It’s your choice to suffer wrong or suffer right! Using this opportunity to learn more about you, your desires, your needs and your value will deliver you to realizations of great depth. Remembering to look into the mirror and self-heal in times of distress turns you into a powerful person who is at the center of your own universe!

On the path of centered love, open sharing, soul-deep growing and being in fullness…

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


Looking For The One? Turn On Your Love Lights!

August 28, 2009

In this article, I’d like to offer you a few simple techniques that are sure to get your love lights cranked up to full brightness so that you shine forth- attracting the right love into your life!

In searching for- and more importantly, being open to finding true love- there are many layers of the self that must be healed. From fear of a bad situation preventing you from manifesting a great one to low self-value… way more deep psych than anyone really wants to go through! But to really connect with loving partners who facilitate (not make!) our happiness, we have to be open and empowered on every level of our being. If our heart (pure love) wants something different than our brains (fear, logic, the past) then we might as well call it quits!

In these simple yet powerful techniques, we will be going straight to the source of emotions, body and mind… living life energy! Working in this manner waters the root of the tree instead of all the leaves on at a time and by gently changing the energy- the rest just falls right into place!

Turn On Your Love Lights!

In past articles I have explained the huge power of color in energy work. Color, like sound, is one of the most pure and reflexive symbols for life energy that we have to work with, Subtle, vibrating and sometime elusive- color links us to specific forces of energy for healing, empowerment and joy!

In this practice, we’re going to work with color to harmonize your energetic bodies, help loosen and remove blockages preventing true loving relationships and help you glow in the dark so the right one can’t miss you!

As in all meditation practices I teach- please value your time and space as sacred by making sure you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable, use music, candles, oils and incense as desired and make sure to turn off your phone! This is your sacred, well deserved space- the more energy you put into making it a special time, the more attention you’ll get from your inner-self and from spiritual allies as well! A special pink candle lit only during this practice would be most powerful! Roses or rose fragrance as well as symbols of love are also nice to have around if you can get them easily and they mean something to you personally.

  • Take a few moments to get comfortable- either sitting or lying down. Make sure the back is well supported and the heart-center and throat areas are not restricted by jewelry or tight clothing
  • Begin your session by simply feeling love for yourself. Tap into your power, your value, your accomplishments, talents, beauty and personality. Love on yourself for a few moments to get the right energy moving!
  • You may wish to say a prayer, affirmation, intention or petition at this point to clarify why you are doing this practice. Let every level of your being as well as the limitless universe around you know why you’re here and what you expect to accomplish so they can give you full support!
  • Begin the meditation visualization by simply feeling the energy of love in your heart center. Allow it to grow deeper and stronger with each inhalation. As you start to really feel it- let it take on the color pink (No matter your gender, pink is a highly attractive vibrational frequency for unconditional love!).
  • Let the pink light within slowly grow larger with each breath. Draw pink in from the limitless love of the universe on your inhalation, and push it into your center to expand your own love light on the exhalation.
  • Continue making your light bigger and bigger- first it encompasses all of your body, then several feet around you, then the room you’re in, then city, state, country, continent… keep going until you feel as though your light occupies all of infinity!

  • Hold this light for as long as you can. Simply being in this vibration will start aligning things on many levels. You are welcome to state or meditate on affirmations or prayers for attracting love while in this space as long as you can also continue to hold the light in your minds eye.
  • Know that as your light expands, it is reaching those souls who are most ideal for you in this lifetime and calling them. Feel several connections being made- and if you feel nothing, fake it! Imagine a few mystery figures being surprised by this loving energy, encapsulated in it, then deeply connected and attentive to you. This is a time when powerful psychic revelations about your love might come to you!
  • Once you feel some connections have been made- begin slowly pulling your light back in. Go with a pace that feels natural and that your own minds eye can keep up with. Don’t rush the call back!
  • As the light finally returns fully to your heart center, know that it has created deep healing, openness to pure love, removed blockages within that prevent love from coming to you and also created connections to help ‘draw forth’ your mate!

After your session is finished, say several words of gratitude for what has happened. Again, if you felt nothing- be grateful for what you’d like to feel and know for sure next time!

This meditation should be practiced weekly, especially on Fridays, until your lover manifests. Each time you practice, you’ll go deeper into a state of deep meditative trance and will experience deeper levels of healing. You’ll also notice yourself changing very easily in small ways as minor adjustments to your energy are made that quickly reflect in your conscious life… this is you getting back on track with who you are and what you deserve- true love!

The Best Of The Worst

One of the most common reasons I see in clients for not attracting new love is that they have not healed from past love. We all get burned- and sometimes it’s really intense. From hard breakups to cheating, loss to drama, relationships can end for countless reasons- but if we hold onto that loss, we’re blocking the change!

This exercise can be extremely difficult for some- but I promise you that it will not only help you feel a whole lot better, it will also heal, release, clear, cleanse and open your loving nature to the real love you deserve!

Work this exercise when you have alone time and are feeling calm and joyful. This is not an exercise that should be performed when you feel lonely, negative or sad!

  • Grab a pen and a piece of paper (yay! It’s homework time!).
  • Begin your session with prayer, affirmation, intention or petition- whatever feels right for you.
  • Now, write down the names of every significant lover, partner, etc. you can recall.
  • For each name you wrote down (and this is the heavy part), I want you to write down as many positive qualities about that relationship as you can. List everything you loved about that person. What was perfect? What attracted you to them in the first place? What was that special thing they did that kept your attention? Write it all down- only the great stuff! If negativity comes up, dismiss it gently and go back to the positive.

  • It might help to imagine that you are taking all of your past karmic relationships and extracting all the good stuff to create a new, perfect mate who lacks all the bad qualities and expresses all the great ones!
  • DO NOT judge your emotions during this process. Give yourself loving permission to cry, laugh, smile, etc. These emotions are releases and need to be allowed freedom to come out so they don’t just go hide again!

So, what did you just do?

You made it clear to yourself and to the universe what you’re into. You opened up some old wounds and acknowledged the love that was there so healing and release could take place. You cleared some cobwebs, released old cords to make room for new ones. You got deeply in touch with what works for you in a relationship. You let go of guilt or judgment that you had about yourself regarding past decisions and behaviors. Awesome!

Become What You Desire!

Ok, so this one is completely silly and most of you probably won’t do it- but I swear it’s a powerhouse for tapping into your self-value, injecting some light and love into your consciousness and really helping you and the universe get on the same page about what works for you in relationships. It’s also a ton of fun if you can let go and just play with it!

To put it simply- when you’re hanging out around the house, in the car, etc. I want you to talk to yourself as though you are your lover. Speak out loud (probably not wise to do this in public haha!) and say the things to yourself you’d like to hear from someone else. Comment on how great dinner was, ow amazing you look after losing just 3 pounds, how nice the house looks, etc. Invite yourself to dinner, make plans, tap in!

This exercise is completely off the wall- but it’s also completely powerful! It allows you to:

  • Acknowledge the wonderful things about yourself so that others can do the same (you know that whole ‘people can only love you as much as you love yourself’ thing? It’s true!).
  • Move energy into your life that is right on target with honing in, manifesting and progressing a seriously wonderful loving relationship.
  • Puts a smile on your face, warmth in your heart, clear orders on the cosmic wish list
  • And most of all- let’s you have some crazy fun with love energy which is something many of us don’t have much experience with!

In addition to all that, serious deep healing is taking place without you having to re-live any of the old wounds… sounds like good medicine to me!

Get What’s Coming To You!

I want you to believe like I believe how much each of us deserves bliss, joy, health, spiritual connection, abundance and progress in this life. None of us is special in this regard- it’s simply a literal birth-right for every single one of us! If you aren’t experiencing those things now- then something is not on track and it’s time to help you remember what’s out there for you!


With prayers & Blessings to all who’s eyes fall upon these words that pure love and Divine blessings with flow into you freely and abundantly…

Joshua Williams



Hey, That's Not Yours! Exploring The Emotions Of Relationships- And Letting Go!

August 10, 2009

In my work, I often perceive in my clients a sensitivity that seems to come naturally to those involved in the more spiritual way of living. Most of the people I serve, even if they are unaware of it, have some level of empathic, intuitive or channeling abilities that work in their lives. I find that those who seek spiritual/psychic guidance tend to have a latent spiritual/psychic side to themselves that is craving to come out… like attracts like!

In serving these sensitive, spiritually evolving people, I come across one very common negative trait that I’d like to discuss today. Mis-identification of issues.

I know that sounds nearly like medical terminology- but don’t worry- it’s not that bad!

Mis-identification of issues is the process of taking ownership of issues, addictions, behaviors, etc. that are NOT yours. The most common example of this happens in romantic relationships. Let’s create an example (completely made-up, any similarity to actual events is a ‘coincidence’) to use throughout this article to help make it more clear…

Jane has been dating Joe for a few months now. Joe tends to take ten steps forward in the relationship- then either completely clam up for a while or take 15 steps back. Now, Jane is starting to feel like she’s doing something terribly wrong. She has a hard time injecting positive energy into the relationship because she never quite knows whether Joe is coming or going and what she might be doing to make him run. This is a classic example of ‘Not Yours’ in action!

In the beginning, Jane was completely present with the relationship. The behavior Joe expresses sort of came out of nowhere- and has now turned into a cyclical, nearly addictive pattern. Joe obviously has some deep-seated issue here with commitment and self-worth, but it’s Jane I am worried about. She is taking responsibility for actions, behaviors, beliefs and attitudes which do not belong to her. She basically just took a few pounds off Joe and stuffed them in her backpack.

As humans, we want to care for others and lessen their burden. Empathic folks have this really hard until they learn how to shield and identify properly. We have also been trained in many regards that if something in our life goes wrong- it’s time for the blame game. Neither of these beliefs is good or progressive on our spiritual journey. It’s important for us to be able to identify- anytime a negative emotion comes up- where it comes from. Is this our internal feeling of guilt, lack, etc.- or are we simply kicking ourselves in the butt over something we have no ownership of?

Jane is suffering, piling on the guilt and really starting to destroy her self-value because she thinks Joe’s behavior is her problem. The truth is- her breaking-down process due to this toxic energy is probably making things worse. If we could just clean her emotions up, get her clear and focus on the positive, she would 99% likely see Joe change his ways. See how one person doing some deep healing will effect those they are close to an illicit their healing as well… big secret revealed!

Taking accountability for what IS ours and what is NOT ours not only helps clear the energy flow between people- it also helps us get closer to what’s going on in our heart and what we have to work with. True compassion does not come from taking on others issues- that’s called robbery. Compassion comes forth when we walk alongside those in need- giving them love, energy, support and guidance. If we walk the path for them, they might as well not be living at all. Most of us can agree that some of our biggest hurts and losses led to our biggest personal growth- do you really want to take that away from someone? These are lessons we cannot learn from books- we have to experience the reality of them, hopefully while being surrounded with love and guidance from others, in order to really ‘get it’.

Taking the initiative to explore emotions, define what’s yours, take accountability for it and work through it is a medicine unparalleled in this world. It allows us to stop blaming others for our issues, to stop taking on other peoples life journey, and to live clear and open to the next step.

Here’s a break-down of exploring, identifying and letting go…

  • Negative emotion arises (fear, guilt, decline in self-value, anger, etc.) that involves another person
  • Stop. Breathe. Feel the entirely of the emotion for a few moments
  • Talk to the emotion, dialogue with it from inside. See where it comes from, what triggered it, when it came up, etc. Be an emotion detective and try to resolve the root of the toxicity
  • Identify with COMPLETE HONESTY to yourself whether this is or is not your issue
  • If is IS your issue- now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Begin working on it through honest internal dialogue, meditation, prayer, energy work, self-help books, counseling, etc. Do what you need to do to work through it and overcome while still embracing the lessons it has to offer you
  • If it is NOT you emotion- replace it with love for the person who owns it, this changes the vibration immediately. Communicate with the person that you are feeling ____ and would like to be with them in any way you can to help them clear it up. You have to release consciously WITH LOVE, or the cords that attach you to that weight just stick around
  • Continue to have open, honest and compassionate dialogue with yourself (first and foremost) and with any others involved. Remember- as they heal, you heal. As yo heal, they heal. Invest as much energy as needed into the situation because in the end it is your medicine.

We are all connected, and ideally want for others what we want for ourselves. Tapping into the flow of unconditional love and true compassion allows us to help others for real, instead of just taking their burdens for a while and not helping either of us get bigger. The healing journey is about loving kindness, compassion and manifesting perfection- with the right paradigm we can all tap that, together, one relationship at a time!

If you have any questions about toady’s article- please feel free to contact me via email.

I look forward to serving you and your unique life journey through the spiritual arts and unconditional Divine love!

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams


♥ A Deeper Look At The Energy Of Relationships ♥ +Spiritual Tips To Creating Success!

July 3, 2009

Relationships are intense!

When we open our hearts and desires to another person we become extremely vulnerable and a little anxious about how safe and secure we are. Relationships put us into a natural head-space of either complete surrender or total defense- depending on our past. There is so much happening on the spiritual and energetic levels when we walk the path of relationships, and I think that understanding some of these subtle dynamics can help ensure things go forward in light instead of spinning wheels in the mud.

Let’s explore one aspect of most relationships I call ‘collision’. This is the moment of energetic contact that begins the intensity of the relationship. As the next few weeks pass, I will offer you explorations of other aspects of relationships including communication, dealing with past wounds, using your partner as a mirror for self-healing, identifying toxic relationships, and more. Enjoy!

Right Identification

Think of yourself as an entire universe all your own. You have a center, expressions of energy, laws, expectations and goals. You have your own history- and if someone were to watch it as a 2-hour feature film it would rock them to their knees. You’ve had relationships in the past, been hurt, felt unconditional love, created with others, destroyed with others. Centered with others. You have explored your connection to other people via emotions, thoughts, sexuality, dreams and that’s just the beginning. You are your own universe with nuances that could never be fully understood or lived by anyone but you.

This probably all feels very right to you- since this is really just a summary of human life for us all. The key to coming from right identification in a relationship is less acknowledging these facts in yourself- but keeping in mind they exists in your partner.

Right Connection

So, now that we understand the intensity to which we are such unique people with paradigms that really are all our own, let’s look at the other side of the coin. As much as we are unique and with individual paradigm in all things, we are also all connected. On the mundane level- we all share the same air, which spiritually speaking connects us all on a big level.

On a deeper spiritual level, we all have the same Divine parents, come into the world in much the same way, share the same land, same physical laws, same cosmic laws, same ultimate soul goal and more. Because we all know what fear, pain, hurt, joy, peace and love are- we fundamentally understand what everyone else goes through in life when we remember to tap our higher state of compassion.

The Big Bang

Two separate universes with similar flows, but unique experiences and paradigm. Two personalities. Two individual souls. To sets of unique expectations, fears, dreams, histories…

All of these things carry an energetic vibration- they have spiritual form and substance.

Now, it may seem that there is more working against a relationship with another person than anyone wants to deal with, and some people do give up on love entirely. But on some level we have cosmic knowing and tend to attract those who hold a potential for us to connect to or the key to our own healing which we will explore next week.

When two people connect in a deep way- it is seriously (on the psychic level) just like two universes colliding. Sometimes instant, sometimes drawn out of time- these two unique people begin merging and melding their own vibrations (manifestations of past, desires, fears, etc.) into one another. As they do this, some level will repel like water and oil while others will mix gently like water and salt.

The image above of the couple illustrates this point well- each person comes to one another with a unique set of vibrations. As they approach (this is not approach on the physical ‘handshaking’ level- it’s a soul-level approach that happens instantly or slowly over time) their vibrations have to navigate one another and space has to be found for them to get along.

When tension, bad communication, exacerbated fears, anxiety, feeling emotion with something missing, etc. are experienced on the mundane level in a relationship- there is most definitely a disagreement on the vibrational plane. Luckily, if these disagreements between vibrations can usually be smoothed out and helped along by an advanced, expert energy work practitioner.

The Big Picture Of Relationships

I realize that this was slightly technical and may have been a Little scattered for those not familiar with vibrational reality. To sum up and try to clarify this often elusive topic…

There is more to relationships to personality clashes and fundamental disagreements on where things should be and should go.

Underneath it all- the souls are having a spiritual experience of relations that effect the success of the relationship more than anything else (this explains those situations where we are deeply attracted to a person even though they don’t fit our material/mundane expectations).

Honoring the fact that a deeper language is being spoken, deeper exchanges are taking place and intense initiations into one another’s universe are always going on- we can honor the subtle workings of our relationships and tune-in to the psychic plane for greater healing and insight for their success.

Solving The Problems

As I mentioned earlier, a great energy work practitioner can help identify the level of toxicity or potential in a relationship. They can help smooth out some of the water-to-oil situations and create a deeper level of harmony that will resonate on the every-day level. As an expert in energy work and energy reconnection for relationships- I have seen this work do amazing things and encourage you to seek it and receive it if you feel you need it.

One of the greatest issues in relationships has to do with disconnection, loss, not feeling you are being heard and just bad communication. The following article by Joshua Williams will help you connect on the energetic level and reconnect in a way that is based on the energetic and spiritual platforms for true relationship success. CLICK HERE to read!

With Prayers of unconditional love and progress for you and your greatest self…

Peace & Blessings,

Joshua Williams