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Giving Away: Cosmic Secrets Of Healing & Abundance

September 18, 2009

when we hear the term ‘give away’, we tend to automatically revert to the idea of getting something for nothing- or giving something and getting nothing in return. In truth, all movement of energy, giving and receiving being an example of that movement, always has reciprocation. For every action, there is a reaction. In this article, I’d like to explore with you the very basics of healing, abundance and faith-strengthening power of Giving Away- hopefully giving you new insight to the process and a new love of letting go!

The Cycle

To give is to release something in your possession with the intention of another openly receiving it. To receive is to openly accept what is sacrified or offered from the possession of another. Strange as it may seem, I find that most people have a harder time receiving fully than giving openly. I think this is because we have been raised to believe that nothing is free, and anything given must have a secret ‘price tag’ of agenda attached to it somewhere.

In order to participate in the fullness of the cycle of energy, we must let down our guards and take a faithful leap into a paradigm of ‘all things good’. Starting with giving in open love will set us on the right foot for learning to receive in open love… because just as the old axiom says ‘we reap what we sow’.

The cycle of giving and receiving is not based on cold debt or hard expectation, which is one reason it can be hard for us modern folk to understand it. Instead of using these terms we are so familiar with, empowered mostly by the symbolism and power of money, we have to pan back and look at it in terms of energy- the source of whatever power exists in money or anything else.

Open giving creates a natural and powerful spiritual link between the giver and the receiver. If the offering is accepted openly, a type of ‘karmic’ link is established that the universe endorses. This will ensure that the heart-centered giver will be repaid for their offering, especially if no repayment is expected! If the offering is blocked because the recipient is not able to openly receive- then a weaker connection is made that will likely turn toxic with feelings of rejection, expectation, payback and loss. These subtleties are the reason why learning to give without agenda and receive without fear are paramount. The few people in this world who plug into this paradigm and express it fully are the same ones who have no doubt that the law of attraction is real, the universe is infinite in power and potential and that we are loved without rancor!

Giving To Heal

Most of us have a few pieces in our emotional collection we wouldn’t mind giving away. Hurt, guilt, fear, etc. line the shelves for most of us. We tend to horde these little collectibles because we know that no one wants to take them from us, even if we give them away for free- and they certainly won’t bid high on eBay! We know that when people pawn their unwanted emotional collectibles off on us- it’s a burden we’d rather not carry. So, we don’t do it to others (hopefully!). But there is a collector out there who is capable, willing and even eager to receive the weights in your pack- and in many cases will pay you back in healing, empowerment and joy!

This collector is the Divine consciousness itself- however you want to address it. Simply acknowledging hurt, past, fears, etc. that dwell within you, recognizing their negative influence on your health and happiness and making a conscious resolve to call them forth and offer them up is all you have to do to start the relief process.

If you are a more physical person- creating a work of art, writing, sculpture, etc. that represents your illness or hurt in it’s fullness can be a great way to get the toxic energy disconnected from your being. Once complete; name it, drain the issue into the object and release it via burying, burning or destroying to the Divine.

If you are a more internal/mental person, creating a meditative visualization of the issue and dissolving it into the eternal blackness may be a good practice.

Either type of person may find that creating a simple to elaborate ritual; whether internal or external or both, will be most helpful. In the past, I have done walking meditation in natural places to find a stone or piece of wood that is willing to be a vessel for my unwanted junk. I then spend an hour to several days draining the toxicity into the object. Once I feel that it has disconnected from me and attached to the object, I return to nature with gratitude and usually a small offering, toss it over my shoulder and walk out a new person!

Giving To Receive

Giving to receive is not something we can actively do- rather it is something we actively participate in. If we give with the expectation of receiving, we add a level of control and fear to our giving that prevents the All from responding in it’s most powerful ways. When we give, it has to be solely for the desire of giving- in faith, and not in expectation, that whatever the law of returns has in store for us will manifest to us in fullness.

Ramana Maharishi, and Indian philosopher and sage said:

“All that one gives to others one gives to one’s self.

If this truth is understood, who will not give to others?

This simple yet profound statement completely defines the law of return, the way of abundance, the power of faith and the nature of love in its fullness. By openly giving to others from a place of desiring for them as much, or even more, than we desire for ourselves- we are actually opening ourselves up to receiving what we desire in ways that cannot be duplicated by any other means. In some cases, our giving may be a hard sacrifice- offering time, prosperity or valued items so that another may take their energies to the next level. Other times, we may feel ready and even eager to part with something- and when in the right paradigm, the person who will be a good steward of that energy will manifest.

Tapping this eternal cycle just once trains us up to have faith in the way of the Divine, love the way of love, and creates a deep eagerness to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves’. As much as it may be cliche to say- this is one ideal I can get behind that may truly be the ‘all problems solved’ medicine.

Get What’s Coming To You!

I’d like to wrap up this article with a few thoughts on receiving. In the modern day, it’s almost becoming an art to gracefully and openly receive the gifts we receive from others and from Spirit. Letting go of our fears and guilt in association with accepting the gifts brought forth to us is not an easy healing task- but it is essential and paramount to your spiritual development. The truth is, that at every moment the Divine, Nature, Cosmos and our multi-formed spiritual siblings are handing us blessings, wisdom, guidance and love from every direction. If we are not experiencing this- it’s because we’re rejecting it. We all have to learn, due to being conditioned to forget, that unconditional Divine love comes with no price tag, manipulation or agenda. As soon as we can realize and get behind this truth- we’ll see how much is being given to us at every moment and openly receive it- creating natural gratitude, super-charged wisdom, consistent personal guidance and sense of never being alone or in lack.

I tend to see things of a cosmic nature in ways that relate to our every-day-life. In this regard, I like to think of receiving in the form of breathing. Most people I have worked with in an energy-therapeutic way do not breathe naturally. We tend to use the power of our shoulder girdle to draw in breath, instead of allowing the diaphragm and abdominal hollow to do it’s job and gently draw breath in filling up the lungs completely. Sure, this is a natural symptom of stress, sitting too much, bad air and countless other influences. But the root as I see it is about receiving. We are so concerned and fearful about opening up and letting the universe do what it does best that we even change out pattern of breathing to maintain some level of control and protection over it. Actively and intentionally receiving the gift of energy-charged air and the beauty of the body that processes it can in and of itself alleviate migraines, change posture, increase energy and cultivate great compassion. This is, of course, a generalization- but one that I have seen often enough to feel comfortable making.

Recognizing the infinite gifts, blessings and opportunities that surround us at every single instant will naturally create awe. Awe leads to respect, which leads to eagerness to participate, which leads to heart-centered real gratitude. A beautiful process that is both our birth-right and our greatest medicine.

I encourage you to step up to the cosmic buffet and EAT!

With Peace & Blessings on the spiral path of big love…

Joshua Williams


The Underworld : The Great Womb Of Transformation

June 17, 2009

When we hear the term ‘underworld’, it’s not unlikely that images of death, decay, ghosts, ghouls and goblins comes into mind. I’d like to share with you some wisdom about this often misunderstood realm- both from sources of antiquity and my own personal journeys into that space…. Hopefully leaving you with a quite different view of what goes on down below!

The Realm Below

Almost every spiritual culture on earth has some view and belief about the realm below. The underworld, hell, sipapu and the great womb are all terms that have been used to describe this mysterious place. But is it really a place? I would say no. The underworld is often symbolized by it’s literal position below the surface of the earth- but the truth is that it is non-local, and is thus more a plane of existence than a place or location that might be on a map.

The underworld may be a cosmic plane- a level that can only be perceived by elevated consciousness via spiritual training. It might also be a place within us- the shadow self which seems to lurk always behind who we express ourselves to be.

I believe, based on my many experiences with this plane, that is it both. The underworld is a plane of awareness/consciousness outside of us- but what we carry in the recesses of our hearts will become manifest there for us to perceive.

The underworld is thus a place where we must confront the dark parts of our beings, take accountability for wrongs committed and choose how we will rectify them in the next phase of our journey. I believe that the only judgment we receive in this place comes only from us- not from someone else. In the place of pure being we tap our true soul consciousness and thus can evaluate from clarity how me might not have acted in accord with cosmic or Divine law in the last part of our journey.

I also don’t think the underworld is scary. My experiences in Shamanic and trance journeying to that plane were fully comforting, grounding, healing and awe inspiring. Although I witnessed some heavy visions- I never felt they were anything more than I could handle and thus always carried an air of peace and confidence.

The How’s And Why’s of The Underworld

What happens in the underworld? Why is it there? Will I ever go there?… All common question about the subject that I’d like to help you clarify in the next part of our journey.

The underworld is really just that- a world under or outside that of normal waking consciousness we are familiar with . The underworld is that silent force that bears witness to the ebbs and flows of our unique life journey. But then again, all those labels are only relative on our plane of names and forms- so it could easily be above or to the side f a universe with no center or no edges!

When we experience death of the body, the physical form returns to the earth from which it came. This process gave our ancestors the realization that life comes from life, and that the form of the earth in our bodies will one day return to the earth itself. It was perceived that the body literally sank down into the soil as it broke down and returned to the earth- and thus a strong symbolism and understanding of the underworld was held. The underworld is where we come from, and where we go to. It is the point of respite between lives. Sometimes referred to the great womb- it can be the womb of the Divine Mother who gives the body as we near birth and receives it back at death. The soul, passing through the underworld, confronts all the actions of the body (representing the life just lived) and is therefore better equipped to move into a higher state of being in the next life journey.

It waqs believed by the ancients (any by me as well) that as every person experiences physical death- they are gently and lovingly received by the Divine in the underworld to rest, survey, prepare and spring forth into the next life journey.

Not being a physical or literal place- the underworld represents that period between breaths- the time before we take birth into the next phase of our journey and the ending of our last one. It represents a time of healing, letting go, realization beyond the ego and planning for what’s to come.

Never once in my journeys have I encountered the underworld as dark, scary, smelly or full of fire- rather is has always been serene and abundant- reflecting the very power of the Divine in nature itself!

One of the reasons it is so important to work alongside a qualified and expert guide and healer in life- just as our ancestors did with Shamans and tribe leaders- is to ensure that we make healthy progress in life and leave with a light and joyful heart. The underworld as afterlife can be a reflection of the lives we lived so that we can experience them again in a more enlightened spiritual state.

The underworld can be accessed safely via many varieties of Shamanic journey-work that can be investigated online or through books. I highly suggest works by Alberto Villalobos and Michael Harner- both wonderful teachers who convey these topics beautifully through the written word.

I encourage you to explore the path that lies ahead by coming to peace with the symbolism and beauty of the underworld- and believe that any of us who have inherent fear of death or temporality can benefit immensely from these practices, as well as those looking to connect to the ancestral stream or discover hidden spiritual gifts!

Peace & Blessings on the spiral journey!

Joshua Williams