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Looking For The One? Turn On Your Love Lights!

August 28, 2009

In this article, I’d like to offer you a few simple techniques that are sure to get your love lights cranked up to full brightness so that you shine forth- attracting the right love into your life!

In searching for- and more importantly, being open to finding true love- there are many layers of the self that must be healed. From fear of a bad situation preventing you from manifesting a great one to low self-value… way more deep psych than anyone really wants to go through! But to really connect with loving partners who facilitate (not make!) our happiness, we have to be open and empowered on every level of our being. If our heart (pure love) wants something different than our brains (fear, logic, the past) then we might as well call it quits!

In these simple yet powerful techniques, we will be going straight to the source of emotions, body and mind… living life energy! Working in this manner waters the root of the tree instead of all the leaves on at a time and by gently changing the energy- the rest just falls right into place!

Turn On Your Love Lights!

In past articles I have explained the huge power of color in energy work. Color, like sound, is one of the most pure and reflexive symbols for life energy that we have to work with, Subtle, vibrating and sometime elusive- color links us to specific forces of energy for healing, empowerment and joy!

In this practice, we’re going to work with color to harmonize your energetic bodies, help loosen and remove blockages preventing true loving relationships and help you glow in the dark so the right one can’t miss you!

As in all meditation practices I teach- please value your time and space as sacred by making sure you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable, use music, candles, oils and incense as desired and make sure to turn off your phone! This is your sacred, well deserved space- the more energy you put into making it a special time, the more attention you’ll get from your inner-self and from spiritual allies as well! A special pink candle lit only during this practice would be most powerful! Roses or rose fragrance as well as symbols of love are also nice to have around if you can get them easily and they mean something to you personally.

  • Take a few moments to get comfortable- either sitting or lying down. Make sure the back is well supported and the heart-center and throat areas are not restricted by jewelry or tight clothing
  • Begin your session by simply feeling love for yourself. Tap into your power, your value, your accomplishments, talents, beauty and personality. Love on yourself for a few moments to get the right energy moving!
  • You may wish to say a prayer, affirmation, intention or petition at this point to clarify why you are doing this practice. Let every level of your being as well as the limitless universe around you know why you’re here and what you expect to accomplish so they can give you full support!
  • Begin the meditation visualization by simply feeling the energy of love in your heart center. Allow it to grow deeper and stronger with each inhalation. As you start to really feel it- let it take on the color pink (No matter your gender, pink is a highly attractive vibrational frequency for unconditional love!).
  • Let the pink light within slowly grow larger with each breath. Draw pink in from the limitless love of the universe on your inhalation, and push it into your center to expand your own love light on the exhalation.
  • Continue making your light bigger and bigger- first it encompasses all of your body, then several feet around you, then the room you’re in, then city, state, country, continent… keep going until you feel as though your light occupies all of infinity!

  • Hold this light for as long as you can. Simply being in this vibration will start aligning things on many levels. You are welcome to state or meditate on affirmations or prayers for attracting love while in this space as long as you can also continue to hold the light in your minds eye.
  • Know that as your light expands, it is reaching those souls who are most ideal for you in this lifetime and calling them. Feel several connections being made- and if you feel nothing, fake it! Imagine a few mystery figures being surprised by this loving energy, encapsulated in it, then deeply connected and attentive to you. This is a time when powerful psychic revelations about your love might come to you!
  • Once you feel some connections have been made- begin slowly pulling your light back in. Go with a pace that feels natural and that your own minds eye can keep up with. Don’t rush the call back!
  • As the light finally returns fully to your heart center, know that it has created deep healing, openness to pure love, removed blockages within that prevent love from coming to you and also created connections to help ‘draw forth’ your mate!

After your session is finished, say several words of gratitude for what has happened. Again, if you felt nothing- be grateful for what you’d like to feel and know for sure next time!

This meditation should be practiced weekly, especially on Fridays, until your lover manifests. Each time you practice, you’ll go deeper into a state of deep meditative trance and will experience deeper levels of healing. You’ll also notice yourself changing very easily in small ways as minor adjustments to your energy are made that quickly reflect in your conscious life… this is you getting back on track with who you are and what you deserve- true love!

The Best Of The Worst

One of the most common reasons I see in clients for not attracting new love is that they have not healed from past love. We all get burned- and sometimes it’s really intense. From hard breakups to cheating, loss to drama, relationships can end for countless reasons- but if we hold onto that loss, we’re blocking the change!

This exercise can be extremely difficult for some- but I promise you that it will not only help you feel a whole lot better, it will also heal, release, clear, cleanse and open your loving nature to the real love you deserve!

Work this exercise when you have alone time and are feeling calm and joyful. This is not an exercise that should be performed when you feel lonely, negative or sad!

  • Grab a pen and a piece of paper (yay! It’s homework time!).
  • Begin your session with prayer, affirmation, intention or petition- whatever feels right for you.
  • Now, write down the names of every significant lover, partner, etc. you can recall.
  • For each name you wrote down (and this is the heavy part), I want you to write down as many positive qualities about that relationship as you can. List everything you loved about that person. What was perfect? What attracted you to them in the first place? What was that special thing they did that kept your attention? Write it all down- only the great stuff! If negativity comes up, dismiss it gently and go back to the positive.

  • It might help to imagine that you are taking all of your past karmic relationships and extracting all the good stuff to create a new, perfect mate who lacks all the bad qualities and expresses all the great ones!
  • DO NOT judge your emotions during this process. Give yourself loving permission to cry, laugh, smile, etc. These emotions are releases and need to be allowed freedom to come out so they don’t just go hide again!

So, what did you just do?

You made it clear to yourself and to the universe what you’re into. You opened up some old wounds and acknowledged the love that was there so healing and release could take place. You cleared some cobwebs, released old cords to make room for new ones. You got deeply in touch with what works for you in a relationship. You let go of guilt or judgment that you had about yourself regarding past decisions and behaviors. Awesome!

Become What You Desire!

Ok, so this one is completely silly and most of you probably won’t do it- but I swear it’s a powerhouse for tapping into your self-value, injecting some light and love into your consciousness and really helping you and the universe get on the same page about what works for you in relationships. It’s also a ton of fun if you can let go and just play with it!

To put it simply- when you’re hanging out around the house, in the car, etc. I want you to talk to yourself as though you are your lover. Speak out loud (probably not wise to do this in public haha!) and say the things to yourself you’d like to hear from someone else. Comment on how great dinner was, ow amazing you look after losing just 3 pounds, how nice the house looks, etc. Invite yourself to dinner, make plans, tap in!

This exercise is completely off the wall- but it’s also completely powerful! It allows you to:

  • Acknowledge the wonderful things about yourself so that others can do the same (you know that whole ‘people can only love you as much as you love yourself’ thing? It’s true!).
  • Move energy into your life that is right on target with honing in, manifesting and progressing a seriously wonderful loving relationship.
  • Puts a smile on your face, warmth in your heart, clear orders on the cosmic wish list
  • And most of all- let’s you have some crazy fun with love energy which is something many of us don’t have much experience with!

In addition to all that, serious deep healing is taking place without you having to re-live any of the old wounds… sounds like good medicine to me!

Get What’s Coming To You!

I want you to believe like I believe how much each of us deserves bliss, joy, health, spiritual connection, abundance and progress in this life. None of us is special in this regard- it’s simply a literal birth-right for every single one of us! If you aren’t experiencing those things now- then something is not on track and it’s time to help you remember what’s out there for you!


With prayers & Blessings to all who’s eyes fall upon these words that pure love and Divine blessings with flow into you freely and abundantly…

Joshua Williams



The Heart-Power Of The Palm – Another Secret Of Manifesting!

August 27, 2009

In this article, I’d like to show you how to directly ‘plant’ a goal into the core of your being using a simple exercise. I’d also like to explore with you the meaning of the heart center, it’s reflex in the palm of the hand and the way to gaze into the depths of your own heart center for clarity, healing and empowerment!

Sometimes, getting something into or out of the core of our heart can seem almost impossible. When wrapped up in layers of fear, hurt, nervousness or bad history- the heart can often become leery to open up and move forth. The problem with is, that if our heart center doesn’t receive the power of what we are working on or working through- we’re working with next to zero of our total personal power.

Ensuring that our heart is tapped into what our mind wants, and ensuring that our heart is present with the fullness of our life is paramount to manifesting our goals, tapping love, getting bigger and living in accord with the universal law of attraction.

Have you ever wondered why ‘holding hands’ with another person is so symbolic and powerful? There’s a clue to what we’re going to explore in this article!

Why The Palm Is So Powerful

As many of you know, our body is not limited to it’s physical appearance. Behind the scenes a complex and beautiful architecture of living life energy moves to support, form, empower and heal who we are. This life energy moves in and out of our being- breathing with the universe around us, via energy centers often called ‘chakras’. The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest on the same horizon as the nipples and is directly reflected in the palms of the hand. Many people say that the reason palmistry is so effective is because it gives a tangible look directly into the heart center of another person. When we hold hands with our beloved, we are literally linking our heart centers together via their reflexes in the palms! This can also be seen in the giving of blessings where the one channeling Divine blessings shows their palm to the recipient- blessings from the heart center to the heart center!

In hand reflexology, the heart center and it’s emotional, physical and energetic properties are worked on using the palms of the hands. What happens to one happens to the other.

We literally hold our hearts in the palms of our hands!

The Heart Of Your Goals

Most of the time, the goals we have are only in our heads! We tend to over-think and under-feel the things which are important to us. When we do take the time to truly listen to how we feel, we usually just end up thinking about how we feel instead of truly feeling about how we feel!

Setting a goal, desire or wish for your life is a beautiful gift we all have access to- but if our minds AND hearts are not ‘in’ on this goal- there’s no way it can manifest to completion. Our minds will handle bringing many things forth- but without the power of the soul and cosmic love that moves through the heart center, our goals will not ever be what they could have.

Whether a goal for abundance, love, reconnection, success, inspiration, healing, etc.- getting the heart center on board is a serious secret key to manifesting big power!

Planting The Seed In The Heart

If you are familiar with Muslim prayer (Salaat), you’ll know that at the end of the formal prayer, the worshiper cups their hands in front of their face to speak directly to the Divine. This gesture is strange to many people who are only used to seeing the ‘palms together’ prayer pose- but it is very powerful in its own right.

On the mystic level, the supplicant is literally speaking their petition and adoration into their own heart- which is the crucible of matter to spirit, or spirit to matter. This way, the prayer is purified, blessed, and delivered to the Divine from the very core of ones being.

In much the same style, when we set goals, we must connect them to the heart core which magically turns the mundane into the mystical- and in turn turns the mystical into the mundane. We must use the heart center as a type of kiln that burns impurities and toxicity from our goals so that they can reach the highest heights. We must also receive through the heart center so that we can tap infinite cosmic power and allow it to transform into our normal, waking life.

To do this simple technique:

  • Spend a few moments connecting to the heart center- place a palm over it, close your eyes and visualize light emanating from it, etc. Do what works for you to really tap into its presence.
  • Then, try to hold focus on your heart center and your palms at the same time. I like to cup my palms in front of my heart and ‘feel’ them all pulsing- holding each of them in my mind, simultaneously,  for as long as I can.
  • Once you have connected- speak or visualize your goal into the palms of your hands. See/feel the energy of your spoken words or silent visualization entering straight into the core of your being.
  • Connect with how you feel having absorbed and actualized this goal, and know that it now is being energized in a huge way as it literally courses through your veins and rests at the same time on the spiritual platform.

Now your thoughts and feelings are in accord with your goal- and you can expect to see more rapid, powerful, lasting and blessed results!

Get Heart-Centered Clarity

If you are one who enjoys the profound wisdom and healing that comes from self-awareness in meditation, deep prayer or psychic seeing- I think you’ll love the following technique!

  • Try raising the cupped palms over the eyes, third-eye chakra, heart or crown during meditation with the intent of ‘seeing’ into the heart core itself. Calm the mind as is usual for you in your practice and then focus the inner-seeing on the palms. Allow them to speak on behalf of the heart center and convey the information to your higher senses (clairvoyance, meditative realizations, etc.) in a tangible way. If you don’t feel you have psychic abilities- try simply gazing silently and calmly into the cupped palms of your hands with this intention in your mind. See what comes up for you, how you feel, if your body reacts, what memories surface, etc. and allow them to be signs of inner activity in the heart center. You may also choose to consult your heart center for guidance by first connecting, then asking into the palms, then quietly awaiting tangible information to come as thoughts, sensations, psychic visions, etc.

With prayers & blessings of peace, love & heart centered joy…

Joshua Williams